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[TRANS] Best actors/actresses amongst idols

1. Taeyeon SNSD (9489 votes - 34%)
2. Onew Shinee (9331 votes - 33.4%)
3. Yoona SNSD (2221 votes - 8%)
4. Kibum Super Junior (1705 - 6.1%)
5. Sooyoung SNSD (908 votes - 3.3%)
6. Taecyeon 2pm (742 votes - 2.7%)
7. Jessica SNSD (663 votes - 2.4%)
8. Siwon Super Junior (483 - 1.7%)
9. Heechul Super Junior (375 - 1.3%)
10. Micky Yoochun TVXQ (285 votes - 1%)
11. Sungmin Super Junior (278 votes - 1%)
12. Yesung Super Junior (225 votes - 0.9%)
13. Kim Jaejoong TVXQ (186 votes - 0.7%)
14. Kim Hyun Joong SS501 (159 votes - 0.6%)
15. Lee Hongki FT Island (132 votes - 0.5%)
16. Jung Yonghwa CN Blue (111 votes - 0.4%)
17. TOP Big Bang (110 votes - 0.4%)
18. Choikang Changmin TVXQ (91 votes - 0.3%)
19. Uee After School (61 votes - 0.2%)
20. Daesung Big Bang (51 votes - 0.2%)

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[TRANS] 1000710 KBOOM September 2010 Issue

Publishing House: GAM Publisher; Monthly Edition
Language: Japanese
Date of Release: 21 July 2010
Price: ¥ 980

[2nd Special Edition] THSK’s Non-Stop Solo Activities (16 pages)
- Schedule of the 5 members’ solo activities (Full analysis on their solo activities)
- JunSu’s “Musical Award Best Newcomer & Most Popular” Award Ceremony
- YunHo’s musical <> Production Press Confernce
- Television dramas <> & <> Location Revealed
- Others

T/N: Only parts relating to THSK are translated.

Source: KBOOM + baiduTVXQ
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[TRANS] 1000710 THSK Ranks Second In Tower Record’s Mid-Year Sales' Top 20

The top Japan music in Tower Record’s mid-year chart is Kaela Kimura, followed by Tohoshinki.
The sales record of the top 20 over the first six months of 2010 was revealed by Tower Record on the 5th. Topping the charts was Kaela Kimura’s special edition [5 Years], followed by Tohoshinki’s (whose activities are currently on indefinite hiatus) special edition [BEST Selection 2010].

Tower Record calculated the sales from 1st January 2010 till 18 June 2010. Tohoshinki’s [BEST Selection 2010] (on sale since 17 February 2010) includes the hit songs [Share The World], [Dōshite Kimi o Suki ni Natte Shimattandarō?] along other songs.

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[VIDEO] Stalking Yunho at Goong Rehearsal

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[PHOTOS] 100710 Yunho - At Wedding

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[TRANS] Seo Hyo-rim joins Sungkyunkwan Scandal

It’s interesting to see that the bright and lively Seo Hyo-rim (The World They Live In) will be joining the cast of Sungkyunkwan Scandal, because her name was one of the main contenders for the female lead role back in earlier casting days, before Jung Da-young signed on, then signed off, then was replaced by current actress Park Min-young.

Seo’s character “Ha Hyo-eun” is the daughter to a prominent government minister, and her marriage has been arranged with the young nobleman played by Micky Yoochun. I’m enjoying the description of her character, which notes that “nobody who meets her could forget her” due to the contrast between her “elegant appearance, her cheap way of speaking, and superficial intelligence.”

I’ve liked Seo Hyo-rim in everything I’ve seen her in; she had supporting roles in When Spring Comes and Insoon Is Pretty, then broke out playing a bubbly young actress in The World They Live In. She’s raised her profiles through numerous CFs and has a really wonderful, sprightly screen presence. When you talk about that “spark” that certain stars possess, she’s got that. (Of course, I hope this won’t be a case of me wishing she’d been cast for the main role instead.)

Seo is currently acting in the KBS daily drama Fine Windy Day (aka Good Day for the Wind to Blow) and is the host of the variety program Music Bank. This is her first sageuk attempt (although you can’t really call the historical rom-com a straight sageuk), and Sungkyunkwan Scandal will air in September.

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[TRANS] 071010 Xiah Junsu will be Mozart again in October?

Waaa! Junchan! Why are you so busy? I hope you won't push yourself too much.
Hearing news of you being sick will make so many of us worry. :(

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[TRANS] 100709 You Should Know?! Jejung Bible

Bright and beautiful voice, taps on the soul of the listeners

As the main singer of Tohoshinki, not only does Jejung have a bright voice that attracts countless fans, his beautiful appearance has been Tohoshinki’s “facade”, always being the center of attention. As an artist or as an idol, Jejung, who has always received the support of many, can be counted as a perfect celebrity. But, this Jejung also has a never-ending supply of commentary and a humorous side. With such a contrast, this has also become part of his charisma, tightly clasping onto the hearts of women and never leaving.

