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[INFO] Yunho for "Men's Uno" Cover

Oh my (5) gawd(s)~~~~
I'm getting all excited cause its his first time being on the cover of a Hong Kong magazine, August issue. I can finally showcase his hotness to my awesome aunts in Hong Kong, and get them to drool over Yunho's sexiness XDDDD

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[TRANS] 100729 Changmin's Ultimate Choice Part 2

His choice is...
Changmin's Ultimate Choice Part 2

The magazine's August issue commences with Changmin's "Final Choice" Game! Starting from this week, it will be divided into 4 parts and delivered weekly. Changmin’s daily life and his unknown character will be exposed! Part 3 will be up on 5 August!

Question 5

When buying clothes...

Won't be confused and decide immediately or Will wander about

Answer: Will wander about
"I recently bought a coat but worried for 2 days about whether I should buy or not." With regards to the rate at which he wanders around when shopping, "I practically won't buy any particular style out of impulse," answering it in the way of a super star. This is actually really humble~

Question 6

If you were to be reborn...
Male or Female

Answer: Male
"As expected, I still like the life of a man," Changmin answered us swiftly. When asked about whether he has no interest in a woman's life, "Of course, you can't say that I have no interest at all, but I like me as a man, meeting with woman," explaining himself.

Question 7

When in a relationship...
Will you be the initiator or Do you like being the one who's chased

Answer: Both are fine
Up until now there have been a whirlwind of romances. "Hmmm..." After pondering over it for a while, he finally answered with "both are fine." Realistically, which one is more common? "It really is half and half", answering us this way.

Question 8

The shop that you will choose when going on a date is...
A restaurant with a nice ambiance or Rotisserie

Answer: If the both of us are having fun, a restaurant
"As long as there is an occasion where it's just 2 people, I'll definitely choose a restaurant." A meat-roasting date would be a lot of people having fun. "Also, when we're roasting meat, a lot of people are there, so there would be many types of food to eat!"

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[PHOTOS] Junsu wears "Always Keep the Faith" wristband

~Always Keep The Faith~

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[TRANS] 100729 PRISTAR Lead Vocal Kosaka Masato - My Goal Is Tohoshinki!

Rock Band PRISTAR (of Johnny Jr.) lead vocal Kosaka Masato July 25 Blog Entry Excerpt:

6. A Karaoke must-sing song?

どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? (Why Did I Fall In Love With You?)

13. Kosaka-san, which person do you think is really cool and possesses a great amount of talent?


18. Your striving target?


19. What plans do you have for the future?

Tohoshinki! (t/n: this was the only answer he gave. Perhaps he meant that he wanted to be like them in the future)

22. What song are you obsessed with recently?

どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? (Why Did I Fall In Love With You?)

50. A recent J-POP artist your interested in?


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[INFO] 100727 Oricon Daily DVD Rankings - 3hree Voices at #2

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[TRANS] 100724 SungKyunKwan Scandal Fanmeet Part 2

There were several high school and primary school students on the trip. Yoochun pointed at his face and said 'tyutyu' (Japanese way of saying 'bobo'). The girl kissed him on his cheek, leaving a smile on Yoochun's face. Yoochun then leaned over and kissed the little girl's forehead. He was so gentle keke~~ jealous! (explodes)

In truth, there were 2 male fans on the trip. When one of the male fans approached, he half-hugged, half shook hands with Yoochun and started back towards his seat. The girl standing behind him finished her 'touch' with Yoochun and ran to catch up with the boy, the two of them then walked back to their seats hand in hand.

Kekeke, so they were a couple.
After seeing them, Yoochun smiled timidly.
Perhaps he was slightly jealous.
Everybody laughed.

I've been to several 'touch' meetings held by the five members, but most of the time there are people surrounding them, and so I get pushed and shoved. This time however, at Yoochun's, there were only 2 people standing by his side, so I was really able to stand there and look at him properly. Of course, I was also able to touch him. Yoochun looked sincerely at each person in line, touched them, and said thank you, he was extremely polite to everyone.

Perhaps it is because Yoochun has such a soothing effect on those around him, it was a perfect touch meeting.

