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[PHOTO] Goog Poster - Yunho's version

well, I think it isn't some kind of photoshop made by fans right?
if it's wrong just warn me please!^^~

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[PHOTOS] 100706 Yunho - Goong Rehearsal Part 2

Though these shots are basically the same as the previous post, I just wanted to share this to all of you since these are larger and more high quality photos. In case you guys wanna save it and all ;)

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[PHOTOS] 100706 Yunho - Goong Rehearsal

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[TRANS] 100706 BIGLOBE MUSIC Japan - Tohoshinki Center Of Interest

BIGLOBE MUSIC News Article Access Ranking (Survey Period 100101-100630):

#6. Tohoshinki Junsu/Jejung/Yuchun's rush of viewers to live feed!
#7. Tohoshinki's Jejunuiku! (Jejung Week)

BIGLOBE MUSIC Keyword Search Ranking (Survey Period 100101-100630):

#1. Tohoshinki

During the first half of the year, the main center of interest was Honey L Days (television drama effects) and Tohoshinki. At BIGLOBE MUSIC, the rankings for the first half of 2010 were released.

Not only did the theme song for the television drama "Sunao Ni Narenakute" earn second place, it made it to three other positions. On the other hand, the ranking for the keyword search shows that the visitors of BIGLOBE MUSIC chose Tohohshinki as first.

The selling of the Best Selection Album during February and people who wanted to see their Lives have appeared on BIGLOBE MUSIC many times before, in addition to news relating to their suspension of activities. Recently, with Jejung being involved with his television drama, the amount of searches for Tohoshinki have dramatically increased.

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[VIDEO] JYJ - Making of Lotte CF

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[INFO] 100706 Oricon Weekly Album Chart

*1 112,724 Nishino Kana

*2 *86,840 Bank Band



*5 *55,919 the HIATUS

*6  *51,533 Girls Dead Monster

*7 *30,140 Acid Black Cherry

*8  *28,600 Hara Yuko

*9 *24,901 Shibasaki Kou

*10 *21,695 Makihara Noriyuki

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[TRANS] 100706 The “Kimura Takuya of Korea” – Stars Who Can Sing, Dance & Act Successively Land In Japan

There is a saying that all popular Korean actors are “good singers”. In Korea, Yoon Sang-Hyun is also one of those stars, with his daily TV drama [My Wife Is Superwoman], that made a big hit, breaking records of over 30% viewership ratings.

Hailed as the “Kimura Takuya of Korea” because of his looks, Yoon Sang-Hyun, who was also an aspiring singer from the start, sang the song [Never Ending Story] in the same drama, charming viewers with his impressive vocal talent. On the day it was released in Korea, it became the number one topic on various music charts.

Following that, in March this year, he made his long-desired debut as a singer in Japan with the cover of Yasushi Nakanishi’s song [最後の雨] (t/n: Saigo no Ame/LAST RAIN). He also released his second single [誓い] (t/n: Chikai/Oath) recently, gaining further momentum as a singer. Besides Sang-Hyun, a lot of actors sing OSTs for dramas, sing songs that they are proud of to the fans that attend fansign events in Japan, and it seems like being good at singing is becoming one of the prerequisites to become a popular actor.

Also, as opposed to “actors who are good at singing” like Sang-Hyun, the Korean entertainment industry is growing such that there is an increase in “singers who can act”. Recently, KPOP artists have been advancing in Japan in succession and there have been many singers who pursue their acting careers concurrently with their singing careers. Tohoshinki’s Jejung acted in the Japanese drama 「素直になれなくて」 (t/n: Sunao ni narenakute/Hard to say I love you) (Fuji TV) and the drama [No Limit~地面にヘディング~] (t/n: No Limit~Jimen ni hedingu~/No Limit~Heading to the ground), in which Yunho starred as the lead actor, achieved #1 on the Oricon DVD Ranking for dramas.

BIGBANG’s T.O.P was also selected as the main cast for the drama [IRIS] (TBS) and the movie [Into the fire], which is currently airing. Also, from FTIsland, who made their major debut in Japan in May, Lee Hongki’s [You're Beautiful], SS501′s Kim Hyunjoong’s [花より男子~Boys Over Flowers] (t/n: Hana yori dango); from SNSD, who will make their Japanese debut in August, Yoona’s [You're My Destiny] and [Cinderella Man]; all of these became hits.

They can sing, dance and even act. The advancement of such talented Korean stars is unstoppable. [Try Works]

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[TRANS] 100702 Movie “Kimi Ga Odoru, Natsu” Opens In September!

[Tohoshinki Sings The Theme Song]

With activities currently suspended, Tohoshinki’s latest song “With All My Heart ~Kimi Ga Odoru, Natsu” will be the theme song of the movie “Kimi Ga Odoru, Natsu”, and will open nation-wide (in Japan) on 11 September.

Based on a true story about youthful hope, fresh actors like Junpei Mizobata, Kinami Haruka, Shunji Igarashi, Ayane Oomori and DAIGO have been casted as well as talented actors like Tatsuya Fujiwara, Takashima Masahiro, Miyagiki Yoshiko and Reiko Takashima, to create a deeply emotional piece of work.


Shinpei was part of the Yokosai team [Ichimujin] (which means to do your best in the Tosa dialect). Although he had a lover, the company of friends and loving parents, for the sake of his dream to become a professional cameraman, he decided to leave his home town.

He spends his days aiming to become a professional cameraman. However, while being worked to death, Shinpei gradually loses his confidence. One day, his mother contacts him to say that she has been hospitalized, causing him to make his way back home for the first time in 5 years…

[Official homepage for the movie "The Summer You Danced"]

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