Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Taken from a video some Japanese fans made for Jaejoong

Dear Jaejoong ❤
Jaejoong, are you smiling today as well?
Are you grieving?
The suspension of Dong Bang Shin Ki's activities was a decision made by the members after discussion...
But the suspension of activities in Japan must be really heartbreaking for Jaejoong

But don't be said ❤
Your Japanese fans are good and well
because nothing has changed…

We'll always support you
so please believe in us ❤

Seeing Jaejoong work so hard has filled us with courage
but please don't overwork yourself ❤
Because we'll worry…

All of a sudden, even our Jaejoong has learnt to write Kanji…

You're amazing
Jaejoong ❤

We will never forget what you said at 'Thanksgiving Live'

[Supporting you always]

Even though you said that seeing everybody's sorrow hurts you
I know deep down that it is great to be able to have that kind of company when you're letting your tears flow

This is what people call having a bond
It seems as though I've finally witnessed the bond that I couldn't see before

Thank you ❤

Don't worry about anything Jaejoong
Look ahead
Keep looking ahead
and keep advancing ❤
No matter when and where,
we'll stay by your side and keep smiling

If you ever feel lonely,
think back to those nights at Tokyo Dome when your fans gave you the most beautiful red ocean
or the time when orange shone throughout the stadium at a-nation

In the days to come, keep singing the songs that you love
Because no matter where you are, we'll continue to protect you

No matter when, as long as you need us, we'll be here for you

We believe that we'll meet again one day because we'll keep waiting

We love you ❤

From the bottom of our hearts, we hope that you'll continue to smile

Credits: herobar
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights

Episode 01: AGB: 6.3% | TNS: 7.7%
Episode 02: AGB: 6.3% | TNS: 7.2%
Episode 03: AGB: 7.3% | TNS: 8.0%

Episode 04: AGB: 7.5% | TNS: 7.6%
Episode 05: AGB: 8.0% | TNS: 7.8%

Episode 06: AGB: 8.4% | TNS: 8.0%

Episode 07: AGB: 8.7% | TNS: 9.7%

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Credits: miyumix
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Credits: miyumix
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