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TVXQ member Xiah Junsu made a surprise visit to the location where 'SungKyunKwan Scandal' is currently being filmed to support his fellow member Micky Yoochun.

In the early morning of the 1st, Xiah Junsu visited the site of the drama in Hwasung, Gyeonggido with 100 boxes of fried chicken. Xiah Junsu was able to successfully show support for Micky Yoochun, and the tired actors and staff.

Kang Sung Pil, who plays Lim Byung Choon in the drama, said, "Micky Yoochun was really surprised at Xiah Junsu's unexpected visit. He talked and laughed with Xiah Junsu and tried to look cool but you could tell that he was deeply touched," and "You could feel Xiah Junsu's sincere support for Micky Yoochun and his new challenge, so even the people around them felt better."

He also said, "When I asked him (Xiah Junsu) if he could make a cameo appearance on the drama, he brightly said that he really wanted to if given the chance," and "Xiah Junsu stayed on location for a very long time and gave Micky Yoochun strength."

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TVXQ member U-know Yunho (Jung Yunho) has attracted a lot of attention as the cover model for the August issue of “Men’s Uno” magazine (Hong Kong version).

The picture of Jung Yunho is a far cry from his strong image in TVXQ and he exuded the charm of a gentle, matured man.

Aside from the magazine, during the interview, also said candidly, “I don’t think I’m a man with a lot of charms” and he also expressed that “Instead of just words, a man who uses his actions to prove himself, as well as to protect the things he holds dear; that kind of man is very charming.”

Also, this magazine used the phrase “I am a member of TVXQ” to introduce Jung Yunho. U-know Yunho is currently preparing for a musical. He will be playing the role of the Crown Prince in the musical “Goong” and his first stage will be on 8 September.

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According to musical Mozart! official website, Musical Mozart! will have their replay stage next year, through a 6 month tour from January to June 2011. However casts to this musical stage haven’t been decided.

While in October this year, there is going to be Mozart! stages in concert form.
Again, casts haven’t been decided.

Will Junsu make another appearance (I hope in the October concert >.<)? Let’s wait and see….

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This is what a non-Cassie wrote to me after watching Bolero live. I was honestly touched to know that there are people out there who understand the way we Cassiopeia feel.

Here is what she wrote on her note:

It's undeniable...
When it comes to TVXQ, it's never just about their looks
Perhaps one could say that compared to their love for music, the way they express themselves and their passion, their appearance is completely insignificant.
When I'm listening to them and watching them, I don't feel the same kind of wildness and superficiality induced by other idols. This is admiration, genuine admiration.
They strive for perfection and sing with their sincerity. Listening to them is not only a form of pleasure, it has also shown me their respect; respect for music and for their audience.

Connection, trust and love; all of these things interdependent.

Whilst they may not be old, they have a level of maturity unheard of in other artists their age. Their determination has helped them overcome countless obstacles and reached unattainable heights.
I don't know how to express this, but watching the five of them on stage, their devotion, their concentration and their understanding of music… it's incredibly moving.
Compared to the mainland (China), where those who truly love music and value life never reach the top and those who are dependent on their looks, rumours and lies do.
As Asia's best group, TVXQ have shown nothing but progress and development. As I was watching their performance, the only thought in my head was 'TVXQ forever'.
They impact they had on me… I don't ever want to lose that feeling.

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I am studying in a high school in Japan, almost half of my class are Cassiopeias. Speaking of this, I must give credit to my class teacher...

My teacher is a 45 years old, beautiful temperament lady, who is responsible in teaching us chinese language. She is a humorous and nice lady. She became Cassiopeia 1 year ago and is currently intoxicated by TVXQ.

First, let me introduce the glorious history of my teacher.

She set the 7th period class of every Tuesday and Thursday as "TVXQ's DVD appreciation lesson". Every time, she will pull down a large screen, and plays various DVDs of TVXQ which she brought from home. There were concerts, "History in Japan" series and so on. Sometimes she will sing and dance along while watching DVD of their concerts. However, her ability in dancing and singing is a bit...... so my class usually burst into laughter because it was too funny. Once because we laughed so hard, we were scolded by school director....

