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[TRANS] 100722 Fujin Koron Magazine Yunho's interview

Personal data:
Born in 06.02.1986
Debuted as DBSK in Korea in 2004
Debuted successfully in Japan the following year.
Attended Kōhaku Uta Gassen Music Festival in 2008 and 2009
DVD box 1 and 2 of his debuted drama series 'no limit~ HTTG' are currently on sale.

Popular a capella group TVXQ's leader Yunho, began his solo activities formally as an actor. Continue to gain new experiences everyday, he then talked about his future dreams.
'I want to let everyone see my acting which I put in efforts wholeheartedly and my growth with that character'

Started to play the leading role in drama series "no limit~ HTTG" as soccer player Cha Bong Goon last year. He was very happy when he heard his dvd ranked no.1 on chart in Japan.

'During filming, there was soon the scene speeding in motorcycle, and there was also scene which I jumped into the fire. There were a lot of dangerous scenes that I didn't use substitute, but acted them personally. The scene I fall into Han River too... But, because I want to let everyone see my acting which I devoted wholeheartedly, things that I can do, I did them all.' This is the attitude of the new actor Yunho.

'Bong Goon is really a man with positive thinking, who pours in all his efforts no matter when. "There is a possibility to be successful if strive hard...". It is same with me at this point. Although he was a very childish person at the beginning, and his character was not good either. When I was acting this I felt,"This is a bit different~" (lol) However, he later tasted despair and has risen above it. As Bong Goon grew, I also changed. Whenever I feel painful physically and mentally at work, I often think of,"What will Bong Goon do?" I seem to have grown with him.'

He stood on stage of MJ tribute concert in Korea in March this year and is currently rehearsing for Musical "Goong" which will begin in autumn.
'For me, this is another new challenge. I am really glad that I received this opportunity to train myself. I want to show everyone a fresh Yunho with new attitude. The character I played in "Goong" is a crown prince Lee Shin, who is opposite from Bong Goon who grew in poverty and adversity... "Although they are totally different, but they are Yunho too.", this kind of fresh feelings.'
From here a new challenge began.
'I have always wanted to act in a movie formally. It is also meaningful if I play as villain, because the usual me gives aggressive impression to the others. I don't want to be limited in this kind of image, I want to challenge various characters. Besides that, my latest hobbies is begin to learn tap dance. I am going to show it to everyone if I finished learning, please look forward to it.'
(Words in the pic: In between interview and photo shooting session was coffee-drinking-rest time, "I supported South Korea during their matches in world cup with Changmin at home!' Yunho who was interviewed by several media on the same day, faced the media honestly like usual. He will never forget the staff's feelings, and will surely shake hands with all of them.)

Ladies who put in all their efforts no matter for whom and enjoy their life are pretty!

'The age range for Japanese fans is very wide, from small kids to mothers, different kinds of people will come to give their support. Especially the generation of female in 'Fujin Koron', who need to look after their families, as well as working ladies. To attend this fanmeeting during free time is really troublesome right? I am very happy if our existence able to fully fill in everyone’s energy.
Since my mother is also working, so I can understand better the trouble for balancing work and family. But in Japan's fanmeeting, I can see the whole family (come to support) with happy mood and I am touched by that, "ah, this is really good~"
Ladies who put in all their efforts no matter for whom and enjoy their life are pretty! I will also feel difficult when there is only work. Able to discover something interesting, is very important for continuation of life.
My favourite thing now is bike. In this season, to ride on the bike along Han River with the wind blow in my face, my mood is great!

I have always wanted to repay everyone.
My future dreams, not only as a singer and actor, but also as a stage director who can create my own stage from scratch, etc. Another thing is to let those who want to be an artist to learn free of charge. For those who have abilities and ideas but don't have chance due to lack of money, I want to support their ambitions. I have been hearing this from seniors in celebrities world and my father, "After Yunho has become famous, have to repay a debt of gratitude by helping others within your abilities." and I am going to do it someday.
My father, whom is like a teacher and friend to me, has been giving me advices. The words that left deepest impression on me was, 'A genius can't win over a hardworking person, a hardworking person can't win over an optimistic person.' If you do something with positive mood, you won't feel difficult even though you have to try hard, if you continue to work hard, you can surpass the genius. I have spent my time happily today, and become an artist who can bring happiness to everyone too. I am going to work harder from now onwards.'

