Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Everybody, Max Matsuura is the president of our company. I know that you guys want to stand against him, but I was the person responsible for this issue. Our president has reminded me many times to consider whether or not what I was doing was appropriate, but I told him on numerous occasions 'Please leave it to me!'


It will take time for all of you to understand, but in my position, we cannot work with their company. I really like the three of them, as does our president. I replied (not sure who he's referring to) that if they'd chosen us, then it would've made things very difficult, but it would have been the correct decision. Let us wait a while to see whether or not the decision was right or not.

All the tweets were translated by members of TVXQBaidu, yet somehow the message was interpreted differently by RockJJ, so I've translated their version of the tweet (below) as well.

We've chosen to pursue a course of action which will be more time-consuming, they are not money-making tools to our company. The president likes them as well, it's just that they did not choose us! This is my reply. Also, whatever is difficult is the correct choice. Let us wait. We don't know who's right and who's wrong.


I've read all of your replies. As a person in charge of running the company and as a human being, I will put this into deeper consideration...
So that we can bring back their voices, oyaji gags, dances, and laughter. I will tweet again. Good night.

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J-pop idol groups, Arashi and AKB48, have help set a new record in singles sales according to Oricon.

For the 9/6 weekly rankings, this year’s total (dating from 2009.12.28-2010.8/29) has exceeded 34,087,000,000 yen. It’s been a whole five years since the fiscal year numbers have been surpassed. This surge was due in large part to Arashi’s “Troublemaker” (ranked no.1 during the week of 9/6 and sold 696,000 copies) and AKB48’s “Ponytail and chou-chou” (ranked no.3 and sold 630,000 copies).

When looking at the top 10 ranking artists, these two groups’ sales take up more than half of the total. Arashi took three spots: 1st with “Troublemaker”, 2nd with ”Monster” (692,000 copies), and 5th with “To be free” (507,000 copies). AKB48 also took three spots: “Ponytail and chou-chou” in 3rd, 4th with “Heavy Rotation” (592,000 copies), and 7th with “Sakura no Shiori” (385,000 copies).

Over the course of the past couple of years, music DVD sales have had a firm holding as well, with a 139.9% markup that is expected to continue for some time. Arashi’s “ARASHI Anniversary Tour 5×10” was #1 and sold 740,000 copies, while TOHOSHINKI’s “TOHOSHINKI VIDEO CLIP COLLECTION –THE ONE-“ ranked 2nd and sold 172,000 copies. Eight out of the ten spots were taken by male artists.

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Hey everyone ! How are you doing? I was wondering does anyone knows where to buy Goong Musical OST? Drop a comment please =]
thanks a lot dears!

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Check out these awesome projects!

[Project] REDefining Love (aka Hoodies Proj)

[Project] Together - Gathering the Love

[Project] Sungkyunkwan Scandal (SKKS) OST

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Jaejoong is really GOOD here~!!! *dies* I feel like crying

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Taken from a video some Japanese fans made for Jaejoong

Dear Jaejoong ❤
Jaejoong, are you smiling today as well?
Are you grieving?
The suspension of Dong Bang Shin Ki's activities was a decision made by the members after discussion...
But the suspension of activities in Japan must be really heartbreaking for Jaejoong

But don't be said ❤
Your Japanese fans are good and well
because nothing has changed…

We'll always support you
so please believe in us ❤

Seeing Jaejoong work so hard has filled us with courage
but please don't overwork yourself ❤
Because we'll worry…

All of a sudden, even our Jaejoong has learnt to write Kanji…

You're amazing
Jaejoong ❤

We will never forget what you said at 'Thanksgiving Live'

[Supporting you always]

Even though you said that seeing everybody's sorrow hurts you
I know deep down that it is great to be able to have that kind of company when you're letting your tears flow

This is what people call having a bond
It seems as though I've finally witnessed the bond that I couldn't see before

Thank you ❤

Don't worry about anything Jaejoong
Look ahead
Keep looking ahead
and keep advancing ❤
No matter when and where,
we'll stay by your side and keep smiling

If you ever feel lonely,
think back to those nights at Tokyo Dome when your fans gave you the most beautiful red ocean
or the time when orange shone throughout the stadium at a-nation

In the days to come, keep singing the songs that you love
Because no matter where you are, we'll continue to protect you

No matter when, as long as you need us, we'll be here for you

We believe that we'll meet again one day because we'll keep waiting

We love you ❤

From the bottom of our hearts, we hope that you'll continue to smile

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Episode 01: AGB: 6.3% | TNS: 7.7%
Episode 02: AGB: 6.3% | TNS: 7.2%
Episode 03: AGB: 7.3% | TNS: 8.0%

Episode 04: AGB: 7.5% | TNS: 7.6%
Episode 05: AGB: 8.0% | TNS: 7.8%

Episode 06: AGB: 8.4% | TNS: 8.0%

Episode 07: AGB: 8.7% | TNS: 9.7%

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