Got once she finished her teaching earlier, and we got nothing to do. We were silent for a while, then she suddenly said, "Since we still got a lot of time, how 'bout we talk about TVXQ?" And all of us agreed. Then we started our "General knowledge of TVXQ" lesson. My teacher is indeed a super fans, from TVXQ's each member's name, height, blood group, experiences, she can remember all of them clearly. She knows almost everything I knew. She told us that she originally thought only TVXQ's fans would listen to her when she brought up this topic. She did not expect everyone would listen to her seriously, and she was very happy.
Therefore, starting from that day, we have our own "General knowledge of TVXQ" every time we finished our lesson earlier.................


My class is going to take part in music festival in September. When the class monitor asked our teacher which songs should we choose, without hesitation she said, "Of course is TVXQ's song, does anyone have objections to that?" The whole class unanimously answered, "Nope!" After hearing our answers, my teacher said joyfully,"I knew you guys will answer that, you guys are the most adorable kids! Ah! You guys really understand me well!"
Finally, we decided to sing "Why Did I Fall In Love With You?" and the other song in chorus, while singing she praised "The harmony parts of TVXQ are really beautiful, we have to work hard like them too!"

Last month, my teacher went to JYJ Tokyo Dome concert and dragged her son along with her. When she came back, the first thing she told us was, "Ah! I am going to die! I was killed by Jejung!" This led to the exchanging glances from whole class. My class monitor said, "Teacher, you are not a little girl anymore, why are you so excited?"
After she finished this sentence, my teacher said, "When you mentioned about little girl, I remembered one thing. During the concert, Yuchun will invite a girl on stage when singing 'my girlfriend' right? So I was thinking, since he already selected 16, 17 years old girls in the first three concerts, will he select a middle-aged woman? So I asked my son, what to do if I was selected. However my son without any hesitation, answered me that it was impossible to happen. My heart immediately broke into pieces........." (omitted 10 000 words of sad description from my teacher)

There is a beautiful landscape at the back of our classroom, which is ------ giant posters and calendars of TVXQ. Well, of course, that's my teacher's masterpiece. She said that she is more energetic in teaching us when looking at TVXQ.

These are the glorious history of my class teacher. To be honest, I have never heard of such lovely teacher.

Now we are practicing 'Why Did I Fall In Love With You?' and purple line. The dance steps of purple line are really difficult.
I am going to a-nation on 28th of August with my classmates. Thinking of being able to see Junsu, Jejung and Yuchun, I am overwhelmed with happiness......

Lastly, I want to shout the phrase that I always shout with my classmates and teacher: TVXQ FIGHTING!

JYJ a-nation Fighting! Ho-Min SMTOWN LIVE Fighthing! I am going to attend both of them!

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Yunho, Big Bang, Park Shi Hoo, Han Chae Young and Lee Da Hae have been chosen as the main cast for the promotional video by the Korea Tourism Organization, which will be aired worldwide, to show Korea as an attractive tourist destination.

Stars like Bae Yong Joon and Lee Young Ae, who have been the leading icons of the Hallyu wave up until now, will retire from the Korean PR battle and the next generation of Hallyu stars will enter.

TVXQ’s Yunho and Big Bang have been rising in Japan’s Oricon Charts and they are singers who make their income in Japanese yen. Kim Bum, from last year’s drama, [Boys Over Flowers], and Park Shi Hoo, from the drama [Prosecutor Princess] released in March-April this year, have also started to catch the eyes of the housewife fans*. Female stars Han Chae Young and Lee Da Hae are following in the footsteps of Song Hye Gyo, Kim Hee Seon and Chae Rim to become the new “Chinese Market Killers”.

Initially, the proposal for this publicity video included Park Yong-Ha, but the plans have been changed due to his sudden death. “World Star” Bi, has also risen as a representative of Korea, but with the next generation of Hallyu stars, this plan will change.

