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On last September 26th to commemorate the 2nd year of MIROTIC album release, Cassiopeia from all over the world celebrated by trending hashtag #MIROTICday on twitter at 6pm KST (Korean hour).

#MIROTICday successfully topped twitter trending topic on that day for couple of hours, and here’s the recap graphic for trending topic on September 26th–that according to tweetstats.com/trends, #MIROTICday was trending worldwide for more than 8.5 hours.

Hopefully this will be able to send the messages of love from all Cassiopeia to our fabulous five, that they’re much loved, and much awaited.

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Three members of TVXQ (Micky Yoochun, Youngwoong Jaejoong and Xiah Junsu), involved in a lawsuit with their Korean management company SM Entertainment, will be releasing their worldwide album next month.

The three members' new album will be distributed in the US and across Asia through Warner Music as well as other foreign countries through iTunes. Since leaving SM, the three members have released a mini-album in Japan and been involved in the production of the OST for Micky Yoochun's drama, 'SungKyunKwan and Scandal'. However, this will be their first ever album release in Korea and in the global market as a trio.

On the 27th, an interview was released on the blog of the G20 Seoul Summit where the trio expressed that '[their] goal is to make the release of their worldwide album a success' and that they will be able to 'promote Korean culture through this album.'

As suggested by the name, the production of the worldwide album was led by hip hop star Kanye West as well as renowned producer Rodney Jerkins. The trio flew over to Los Angeles back in July where they recorded 5-6 tracks.

The producers of the album have expressed that 'Since a number of US Pop composers were involved in the production, and the members recorded only in English, the album will have more of a pop-feel and the style will be completely different from that of TVXQ. The members put a lot of thought and effort into ensuring that their pronunciation was correct during the recording of the album.'

The trio, currently working on the finishing touches of the album in Korea, are having trouble deciding on a new group name.

According to the parties involved, 'It would be best not to use the name TVXQ. 'B1' derived from the word 'Beginning' as well as 'JYJ', which is made of the first letters of the members' names, are currently being considered, but no decisions have been reached.'

Avex's recent decision to discontinue the members’ activities has caused unease amongst fans, and to this, the trio argued 'We are the victims' and 'we have completely no intention to discontinue activities.'

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It was reported on the a local newspaper in Shanghai that 'TVXQ's trio will be participating in the 2010 East Asia All Stars Concert in Hongkou Stadium in Shanghai on October 23rd'.

Since Avex announced the suspension of the trio's group activities in Japan on the 16th, many fans have been worried that the trio's promotions within Greater China will be affected. However, it was revealed to us that 'despite their current situation in Japan, all activities within Greater China will not be affected; they are managed by East Asia Entertainment, not Avex.'

It has been a year since Jaejoong, Junsu and Yoochun have performed in Shanghai. Their last visit was during 'Mirotic in Shanghai' in 2009. It is likely that many Chinese fans will be gathered this time around to see the TVXQ trio.

The three members of TVXQ signed with Hong Kong-based company East Asia Entertainment earlier this month and will officially be starting up their promotions in Greater China!

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Many big name idol groups are planning to return this October, and that means the K-pop world is bracing for yet another epic clash.

The four most anticipated groups set to comeback in October are SHINee, 2PM, B2ST, and J.Y.J.

SHINee’s comeback for their second album was extremely well received, as they had numerous wins with their title song, ‘Lucifer‘. Although the song generated controversy in conspiracy theory circles, the boys proved to be a gigantic tidal wave that washed out many competitors. They will be returning with ‘Hello‘ on October 4th, and the song will be nostalgic for fans, as they will be going back to a cutesy concept.

It has been quite awhile since the original beast idols have been on stage, however, 2PM is planning to have a comeback next month as well. JYP Entertainment has stated, “We are planning to have them come back in October, however, it is not official.” The group is also currently set for a Japanese debut, as they are planning a showcase in December.

B2ST has hard proof that their comeback is generating mounds of anticipation, as the pre-0rders for their 3rd album, ‘Mastermind‘, has already shot up to the number one spot. With a military concept, they will be coming back with an aggressive sound in the title track, ‘Breath/Soom(숨)‘.

Although J.Y.J has been going through tough times, the three are set to return to Korean fans with a new album. Warner Music Korea is the current company that manages their songs, and on September 27th, they stated in an interview with Newsen, “We know that they are working on an album planned for October. We do not know the details.” Famous Korean producer, Kim Hyung Shik, is currently working on the album with the members.

As you can see, the upcoming month is definitely star-packed.

Who will you be cheering for?

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The poll for allkpop's background is still on and will end 11:59EST on September 30th, click here to vote. We are leading by quite a lot at the moment, but that does not mean that other groups won't catch up, so keep voting!

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The 3 answered to the interview on the “Seoul Summit G20″‘s official blog about what they think about working in foreign states and their future plans.

