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Warning: Insanely long interview.
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It can be said that most men of around 23 years old carry the following characteristics: they act as though there is no tomorrow (irresponsible), they're arrogant and think that the world revolves around them, and when you're near them, their immaturity chills you to the bone. Most men in their early twenties are like that.

However, upon his arrival at the studio on a hot stuffy morning, we realized that Choikang Changmin is nothing like your typical 23 year old. Despite having to work early in the morning on a weekend, Changmin had a bright smile constantly on his face, and despite being quiet for the most part, he'd pull a funny face every now and then. He runs a mile whenever he hears a compliment, but will obediently come back at the command of the photographer. His behaviour is nothing like that of an undesciplined youngster, in fact, compared to other men of the same age, he comes off as a lot more mature. Through his grey t-shirt, we could vaguely make out a muscular body. Changmin said that he took up boxing recently to tone up his body, and unlike his manager, who gave up on it after a while, he always trains until he's completely drenched in sweat and utterly exhausted. As part of his work out, he's also been weight training, but when asked whether or not he ever gets tired, he said 'I'm kind of a masochist, I like to drain myself out and I'm always asking myself whether or not I'm doing well enough. I'm not the type of person to be lenient on himself.' In truth, his manliness seemed to come more from his tone and attitude than his physique.

Much like his appearance, Choikang Changmin has gone through great changes recently. His role in 'Paradise Ranch' is his first ever attempt at acting, and when asked why he decided to take part in the drama, he said 'I read the script and really liked it. My character is a completely perfect man, he's handsome and rich, yet kind of cheeky, and he's also really straightforward and honest about his own emotions. He's also a lot like me in the sense that we're both very impulsive. That was the reason he gave for his debut in acting. Having secured the lead role, Changmin expressed concerns about becoming an actor. Being in a TV drama means that one is not only faced with one's own fans, but also other audiences, and this, he thought, was a bit of a burden. He was actually really anxious and worried that he'd become a burden for the production team and the other actors. Changmin repeated several times that 'Having been part of a group for 7 years, I feel like being able to take care of those around me is the most important thing. I'll learn to be humble so that people won't be put off. Through acting, I've come to realize that I'm really not very good at expressing my emotions, so I've given the crew quite a hard time. When you're filming with other actors, you really have to get your breathing in synch with them to get into the scene. It's especially difficult to me since I have the lead role.'

7 years as a singer. The past 7 years have not been what one would call 'normal'. Throughout the 7 years, most of his time has either been spent practicing in the studio or on stage. When asked whether or not debuting at such a young age has tired him out, he replied 'I don't know whether or not it's because of my professoin, but whenever it rains, my knees get cold.' ''When people used to ask me what I wanted to eat, I'd never know how to answer, and when people say they want to go and eat, I'll just tag along because I'm kind of an undecisive person like that. But since getting into this profession, compared to age, I think I've become more conscious of what I want for myself.' Having to fight for survival at such a young age made working a thrill of excitement. Throughout the photoshoot, he put on 6 different sets of clothes, transforming from a boy to a man, or perhaps he's a bit of both. On the other hand, if one were to see him as a boy, one would also have to admit that he demonstrates the traits of a grown man. When asked what type of clothing he liked best, Changmin chose the set that appeared most out of the norm. 'Once when I was walking down a road, I saw a man whose face was completely covered with facial hair. I actually thought it looked okay, it's not that I want to dress like that, I don't think it's time yet. Maybe it's because my career kicked off when I was so young, I feel like I have to be more mature than other people my age. Of course, it's not like I'm going to turn into that right away, but I want to slowly work towards that.'

