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Top Asian idols Kim Junsu, Park Yoochun & Kim Jaejoong have officially announced that they will be joining East Asia Entertainment Limited to expand their performing careers in China. East Asia Ent expressed that they are honoured to be working with such phenomenal Korean stars. The trio will be promoting in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, and besides collaborations in album distribution, East Asian Ent also has plans in other endeavors such as concerts, commercials, movies and television dramas etc.

East Asia Entertainment is a media and cultural entertainment agency, and big names under their label include Andy Lau, Leon Lai, Daniel Wu, Sammi Cheng, Miriam Yeung, Denise Ho, Han Hong, Richie Ren etc. The company manages over 50 singers, actors and actresses, and is one of the biggest and most established concert organizers in Asia, responsible for producing over 1000 concerts and shows over the years. Productions of their sister company, Media Asia Group, include the 'Infernal Affairs' Trilogy, 'The Warlords', 'Initial D' etc. Having produced several hundreds of successful films, they are one of Asia's largest film companies.


The collaboration between such a prestigious company and such popular super stars will no doubt be a force to be reckoned with. According to the two parties, the trio's first appearance as East Asia Ent artists will be at the East Asia Feiyang Concert on October 23rd in Hongkou Stadium, Shanghai. Kim Junsu, Park Yoochun and Kim Jaejoong have confirmed that they will be performing, and East Asia Ent are honoured to be working with the three. They will be meeting their fans as a three-member unit at the event.

Kim Junsu: 'Really looking forward to working with East Asia!'
Park Yoochun: 'Hope to see Chinese fans again in October!'
Kim Jaejoong: 'Havent' taken part in any Chinese films before, we'd really like to produce a good film and we hope that the fans will like it!'

Kim Junsu, Park Yoochun and Kim Jaejoong will soon begin their activities across China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The concert on October 23rd is only the beginning, in the day sto come, they will be pursuing a large variety of other endeavors. Please look forward to it.

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The mini-album contains are different thoughts and feelings, so we hope you'll all listen to it.

I'll feel happy and blessed as long as you all listen to our mini-album ^^

The album symbolizes our thoughts as well as yours. You hopes for us to keep singing are our source of motivation, thank you all!

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Yoochun biased fan account written by a Japanese fan ^^

It's over and I'm on the bus.
It lasted around an hour, with an audience of rougly 2020.
The event began with 'So I'm Loving You' as the three walked on stage.
The screams of support from the fans was amazing~
After they finished singing, they sat down.
There was a sofa on the stage and the three of them sat down after asking 'Can we sit down as well?'
The MC interviewed them one by one.
Junsu said he couldn't get to sleep the night before because he was too excited.
Jaejoong suddenly asked Yoochun what he thought of his new hair.
Yoochun said that he gained a lot of weight when they were filming the Lotte PV and he felt really embarrassed. (also, he got a lot darker when he was shooting SKK Scandal, the only part of him that was still as pale as ever was his forehead)
After that they performed 'Long Way'
The three of them then took turns drawing the winners of their personal items.
Junsu said he'd been using that wallet since the second year of high school.
Jaejoong gave away the ring he was wearing, and Yoochun gave away a baseball glove.
The lucky winners went on stage and received the gifts from the members. They then shook hands and took two photos each.
I'm super jealous of the person who got picked by Jaejoong (T_T)
Then Junsu performed 'Intoxication', which was followed by 'W'
That was the general feel of the event.
Once it was over, we got to the part where they gave out gifts to the fans.
Obviously I went straight to Yoochun
I said 'Work hard in your filming!' Yoochun looked at me and then answered 'Oh, I will!'
We were given signed posters so I didn't get the opportunity to touch Yoochun's hand.
But he looked me in the eye when he was talking ~~!!!
Yoochun had really beautiful skin~
All of them were really skinny
Yoochun really is adorable~

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We weren’t kidding about reliving SMTOWN ‘10 here at allkpop: our 6Theory media team is about to bring you some of the most exclusive, high quality photos of the entire concert!

