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Hey, guys!
Lately, this whole "desktop buddy" or "desktop accessory" has become quite popular.
Some of you may already know it, but for those who don't know, a desktop buddy/accessory is just as it is called. It's these chibi characters of your favorite anime characters or kpop artists, walking around your screen!
So, while you're typing, or simply surfing the net, these guys will accompany you. You can also play with them. You can click on them and drag them anywhere you like. You can even throw them around. (LOL)

Anyway, you can download TVXQ desktop buddies and of other Kpop artists HERE.

For instructions on how to use them, click HERE.

Oh, and here are some samples:
Yoochun (Sung Kyung Kwan Scandal version)
Yunho (Heading To The Ground version)
Junsu (Mozart musical version)
Jaejoong (Sunao Ni Narenakute version)

Changmin (Balloons MV version)

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Written by a Japanese fan :)

I gave in to avex because I really just couldn't resist the temptation of seeing Jaejoong
I bought Ayumi Hamasaki's CD, where Jaejoong was featured in the PV for 'Blossom'
At the very beginning, even Jaejoong's back exuded a strong manliness.
His smile and his body clad in a white shirt was honestly a sight to beyold
Ah! Even the way he was sitting was so manly.
The deep V of his shirt and the dent that ran down his chest…
I was completely intoxicated by the sight of his figure… so much that I didn't really hear any of the song (laughs)
Standing in the sunlight by the sea, his skin had a luminosity… almost like a vampire?
When he held their (his and the girl's) hands up to his face, the smile that graced his lips was so romantic and blissful.
That was probably my favourite part, his acting was so mesmerizing...

The song suddenly stopped in the middle and was replaced by dialogue. I had a little shock at that moment, it looked like some kind of Korean drama?
The whole scene was just too dark, couldn't see anything.
Ah… but I felt a pang of grief hit me…
Watching Jaejoong cry was so heartbreaking...
Actually, what hurt the most was watching him wipe the tears away and pretend that everything was okay…
Even though I felt sad at that point, I couldn't help being distracted by the thin knitwear he way wearing… and his muscular body...
The sorrowful scenes ended pretty much in an instant.

The cake was wasted and the whole thing seemed to end in a rush.
It felt really short even though it actually lasted over 5 minutes.
Jaejoong's facial expressions in the PV left a really deep impresson.
The way he was smiling radiantly one moment and so solemn the next.
That kind of expression… the girl being the most important thing to him, I thought he portrayed that really well. I was a little jealous…

Of course, the female actor aside, I'd really like to know what it would've been like had the whole thing been a television series.
Oh and, I'm also glad that the female actor had the same hairstyle as me.
Do I sound a little obsessed?
Well it's okay because I'm nearly done (laughs)
I'm going to take my dog for a walk, and maybe if I use my imagination, I'll be able to conjure a vision of Jaejoong nearby.

What did you think of the pv?

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