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[TRANS] 100826 Fan Account - Changmin's 'Don't Don' Stage

No matter how many times I see it, every time scenes from this performance pop up in my head, I can't help my eyes from welling up.
Super Junior's 'Don't Don'
Changmin and Trax's collaboration.
It's was a scream that came from within, one that erupted from the depths of his soul. It's as though everything he's endured in the past year is suddenly exploding out of him.
Changmin is still the Changmin we used to know.
His screams convey his fiery passion for singing. This is Choikang Changmin!

When I was in the stadium, I really couldn't handle the heat, but Changmin's voice gave me goosebumps.
This person, how much talent has he got?
I think everyone that was inside that stadium, no matter how familiar or unfamiliar they might be with Changmin, everyone saw his talent.
Honestly, at that moment, the cheers were deafening.
The low notes were just as good as the high notes at the end of the performance, only Changmin could do it so effortlessly.

In Dong Bang Shin Ki, he's usually responsible for all the high notes, and some netizens might say that he's only capable of screaming at the top of his lungs. Hearing things like that must be extremely saddening.
What I want to convey is, I want you all to know
that the Changmin we see today isn't just about screaeming.
He hasn't had a proper performance for nearly a year,
and it's been over 6 months since he's sung on stage.
Under such circumstances, could you imagine how much preparation he put into that stage?
Training, proper, vigorous training.
I used to worry about his absence.
I'm sorry Changmin.
You really are the best, Choikang Changmin.
No matter how many times I say this, it will always hold true.
I really like you, and that's why I'm a fan, it's amazing.

As I wrote this blog, I couldn't help the tears from falling.
My eyes are now completely swollen.

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[VIDEO] 100826 Yunho - Haru Press Conference part 2

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TRANS] 100826 Tohoshinki's Yunho Doing PR for Korea's Tourism, Speaking Japanese after A Long Time

Tohoshinki's Yunho, Korean actors Han Chae Young, Park Shi Hoo and Kim Bum, came to Japan to attend the press conference for the web drama "[haru]~ Aru Ichinichi no Monogatari". As the representative for all the actors who star in the drama, Park greeted and said, "I'm working hard in order to convey the beauty of Korea, thus I hope everyone will develop great interest and support for us." Yunho also said, "It's been a while since I spoke Japanese. I'm doing my best to show everyone various sides and charms of myself," and appealed to everyone by his fluent Japanese.

In order to promote for "Visit Korea Year 2010~2012", Korea Tourism Organization created a guidebook website called "2010 Korea Tourism Organization's Interactive Campaign Site". On that website, a 20-minute drama with the concept of "within the span of one day" which starred the four stars mentioned above together with BIG BANG and Lee Da Hae will be launched.

To accommodate the concept of the drama, when asked about "an ideal way to spend your day", Kim answered, "I'd like to either spend the day by myself or to spend it with my friends"; while Han said, "Since I haven't visited my family and close friends, I'd love to do that", which showed how busy they are and how much they are longing for a relaxing time. Later, when asked about a recommended tourist spot, as the last person, Yunho spoke Japanese by himself, "I have a lot of recommended spots but amongst them, I choose Seoul Tower. It is a perfect date spot for you to spend with your lover or family", and charmed everyone with his smile.

"2010 Korea Tourism Organization's Interactive Campaign Site" will upload a preview of the drama on 9/11, and will be officially open between 11/24 to 11/30.

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[PHOTOS] 100826 Yunho - Haru Press Conference part 5

Yunnie, kawaii desu! xDD

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[TRANS] 100826 Yunho's New Web Drama "[haru]~ Aru Hi no Monogatari"

*cool photo*

In late September, on 2010 Korean Tourism Interactive Campaign Site, a web drama called "[haru]~ Aru Hi no Monogatari" will be broadcast. The drama, which starred 10 Hallyu stars, will convey the current image of Korea via different characters such as script writer and action star, etc. Beside from depicting the beautiful landscapes, the drama will portray a priceless "one day" that each of the characters encounter by chance.
※ [haru] in Korean means "one day"

The main story involves around a script writer named Da Hae. During a span of one day, different things will be developing - the triangle love between Lee Da Hae, Yunho and Kim Bum; the comical episode between main characters in the drama that Da Hae works on Lee Chae Young and Park Si Hoo; and the story of BIG BANG who go all the way to a school in the mountain in order to protect a promise they made with fans.

Actors - Roles
BIG BANG - Energetic idol stars
Yunho - Romantic yet tough action star (oooh. i love his role.kekeke)
Han Chae Young - Sexy stylist
Park Si Hoo - Cute and playful fancafe's manager
Lee Da Hae - Beautiful scriptwriter
Kim Bum - Warm and sensitive photographer

Source: Gyao
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[VIDEOS] 100826 Yunho - Haru Press Conference

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[PHOTOS] 100821 HoMin - SMTown'10 SEOUL Part 37

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[PHOTOS] 100821 HoMin - SMTown'10 SEOUL Part 36

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