Sunday, September 5, 2010

I just got home form the SM TOWN concert.
I don't have pics because I was too lazy to bring a camera LOL
ANYWAYYY. My friend and I waited for so long for HoMin to come out. Everytime they dimmed the lights I would say, "Pleas be HoMin, please be HoMin," AND WHEN THEY FINALLY CAME OUUTT, I was amazed at the sudden increase of red light sticks in the audience (: They put Yunho and Changmin up and it was EPIC lol. Yunho is such an amazing dancer, and Changmin.. daannggg. He can really hit those high notes like crazy. AHHH, I'm still in dreamland. I can't believe I got to hear the boys live
- kamkam12694 @soompi
Staples was a closed venue so instead HoMin was put on harness and flew upward letting people gaze on them. Everyone was screaming their heads off. And the fans started to chant by Mirotic and everything went crazy again. The boys were amazing. Yunho's flawless and I seriously gape at his beauty while Changmin has this childish radiance in him that surely made every Cassie happy inside the stadium.
They greet the crowd, "What's up, LA?! and Changmin cutely said, 'Thank You' in English. It was the shortest yet cutest intro ever.
I also saw (not really sure if it was Yunho) Yunho took a red Cassiopeia balloon during the end song :)
During the end song, Yunho keep looking back and forth to the stage. I guess he was looking for Min who was the last to go to the ext stage
- Mcl0521 @DBSKnights

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The ring he gave away is the one on his ring finger.

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Yunho DJing and feelin' the music~

Oh, I would give anything to be at that party right now...
Yunho and Changmin entering...or shall I say FLYING!!!

Changmin looking all badass while performing Don't Don with SuJu & TRAX

During the finale - that's Max right at the beginning and Yunho at 0:16

Part of the medley - Yunho dancing to Purple Line, Changmin with his solo

More medley - "The Way U Are"

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The event lasted from 14:00 to 17:00, with over 2000 fans in attendance.

The Lotte PV was played to signal the start of the fan meeting.
Then the three walked on and performed 'いつだって君に'  (Itsudatte Kimini)

Some talking...

Followed by 'Long Way'

They gave out their personal items

Yoochun's baseball glove.
It didn't look very used (laughs)
Why? Because it's for females!
Glove… Yoochun ah… he's truly unpredictable.

Jaejoong gave out the ring that he was wearing on his left ring finger.
Oh why~~~

Just as he was handing the ring over to the fan, the MC asked 'are you going to put it on her ring finger?'
and Jaejoong said something like 'You're being very sly~~'
Then I think he put it on her thumb

Receiving a gift from the hands of Jaejoong...
No matter what it is, (she) must be very happy...
As a Jaejoong fan, I'd really die to have it.. oh ring..

As a Jaejoong fan, compared to the things that you buy for yourself,
this is completely different, it's something you can't buy with money

This was followed by 'Xiahtic' and then 'W'

Then JYJ gave out posters.
You couldn't really choose which member to get your poster from,
but I was told that you could at first!! aish lies
Even though I was really uncomfortable and extremely nervous, I was completely ecstatic
JYJ stood in a line, waiting for us to walk over. It was like receiving a poster from one's love.
Gifts. The three of them stood side by side. I could get one from my bias. I was standing in front of Yoochun but he didn't notice me because he was watching the a crowd of people walk towards JaeSu. I said 'Yoochun' and then he said 'Oh, sorry' and handed me a poster.
The three of them stood together and I managed to get a poster from Jaejoong.
Coming all the way to Korea was really worth it. Jaejoong looked so beautiful up on screen, but even when I was standing in front of me, he didn't have a rough kind of feeling.
I told Junsu that I would be attending the XIahzart concert next month and smiled at me. Although... the way Junsu kept standing there kind of made him look like he was receiving a punishment of some sort.

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Here are the first pictures! The concert is still going on so we won't get the
HQ pictures for a while, but feast your eyes on these for now!

Yunho & Changmin entered only 30 minutes to the end of the concert - on WIRES.
Yunho being a Rising God of the East :P
Changmin gliding through the air like a god~

Yunho, the dancing machine!

Changmin performing with TRAX - with SEXY RIPPED SHIRT

Says purplelykthat, "Changmin held the longest note ever!!! Amazed"

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Jae Chong's twitter

Jae Chong's facebook:

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So apparently it is NOT Warner Music Korea who is producing the album. However, details beyond that are unclear~
A couple of days ago, the SM family boarded their plane at Incheon Airport for their next stop of SMTOWN Live ‘10 World Tour in Los Angeles, which will be taking place on September 4th.

For the very first time, SM Entertainment raked up a whopping 1 billion won for the expenses of their own chartered plane, a Boeing 747-400, which calculates to $851,000 USD. A total of 250 people, including staff, bodyguards, press reporters and 40 of SM artists, were all on board to LA.

The first artist to step foot on the chartered plane was Super Junior’s leader, Lee Teuk. Through the in-flight mic, Lee Teuk said, “When you talk loudly in public places, people glare at you and say, “Do you guys think you own this place?” Why yes, we really do own this!”, which made everyone laugh.

Kim Min Jong and Kangta had a fun time of their own, acting as stewards as they went around the whole plane, serving wine and swiping cards, and when they finished, Kangta made a toast to ‘South Korea to the world‘.

The first floor business section of the chartered plane consisted of Kangta, BoA, Kim Min Jong, DBSK’s Uknow Yunho and Max Changmin, SNSD and f(x). Super Junior and SHINee took over the business section of the second floor. Given the nickname ‘Charlie’s Angels‘, SNSD’s Yuri and actress Lee Yeon Hee sat together to gossip.

Inside the chartered plane, BoA commented, “I always travel to America, but since this time I’m going with other artists, it feels really good”, while Yunho adding, “It feels like we’re going on a reunion trip.”

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HOLY SHINKI, that's a lot of money!
No wonder they charged so much for tickets @.@

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Also Check out DBSKnights's Twitter for Updates and more photos on SMtown in LA
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TVXQ’s Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu, will be making a comeback to the Korean music industry, according to an industry representative on the 5th.

The representative revealed that the three members are working with famous producer, Kim Hyungseok and have contracted with Warner Music Korea, for distribution rights. The album is currently in preparation with a tentative release date set for the 2nd half of 2010.

A representative of Warner Music Korea spoke with Star News and stated, “We’ve recently contracted with the three members of TVXQ for the distribution rights of their new album. They are working with producer Kim Hyungseok and will be making a comeback by the end of this year with a new album.”

Another representative also revealed, “They’re working extremely hard right now to make their comeback possible.”

Kim Hyungseok is a well known name in the industry, working with not only OST projects but many other famous singers out there today. Much anticipation is being put on what kind of music he is composing for the three members.

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FileName: JYJ - The... Mini Album.rar
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Download Link: Mediafire

1. いつだって君に
2. Get Ready
3. Long Way
4. W
5. いつだって君に (Less Vocal)
6. Get Ready (Less Vocal)
7. Long Way (Less Vocal)
8. W (Less Vocal)

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I Underestimated Cassies, can anyone see the amount of comment in a short amount of time I'm gonna remove the password, but please Don't take out of DBSKnights! and buy the Album, I went crazy with the email hehehe~,

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Tsutaya Love Book

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