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[SCANS] Yunho for Marie Claire

I haven't seen this before...O.O

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[PHOTOS] Yunho - No Limit interview caps

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[PHOTOS] Yunho endorsing

I think it's an endorsment...

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[TRANS] 100701 SM TOWN 2010 LA-Shanghai-Tokyo World Tour Starts

SM Entertainment will commence with the large-scaled SM TOWN LIVE '10 WORLD TOUR performances starting next month on the 21st in LA , Shanghai, Tokyo, and other major cities in Asia.

The opening stage in Seoul will be held at 5PM on August 21 at the Olympic Stadium. Following that is September 4 at the LA Staples Center in the United States and September 11 at the Shanghai Hongkou Football Stadium. The specific details regarding Tokyo, Japan are still in the midst of negotiations.

This isn't the first time that SM Entertainment has held SM TOWN outside of Korea. Early in 2008, the stages in Bangkok, Thailand and Shanghai, China were already successful experiences. But this is the first time it has stepped out of Asia, despite LA being the only place.

The list of artists include KANGTA, BoA, U-Know, MAX, Super Junior, Girls' Generation, SHINee, f(x), Trax, and all the other SM artists. The audience will get to enjoy a full 5 hours of the magnificent stage.

The tickets for the Seoul stage will start selling on July 15 at 8PM through the internet at G Market Korea ( On July 13, the tickets will also be sold through Fan Clubs.

The SM TOWN LIVE Concerts aren't only for friends or lovers, but also a good summer music festival for the whole family to go to. Happy family seats will also be available to purchase in advance from the 15th onwards at (02-323-8500).

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[TRANS] 100702 ELLE JAPON – the book sales becomes #1

Pre-order for ELLE JAPON starts today, within 24 hours, the book sales becomes #1, with EG taking top 2 spots.

Total sales for ELLE JAPON is 2nd and EG is 7th, also, until today’s weekly ranking, book for EG spots 1st place, meanwhile the combined ranking for EG is 2nd, oppa, zang!

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[PHOTOS] Out Fly 2nd anniversary - Yunho's message

I had to post it, it's so cute!!!! *----*~
congrats to who made this cake, it's an art project!

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[NEWS] 100702 SMTOWN Live 10 to go on world tour

We reported yesterday that SMTOWN Live 10 was going to happen this August in Seoul and the official word has finally been released today, it will indeed go on a world tour!

After the first stop in Seoul on August 21st, SM Entertainment will bring its concert extravaganza to cities like Hongkou Stadium in Shanghai (China) on September 4th, Staples Center in Los Angeles (America) on September 11th and Tokyo (Japan) whose details will be revealed later.

This is not the first time that SM Entertainment is bringing their concert outside of Korea as they had done so in 2008 to cities like Bangkok and Shanghai. But this will be the first time that they are heading out of Asia although it’s just Los Angeles.

The list of performers include KangTa, BoA, U-Know, Max, Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee, f(x), Trax and all SMTown artists and will last approximately 5 hours.

Tickets for the Seoul stop will start on July 15th through online shopping website, GMarket Korea and is expected to be sold out in mere seconds.

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[INFO] SM Town Live 2010

According to SM, for 2 days, SM Town Live will be held at Seoul Worldcup Stadium on August 21, starting with Staples Center LA, USA, Japan, Tokyo, Shanghai and other major cities.

The artists participating in 'SM Town Live' World Tour include, BoA, U-Know Yunho, Max, Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee, f(x), Kangta, and the Trax.

SM states, "The World Tour will have many artists participating as an upgrade to the stage to captivate music fans around the world," he said.

'SM Town Live' show in Seoul will take place on the 15th. Tickets can be purchased HERE. This concert has friends, lovers, as well as with the whole family to enjoy the summer music festival as planned. A family can watch together with the audience seats. Happy Family seating tickets, call ( 02-323-8500 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 02-323-8500 end_of_the_skype_highlighting) which is available for purchase through the coming 15th.

