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Hello everybody. I am a mother of a Cassiopeia and this was written quite a while ago...

My daughter pretty much never switches off her computer, she spends all day every day on Korean sites or here on Baidu, surfing the web.
I'm sure there are a lot of people here who like TVXQ as much as my daughter does, if not more.

My daughter is 16 years old. Back when she was 12 years old, I remember he buying a TVXQ album and sneaking it home. Four years have passed and many things have happened…

Ah.. My daughter, sometimes she sits in her room crying, other times laughing. Whenever we're sat around the table at dinner, she'll jabber on and on about TVXQ, about Yunho to me and her dad. It's almost as though she's gone insane.
Every now and then, she'll talk to me about going to Korea for days and days. I remember her telling me you fans were organizing some kind of group dance this summer? (flashmob) When she was young, we used to send her everywhere and pick her up afterwards. She rarely goes on public transport because our home is simply too far away from the city. I still remember her excitement when I agreed to let her go to practice sessions for the flashmob. Her father said 'Will you be dancing to songs of TVXQ? Don't muck up and embarrass yourself~' I nearly laughed.

That morning, she went off with her friends to catch the bus and still hadn't come home after 6. I panicked. She wasn't picking up her phone, and it wasn't until 7 that she was finally home. Her father said in relief 'I thought you wouldn't be able to make it, but you managed to get back yourself' And from then on, she went to dance practices every week, and sometimes she'd even practice in front of us. I've never seen her take anything so seriously before.

I remember once last year, when we were having dinner, she was arguing over something with her dad… I think it was about TVXQ. She said she wasn't going to eat and was absolutely fuming. I kept asking, but she paid no attention to me. In the end, I found out that she'd wanted to see TVXQ in Shanghai.

In early April this year, I noticed how she seemed to always be in a bad mood, I honestly thought she was suffering from depression~~ When I brought it up, she told me 'TVXQ's activities have been suspended' through sobs~ Her dad heard and commented 'Have they disbanded? I told you idol groups don't last for long.' Something in my daughter's eyes changed and she started screaming at her dead. Screaming and crying her heart out all at the same time. 'Who says they're disbanding?!'

To all you fans, maybe you love TVXQ as much as my daughter does. Maybe they're the first thing you think of. You're people who are willing to sacrifice so much, everything, for TVXQ.. People have told my daughter that she'll stop liking them once she's older, that she's only interested because they're young and handsome, but she insists that it's because of their talent, of their charm~~

In being a fan, I hope you treat your idol as your motivation and target so that you're able to achieve the things you want in life.
As fans, I hope you're able to make your idols proud. TVXQ are great kids, I thought it was just an infatuation at first, but now I sincerely believe in faith and determination. Please continue to protect your idols!
Don't forget: In protecting those you love, you must also work towards making yourself a better person and make your idols proud.

There are lots of you out there who are high school students, university students or even working adults. Please be the best you can be and keep your faith for TVXQ. Loving someone is no simple feat, you'll understand when you grow older. But watching you guys and seeing your love for them has made me realized how much you've grown as a result of this fandom. You've all really matured.

Finally, I'd like to thank TVXQ and to thank you Cassies (is that what you're called?) You've really helped my daughter along the way. She's changed so much. She now knows the meaning of determination, of faith and belief. Everybody hwaiting!

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A private plane will be chartered for “SMTOWN LIVE ’10 WORLD TOUR in LA” performance.

In upcoming November 4th, SMTOWN LIVE performance, the same as one held in Seoul on last August 21th, will be held in Staples Center, LA, United States. Line up SM artists such as Kang Ta, BoA, Yunho, Changmin, Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee, f(x), TRAX, Kim Min Jong, Yeon-hee, and Ara will unite to do the concert performance together for all fans in LA. For this purpose, a Korean Air Boeing 747-400 that has capacity of 300 people is specially chartered to fly all the artists and staff members.

“SMTOWN LIVE ’10 WORLD TOUR” is not only a massive world tour that mobilize a lot of top artists, but it will also become a show of many exceptional performances that ever seen, meanwhile using a chartered flight for a tour to move all the artists and staffs together is still very rare especially in Korea. Therefore, with this announcement of the upcoming excellence performances from a lot of top Korean pop stars is expected to grow many interests from fans.

“SMTOWN LIVE ’10 WORLD TOUR in LA” began to sell tickets on last May 24th, and there was a huge responses for the tickets that 15,000 seats were quickly sold out as soon as it opened. In fact only top American artists could sell out all seats in Staples Center, thus according to insiders, this SMTOWN LIVE high ticket sales surprised even the local industry officials.