This was the best touch meeting I had ever been to, and I'd really like to thank Yoochun.

I'd also like to thank him for the lunch ^^

That's all that happened at the fanmeeting, thank you for reading.

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[TRANS] 100727 CHORUS – Yunho Interview : “I will protect her no matter what”

As I am a true gentleman, no matter what happens, protecting the girl will be my priority

“Under my sister’s influence, I have also read many manga series targeting teenage girls, especially “Boys Over Flowers”! I really like Domyouji Tsukasa’s character and find it really interesting.”
When filming ended, Yunho said it care-freely with a smile. Not as the leader of the group, TVXQ, that Asia is crazy about but as the new lead of a new drama challenge, No Limits, Cha Bong-Goon.

“Although I felt very insecure as a new actor but I was attracted to Bong-Goon who grows up in the story. No matter what happens, he will work hard to progress and treat his family with love. Also, his methods of love is similar to me. However, there are also differences. Bong-Goon is very straight-forward when it comes to love but I am a little conservative. (Laughs) Although when I’m out, I’m leading but when it’s just the two of us, I want to be lead. As compared to expressing my love in a frank way, I would first consider the atmosphere of the surroundings.”

There’s a kissing scene in the drama

“A kissing scene? (Laughs) We NG-ed a lot~ my co-actress, Go Ara, comes from the same management company as me so we already had a good relationship. The moment I close my eyes, I already feel like laughing, it’s really troubling. The director said the kissing scene is getting smoother each time and that it will make one’s heart skip a beat. I feel that when a guy’s jawline can be seen when he stretches out his head is really handsome. I have understood the reason for acting this way as my seniors have always acted like this. (Laughs)”

“Although the filming of the drama has ended but Bong-Goon still stays in my heart.

“Recently, I feel that it’s really hard and frustrating, both physically and mentally. At that time, I would immediately think about what Bong-Goon would do if he was in the same situation as me. This way, I will have the strength to go forward and finish my job happily while carrying a thankful attitude.”

Working with Ninagawa, the theme is ‘Secret love’

“I wonder if I have the correct attitude and then I will show off a sexy side of myself. My own secret love… do I have one? (Laugh) I feel that a secret love is one where even friends don’t know the relationship between us two. This sort of love is a little hard in reality. It is only at the beginning will there be a love that is similar to one in a novel or movie but once you enter this line of work, you’d be more worried about the other person while dating. As I’m a true gentleman, no matter what happens, my priority will still be to protect the girl I love.”

To confirm it’s true love, it might take about 3 years.

“To confirm that a person is really suitable for me, I feel that it might take about this amount of time. I want to make sure I become a man that always treats the family with utmost priority no matter what. I really feel lonely and although I want a girlfriend, there will be no warmth between each other if we don’t really like each other. Dating, to me, will also cause changes in the outer appearance. Wearing formal clothes, drinking wine during a date, you would want to dress up more often right? For example if my girlfriend says that my hairstyle is really good, although I am embarrassed and show no reaction but in reality, my heart would be filled with satisfaction and I would want to maintain that hairstyle. (Laughs) Actually, being praised as good-looking is my favorite!!”

The type of girls that Yunho likes would be a very feminine one.

“Not only will she have to lead me when we are alone but also support me when we are together with friends. Also, I would want to try cooking for her. This relationship is my ideal love.”

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[TRANS] 100728 ELLE JAPON Changmin Photoshoot Secrets+Interview

The beautiful Changmin wore clothing styles different from before, so taking advantage of the atmosphere left over from the photoshoot, the interview began. With a one-question and one-answer format, Changmin's language is introduced to everybody.

Q. Recent object that you find cute?
A. Toothless, from the movie "How To Train Your Dragon"

Q. If you were to date, would Korean or Japanese be better to use?
A. Of course, I'm more fluent in Korean, so it'll be easier. If I don't speak Japanese for a certain period of time, it will become unfamiliar.

Q. Which article of clothing did you like the best from today's shoot?
A. The Prada sweater. I normally like knitted clothing.

Q. Do you buy things in Tokyo? Which shop do you normally go to?
A. I will buy stuff, but I'm afraid that I won't be able to peacefully go to the store I usually go to so it's a secret.