For the promotional materials this time, it will feature the primary tourist locations as part of the story line, in the form of an omnibus. Each star will complete the filming of the mini-drama by the end of August and it is set to screen in major countries worldwide.

*t/n: Actual term used was “obasan fans”.

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Hi guys! DBSKnights created a new youtube due to youtube giving us many strikes on our existing accounts. :P
New Youtube account is: DBSKnightsubs1

We will be uploading the rest of 3HREE VOICES (Discs 2,3,4) on the new account. So remember to subscribe! and spread it to your friends! :)

Anyways, earlier today we released Disc 1 of 3HREE VOICES!! yay!
You can watch it on this yt account here or download it here

Again, Thank you guys for supporting us! And thanks a lot staff members for your hard work!

Also, I uploaded Jaejoong's 'aiko no aitai you!' video on the dbsknightsubs1 since it got deleted from the other account. So if anyone who did not watch it yet, you can watch it now on yt!

T/N: Kim KapSoo is the guy who plays Yoochun’s grandfather in the drama.

“Now, SungKyunKwan shooting is ending. Tired~ Yoochun did very well. He acted well for his first time. Good looking~ haha But I didn’t show I’m tired. Will show the healthy and beautiful look. I feel good~ hahaha.”

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Yoochun, member of TVXQ, which is currently on a hiatus, will be participating in the drama [SungKyunKwan Scandal] (KBS2) which is set to air from 30 August. On the 24th, amidst the heavy rain, Yoochun met with 800 Japanese fans at Yeongam County, the filming location for the drama.

After viewing the Tokab-sa temple where the filming takes place, the Japanese fans moved to the Kim Dae-Jung auditorium located in Chung Cheong Nam-do. They met with Yoochun there and spent an enjoyable time together.

On that day, despite the heavy rains and bad weather, the fans stayed until the end of the shoot. After the shoot ended, Yoochun met with the fans for a short Q&A session, and talked about episodes that occurred during the filming for the drama.

Yoochun said, "I'm really grateful to the fans who came all the way from Japan to the filming location in Korea to show their support. I'm facing a lot of expectations for [SungKyunKwan Scandal], which will start airing soon."

Source: [chosunonline]
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Top 1 Xiah Junsu
Top 2 Kim Heechul
Top 3 Kim Hyunjoong

Source: Big Bang Baidu + SS501 Baidu + rainaftershine@wordpress.com
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1) TVXQ: 770,848 ↓ 2203
2) Big Bang: 356, 081 ↓1460
3) SNSD: 304,409 ↓ 119
4) SS501: 252, 419 ↓ 1915
5) 2PM: 220,079 ↓ 5124
6) Super Junior: 196,258 ↓ 526
7) SHINee: 119,005 ↑ 4126
8.) Beast: 111,922 ↑ 4930
9) Shinhwa: 109,235 ↓ 6078
10) Wonder Girls: 106,919 ↓ 464
11) F.T. Island: 100,577 ↓ 6442
12) 2NE1: 95,247 ↓ 267
13) MBLAQ: 80,809 ↑ 1819
14) f(x): 63,818 ↑ 1723
15) 2AM: 60,082 ↓ 361
16) Kara: 55,506 ↑ 4
17) Brown Eyed Girls: 44,383 ↓ 355
18) Seeya: 40,774 ↓ 2281
19) CNBLUE: 32,602 ↑ 2136
20) T-ara: 28,448 ↑ 607
21) Davichi: 25,846
22) 4minute: 24,870 ↑ 2186
23) Z:EA: 23,489 ↑ 1116
24) After School: 18,090 ↑ 660
25) Sistar: 16,104 ↓ 34
26) Supernova: 12,991 ↓ 5960
27) CSJH: 12,786 ↓ 100
28) Miss A: 12,620
29) Infinite: 10,913 ↑ 2857
30) U-Kiss: 8,300 ↓ 384

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I am working in FujiTV at the moment
I bumped into Tohoshinki's Changmin in Haneda Airport
Sorry I didn't deliver this news earlier
It was reassuring to see Changmin in such good condition
I hope to seeing the five of them together soon

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The arms O_O
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Through tvN Gil’s Newton Chart, a poll based on the best male & female idol groups was held between July 26th and August 1st recently.