That day, when we were on a break from the photoshoot, he was practicing the dance moves to a song he was going to perform at SMTown Live. Even though it's been 2 whole years since he's been on that stage (SMTown), we could see the excitement and anxiety on his face at the mention of the event. Would his performance be a lot different from how it was 7 years ago? 'When I first started, I always put my biggest effort to prepare so that I wouldn't make mistakes in front of my audience. Outside of that, I didn't really have much time to think about anything else. Most of the time, I walk off the stage and watch people's reactions from a video recorder. However, I've slowly learnt to perform on stage according to my own time and rhythm, and to consider whether or not I would able to improvise when it is needed. It's not about my own performance, it's also about the audience's reaction and everything else happening around the stage. You have to pay attention to all of it.' Besides being able to act natural on stage, it's also important to be able to calmly answer questions regarding women and relationships. When asked 'Is a girl's appearance 97% more important? Nearly 99.9% would say yes, but Changmin said 'That's not really true. Appearance isn't important, what's important is that they have a kind heart. Even though that's not all of it, it's what I really want. I like girls who are innocent, smart and charming, and who will be able to understand and accept what I do for a living.' Since we were on the topic of girls, we decided to ask a few more questions. He has a preference for girls who are sporty and energetic because he himself is a sporty person. He also said that he wants to watch baseball with her whilst drinking beer. And so, in a very comfortable and relaxed manner, Changmin expressed his views on love and relationships. With regards to his first love, he said he's had a lot of struggle. He's made a real effort to get closer to the other party, but up until now, he'll still hear talk of how he's a bad man. Changmin very honestly confessed that even though he really wants to take good care of her, he's had a really hard time actually achieving it. The atmosphere got a little tense when we were talking about girls and relationships, yet the singer who's been working in this industry for 7 years now managed to keep a calm smile on his face whilst still exposing his youthful side through talk of his favourite baseball team's recent game, and this lasted all the way until 12am.

At the beginning of the interview, we asked what he's been working on recently, and he replied 'An answer like this might make people think I'm lying, but I've been really into bands lately, and I've always wanted to learn more about that genre of music. Even though I've been learning to play the guitar on and off for quite some time now, there are other things that I'm also really curious about.' Towards the end of the interview, I asked how he's been lately and what the present means to him, to which he said 'To be honest, in the past 6-7 years, I've never been in a situation like this where I don't have any actual official activities, so I've really had to adjust to the change in my lifestyle. But this is great too, because I now have time to do all the things I didn't have time for before and I can live happily. People used to think of me as a really sentimental person, but now I want to learn to express myself through language as well as music and dance. This is a really crucial period for me. Everything I'm doing now is to help myself advance and move forward.' Changmin's answer was just as I'd expected. Under normal circumstances, I'd probably badger him endlessly and make him tell me the things that are hidden deep down his heart rather than talk about things like this under such controlled conditions. But this is different, Changmin is no longer a boy, he's grown into a real man, and good evidence of this can be found not only from his muscular body, but also the determination and confidence exuded through his speech.

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To Everyone ~♥

There are a lot of memories also in this OST.
I’d like to value it with you.


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Another well-performing show = another broadcaster keen to stretch its good luck with more episodes.

SBS’s Monday-Tuesday show Giant is currently doing very well with both ratings and audience praise, and at about three-fifths of the way through its run, it’s picking up steam. It’s doing so well that it put the pressure on MBC’s Dong Yi, which was easily beating the competition for most of its run but recently found itself slipping to second after Giant.

Now SBS is looking into the possibility of extending the series, which was originally slated to end on November 2 with 50 episodes. However, according to a source at SBS’s Dream Center, even though it’s still too early to decide, “the feel is positive so there’s a big possibility.”

Before any decisions are made, the broadcaster will have to get all the actors to agree. With big names onboard, scheduling conflicts will have to be worked out if any cast members have signed on for other projects with the original schedule in mind. But the source did explain that the cast is also looking favorably at the extension.

Furthermore, producers and broadcasters probably won’t be making any decisions until they monitor the performance of its next upcoming rival, the upcoming historical romantic-comedy series Sungkyunkwan Scandal. The rep said, “If Sungkyunkwan Scandal‘s ratings rise, Giant‘s has a big chance of falling. After we closely watch how Sungkyunkwan Scandal does, the final decision will be made whether to extend Giant‘s broadcast.” The source added the assurance that the writers have been completing the scripts quickly and shouldn’t face too much trouble if an extension is ordered.