If you weren’t able to make it to SMTOWN this year, you can still live the experience vicariously through our concert coverage, which follows SM Entertainment’s hottest stars from the pre-concert press conference all the way to the red carpet of the after-party!

This article marks the first installment of our six-part RELIVE SMTOWN ‘10 series, and it features TVXQ’s Yunho & Changmin, BoA, Kangta, Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee, f(x) and more at the press conference before the concert. The idols expressed their gratitude and surprise at the overwhelming welcome from fans since their arrival as well as their excitement of getting to perform at Staples Center, one of the most famous stadiums in the world. Some performers even mentioned places they visited before the concert: it’s known that f(x) visited the campus of USC (University of South California), a few members of SNSD went shopping and artists visited Koreatown together for quite a few meals over the weekend.

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Our own Japanese translator, Aly4818!
Chammerruu and Dreamssxx had to talk to the admin of Koreaboo to let her sing and represent Dong Bang Shin Ki!
We really are proud of her!
With all my heart, Always Keep the Faith!

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U-Know Yunho is currently garnering attention for being caught buying couple rings at a department store in Busan. He's stirring up speculations for he was seen in deep consideration as he looked at the rings.

Many are wondering who the lucky lady to receive the ring will be.

Contrary to the 'Has U-Know Yunho got himself a girlfriend?' speculation, it has been revealed that he was actually filming a scene for the omnibus drama 'Haru'.

'Haru' is an interactive omnibus drama created for the 'Year to visit Korea' by the Korea Tourist Service, Inc. It is highly anticipated for its cast of celebrities such as U-Know Yunho, Big Bang, Han Chae Young, Kim Bum, Park Shi Hoo and Lee Da Hae.

The teaser for the omnibus drama 'Haru' will be released on September 11th.

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I really thought it was for a girl. My heart jumped T___T

^looks like changmin made eye contact with the cam at 3:30 :)
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I cannot believe I saw this live. Why don't you just take them all off!
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Hello ~~ Im Tristan Jay B. and I'm a major TVXQ fanboy !
At SM Town concert in LA i was being the biggest fan i could be !
Everytime i saw someone with a TVXQ shirt i would scream Always Keep The Faith !
I believe always keeping the faith is the best thing we can do right now because all Cassie's want TVXQ to remain as 5 members .
But i still LOVE them .
I saw a group of TVXQ fans with their red shirts and i just had to yell ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH !!
It was the best feeling ever .
They screamed back and it was amazing !
To show our love and support for TVXQ , me and a couple fans led a big group to sing the song Balloons .
It was loud and amazing . I was glad to be a part of it .
While waiting in line to get into Staples Center i was leading a countdown so they could hurry and open the doors ! 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 !!! But they didn't open it until like 5 minutes later ..
But it was still fun .
Then we finally got in and we found our seats and stuff .. The place was so huge !! I was screaming so loud when they just had the SM Town sign up . I was excited .
I was screaming for every singer there was but i was saving alot of my voice for Changmin and Yunho .
Once they came on i was SPAZZING !!
I jumped out o f my seat and was screaming sooo LOUD .
A lady who worked there made me take my seat because apparently i was being a "disturbance" .
But anyways i took my seat and i was SCREAMING so LOUD that everyone near me was looking at me like i was crazzy !!
It was one long scream after another !
And after they were done performing i gasped for air and people asked if i was alright .
I was better than ever !
And then the concert ended and i was happy !
After the concert my friends and i stalked Super Junior from outside the window of the after Italicparty .
Amazing day and i wouldn't have changed a thing .
Always keep the faith . I love you TVXQ !

Thank you for the fanaccount!
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Part 2 of my pictures. The last one too. I'm sorry I didn't take many pics and they are also bad T__T I'm still waiting for my friend to post her pics. I think she has better pics xD

Changmin's ripped shirt. KYA!!~~

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Part 1 of my pictures. I'm sorry if it was blurry, I was just really distracted by Yunho and Changmin O_O

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