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Changmin arrived in Japan on the rainy night. Although this time he had tight schedule and only managed to spend two days and one night in Japan, but because it was the first time to do photo shooting in a comfortable old Japanese-style house with good ventilation, so Changmin's stress expression was slowly relieved.

'This is my first time to be photographed in this old Japanese style house, it does made people feel comfortable. It has been a long time since my last time to spend time at home properly. I hope that one day, I can decorate the room with simple style and the style that suits me.'
Especially these past six months, because of his first challenge in acting, he almost had no leisure time. He had to rush between Seoul and Jeju Island to film his drama series, and had been very busy everyday. Either it was the recitation of lines, or living together with co-actors and staff, they were fresh experiences for Changmin.

'This is really an experience that I need to begin from zero, so it is very difficult for me. Before this, I always work with people who are very close to me, however this time I have to work with new acquaintances, which is a big difference for me. Since I know nothing in acting, so I always try not to trouble the others by memorizing the lines well. In every single day during filming process, while I was learning, I was working hard too. The role I played is a male character, who although has a lot of weak points, but still enjoys high popularity. The character maybe slightly different from me (lol). If according to the genre, it should be a happy romantic comedy. If there’s a chance to be broadcasted in Japan, please make sure to watch it!!’

Before this, Changmin who accumulated his abilities and showing his charm on stage as a singer, now he will have the opportunity to show everyone his fresh side which hasn’t been discovered previously, a new side which is totally different from him singing on stage.

‘Even though I am embarrased to say this, but during this period of time, I trully feel that I have grown, and have cherished myself more than before. I have always been showing myself without reservation to everyone as a singer, but through the challenge in acting this time, I begin to realise this issue for the first time, which is how to express myself in a better way. The things that I have learned by practising the acting skills, they are going to be valuable experiences in my future as an artist.’

‘I usually spend my leisure time by watching anime “One Piece”, or focus in my favourite games until I become an expert in it(lol). I refuse to give up in things I like, further more I am the type of person who will completely ignore the surroundings if I am interested in something.’
‘Work is important to me no matter when.’
‘Because of this, in order to memorize the lines well during the filming process, I need to control the desire to read my favourite book.’
‘Because my father is a Korean language teacher, hence I have been educated to read book whenever there is a chance since I was small. I am reading even in plane. Since I’m not good in Hanja (chinese characters), so I always read books written in Hangul (Korean’s characters). For example novels, philosophy books, proses, etc.
“Secret” is a book which documenting the secret of success of many people. I got the inspiration of “Able to realise your dreams if keep on working hard with a positive manner” from there. My favourite novel is Haruki Murakami’s “Norwegian Wood”. Although the generation is different, but I am same age with the lead character in the book. Haruki Murakami’s novel not only interesting, but also inspiring. I like the time when I am reading the book, I get indulged in the world created by the author. I am looking forward to his new novel ‘1Q84’.

During the interview, Changmin often showed us his bright smile. When he saw the staff who was explaining the interesting parts of the Ipad enthusiastically, he laughed and said, ‘Why do you look like a salesman?’ When he talked about a touching Korean novel he read previously which describes a Salmon’s life, he couldn’t recall the title. So he laughed and said, ‘I am really absent-minded.’ Changmin had brought so much happiness to everyone surrounding him.
One of the staff said, when the professional Korean baseball team ‘Twines’ which Changmin worships had won the match, he analysed himself as,’if compared to the others, I am consider to be the emotional type of person.’ When he was asked the way to relieve his depression, his answer was driving a car late at night. Last week I was depressed too with unknown reason, so I drove alone to Incheon’s coast at 10pm. Although I went back after just staring blankly at the sea, but the activities like hiking, going for a walk can adjust my mood, so it is very important to me.’

Changmin who had spent his 20 years in fast pace, has never thought of retreating. In his mind only appears one thought, that is to move forward step by step pragmatically. Changmin who steps on stage as a singer and actor, is only 22 years old. His adventure has just begun. In the future, he will definitely show us the side which is hidden behind his innocent smile and yet to be discovered by us.