SM official said, “70% of the ticket buyers are non-Koreans from Vancouver, Canada including Toronto, New York, Washington DC, South Carolina, and Georgia. By looking at this, it’s proven that SM Entertainment’s attempt to advance the global competitiveness and popularity of its artists has finally realized.”

“SMTOWN LIVE’10 WORLD TOUR’ just finished its performance in Seoul Jamsil Olympic Main Stadium in great success last August 21st, and is planned to fly to LA to take another stage that will draw audiences’ breath with even more passionate performances.

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8/22 Japanese Fanboy Fan Account

I went to watch A-nation with my family, and when we arrived at the station, there were about 1-2 fans already there. I was surprised by the number of fans.

JYJ’s fans got off the tram, and beside me they were all wearing orange t-shirts or orange towels; I was really surprised.

Also, when I arrived at the venue, about seven sections were all full of Tohoshinki fans!

They’re truly amazing~ These five people!


When they came on stage, the entire venue turned red! Why was it red? Because at Tohoshinki’s concerts, the lightsticks are always red~

Every year when Tohoshinki’s opening begins to play, the entire audience would yell “START! 5, 4 , 3, 2, 1~ *Scream* “ Like that. (lol)

When JYJ came on stage the cheering in venue was like an earthquake!

Like the Thanksgiving Live in Dome, the beginning song was “Itsudatte Kimi ni”

Why must they sing the type of song that makes people want to cry first~ (lol)

1. Itsudatte Kimi ni
2. Intoxication
3. Colors~ Melody and Harmony
4. Get Ready
5. Long Way
6. W

Overall, they sang six songs!

The outfits they wore were very similar to last years.

Jaejoong’s light blonde hair has become a slightly darker shade of blonde, and it is also a bit longer.

Junsu cut off his side fringe, and he also dyed his hair blonde, it’s very handsome!

Yoochun’s hair is also longer, and a bit curly.

After the first song ended, they greeted everyone and Yoochun shouted “Everyone~ Get ready OK?”

During the second song Junsu’s charisma exploded (lol)

For the third song, Jaejoong and Yoochun’s harmonization was perfect! And both of them were very cute (lol)

They sang the fourth and fifth songs together!

The sixth song, W, was so sad (tears) When I heard the song, it made me think of Changmin and Yunho. I cried during this song too, it really was heartbreaking.

However, when I was loudly shouting “Jaejoong! ~Yoochun~” the people around me stared at me, probably because they don’t see fanboys often (lol)

Next time I see them live, I hope that I can see all five of them together, I hope that I can see the smiles on all their faces…

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Changmin, member of TVXQ, releases a gravure photoshoot filled with a new charm.

On the 23rd, SM Entertainment announced that Changmin had recently participated in a gravure photoshoot for the fashion magazine [W Korea]. For this gravure photoshoot, 5 popular designers - Hong Seungwan, Jung Ookchun, So Sungyeon, Kim Sukwon, Han Sunghyuk - have specially designed 5 different styles just for Changmin, as the main theme.

A representative from SM said, "Changmin managed to work all the 5 designs, from a youthful image to a manly charm, showing off different images. We hope you'll be able to see Changmin in a dandy and chic light."

An interview was also conducted during the gravure photoshoot and Changmin will talk about things that happened to him recently. The gravure photoshoot and interview will be published in the September issue of [W Korea].

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Choi Soo Jong finished with the filming of "Comrades"

With the filming of "Comrades" closing to an end, Choi Soo Jong will take the lead role of upcoming KBS2TV Wednesday/Thursday drama "President".

With the subject centering around politics, "President" will reveal the many strifes and intriguing conflicts that revolves around the presidential elections through the main character's step by step journey in achieving Presidency.

It has been said that "President" will be the sequel "Runaway", airing early December this year. Currently, actors for the drama are in the midst of being selected, with Korean female actor Shin Se Kyeong and TVXQ member Shim Changmin as popular candidates.

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Someone needs to tell Changmin that he just killed me.
I hope I don't die a second time when I see this live....
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The Korean drama, protagonists by Uknow Yunho, leader of the Popular group TVXQ pass the borders of Asia reaching
different countries of America including Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela and Puerto Rico. This is because at the last Fair
NATPE 2010, the largest convention of television stations throughout America and the channels that reach around the world
to offer their series and franchises, channels such as KBS, MBC and SBS in South Korea, announced to have closed
successful negotiations in order to their most popular dramas are transmitted in different contries around Latin and Central America and is expected that the called “Korean wave” invade these countries.

