Friday, August 20, 2010

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'Dong Bang Shin Ki' ^^

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*sorry I made a mistake it's not Elle girl it's W korea ~Thank you

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Rehearsal images are up on the Official Site(Laughs) Thank you for your supportive messages for the members, who are also working hard today. Because it’s hot, everyone please take care~!

Junsu and Jejung are well too, so please do not worry! They can’t wait for a-nation (Laughs) For everyone’s message, we will definitely show it to them at tomorrow’s rehearsal. Good night!

Thank you. I believe that the three will work so hard that their efforts will reach Korea. Please give them your support! (RT: We are supporting them from Korea too ^.^)

Somehow, Yuchun is the most energetic one! (Laughs) (RT: Is Yuchun’s physical condition alright? Please tell the three to take care of their themselves.)

a-nation rehearsal now! The members are really energetic! There is only a bit of time before the real show, so they are really working hard~

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A surprise arrived yesterday at the office! We got the eco-cups (paper cup) and eat well too ^^

“” always come to the location and take care everything. Through this opportunity, we’d also like to thank all Yoochun’s fans!

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The size is big enough for the photos to become wallies<3
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Who's excited??!
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Somewhere in the city, we were sneakily doing a report on JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN's a-nation rehearsal!
Once we opened the studio's door… the 3 of them were rehearsing their dance moves.
It seems like they'll also be showing a lot of cool dance moves this year~♪ I'm looking forwards to seeing that!

During their break time, we showed the members this year's a-nation goods!

Yuchun was delighted to show us the 3-item set of face towel, fan and bangles ☆

We thought that he would wear only T-shirt and face towel one stage!? But Jejung also put a ribbon hairband on his head!
We took that mischievous shoot of him~ (LOL).

Junsu put the pouch inside the vinyl bag to go with the summer mode!
Since he switched off his charisma mode, please accept his back view. Sorry (^o^; )

The members were beamed happily, "Since orange is a pretty color, it will be easy to see us on stage!"
To everyone who is going to the event, please dye the whole venue with the orange color~☆

Please look at them when they resumed their rehearsal after that!
Geez Jejung, he kept wearing that T-shirt and ribbon hairband during rehearsal (LOL).

Although the rehearsal was short, the members were very focused and did their best!
They're looking forwards to seeing everyone ♪
To everyone who's going to the event, please be careful not to get a heatstroke and let's enjoy it together~!

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