Wednesday, September 1, 2010

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This is NOT JYJ's version.
That won't be officially released until September 30th.

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Hello everybody I am Junsu
I am Jaejoong
I am Yoochun
We will be releasing our new mini album on September 8th
The 4 songs we performed during Thanksgiving Live in Dome will be included in the album
They are all very beautiful songs so please listen to them

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Note: These are ALL Jae-focused


Long Way

Get Ready



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This post will have information regarding the support packages, meet-up, and final details about the concert. Please read the whole post before missing out on any important details!

I would like to remind everybody to pick up their packages during the Koreaboo meetup in the Los Angeles Convention Center which will start at 2PM PST.
There are NO fees in entering the convention center.
The room number is 408AB. There will be a group of people who will guide the fans to the meetup room.
If you want to find cheap parking, make sure you park in the LACC parking lot where the fee for the parking is only $12! The LACC parking lot will be open for the entire night and you can leave your car in the lot during the concert.

Also, Koreaboo will be live streaming at the meet-up!~ That means that anyone who can't go to the concert will be able to watch the meetup online! (WATCH U-STREAM HERE)
If you are attending the meet-up, please do stop by and show off your RED colors~!
The live streaming laptops will be in the middle of the room.

One simple rule at the Koreaboo meet-up: please do not sell your items or goods. People who attempt to sell their own items will be asked to leave the meet-up. The only groups that are allowed to sell the goods are the Koreaboo's partners.

The picture below is the final layout of the venue with the names of the various fan forums/blogs that will be there.
Still confused? You will see a banner for the DBSKnights and OneTVXQ Booth when you arrive at the meet-up~
To obtain your TVXQ packages make sure you know your specific information such as the correct name you used to signed up and the payment method you used.
You can print your Paypal receipt as a proof of payment to avoid questions

The TVXQ package includes a shirt, a balloon, and a RED LED light stick.
Note: We are selling approximately 20 more S, M, L shirts at the meetup.
To all the people who can't afford the shirt package or just decided not to buy it, we will still be giving out 500 red glow sticks. They are the "crackable" ones~

The towels are limited! Only 110 towels are available at the meet-up!
~They are $3 each~

Since the wristbands turned out to be pink instead of red, we will give everyone the choice to want one or not.
Remember this? Make sure you find one of our Admins, Mel, and tell her TVXQ's debut date and she will give you a little something. *grins*
Questions about fan chants? Here they are:

fanchant credits to: OneTVXQ

If you can't go to the concert but wish to know what's happening, please follow DBSKnights or MCL0521 in twitter for updates and pictures.
~the blog will also be updated~

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