With 50% votes coming from a selection committee group, 30% from internet votes and 20% from mobile votes, 20 groups from each male & female category were selected.

Starting off with the male idol group category, here are top 8 ranking groups based on the results from the poll (numbers in bracket denote # of votes):

1. DBSK (12199)
2. Big Bang (12176)
3. H.O.T. (6654)
4. 2PM (4878)
5. Super Junior (4322)
6. SS501 (4292)
7. MBLAQ (4265)
8. god (4128)

Next, the top 5 female idol groups:

1. SNSD (8828)
2. Fin.K.L (6447)
3. 2NE1 (5748)
4. Wonder Girls (5073)
5. S.E.S (3553)
6. KARA (2338)
7. Brown Eyed Girls (1768)
8. Jewelry (1666)

Is this even news? Hello! It's DBSK!
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because it's impossible to be hotter it's Yunho ;)

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Saturday, July 31, 2010

1. Leeteuk
2. Kim Hyun Joong
3. Taemin
4. Siwon
5. Jaejoong
6. Nickhun
7. TOP
8. Yunho
9. Jokwon
10. Dongho

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Today is a day that no Cassiopeia would ever forget. It's been a year, and it's gone by in a blink of an eye, hasn't it?

We've waited an entire year, and in truth, it is undeniable that this period has really shown to us all how much we genuinely love our boys.

Throughout this time, we've had our doubts, our worries and even conflicts amongst ourselves, but all that is behind us now, we've made the decision to stay, and to keep waiting. Cassiopeia is a force to be reckoned with, seeing our enthusiasm, it's almost as though nothing ever happened. Every now and then, we may speak of our boys, about how much we miss them, but it's only because we want to see the five of them together again. We motivate one another, we encourage those around us to stay positive, and we vow to wait together; I'm proud of what we've achieved, of this entire fandom.

Many of us have shed tears, and yet we continue down this path because we believe. The boys have our unconditional and wholehearted faith and patience.

Some say they are charmed by our boys' looks, some by our boys' music, and some by our boys' love and emotion. Me? I'm a fan of these fans.

Others may not ever be able to comprehend this kind of unconditional love that we fans have to offer, yet we sacrifice it anyway, to a point where we could almost be deemed reckless and foolish. Even if we may never see those that we love, we love them anyway, regardless of other people's words, perception and lack of understanding.

It is magical, the way the emotions of others are able to affect our own.

Some say that to be a fan of an idol group is to inflict pain upon oneself. Groups inevitably separate, leaving fans with no choice but to focus their support on one particular member. On the other hand, we are Cassiopeia, and each and every one of us knows that we will continue to support DBSK as a whole regardless of the outcome of this difficult situation, wouldn't you agree?

And after writing all this nonsense, my one hope is that all of you will continue to wait, to support and to protect our boys.

Those of you that have twitter, please tweet #imissdbsk, thanks!

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SM Entertainment filed a lawsuit against CEO Kang of cosmetic company We# Plus to the Seoul District Courts for libel, defamation of character and impediment of performance.

SM Entertainment revealed that, “CEO Kang of We# Plus filed a defamation of character and impediment of performance lawsuit against SM CEO Kim Young Min which was denied on May 31st,” and “We have found out that We# Plus has sued TVXQ fans so we decided to file this lawsuit to stop any more damages from occurring.”


T/N: Please know that those ‘fans’ who were sued are people who spread false rumors about We# Plus (in order to defame the three members) and were sued for that. Afterwards, they apologized for their actions through their blogs.

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In June, they held the concert “JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME” at the two major Domes, and started breaking away from Tohoshinki. Junsu, Jejung and Yuchun have started their activities as a trio. At Tokyo Dome on 13 June, when they held their final concert, many reports spoke about how the trio cried while showing their love and thanks to the fans, showing their unwavering popularity.