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Hey! SMTown Live '10 is coming up real soon!

I hope all the DBSK fans who are going already bought the support goodies (t-shirt, balloons, lightsticks, etc.)! (the deadline for package orders ends today, August 10th)

Besides the goodies, we are planning to sell towels on the meet-up! We are going to be selling them for $3, so remember to bring your money! :)

By the way, the towels are limited. We are only bringing 100 towels to the meet-up so come early and get one before its sold out!

before we start making the towels...we want you, the fans, to pick out a design!

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*Please know that towels have a rough texture so the details might not be as "smooth" as it shows in the pictures.

**For those who don't know korean "그대 곁에 나 영원히" means "I'll be by your side forever". It is taken from DBSK's "Thanks To" lyrics.

Enter your vote before we close it on August 12th. Thank you and hope to see you guys at the meet-up!

Fans who are not going can still vote and order the towels too! We are selling only 50 towels for those who cannot attend the concert. Just email us at:

Yunho's nose....awww!

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CHARM and SEXINESS that's Changmin

sooo like this!

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1. All tracks on the album were written and composed by Chinese Cassiopeia
2. In addition to the songs which have already been released, there will be 8 other tracks on the album
3. This is the first ever full album made for TVXQ (A copy will be sent to the boys)
4. There will be Chinese, Korean and English versions of each track

To the boys who've touched each and every one of us with their music,

This is something that's been in the works for 5 years now, and it's finally going to be released.
It is a gift for all of Cassiopeia,
whilst the lyrics may be simple, this is our way of conveying our never-ending love.
We may not be real singers, but we are true Cassies,
every note in this song holds a promise we've made to the boys and to ourselves.

(The song doesn't start till around 01:08)
CLICK ON THE LINK THAT SAYS ''仙后之歌(Only Five)2009-10-15'

I've translated the lyrics below so that those of you who don't understand Chinese will be able to follow along.

We've given you all our time, it's for you to decide baby
We've given you all our love, it's for you to keep baby
From the moment I fell in love with you, I decided that
No matter how difficult it may be, I will stay by your side
The stars tell me it is my duty to protect you
No matter how far, regardless of the hindrances, we are determined to stay
You made me understand what's really worth waiting for
I've given you my wholehearted love in exchange for yours

Only 5 Forever 5
There's nothing that could replace it
As long as you're here, we'll never be alone
Only 5 Forever 5
We'll never be apart
Nothing will ever stop our love for you

We've been with you along the road, through ups and downs
All our experiences have become memories, stored in my diary
From the moment you fell in love with us, did you also decide that
No matter how difficult it may be, you'll stay by our side
I've listened with my heart, to every word you've said
We've shared your happiness, your tears and I'll always understand
Our promise is not only to wait with you


Please don't forget, there are stars up above
The meaning of the colour red is that we'll forever be by your side
My Love


Please don't forget that we Cassiopeia will always be here

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Since many fans expressed interest and concern towards news regarding Junsu's possible visit to China, our management team has been following this issue closely, and at 13:10 today, we were finally able to contact the company responsible for the organization of the event. The following points have been confirmed:

1. Many stars across Asia will be attending this concert, and JYJ (Junsu, Jaejoong and Yoochun) have confirmed that they will be taking part.

2. The event has been scheduled for October 23rd.

3. The concert will be held at Hongkou Football Stadium.

Details regarding ticket prices and sales have yet to be confirmed.

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Today, Spur Pink August issue entered HMV chart.

SPUR Pink August issue released its content yesterday on the 8th and it especially mentioned that TVXQ Changmin will be in this issue. Changmin section contains photoshoot of him in pink-theme outfits, love talk, and many more personal talks ahead.

Right after the content was released, today SPUR Pink is already ranked #1 in HMV book category, and ranked well too in the miscellaneous category.

Is it really wrong for me to say that... I really want to eat him?
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Too excited for this!!!
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As I have said, Marry me! like... NOW!
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And all HANAMIN's data are not allowed to be modified.
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Changmin... MARRY ME!
I will see you in SMTown and we will get marrried! for sure!
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