Apart from that, ‘Fujin Koron’ is going to select a reader to give away an autographed photo of Yunho.

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[TRANS] 100724 SungKyunKwan Scandal Fanmeet:

On the 24th, the filming site Sungkyunkwan scandal was open to public, also a fan meet took place, gathering more than 800 fans.

This day’s event gathered more than 800 hallyu Japanese fans, they visited the shooting site and watched the filming for about 40 minutes, then they continued to the fan meet with various topics about Sungkyunkwan Scandal.

In particular, during the fan meeting, after simply answering a couple of questions, and taking picture with the winning fan for the game they played, the event proceeded with handshakes with everyone that attended, to express their gratitude thus concluding the event.

A stakeholder mentioned that “Especially with the drama sales in Japan, China and other places, this led to the Drama filming of related tourism items and tourism expansion. Through advertising DVDs, photo albums, movies and related developments, also want to create a variety of additional industries.”

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[TRANS] Junsu's love for Chinese fans

I have no idea where and when this is from >>"

My sister is a completely obsessed Cassiopeia. She's an exchange student in Japan and since our boys are so active there, she has lots of DBSK sighting opportunities. Whenever she's home to visit, she tells me about the boys. Honestly, I'm so jealous there are no words to describe it.

One day, I think it was after a performance, my sister stood amidst a large crowd of people, waiting to get their autographs. When she saw Junsu, she took out a piece of paper and a pen and said to Junsu in Japanese 'Please sign this for me' Junsu lifted his head, smiled at my sister, and said 'Sure, no problem.' And then my sister added 'I'm Chinese'. At that moment, Junsu stopped and lifted his head again to look at my sister, then he said 'Really? You're Chinese?' It was really crowded then, and my sister was about to get pushed off to the side, but Junsu stepped forward and hurriedly signed for her, as he did so, he was quietly muttering 'Chinese fan… Chinese…'. He was about to hand the sheet of paper back to my sister, but then he stopped and turned around and thrust it in Micky's hands (Micky was closest to him at the time. YOOSU!!!), he said 'Micky, sign this, it's from a Chinese fan.' Micky signed it and handed it back over to Junsu. The three other members were too far away by then. Junsu had a really hard time finding my sister again, but when he did, he said apologetically 'The others have disappeared so I only managed to get 2 autographs to you, come again next time' and handed back her piece of paper. The other fans saw that Junsu was done signing, so they rushed over. As Junsu was being shoved around, there was something in particular that my sister noticed. For Junsu's convenience, my sister removed her pen cap when she handed the pen over, and when he was returning the pen, he kept the tip pointed to himself the whole time so he wouldn't get any ink on the fans by accident. He kept the tip of the pen clenched in his fist but still drew on his own clothes a few times before he finally reached my sister and loosened his grip.

I was completely astonished by Junsu's actions. I asked my sister 'If it was so crowded, why did you make him return the pen?' To which she replied 'I wasn't planning on it, it's just that he kept looking for me to give it back.'

(She used to be a Yunho fan, but after this incident, Su completely won her over…. Every day, she tells me how Junsu glimmered like an angel that night… it gets me so annoyed… Why can't I go and meet that clueless boy who treats Chinese people like they're an endangered species?)

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[PHOTOS] 100723 Stalking Jaejoong

LOL, more like stalking Jaejoong's car :|
I want to see Jaejoong ><

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[VIDEO] 100724 Yunho - Musical Goong Practice & Interview

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[PHOTOS] 100723 Stalking Yoochun

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[PHOTOS] 100724 Yoochun – SungKyunKwan Scandal Fanmeeting

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