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[VIDEO] SungKyunKwan Scandal YTN NEWS (Eng Sub)

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[TRANS] 100718 [SWITCH Magazine August Issue] Yunho - Only Looking Forward

[I would like to take photos myself if compared to be photographed by the others] 
After the photo shooting session had ended, Yunho laughed as he said such. Since his hobby is photo shooting, he told us he has two cameras now.

[The memories of Bong Gun, is closely related to my past memories]
The chat topics unfold as he said so. Yunho, the leader of TVXQ, the DVD of his debuted drama series immediately rose to the top spot on chart by the moment it was released. This interview was conducted when he came to Japan in conjunction with the releasing of his DVD.

----What do you think of your first challenge in acting?
I always want to try it since I never have the chance to try it before. Of course my acting skill is still not so good now, but with my passion I will strive to improve it.

----Do you like drama series and film?
Yes, among the actors I like Johnny Depp the most, especially his film 'Edward Scissorhands'. I wish I am able to challenge various characters like him. When I was a high school student, I already had this in my mind, therefore I started to believe at that time, let it be singing or acting, those are performances that can express different feelings to many people. Hence, the things which I have rare opportunity to do it, the things that I did can become part of my experiences, I would like to do them all. This kind of feelings still hasn’t changed till now.

----If you do not have the job like what you are having now, what would you like to do?
To be a prosecutor is my ambition since young. That's because of my personality that like to justify between right and wrong.

----What's your feeling during filming?
I was still having tight schedule at that time, but I decided to take the role after I read the scripts. The most important is Bong Gun this character. He is me before my debut and me nowadays, and there is usual me in that character too. A person who has nothing but dreams, and advances with just his dreams. Besides that, I am the person who do not shed tears easily, Bong Gun also didn't cry during his development. (lol) The part which he values his family and friends is same like me.

----Please tell us when was the last time you cried?
When I was standing on stage in Tokyo Dome, I was truly amazed and touched by the fans (lol)
----Bong Gun is a character with distinct emotions. You really worked hard to act it out. 
I wanted to display another side of me which is different on stage, and that was my initial target. Now I am so honored with your compliment.

----How do you work hard on your acting skills?
No matter what I am still a new actor, so there are still many parts that I lack of. However if compared to the efforts and hard work, there were more happy moments. My perspective towards the others also changed. In order to refine my acting skills, I learned a lot from observing other people's actions. Other than that is working hard. If there is a snack in front, I will start thinking 'What will Bong Gun do?' So I always practice at backstage during a-nation performance. When I am thinking back now, this opportunity in acting had changed my feelings towards my works.  

----What do you think of yourself in the future since you gained experience from this drama series?
It is still the same as music, I want to challenge different characters more. For me I still do not have acting platform. For example Johnny Depp, he is able to use his own platform to fit into any role. I want to set that as my goal. Bon Gong as the origin point, and will persist forever as the guardian in my heart. So that in the future when I recall the process of interpreting this character, I want to live optimistically as him too.

----Are you a person who does not fear of failure and regret? 
I do mind. However you can't get positive result if you keep on being pessimistic. I think the beautiful memories can be captured through the lens of camera, so that I have positive mood every time I look at them (the photos) even when I am facing hard times. In the future I hope to move forward without feeling regret.

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[PHOTOS] 100717 Stalking Yoochun

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[SCANS] Exploring Various TVXQ Spot in Korea

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[INFO] Yunho-sshi forums comeback ~

Just to give you all the good new: Yunho-sshi forums returned! =]

[TRANS] 100717 Letter from Chinese fan Part 1

This is NOT the whole thing. The actual article is way too long to be translated and posted here, but let me know if you want more.

I'm not part of your past, but you are all of mine
I will never be part of your future, but you will always remain as part of mine
Your love is divided between so many, mine is devoted only to you
Loving you makes me hurt inside, yet I love the pain you give me

There's an hour's time difference between the two of us
I see you walking down streets and alleys
And I retrace your footsteps, walking through your life
Your past is my future

I didn't used to believe in selflessness and self-sacrifice,
I always thought each and everyone of us were intrinsically selfish
All these prejudices, I hold them against myself and I loathe that I'm able to sacrifice so much for this man

You are a passerby in my life yet you've left with you such beautiful scenery and such deep, painful scars

You will never truly understand
When compliments turn into admiration
When praise turns into obsession
When idolization turns into love

We come from two different paths, yet from the moment these paths cross, there is no return
I watch you from faraway, in an entirely different universe, knowing that I will never be part of your future

People say love is most painful when you cannot have what you love
I say love is most painful when one is ignorant
So many things I've sacrificed, yet you have no idea that I even exist
Regardless, I've done it all by my own free will
You've never heard my name
You've never turned back to look at me
I follow your footsteps each day, thinking about the good that belongs to us
Then, as darkness refutes my fantasies, I cry uncontrollably
Until I'm no longer able to speak
The only thought in my head: Thank you dear, thank you for everything you've done

I should smile, and yet I'm afraid, because so many people love you more than I do
I should be proud, and yet I'm afraid, because this red ocean has reduced me to a minuscular, insignificant speck
I've always held my arms open, yet I've been unable to provide you with any warmth. I'm afraid, I'm afraid that what we give you will become your burden rather than your wings
I'm afraid that I"ll forget you, I'd rather die than forget.
I'm afraid that one day I won't know where you are and what you're doing, but as long as you're happy, I'll support your every decision.
I shouldn't be afraid, whoever it is, even if I don't know her, I'll be grateful that she is treating you well
We all hold the same faith because we are part of the same red ocean.
Nothing is impossible.

Someone I've never even met in my life has taught me courage and given me strength,
he's supported me and helped me along the way.
I'm not silly, it's just that he's become my sole bias.

I will cherish your every emotion, be it happiness or sadness.
You are my love - 'Always keep the faith' and 'Keep in mind that I love you'
The spell you've cast on me, I'll accept it willingly

At this moment, I realize I must learn to accept this incomplete perfection
We are not alone in our suffering, yet we are unable to provide much consolation to one another
We defiantly hold to one another, but we're unable to stop the invasion of loneliness
Even as our faces are covered in tears, we'll continue to fake a smile

Four years since being a Cassiopeia, I finally found out that the meaning of Cassiopeia is to protect those that we love for eternity
I will continue to wait, no matter where you are, please take good care of yourself.
I know that there are people more perfect than you, but they're not you
I'm drawn to you without reason. Completely in love, even with your little tongue habit…

It's never hard to say I love you
We aren't stubborn, it's just that there are some things and some people…
We love you and our love for you is buried deep in our hearts.



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[SCANS] Yunho in Switch Magazine Part 2

*better quality and some missing pics

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[TRANS] 100717 Mnet Japan - Junsu #1 Most Wanted To Be Taken Care Of + Jejung Wins 4 Times!

Every week, Mnet will commence with a vote according to selected themes, and using popular Korean celebrities as the candidates, only 1 celebrity will be able to make it to the top of the charts and claim the number 1 spot.

Junsu #12nd round: Celebrity most wanted to be taken care of by people

Jejung #1
3rd Round: Celebrity prettier than women

5th Round: Celebrity that leads the trend

6th Round: Celebrity with the sexiest muscles

8th Round: Celebrity that has baby skin

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