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[PHOTO]Goong Poster version 2

With the other girl

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[PHOTOS] 100705 YunHo - Gimpo Airport Part5

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[VIDEO] A Short But Heartwarming Fanmade "Get Well Soon" Video

With the news of Junchan being rushed to the hospital spreading like wild fire, fans immediately show their concern by posting "get well soon" messages in various sites. However, one certain was quick to make a short yet very heartwarming video for our Junchan.

So, here it is:

Junchan, we hope you'll get well soon. We're all praying for you as well as leader shi.
We want to see all of your smiling faces again soon. ;)

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[TRANS] 100705 Poster Reavealed For 'Musical Goong'... Prince U-Know Yunho 'Stands Out'

'Goong', the comic book which gained great popularity when it was recreated into a drama in 2006, is being reborn as a musical. Garnering great attention for casting TVXQ's U-Know Yunho as its lead role, 'Musical Goong' has released its poster a couple of days before ticketing begins on the 8th.

The contrasting image in the poster that was released forewarns the ordeals that are to come for troublesome high schooler Shin Chae Kyung and 'flower boy' prince Lee Shin. U-Know Yunho, Kim Dong Ho and Run, who were all cast as Prince Lee Shin, looked charismatic in suits, while Shin Ui Jeong and Gwak Sun Young, who will play Shin Chae Kyung, wear fusion hanbok with big smiles.

When the photos for the posters were taken, U-Know Yunho showed how well mannered and polite he was when he greeted every single staff member on location. During the photoshoot, he was said to have a sincere and concentrated attitude as he continuously check the drafts for the posters. Also, he livened up the atmosphere with his prince-like wit and relaxed composure as he said, "The costume is heavy because of all the medals. I want to give these medals to our staff, who are working so hard."


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[INFO+TRANS] Goong Musical Ticket Purchase

Goong tickets will be open for advance ticket sales to the public on July 8 starting at 8:00 p.m. Tickets can be purchased from National Museum Theater, Interpark, Auction Ticket, and Ticket Link.

When they opened a teaser homepage/website last month, there were so many interests from domestic and foreign netizens that it temporarily paralyzed the site.

The official homepage is

Here’s a translation of a portion of the article that pertains to Yunho:

On the day when Uknow Yunho arrived at the studio(for official poster shooting), he politely greets all the staff without leaving anyone out before the shooting. He made the atmosphere warm for the others being deligent and attentive often taking the time to check the shooting. Furthermore, he stated, “There are many medals making the crown prince outfit heavy. For the sake of the staff who’s having a hard time, I’d like to give a medal to all of them,” being princely with his ease and wit making the set pleasant.

The best of luck to those who want to buy tickets. ;)

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[PHOTOS] 100705 Yunho - Gimpo Airport Part 4

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[PHOTOS] 100705 Yunho - Gimpo airport Part 3

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[PHOTOS] 100705 YunHo - Gimpo Airport Part2

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[PHOTOS] 100705 YunHo - Gimpo Airport Part1

Back to Korea

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