Before embarking on the new stage, Junsu, Jejung and Yuchun went on their own journeys in search of themselves. Their honest words from their hard, and what they feel about the new stage, a real side of themselves are shown in the DVD “3hree Voices”, which was just released.

Junsu released his solo single “XIAH,” which did favorably, went to Australia for the first time. He thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful sea, admired the vast nature and was excited all the time, a total opposite from his normal calm self. “This is a time when I can look back on everything that happened since debut,” he said, talking about his current feelings.

After the recently ended drama “Sunao Ni Narenakute (Hard to say I love you)”(Fuji TV) and showing his acting skills in Japanese, Jejung headed to Canada. He enjoyed dog sledding, and drinking with the staff. Jejung, who has been working hard from Tohoshinki to the current solo activities, showed a fresh side as he went around.

And for Yuchun, he went back to his home country, Korea. He was born in Seoul, but grew up in America and went through a hard time. Returning to Korea alone to debut with Tohoshinki, and went through a turbulent route. He now revisits Korea “because this is the country I was born in,” he expresses. You can see his love and feelings for his home country, as well as determination for the new stage.

The three spent time in various places reflecting. Yuchun is shooting a drama in Korea, and other solo activities have started. As they show their honest appearance and words, we want to discover the passion they have been hiding in their heart.

(DVD Details Omitted)

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Stars debuting for a stage (T/N: in term of drama/musical stage) performance is currently receiving many attention. However the hot issue is not only the challenge those stars face for drama and musical stage itself, but also the huge ticket power of these stars to invite audiences to the theatre that has been recognized ever since.

TVXQ members U-Know Yunho and Xiah Junsu, for instance, have showed off an outstanding ticket power and gave proof of the popularity of themselves.

In December last year, Xiah Junsu took part in his first musical ‘Mozart’. At the 3rd round ‘Mozart’ ticket sales, all 4 stages consisting 12,000 seats where Junsu starring in were all sold out in only 3 hours. Meanwhile during the first and second ticket sales, fans flocked the reservation site that caused the site’s server to crash.

Xiah Junsu’s popularity seems to be repeated by U-Know Yunho. It’s still two months ahead before U-Know Yunho makes his appearance in musical ‘Goong’ on September 8th to 19th. However on last July 9th all tickets were already sold out in 2 minutes.

Moreover, fans who couldn’t get the tickets from Japan, China, Taiwan, and other Asia countries keep sending inquiries to the musical production company. ‘Goong’ production company thanked U-Know Yunho for the popularity of the musical stage and currently in process of discussion to add even more stages for him to perform.

source: newsen
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A market research of the music industry conducted by SIP revealed the CD sales for the first half of 2010. The total sales for singles and albums was 120.6 Billion Yen, which was a drop of 7.4% from the same period last year. Although the revenue from singles increase by 1%, album revenues decreased by 10%.

For top artist revenues:
No. 1: Tohoshinki - Approx. ¥2.3 Billion
No. 2: Arashi – ¥2.2 Billion
No. 3: FUNKY MONKEY BABYS – ¥1.8 Billion

Source: [Nikkei Economic News] + [baiduTVXQ]
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Friday, July 30, 2010

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Micky Yoochun’s manager has been caught in an assault case.

He was reported for physical violence because he pushed a student with his hand while trying to control the girl’s actions in a restaurant.

A family member of the female student, who was present at that time, stated, “With nothing but curiosity, we were looking at Micky Yoochun, who was sitting at a different table, and saying ‘He’s handsome,’ when his manager said, ‘What are you staring at?’ to us. So my sister said, ‘The manager is so f***ing rude.’ He followed us out and pushed my sister’s shoulder as he said, ‘Why do you have to be so f***ing rude when you speak?’ and ‘Get lost.’”

The family member also continued to say, “My sister got mad so she went back inside and said, ‘Why did you hit me? Is it a crime to say that he’s handsome?’ while crying,” and “Afterwards, the manager followed us outside, swore profusely at my sister and slapped her.”