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Celebrate the launch of the official decision on the sale of goods for the Mini Album “The…” !
In anticipation for the items, 3 items are below.

♪ Please purchase this opportunity!

※ All prices are tax included.

- - How to Buy
September 07, 2010 (Tuesday) 16:00 ~ mu-mo will be launched in the shop

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I was about to sleep when something suddenly came to mind.
A broadcasting station staff member I know told me that he met all the members of TVXQ together by chance at a ramen shop in Hiroo last year.
This happened after all the troubles occurred and the story came out that the members were split and using different waiting rooms.
He told me that they were all eating ramen together and getting along well.
I apologize for the trivial episode.

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YunHo and SHINee gathered together to donate to children who are in need living in war zone areas.

SHINee and YunHo will attend the DMZ National Documentary Film Festival on the 31st to assist with the donation.

The film festival held on the 9th of September will also be towards assisting those in need living in war zones. The donations will go towards funding their basic needs such as water, food and clothing.

The event will begin on the 31st at 3PM with YunHo and SHINee directly giving donations.

The relations of DMZ National Documentary Film Festivals said “This event will hopefully allow people to realise the importance of peace and life, the participation of YunHo and SHINee will encourage citizens to donate as well.”

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Yoo Ah In

Park Min Young

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August 21, SMTOWN LIVE’10 World Tour in Seoul @ Seoul Olympic Main Stadium


Standing in front of a mirror that, no matter who created it, is bound to break anytime
My face amidst it is consistently filled with weakness
Now, I must turn my back and leave, a wall that supports me but is solely mine
Currently rupturing in front of me, I must unconditionally transcend myself

Look at me, conquering everything that has happened to me and arriving here
Unsatisfied with being imprisoned in a narrow tower
From the beginning, my path has always been different from others
Now I’ve found my real voice
The closed door has been opened, my all has began

Shouting, you are the world’s most beautiful
Shouting, you are the world’s most beautiful
Scream, I’m the world’s most beautiful
Scream, I’m the world’s most beautiful

The things that allow me to be free, will never stop me from changing
Wanting to see a strength that doesn’t feel restricting
A completely beautiful me, an uncomparable fervor
Nothing to owe, the world has already taught me the initiating law

I will show to you, follow me, move your body, everything together
Surpassing myself, I will see a newly transformed me


Let me want this way
Want this way
Want this way
Want this way

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The best fanclub in existence.
We know how to wait and we know how to keep faith.
That is Cassiopeia.
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'King of Baking - Kim Tak Goo's popular actress Choi Yoon Young (as Goo Ja Rim) speaks up about her special relationship with TVXQ's Xiah JunSu and SUJU's EunHyuk has become a popular topic.

On 23rd August, Choi Yoon Young expressed that she was classmates with Xiah JunSu and EunHyuk on KBS 2TV 'YeoYouManMan (여유만만) - King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo Special'. Choi Yoon Young said that she was in the same class as JunSu and EunHyuk during primary school and was in the same dancing group as well . She even recorded a video clip for JunSu on the show that said, "JunSu-ah, how are you recently? Remember to contact me after watching the drama. See you at the broadcasting studio".

Other than that, Choi Yoon Young also stated that her introvert character is totally different from the cheerful and lively Goo Ja Rim in the drama.

*More information of this drama: CLICK

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Hot (^_^;)))

It was dangerous temperature today!

In such situation, I went to chouettle in Umeda Chayacho.

Super popular groups, ARASHI, JYJ, wear well “kiryuukiryuu” here.

while Hiro Mizushima (T/N: Japanese model and actor) wears “AKM”


It is a very recommended shop!

And it’s now conducted its 10th anniversary campaign (^-^)v

The shop is located at the same road yet opposite side of MBS Mainichi Broadcasting System.

Highly recommended for autumn fashion!

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On the way back to Korea yesterday, the bag Jaejoong was using was a gift that his fans chipped in to buy to commemorate JYJ dome. I was part it too, (I'm) very happy! Ahh.. Jaejoong really values his fans.

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