Monday, August 23, 2010

It seemed that the whole crowd was Junsu,Jaejoong, and Yoochun, JYJ’s fans.

The orange light and towels were everywhere/amazing~^^
They were very handsome and their song and dance was good. I can understand why they are popular.

The last song “W” is a very good song.

The fan that was sitting next to me started to cry
Maybe I should buy their album too

I was at the exit so after Ayu’s song I had to move~.

At the exit Ayu’s tram came so I was able to see here from about 3m away.

Her wearing the yukata was extremely cute~

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The Korea’s top male fashion designers namely Hong Seung Wan, Jun Wook Jun, Seo Sang Young, Kim Suk Won, and Han Sang Hyuk proposed Choikang Changmin in the recent fashion photoshoot to feature each of their style into five different themes of fashion pictorials, and Choikang Changmin, in fact, suits all 5 designers’ costumes very well.

He could pulled out the fresh image of a young boy to an intense charm of a mature man perfectly that made all staffs admiring him for his colorful looks.

In addition, along with the photoshoot, there was an interview with Choikang Changmin speaking about his recent whereabouts. All of these articles could be found in fashion magazine ‘W Korea’ that was published on last August 20th.

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A-nation 2010

The past two day's concerts have both been successfully carried out.
To JYJ and everyone who has been to the performances, you have worked hard.

"This year they won't be participating right?" These types of thoughts have crossed my mind, but JYJ did confirm they were going. I've really waited for so long for the day that I am able to see them live.

Inside and outside of the venue, there were many orange objects. If JYJ were to see this, they'd be very touched.

Around 6:30, they finally came out.
"Woaaaah~" The cheering was unbelievable. The three of them were just too handsome~

When they came out, Jaejoong looked like he did on the first day of their debut, and I'm not sure why but his eyes seemed to be slightly red.

However, when he was being the MC and started talking, he seemed very lively, very happy, I'm glad~

Yoochun seemed a bit skinnier.
His hair seemed really natural, not straightened or dyed.

How come his hair is so black?

Because the two next to him had brown hair, his hair seemed a lot darker.
Yoochun who I finally see after such a long separation, is so handsome~ it is really dangerous~

Junsu is blonde, and seemed very lively, but very cute. When the performance began, he became completely serious and charismatic.

Unfortunately, the angle for photography wasn't very good, which is a pity.
I think one of their sleeves was ripped? Oh please! Please prepare a better outfit!
Come to think of it, every year their outfits are always of similar design..

When Yoochun and Jaejoong were performing Colors~M&H, they high fived~
Their expressions in the photographs were just too cute!

Woah~ So many things happened that made me want to faint~
I was wondering, "Will they sing 'W'?" Turns out they did.
Especially Jaejoong's last bit, sweaty, breathy Jaejoong!

It's really been a while since we last saw them being this lively together, but even so, they're still standing in front of us singing! I was deeply touched by these feelings.

Also, yesterday was the SMTOWN concert as well, Homin must be working very hard too.
I'm sure they put on a very charismatic performance~

On the same day, the five people who were performing on two different stages, still conentrating hard to put on a great performance.
But the five of them are still as Yoochun said, getting along as smoothly as water.

They are definitely like that. Like Yoochun said they are.

I wonder where they went to celebrate tonight~
Unless they immediately returned to Korea to finish filming the drama?

Ha~ Oh well, at least yesterday I was able to happily pass the night with my favourite, JYJ ~☆

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This is probably the 500th photo we shared for SMTown Seoul...OTL

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