You Should Know?! Jejung Bible

Growth: A mischievous teen growing up in his family

As the youngest of a big family with 8 older sisters, Jejung has always been the “mischievous” child. In order to achieve his dream of being a singer while not being a burden on his family, he started working scattered jobs to obtain his living expenses at a young age. No matter how poor or hard his life was, he continued advancing towards a stage just for himself.

Personality: An innate child of humor and cordiality

With just one look, there will be a feeling of “this kid is really cool”, but actually, he will have a side that loves to talk and joke around.

Artistic: Continues working hard, with top-notch singer as target

A bright, high voice is Jejung’s charisma. When he was young, he was ridiculed as being tone-deaf by his friends, so he never stopped practicing until he finally became the lead vocal of Asia’s top group. Recently, he has continued with unabated composing and writing of lyrics.

Personal Life: Friends in Japan he can also have drinks with

Publicly known to be the best drinker in Tohoshinki, it has been said that Jejung frequently goes out for drink with friends after work ends. Although he is always in Japan, because of his handsome personality, he already has a lot of close acting and artist friends. The scene of him and his friends out for a casual drink has been witnessed several times.

A Surprising Side: The Hercules amongst the members

Jejung, with his androgynous look, his “favorite emoticons when texting”, his “shyness that makes him cover his mouth with his hand”, and his “specialty in cooking”, etc., it appears as if he has lost a little bit of his masculinity. However, he has the most strength in his wrists and arms amongst the members. The beautiful face that can crush an apple with his hands… hard to imagine?!

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[TRANS] Popeye August Issue: 3hree Voices

Tohoshinki members Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu have formed a new unit and commenced their activities as a group. In order to truly grasp the power of their charisma and their mindset on stage, we will begin by interviewing some of the crew who have worked with the three of them in the past.

Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu, who are hugely popular in Japan, have an average age of around 25 years old. How do the people around them perceive the three members behind the scenes? We interviewed two of their former stylists to find out.

Masah-san said 'They were already superstars in Korea and all over Asia when I first started working with them, but they had only just debuted in Japan. Originally, I thought they'd be proud and overconfident, but as it turned out, they were shockingly humble and polite. This could be due to the customs and traditions of Korea, which command respect towards seniors. They were both refreshing and charismatic. They have tall figures and toned bodies, and their perfect figures are best displayed when dressed in suits; all in all, no matter what they are dressed in, the clothes fit as though they were especially tailored for them. In any case, as their stylist, I frequently get a 'ah, they give those clothes value' kind of feeling. Also, the relationship between the members is almost like that of a family, and that was something we witnessed regularly through their interaction. Now that I think back, my mind is suddenly flooded with memories of the glorious past.

Similarly, another stylist commented that 'They have not changed at all since the day of their debut, despite their popularity in Japan, their attitudes toward the people around them have remained the same, but in terms of their work, they've become increasingly aggressive. Back when we were preparing for the concerts in Osaka and Tokyo, Jaejoong spent much of his time discussing matters regarding wardrobe with me, he even followed me home at times to talk about it, and it was all to satisfy their fans.' The three of them really like fashion, particularly Yoochun and Jaejoong, they have a deep interest in Japanese fashion. As their stylist, I feel a lot of joy.'

Even off camera and behind the scenes, they are warm, polite and humble towards all members of staff. Even men find their charm difficult to resist.


Dressed in a brown leather coat and denim jeans, I could feel a mix and match kind of vibe, and this was enhanced by the studded belt he was wearing. Yoochun, who spent some time living in the US, is really suited for this kind of casual look.

Junsu, who recently began his solo activities under the name Xiah Junsu wore a military inspired top which also had a casual, simplistic feel. The knit shirt and the edgy jeans are apparently a combination Junsu himself wanted to experiment with.

Working diligently since the age of 15 in pursuit of his dream, Jaejoong wore a black coat and a black knit top. In terms of accessories, he wore a simple silver pendant. As a whole, whilst his look seemed effortless, Jaejoong managed to exude an aura of grace and elegance.

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[FANACCOUNT] 100704 HTTG Event in Kobe - Yunho still remains the same Yunho he was

Yunho's fan meeting had ended
I am back!
Today I attended both sessions in Kobe.
Today's Yunho gave us this kind of impression
He looks great~  
Where was yesterday's Yunho? (T/N: She means Yunho did not look as fatigue as yesterday)
MC was petite Shiru-san
She was talking in cheerful mood.
Introducing Yunho and Ara
She did exactly the same in first and second session... haighz...
But, that was the routine....
In the part where Yunho read aloud the letter, everyone cried as expected.
We cried, because we were touched, that we could hear Yunho's voice again, and could listen to him talking about the past.
Can see the smile on Yunho's face, is the greatest wealth and enjoyment for me. 
I am pleased because I felt it is still the same like last year, as if nothing significant has changed.