Q. What's the difference between Korean and Japanese fans?
A. Essentially, I don't think that there's that much of a difference.

Q. This is your first time being a lead character in a drama, what are your thoughts after the filming ended?
A. Because I've always focused on my activities as a group, being the only one in the drama, I have to shoulder all the responsibility myself. Also, this is my first time challenging acting, so I will feel really pressured.

Q. After the filming ended, were there any view changes in terms of relationships and marriage?
A. There wasn't any particular changes.

Q. What are your thoughts regarding the filming site, Jeju Island?
A. I was really surprised with how easily the weather changes, which is completely different than in Seoul.

Q. What artist's song do you have on repeat?

Q. Do you have interest in musicals?
A. Very interested. Although I don't have any particular plans of participating in any right now.

Q. What do you want to say to your Japanese fans now?
A. My Japanese fans, thank you so much for your concern for me during this period. Although it's frustrating how I can't tell everybody the specifics of future plans and the direction of my career, there will be work later on in Japan, so please anticipate it.

Q. Tell everybody how you spent your resting days.
A. The best way to relieve stress is going out for a drive. Going bowling with friends is also pretty good.

Q. Did you cheer for the world cup?
A. Late last night the Korean team was disqualified. I watched all of it at the hotel, so I'm lacking sleep today. I really like supporting sports, so I will often go and watch Baseball matches. But when they lose, I will feel really despondent.

Q. What are your thoughts on attending the Chanel fashion show?
A. This was my first time experiencing sitting in the first row of a fashion show, so it was very surprising. I was really really happy.

Q. What are you particularly interested in right now?
A. Just 3 days ago, I became hooked onto Tennis. In the past, I've always wanted to play Tennis, but I've never actually started learning yet.

Q. The most recent Japanese word you remember?
A. "Humidity". The humidity is really high, because my hair has natural curl, it has all become really curly.

Q. If you were to make an analysis on your personality...
A. The typical B-blood type. If I were to be completely immersed in something, I wouldn't be able to see the people around me at all.

Q. What is your average daily schedule?
A. Because it's really difficult for me to get up early in the morning, I will get up later in the morning and work out. Then I go to acting class and the day ends really quickly.

Q. Do you make your own food or order takeouts?
A. Mostly it's food made my others and I warm them up later on.

Q. What are your plans for this summer holiday?
A. I'm really busy with work this year, so there probably wouldn't be a holiday.

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[PHOTOS] 100724 JYJ - 3HREE VOICES DVD Part 18

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[TRANS] 100728 U-Know Yunho – “I Was Really Nervous About The Kiss Scene”

U-Know Yunho (24 years old – Real name Jung Yunho) publicly expressed his apprehension towards the kissing scene.

U-Know Yunho will take the role of Prince Lee Shin in the Musical “Goong” this coming September at the Yong Theater of the National Museum Of Korea. He will play the cool and charismatic flower boy Lee Shin who unfolds a love story after his marriage in the Goong with an ordinary girl’s high school student Shin Chae Kyung.

In the individual interview included in MBN “Entertainment Magazine V.I.P” that is to be released on the 30th, with regards to questions involving the kiss scene, he expressed, “I anticipate it yet am nervous about it at the same time, because I can’t practice it without a practice partner! I will show everybody when the time comes. If I were to turn into a real crown prince, how would I handle it?” This creates a lot of curious thoughts about the kiss scene. He also said, “I want to do volunteer activities with my juniors,” showing his caring nature.

As a senior who holds great power in the singing world, U-Know Yunho have guidance to his juniors. He states, “I still miss the stage. I can’t recognize the new idols that come out, so I have to personally look them up. I’ve experienced in advance the depression a 30-40 year old man would encounter, so it is a really good experience. If the idols now can endure the difficulties and overcome them, then that would become a stepping stone towards their growing maturity.”

The release on the 30th includes the hot practices of the Musical “Goong” and Yunho’s ideal type, as well as an honest interview.

The Musical “Goong” is produced by the team at MBN, who also worked on “Couple of Fantasy”, “Boys Before Flowers”, among others.

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