But Mr. Park, Micky Yoochun’s manager, feels he has been put in an unfair situation. “I was dining with Micky Yoochun when the girls came in. They didn’t order any food and just kept staring at us. But their stares felt uncomfortable; they didn’t feel like stares from fans and were more like glares. So I told them that we were in the middle of a meal and if they weren’t going to order anything, then they should leave,” and “I told them that they could get a signature after we were done eating if they wanted, but they kept staring at us uncomfortably. So I told them, ‘Don’t stare. What are you looking at?’”

He continued to say, “It’s true that the girls’ attitudes were annoying me, so I asked them, “What are you staring at?” But what surprised me was the severity of the reaction I received,” and “I had to listen to a student, ten years younger than me, swear at me using words that no one would ever think of using.” He also added, “Male students with yellow (blonde) hair said to me, ‘You, come here (Without using the respectful tone),’ and they lied and said that I slapped her.”

But when asked why he didn’t apologize for pushing the girl’s shoulder, Micky Yoochun’s manager said, “I had to listen to the student’s family swear at me with… vulgar language and with threats of ripping apart my body such as ‘I’ll rip your arms and legs off and kill you.’ While I was being sworn at, the student in question was being interrogated so I wasn’t given the opportunity to apologize to her. Afterwards, I bumped into her sister but since I had received such foul treatment from her family, there wasn’t much that I wanted to say to her. Because I had figured that anything I said wouldn’t change a thing, I said, ‘So what.’ But when the student’s father came, I sincerely apologized to him numerous times.” He also said, “I do sports so I’m big in size and look intimidating. And if I had hit her, then her body should have shaken from impact in the footage.”


source: [mdtoday+Yuaerubi]
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what a lovely Prince. Yunnie looks so good as a price. awww!

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Micky Yoochun’s manager has been booked without detention for assaulting a female high school student.

Team 3 of the Western Hwasung Police Station stated that, “During the interrogation, Mr. Park (The manager) admitted to pushing the student’s shoulder,” and “Swearing at someone or pushing someone is considered assault, so he was booked without detention.”

According to the police, the manager admitted to his actions against the student. The police stated, “It doesn’t matter whether or not Mr. Park slapped the student or not. Mr. Park has already admitted to his crime.” They also added, “There will be an additional investigation with the CCTV footage and statements for the witnesses.”

The case will be handed over to the Prosecution next month. There is a high possibility that Mr. Park will have his indictment suspended or receive a fine. A representative of the investigation team involved stated, “Because this is an assault case, it will end quickly with a suspension of his indictment or a fine,” and “Which of the two punishments he receives will depend on his past criminal records.”

A settlement between Mr. Park and the student would not greatly affect the penalty Mr. Park will receive. The police stated, “A settlement would only change the severity of the penalty,” and “If they were to reach a settlement, Mr. Park would more likely receive a suspension of indictment or a smaller fine.”

Mr. Park has been investigated by the police for assaulting a fan of Micky Yoochun who was taking a picture of the celebrity. Mr. Park stated, “The student was swearing profusely at me, so I lightly pushed her on the shoulder,” and “Her allegations that I slapped her are completely false.”

Mr. Park stated that he will accept the police’s judgment. He stated, “Because the police have stated that even pushing someone’s shoulder is assault, I will take the penalty,” and “I was hoping to reach a settlement but the student keeps saying that she was slapped and won’t back down. So, I have decided that it would be better to just receive the punishment I am given.”

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To all our dear readers, thanks to you, ELLEgirl August issue has all sold out. Thank you very much!!! There might still be some shops that have a few copies left, but there are zero copies left in the company! It feels like… everyone’s supporting us~. For the next issue we’ll make pages that’ll make you happy. Please wait for 9/12.

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gaaaargeous! xDDD

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South Korean group TVXQ former member Jung Yunho (see picture) who had appeared earlier as the cover model of ‘men’s uno’ Hongkong August issue, shared his thought that a charm for a man was the most important thing that should existed. Jung Yunho modestly said that he didn’t know whether he could be categorized as an attractive man, but he thought that an attractive man was one that is less talk and do more, also for things they treasure the most they would preserve and protect them well.