When the event ended, my friend told me,
'Yunho still remains the same Yunho he was'
I think this is a matter of course.
All have been mentioned in these words.

At last, Yunho left us these,
'We shall meet again!'
Oh Yeah! Yunho!
Oh! Our Yunho!
Please do not break your promise~
Do you know that, there's no reason (for you to break the promise).
Because of this Yunho, I fall deeply in love again.
Yunho ah~~~ Thank you!

T/N: The following part was written by this Japanese fan to her friend
Chin gu ah~~~ 
Your love has been sent
Now can cry emotionally and wholeheartedly

Credits: TVXQBaidu
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[TRANS] 100709 From Tohoshinki To Park Yong Ha – Tower Records’ Biggest K-POP Festival In History!

The Shinjuku branch of Tower Records is placing the spotlight on Korean Singers with “Tower’s Biggest K-POP Festival in History!”

The most popular group in Japan, Tohoshinki! The ceiling is decorated with Tohoshinki posters, and can be seen at a glance. There are 2 special corners that have been set up for Tohoshinki.

(Irrelevant details omitted)

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[TRANS] 100709 XIAH Junsu, rated as best idol star in musical

TVXQ's Xiah Junsu was chosen as the top rated idol star in musical by the critics.

In KBS's Joy entertainment programme 'Entertainment Magazine' which was broadcasted on the 9th afternoon, the critic who appeared on show indicated Xiah Junsu is the best idol star in musical.

According to the production team, the critics unanimously recognised Xiah Junsu's potential as musical actor through his performance in 'Mozart'.

The production team expressed that, 'Apart from music critics, actors and audiences have raised their attention to idol participation in musical due to Xiah Junsu.'

In addition, Xiah Junsu won the Best Male Newcomer in 4th Musical Awards.

Credits: TVXQBaidu + 囧囧有神家族
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[INFO]100709 Lotte Duty Free CM DVD Video Giveaway Event

Promotional Period : 10 July 2010 to 2 September 2010
Available at: Main Store, World Store, Incheon Airport Store, AK COEX Store, AK Gimpo Airport Store

Customers that spend $200USD and above at the Lotte Duty Free Store will get a “Making Version” of the CM DVD Video as a present.

*Purchases do not include brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Tiffany etc.
*Image on actual item may differ
*In the event that a purchase is cancelled, the premium will have to be returned as well.
*Cannot be redeemed together with other presents.

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[TRANS] 100708 SMTOWN LIVE '10 WORLD TOUR In Seoul - Seating Plan & Ticket Prices

[Ticket sales timing for smfanclub members]

Date: 13 July 2010
Time: 8:00-9:00
Each member may only purchase a maximum of 2 tickets

[Ticket sales timing for non-members]

Date: 15 July 2010
Time: 8PM onwards


Date: 21 August 2010
Time: 5PM
Venue: Seoul Olympic Stadium

*VAT included


Club K.I.T. - 4
Jumping BoA - 4/
Cassiopeia - 2
E.L.F. - 2
S♡NE - 1
SHINee World - 1

Source: [DNBN + BaiduTVXQ]
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I wish that the LA concert would cost only 75USD (88,000 won) but I'm pretty sure the price would be very expensive T___T

[TRANS] 100709 Second Half Of 2010 The Biggest Idol Showdown – Park Yoochun VS Kim Hyunjoong

Rivals since their debut as ‘TVXQ’ and ‘SS501′, members Park Yoochun and Kim Hyunjoong from the respective groups will also meet head-on for their TV dramas.

Yoochun is set to play the lead “Lee Seon Joon” for the KBS drama [SungKyunKwan Scandal], which airs in September*.

Kim Hyunjoong, who recently signed on with the same company as Bae Yong Joon, has been casted as the lead for the TV drama “Mischievous Kiss”, which is set to air after the drama “Road NO 1″ in September. A related personnel said, “The airing date is more or less confirmed for that period.”

[SungKyunKwan Scandal] is based on Jung Eun Gweol’s novel [The Lives of Sungkyunkwan Confucian Scholars]. The story revolves around Kim Yoohui, who cross-dresses as a man to enter SungKyunKwan on behalf of her sickly brother, and encounters Lee Seon Joon, Moon Jae Shin and Yu Yong Ha. It is a story about friendship and love that takes place in a school setting during the Joseon Dynasty.

Aside from Micky Yoochun, other young stars acting in the drama include Song Joong Gi, Yoo Ah-In, Park Min Young and Han Yeon.

“Mischievous Kiss” is adapted from the Japanese manga of the same name and this drama has been dubbed the “second Boys Over Flowers”. Besides Kim Hyunjoong, other stars have recently been casted.

