Thursday, September 9, 2010

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Yuchun, Congratulations!

Kyocera Dome’s first day was held on 4 June, and we held the final rehearsal at the venue. This day, we think you all should know, is Yuchun’s 24th birthday ♪

After the rehearsal, all the members and dancers, band members and also the staff celebrated it!


Thank You Very Much~~!

Yuchun was shocked but looked happy~!

Because there wasn’t much time for them to rehearse for their live, he somewhat forgot about his own birthday.. (Laughs)



The cake was specially made with the THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME Logo! It is a really gorgeous cake 

 Huh! Who ate it! We thought about it, then found out that Junsu ate a lot of it. (Laughs)
Oh, Jun-Chan~~~~!!


 The Sly Yuchun ♪

 “Here is the birthday cake~~~ ♪”

 Somehow, he was serving the birthday cake himself. (Laughs)


 Commemorative Photoshoot!

 “Yuchun, Happy Birthday~!” – A photo to remember this by. ♪

The three have great expressions! But XIAH junsu was a bit too manly… (Laughs). At the Kyocera Dome Performance, the fans used the “Saranghae Pose” to congratulate Yuchun!

Many people gave him birthday wishes, so it was good~

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We have integrated our own thoughts and everyone's opinion in this album. You guys have always been the motivation for us to sing. Thank you!
I will feel blessed if everyone can listen to our mini album. ^^
This mini album embodies our various feelings, I hope everyone can listen more to it.

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As some of you know, our largest YouTube channel, SleeplessDBSKnights, was recently suspended. We lost a lot of good videos with this one. It goes to join the rest of our dearly departed channels:

and more...

May they rest in peace!

In the meantime, we will continue our tireless fight against the You Tube gods with our brand new channel, DBSKsleepless. (Isn't it shiny? ^^ I spent the afternoon designing it~) Please stop by and watch some videos! Our other current channels are:

DBSKnightSubs (Central channel)

The DBSKnights will never give up! Hwaiting!

With love,
The DBSKnights Team

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