In the interview the 3 answered,

“When you work aboard, your feelings towards your hometown gets stronger, and you feel the pressure more. The people who loves us, supports Korea with love, so it makes us want to do even better too.” Also, “Recently there are many artists that get attention from all around the world, therefore even before they go anywhere, the fans get to know Korea and has love towards Korea”.

Yoochun is currently on KBS 2TV drama “SungKyunKwan Scandal”, he said “In order to act as a Confucian Scholar I need to study “Analects” and learn how to become a truly important person,” and “It seems that in order to make Korea bigger, we need to protect the system/methods and consider the other sides feelings as well”, which caught the viewers’ eyes.

The 3 answered on their future plans, “Right now our biggest goal is to give all to the album that is going to be released world wide and to succeed. We hope that with this album, we can promote Korea more”.

They said “We actually don’t have any goals we picked. We want to challenge when it comes to music and it seems that there is no end to this greed. We want to be able to show ourselves as an individual position”.

The 3 are currently working individually in works such as dramas and musicals, and getting ready for their “world wide” album release

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So bad, what is it…!?

Shooting started for the trio altogether, again
Jejung supposed to look at the camera, Junsu and Yuchun supposed to look at each of their direction as a posing this time… but…
Yuchun seemed couldn’t stop smiling in this situation (laughs)
he couldn’t stand it, and finally laughing so loud

“What are you laughing at~~~!!!” Junsu desperately protested against his attitude (laughs)
Jejung was trying hard not to laugh as he was acting with his look seriously, but apparently Yuchun couldn’t make it.

What if looking at each other…?

The two of them gazed at each other this time…

As Junsu threw sharp eyes to him as if he’s aiming to win a game, Yuchun also couldn’t help but continue laughing

Finally Jejung also started to laugh… (laughs)
“Yuchun, come on what is it~~~again~~~!!!” said Junsu getting irritated, “What am I supposed to do~~~ So funny~~~!!!” Yuchun mumbled in agony. Now nobody can stop him anymore? (laughs)

and then, it finally stopped…

Jejung and Yuchun looked at the camera with a cute looking.
seems to be tired to laugh at last (laughs)

Junsu, it’s dripping…!!

During the break, they were talking about the title of their mini-album!

Then, Junsu came in while was having a coffee…
“Junsu, the water is dripping!” said hasty Jejung!

Apparently, the melting water from the ice coffee was dripping from the bottom.

Jejung is really like a mom.

Good job~☆

After jacket shooting, they were recording commentary video for the official website!

Jejung couldn’t talk smoothly, they almost began to laugh again but the trio finished the recording to the end at last.

They took filming for “ending shot” as usual ♪

Yuchun was being reigned by the God of cuteness (laughs).

As there were some serious/hard pose, it took a long time to complete the shooting for the cover of “The…”

Although the trio showed smiley faces all the time, yet they just made it right when they supposed to do!

We could finished shooting that was fully loaded with the trio’s cool and grown up looks.

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At the moment Changmin enters the studio, he conveys an aura of extraordinary elegance and shines brightly through his 186cm tall body figure and attractive big pairs of eyes. However he is polite to everyone. ‘Please take care of me.’,he told the staff earnestly and modestly.

Debuted in Korea in 2004 and became a social phenomenon in Japan, popular quintet DBSK after its group activities put on halt in April this year, the members’ solo activity has garnered great attention not only in Korea, but Japan and China.

Changmin was still a high school student when he debuted, now he is already 22 years old. He is best known as the youngest, tallest and most fluent in Japanese in the group.

It is said that he admires Takeshi Kaneshiro. 'There are a lot of great actors, but I personally admire him very much. The reason is because he understands many languages. He is very successful in China, Taiwan and Japan. I want to become an artist who can active in international arena too.'

Lately, Changmin has taken the first step as an actor and finished his drama shooting in Korea. So we requested him to portray actors who have their names carved in the film history in VOGUE.

His first challenge was James Dean. From the moment he put on Bottega Veneta’s jacket, Changmin who has the instinct as a model, knows the way to display it well.

But he said he is still not good in acting. He is humble as always. While watching the film stills we prepared for him, Changmin was listening attentively to the explanation of the scene setting.

‘Songs normally last for an average duration of 3 to 4 minutes, and maintain the same feelings throughout the whole song. Whereas for acting, there’s a need to constantly convey different feelings during shooting. So it is quite difficult for me.’
‘I am not good in expressing my emotions in daily life since young. I don’t show my happiness even when I am delighted. I believe it will be recognised immediately if it is the other person.’