In this acting battle between the greatest idol stars, everyone is waiting to see what kind of work they will produce.

*There’s some discrepancy in the media reports about the airing date. Some reports state August while some say September.

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[VIDEO] Worldwide TVXQ Flashmob in Vietnam

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[VIDEO] Worldwide TVXQ Flashmob in Osaka, Japan

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[VIDEO] Worldwide TVXQ Flashmob in China (3 Different Locations)




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[TRANS] 100709 Tickets for Musical ‘Goong’ Completely Sold Out In 2 Minutes

Tickets scheduled for the sessions of the musical ‘Goong’ from 8th of September till the 19th began sales at 9PM on the 8th of July. However, within two minutes, tickets for the sessions starring Uknow Yunho were completely sold out. The remaining sessions also received an overwhelming response, and the overall sales figures for that day received top spot on the sales chart.

Under the circumstance where performances in the domestic sector are not doing well, the musical ‘Goong’, however, has been very well received, increasing the awareness of those related to the industry. The production company expressed that, “Besides local fans, fans from Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other countries who have not pre-ordered their tickets have been calling in for enquiries. The musical ‘Goong’ has received the attention of the masses, and has the potential to allow countries from out of South Korea to understand more about the Korean musicals.”

The musical ‘Goong’ is an original musical production created based on the manga, which sold more than 1.4 million copies, and the television drama ‘Goong’, which has been exported to 23 countries all around the world. Playing the character of the royal prince Lee Shin are Uknow Yunho, Kim Dong Ho and Run. Playing the character of high school student Chae Kyung are Kwak Seon Young and Shin Eh Jung. Prince Lee Yul, who dreams to become the royal prince, is played by Lee Chang Hee and Jung Dong Hwa. The royal prince’s ex-girlfriend Min Hyo Rin is played by Choi Soo Jin and Seo Hyeon Jin, who were chosen based on public voting. The production of this musical and its elegant stage display has been the focus of all aspects within the industry. The musical ‘Goong’ will start its debut session on 8th September 2010 at the National Museum of Long Theatre, and begin its first step to being a legend in South Korea’s local musical scene.

Source: baiduTVXQ
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[TRANS] 100708 Actor Yunho: “Believing In Yourself Is Most Important”

Tohoshinki’s Yunho has completed his debut TV drama [No Limit~Heading to the Ground~]. The activities to commemorate the DVD release of this project started off on 26 June, in Tokyo. After such a long break, Yunho once again showed his energetic self to the fans and accepted many media interviews.

This work revolves around the talent, yet unlucky, soccer player Cha Bong Gun; a youthful romance-comedy about his continuous growth. As a member of Tohoshinki, up until now, Yunho, who has driven girls around Asia crazy with their many songs and performances, gave his all to this project from summer last year. Yunho acted as the passionate lead, Cha Bong Gun.

Yunho, who is both a singer and actor, felt the differences greatly. “The singer Yunho, gives off a powerful image on stage. As for the actor Yunho, he had an image that was gentle and warm. I was very happy that I could show a new side of myself.”

“A singer, an actor, my true self; although those personas are different they all follow the same belief – Believing in yourself is the most important. The singer Yunho only has precious 3 minutes in which to capture the audience with stage charisma. The actor Yunho has to place emphasis on communicating. I have to ‘breathe’ with my co-stars to ensure smooth communication flow so that we can work together well. As for Yunho, my true self, I am the kind of person that will fight hard even if there are hurdles to overcome, and from there, attain good results.”

Apparently, Yunho’s principle for handling things is “If you’ve done it, then don’t have any regrets.” “Even though the chosen road may not be the best, but since you’ve made your choice, don’t change your mind. That is life.” He also repeated, “If you do your best, you might very well get good results.”

He said, “There are similarities between Bong Gun and myself, but as I’m the leader, I’m extremely strict with myself. I’m the kind that looks out for things around me even as I work but Bong Gun is the kind that only believes in himself and works his hardest. Bong Gun doesn’t believe in giving up and keeps persisting single-mindedly. To me, that is Bong Gun’s charm and I want to be like Bong Gun and continue working hard.”

Going into the Han River, filming the fire scene, Yunho told himself, “Because I’m a new actor, I had to challenge myself by carrying the thought – ‘this is different from the singer Yunho, I’m a newbie’ – and often asked myself ‘If it was Bong Gun, what would he do?”

Yunho was Bong Gun and Bong Gun was Yunho. Now, Yunho will be making his debut appearance as a musical actor in the musical “Goong”, which begins in September this year.

Yunho’s eyes filled with determination as he said, “I want to work hard in order to show a new side of myself.”

Yunho’s first TV drama [No Limit~Heading to the Ground~DVD BOX I & II] is now on sale and the OST will hit the stands on 25 August.

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