Monday, July 19, 2010

[TRANS] 100719 SHINee 2nd Album - Minho & Onew thank HoMin

Yunho hyung who has given me great advice and help, good luck in your musical!
And of course, the superstar worldstar, the tallest person ever, my hero, Changmin hyung! Thank you very much hyung!

Changmin hyung, love you… Yunho hyung, hwaiting!

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[PHOTOS] DBSK Complete Boxset

I've finally received my copy of the Complete Boxset.

the box ... H-U-G-E!!!
So huge that you can sit on it, and it will definitely fit your butt
(Not that I will ever dare to do it)

Japanese awesome packaging!
It even says "Tohoshinki" on the inside of the box.

"A-Side x B-Side CDs"

"Inside the A-side CD"
Its awesome to see all the singles put together like a Wall of Fame.
We can see how much Tohoshinki has accomplished and WILL continue to accomplish.

"A-Side CD"
3 mini photobooks of photoshots from all the singles x 3 mini booklets with all the lyrics

"B-Side CD"
Its pretty darn normal.

"Inside B-Side CD"
No mini photobooks, just the booklet with lyrics

"In the middle of taking out the puzzles"
I spot Jae's eyes!!! XDDD

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[PHOTOS] 100719 JYJ - 3HREE VOICES Promotions

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[SCANS] 100719 JYJ - The Lotte Home

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[FANART] YooSu Chibis

Mirotic Concert, HaHa CF, Dating on Earth, Golden Disk Awards, Bonjour Paris and Bigeast Fanmeet

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[INFO] 100718 'Goong' Second Ticket Sale Start on 20th July

Message from 'Goong' official website:

This is musical 'Goong' staff team.

Second ticket sale for musical 'Goong' will be starting on 20th July (Tuesday) at 9pm.
The second ticketing sale only at '인터파크 (InterPark)'.
*InterPark customer hotline: 1544-1555

Source: Goong Official Website + BaiduTVXQ

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[Fanaccount] 100717 BOSSANOVA Harajuku - July 16

T/N: Please first read here for the related article.

Yesterday, July 16, I went to BOSSANOVA Harajuku shop.

It was really some walk, and I understood the reason why Hideo-san (Jaejoong) got lost when he went to the shop in May. It is in a small street, about 10 minutes walk from the nearby 2 stations, many meters from the nearby big street, Omotesando.

I found that the shop is very small, if there were three Jaejoong size men there, it should be full. Lucky for the fans that could bump into Jaejoong that day, the distance should be within 1 meter. (sighs…never got that near them myself.)

The shop owner explained to me that the following was Jaejoong’s favorite corner.

Since the shelf is knee high and very low, Jaejoong seemed to have lowered himself to the level of the shelf, to look at the accessories.

The shop owner also said that there are many international customers these days. The fans seem to come from all Asian countries and also from US and Canada as well. Have any of you have been there?

The following is my souvenir of the day, pierced earrings, 4200yen (approx USD80) a set.

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[SCANS]100718 Single Side A Collection Book


*wipes drool*


*needs some air* LOL

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[SCANS] Yunho in Switch Magazine Part 3

so HQ deariesss. =))

ssooooo love this! xD

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