Although not yet know the exact date of commencement of emissions or schedules are known to “Heading to the
Ground”, arrived in the Latin countries under the name of “Sin Limites” (“Without Limits “), in the case of Peru is known to be delivered under the open signal chanel “Panamericana Television”, HTTG would arrive with different success of korean television such as Boys Over Flowers, Spring Waltz, Full House and Love Strikes.

Sources: Blog.pucp + mundohallyu+PanamericanaTelevision
Written by: Nononi @ TPF / TVXQPerú
Transforming from an idol to an actor can be tricky.

Not only does it require superb acting skills to wash away that idol image, but he or she must go through worries, criticism and also harsh self-discipline. Amid the numerous crossovers of young and determined stars, a particularly famous one is aiming to captivate viewers with his never-before-seen acting.

Dressed in “hanbok,’’ or traditional Korean clothes, TVXQ member Micky (real name Park Yoo-chun) looked proud, yet a bit nervous to represent his first–ever drama “Sungkyunkwan Scandal’’ at a press conference held at the W Hotel, northern Seoul, last week.

The doll-faced 24-year-old will appear as Lee Sun-jun in the period drama and work with fellow actors Park Min-young, Song Joong-ki and Yoo Ah-in.

The soap is a “campus romance drama,’’ according to the production company, and will bring Korean history, comedy and romance to the small screen.

Korean period dramas have not only been popular here, but also overseas, and they tend to have certain patterns: traditional dress, ancient Korean vernacular, love triangles, and the inner struggle between personal goals and traditional traits.

“Sungkyunkwan Scandal’’ is no different. The heroine Kim Yoon-hee, played by Park Min-young, has been responsible for her household after her father died and brother became ill in the busy times of the Joseon Kingdom (1392-1910). She decides that the only way for her to not worry about food and money is to disguise herself as a man and try for the state examination and become a court official.

She enters Sungkyunkwan, or a Confucian Academy, to study and meets fellow classmates: the strict and handsome Sun-jun, the playboy Koo Yong-ha (played by Song) and the rough and wild Moon Jae-shin (played by Yoo).

The journey begins as Kim, a pretty-faced student in disguise, struggles to fulfill her dream to become an official and hopefully discover true love along the way.

The biggest concern is not the familiar storyline or good looking stars dressed in colorful hanbok, but the acting. The four main actors are relatively young ― all are 24 except for the 25-year-old Song ― and have not made lasting impressions in their acting careers as yet. Additionally, period dramas are known to be especially tricky due to the old-fashioned dialect and behavior.

Despite these worries, the drama’s producer Kim Won-suk expressed his confidence in working with the young actors, especially Park Yoo-chun.

“Park was already on the team when I decided to helm the drama. But if I had the chance to pick the actors again, I would have picked him. I know many people are looking forward to, and are also worried about his acting, but I can tell you all that he is doing great,’’ Kim said.

Park also had to deal with the interest and pressure put on him, though he did a pretty good job in keeping a straight face and calmly answering questions regarding his lack of acting experience.

“Of course, being my first work and all, I thought about my acting a lot. I think this was a chance where I discovered a new me. The staff were generous enough to pick me for the role,’’ he said smiling.

“I have been dancing for a long time, and I had a pretty tough time realizing that the martial arts sequences were not to be shown as choreography. I have been immersed in the drama and although it’s been tough with the weather and the bugs, it’s been fun,’’ Park added.

It was hard not to notice the enormous interest showering the star. Even the press conference was a bit overdone. The event seemed to have lost its true purpose and turned into a promotional circus. It included two fashion shows; one by 2009, 2010 Miss Korea contestants and models and another by the actors themselves. The hanbok display was, indeed colorful and beautiful, but there was nothing different from those seen in previous and even current historical series.

A preview screening is one of the most important channels that uncovers the gist of the drama and also help the press understand the storyline easier and faster. The 8-minute highlight video was not enough to bring out the overall vibe of the work. It took an hour and a half to finally bring out the actors and producer to the table for a Q and A session.

Micky was introduced as “Park Yoo-chun’’ from start to finish, probably because he really wants to turn over a new leaf. The TVXQ member may have found it interesting to discover the actor within, but it will take a bit more than generosity and soul searching to spearhead a full-length drama, especially when all eyes are on him. Will he be able to shine in the spotlight? Fans will find out on Aug. 30 at 9:55 p.m.


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