Preparing for his role in a musical adapted from a TV series ‘Goong’ with the same name, Jung Yunho has been going back and forth Japan and South Korea for promotion, and the next month, he’s going to contribute in a world tour, such a tight schedule. During the photographing in Hong Kong, Jung Yunho said, “I think Hong Kong is friendly and convenient. Knowing that I have a cover shoot in Hong Kong, a lot of fans followed and waited for me at the airport, I can feel their enthusiasm and full supports for me. I also like the night view of Hong Kong, the food is also very delicious, so everytime I go to Hong Kong, I’m always having so much fun”. To a question What kind of girl does he like? “I like a girl who is cheerful and lively, able to take care of other people, has self confident, more over if she could frequently give good advices to me.”

Source: 文︰若谷+baidu
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A man with charm is 'talk less, act more'

Jung Yunho is the interpreter of new generation, with mentality and spirit of youth, he is walking at forefront of time, to encounter the beauty of present and future.

What's the most memorable event in your life?
My most memorable event, I believe was when I become a singer. At that moment I really felt fantastic. The first moment I stepped on stage, the first performance, those situations were vividly remembered till now. Everyone was crying out my name, I became the protagonist on stage. In fact, it was a very incredible thing to me. I believe I will never ever forget this first time in my life.

You are going to perform in musical, what do you think of it?
It seems to me a new world has arrived. Now I am preparing for musical adaptation of 'Goong' from drama version. Although it is also a performance on stage, but I can feel a big difference from standing on stage as a singer. Musical performances not only singing, but also need to practice dancing, and learn acting skills. It is a performance which mixes songs, dance and acting together. In order to show everyone my best appearance and attitude, I am now practicing hard, so please come and support my transformation into a musical actor, .

What kind of requirements do you think a charming man should have? Do you think you are a charming man?
The most important requirements for a charming man is talk less and more action. The men who can properly preserve and protect something which is valuable to them, this kind of men is attractive. It seems hard to assess myself! I don't know whether I did well or not, but only know I have to work hard continuously and do well in my part.

What are your recent plans? What's your impression of Hong Kong?
I am currently busy preparing for musical 'Goong' which will begin in September. Since I can perform with experienced actors, I have learned a lot from them. Besides that, I have to go to Japan to promote my drama 'HTTG' and DVD. Since there are a lot of promotions and public related activities, I often need to go back and forth between Japan and South Korea and become very busy. HTTG's DVD ranked no.1 on Japan's Oricon Chart, I totally suprised by everyone's love and support... SMTOWN will start a world tour in August, so I am now preparing for it. I hope to meet everyone with a fresher and better look later, so please continue to love me.
About my impression of Hong Kong, I think Hong Kong is a gracious and convenient place. This time I come here for cover shoot, many fans are following me, and waiting for me at the airport, I fully feel their enthusiasm and support. I love the night view of Hong Kong, and the food is very delicious too, so every time I come to Hong Kong I can fully enjoy it before I go back.

What type of girls do you like?
I like girls who have lively and cheerful personality, as well as can take care of the others, and being confident, and can give me good advices oftenly.

Credits: TVXQBaidu + Render许诺
Trans by: LoveInTheIce@DBSKnights
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First of all, the girl in white is said to be a new sasaeng, I think she’s the reporter. Let’s call the short haired girl, girl A, the long haired girl, girl B, and the newbie (reporter?), girl C. Please note that there are a lot of cuts in the documentary and we also hear the voices of the guests who are commenting at the same time.

@ 00:44
They are at KBS Music Bank recording and girl C asked the girls to tell her what she should know and do (about the sasaeng actions).

Cut – Girl B: Bodyguards? Those guys don’t even go to the bathrooms.”

Cut – Girl A says that once Yoochun took her memory card and dropped it in the coffee.

Caption: They accept and understand their oppa tough action.

Then girl B explained that somedays, he’s Angel Yoochun, and the other days, he’s Evil Yoochun.