We invited Changmin to portray four different men with distinct images in this photoshoot. They are: wild and sexy Takeshi Kaneshiro who is not accepted by society in ‘Sleepless Town ‘; Humphrey Bogart in ‘Casablanca’ who becomes the synonym of playboy; senstive and fragile yet continue to fight against society, James Dean who is idolised by the teenagers in ‘Rebel Without a Cause’; and cool Tony Leung Chiu Wai who interpretes an enthusiastic inappropriate love affair in ‘In the Mood for Love’.

After the photoshoot, we asked him some questions related to these four actors.

Who is most similar to you?
Hmm... Tony Leung

Then, which character do you set it as a goal to achieve?
Hmm... it is still Tony Leung in ‘In the Mood for Love’. He is cool, but passionate at the same time. I want to be more positive when facing my work as well as love and relationships.’

What makes you to become more positive?
Frankly speaking, before this my heart was filled with agony and worries. If in the past, I’d continue to feel troubled and grieve. If my worries can solve problems, I will continue to do so. However, I slowly realised that since it couldn’t help much, then there’s no need to worry and grab hold of it tightly. Now I begin to consider how to better enjoy my life.’

What kind of life are you living now?
I am playing sports. Recently I am reading too, it is ‘1Q84’ written by Haruki Murakami. Whenever I have time, I will read, play basketball and boxing.’

I have asked about your ideal type of man, what’s your ideal type of girl then?
Hmm... in general, I prefer girls who like sports (laughs), girls who watch sports are good too. But it will be better if they like to play sports.’

Even basketball and boxing?
(laughs out loudly) Boxing... This may also be very interesting. My ideal type of girl is a girl who can tolerate and cooperate with me.

What will you relate to when you hear the word ‘love’?
Recently, I have been thinking of there might be difference between the love in twenties and thirties. If I fall in love in my twenties, I would like to treat what I feel now well. Along with advancing age, this kind of feelings will become part of my treasure as a valuable precious thing.

When is your happiest moment lately?
It is just a common thing. After I wake up in the morning, I attend acting class, go to gym, playing basketball and boxing. When all of these are over, and when I get home, I feel blessed at the moment I take a drink of my ice cold beer.

What’s the thing do you want the most now?
Clothes. Usually I wear T-shirt and jeans. I have grown interest in fashion gradually. There are many ways for me to express myself, and fashion is one of them. I want to try on different types of clothes.’

In times of rapid change, Changmin spends every moment of his with diligence and earnestly. After the photo shoot session, he suddeny said, ‘For letting me to put on these beautiful clothes today, I am really grateful.’
All of a sudden, our souls are purified by his sincereness.

It is needless to say more about Changmin’s music. But from now onwards, what we expect to see, is the gesture of him spreading his wings flying towards the entire world through big screen.

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As of September 27, 2010

Site Access ranking
4. Tohoshiki official
CD Ranking
2. Crossroad, ayu hamazaki, first release (T/N: with Jaejoong’s PV "Blossom")

DVD Ranking
1. 1st LIVE TOUR 2006 ~Heart, Mind and Soul~, first release (Tohoshinki)
4. a-nation’10 BEST HIT LIVE, first limited release (various artists, including JUNSU / JEJUNG / YUCHUN)
8. a-nation’10 BEST HIT LIVE (various artists, including JUNSU / JEJUNG / YUCHUN)

Goodies Ranking
1. JUNSU / JEJUNG / YUCHUN 2011 Desktop Calendar
2. JUNSU / JEJUNG / YUCHUN 2011 Calendar
4. Clear file set (JUNSU / JEJUNG / YUCHUN)
7. Tote bag (JUNSU / JEJUNG / YUCHUN)
8. Visual plate folder (JUNSU / JEJUNG / YUCHUN)
10. Ring notebook (JUNSU / JEJUNG / YUCHUN)

Ring tone Ranking
10. Itsudatte Kimini  (JUNSU / JEJUNG / YUCHUN)

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Currently preparing for his musical entitled “Kim Junsu Musical Concert-Levay with Friends,” TVXQ/JYJ’s Xiah Junsu recently stated that he receives strength through his fellow members.

Earlier today at Seoul’s Choong Mu Art Hall, Xiah’s held an open practice session which several media outlets came to report on (think of it as a press conference but with more action). During the session, he performed several numbers from his previous musical “Mozart!” for his guests.

In addition, Xiah stated – which many Cassies would be happy to hear – that he receives his strength from his members. To be exact, he said, “Just watching the image each of us go through our activities gives me support and cheers me on,” as he sent on his thanks to his members.

(Note: He did not specify JYJ nor TVXQ as a whole but we’d like to think that he’s talking about the latter group.)

In regards to working on musicals, Xiah said, “Musicals have given me a lot of courage and strength…Through musicals, I can sing and another one of my dreams have come true…I want to cry and laugh with my fans; in essence, I want to breath with my fans.”

“Kim Junsu Musical Concert-Levay with Friends” is set to premiere at the Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Stadium next month from the 7th to the 10th!
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