Girl A received a text about Yunho who’s in the practice room. Girl C asked if they can go there now but somehow, they don’t.

They passed by Yoochun’s house, we see the whole family members’ cars, girl A said when YC was in the mood, he took his dog Harang for a walk. Since bodygard said that Yoochun left this morning, Girl B thought they rather went to see Jaejoong.

@ 03:05
They explained the system of the taxis: they are drivers who allow their services to the sasaeng, they called them sasaeng-taxis, and that’s the 1st car they saw when arrived at destination.

That’s where they met their unnie who was waiting for JJ. Girl A/B (?) asked her if Jaejoong got upset again, but she said no, she got a problem with the security guy (not sure because of the video cut).

When they were in the car, the talk dealt with Jaejoong being at SS501 Kim HyunJoong parents’ house. Then they stopped trying to meet him.

Girl A read Yoochun and Yunho daily life, confirmed that YC backpacked his stuff and left for JeonJu (in Jeolla, South of Seoul) and YH was at movies. The girl on phone was stalking to YH and CM dorm (there’s another team over there).

They were in front of Junsu’s house. Girl B called a sasaeng-taxi (sataex) telling him that she had to go to see Yunho, and she tried to get news about Junsu, but she got nothing from him. (that’s part is hilarious)

The girls finally got some news from the ‘sataex’, Yunho was at a café. They drove over there, found him and took their pics until he left in his car.

video credit: HoLoveMin
translation credits: kenoa@sharingyoochun
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Honestly, how can you not love fan-boys?? THEY ARE AWESOME !! *lots of love*

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Updated as of August 07, 11 AM PST
The impressive 4 live performance by JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN that was conducted last June in Tokyo and Osaka area mobilizing about 200,000 audiences, THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME, the final day of the concert will be broadcast exclusively on BeeTV.

The performance that is going to be distributed is the last day concert on June 13th (Sunday) at Tokyo Dome. The live performance was flooded by more than 1 million applicants, more and more fans had to swallow disappointment for not able to get the tickets. Moreover, when the digest video was distributed on-line at later date on some sites such as Nico Nico Douga, mu-mo, MySpace, and USTREAM, there were 1.3 million playbacks recorded with viewers from 40 countries. Looking from this high frequency playbacks at the on-line video and all, the concert has definitely become a “legendary live”.

Therefore starting on August 4th (Wed) at 5:00 am, BeeTV premium will start delivering the live performance for over than 5 weeks straight.

17 songs of total 18 songs from the live performance will broadcast in full length version, for BeeTV to deliver a full length song for a live performance, this would be the first time.

The performances by JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN that is going to be presented include 4 songs ‘Itsudatte Kimini’, ‘Get Ready’, ‘Long Way’, and ‘W’,


■ August 4th
「いつだって君に- Itsudatte Kimini」JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN(※new song)
「君がいれば~Beautiful Love~ – Kimi ga Ireba~Beautiful Love」JUNSU
「悲しみのゆくえ – Kanashimi No Yukue」JUNSU
「君のために – Kimi no Tameni」JEJUNG

■ August 11th
「been so long<Special Guest:LISA>」JEJUNG/YUCHUN
「レイニーブルー – Rainy Blue」JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN (※original song: Tokunaga Hideaki)
「君がいるだけで – Kimi ga Iru dake te」JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN (※original song: Kome Kome Club)

■ August 18th
「I have nothing」JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN (※original song: Whitney Houston)
「My Girlfriend」YUCHUN

■ August 25th
「COLORS~Melody and Harmony~」JEJUNG/YUCHUN
「Get Ready」JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN (※new song)

■ September 1st
「Long Way」JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN (※new song)

source: mu-mo entertainment news
trans: sharingyoochun.net
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Dance Master Class at the KT&G Center of Daegu

Kim SeungHyeon who work with TVXQ and other groups was teaching in Daegu during July.
Jaejoong was there at the same time.

source: www.sangsanguniv.com
trans by: kenoa@sharingyoochun
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I guess Jaejoong didn't cut his hair.. xD