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[TRANS] 100701 'Heaven's Postman' Box Office Spectacular!

[TELECINEMA 7] 5/29 ~ 6/27

Cinema Screening Number: 63
Number of people between these 30 days: 155 251
30 days income: 205 060 700 Yen (approx. 2.3 million USD)

Besides the movie, the digital contents/ODS (Operational Data Store) of the cinema screenings, Toho Company Ltd. is mainly responsible for the distribution of DVD's for the broadcasting division, making TOHOCINEMAS as the country's hub with 63 cinemas broadcasting the 7 products simultaneously.
Among the total income, Eriko Kitagawa's script with Jejung as the main character, 'Heaven's Postman' constitutes 82%.

T/N: these box office numbers were totaled at the end of June 27.
Heaven's Postman is still airing now, and there has been a recent notice of extension until July 3, so the box office numbers will still increase from now.

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[TRANS] 100701 Twitter Update: Avex Vice President Ryuhei Chiba

This time, I sincerely hope Toei's producers that edited Tohoshinki's revival theater movie can bring warmth to people's hearts and also make people weep with tears! He wishes that in the next product, the members can be the main characters!

Also, even though he is a handsome, middle-aged gentleman, he is a Bigeast member.


T/N: the referenced movie 【~ Kimi ga Kureta Natsu~】, the OST was【With All My Heart ~ Kimi ga Kureta Natsu ~】, which Tohoshinki sang.

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[INFO] 100701 Oricon Album Ranking - Daily #1 & 2

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[NEWS] Ayu intercedes conflict between TVXQ fans and CEO Max

There was a little conflict recently between Tohoshinki fans and Matsuura Masato the president of Avex, on twitter.

The conflict started when fans asked him about Tohoshinki. Matsuura tweeted, “Wanting them to get back together is my wish, but not getting back together is their decision.”

Fans were upset by his tweet and said to him, “Don’t you know how many fans would get hurt by words like this?“, “Why don’t you stop tweeting?“, “Stop saying stuff as if you know everything.”

Matsuura tweeted back to the fans again, “Then don’t ask me anything, and don’t believe my words“, “You want me to lie about that?”

Then people who are not Tohoshinki fans tweeted to him, “You are being too immature“, “You should know how effective your words are to fans.”

The twitter exchange became over heated, and Ayumi Hamasaki tweeted on behalf of Matsuura to the Tohoshinki fans.

“Please stop pushing all your anger and sadness only on Masa(Matsuura). Because of his position, he had to know something he didn’t even want to know. Isn’t Masa the same as you (fans)? Who didn’t give up, even after going through all that pain?”.

Source: MEN’S CYZO + tokyohive

[TRANS] 100701 Park Chan Chong speaks out

On the 28th, the three members of TVXQ (YoongWoong Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun and Xiah Junsu) filed an exclusive contract validity suspension lawsuit against SM Entertainment which also involved a demand for SM to pay a compensation fee of 3 billion won. SM continues to hold a firm stance regarding the matter. As opposed to solving the problem for once and for all, the whole ordeal seems only to be getting worse.

In the mean time, some have expressed concerns that if this issue is not solved as soon as possible, then it may also have an impact on the hallyu wave as a whole. Lawyer Park Chan Chong expressed his concern and unease, saying 'Many people from abroad recognize TVXQ as a treasure that our country should protect and cultivate, and since conflict arose between the trio and SM, the group has been hindered from carrying out group activities, and this has caused great losses for the country.' Furthermore, Park also expressed his own views regarding the matter: based on the terms on the contract between TVXQ and SM, it seems that terminating the contract is not possible. However, it is undeniable that it is an unfair, unjust slave contract, and this was signed before the members reached the age of 19. Under constitutional law, SM Entertainment can be prosecuted for seeking unlawful interests as well as fraud.

In July 2009, TVXQ filed for a contract suspension injunction against SM Entertainment, at the same time SM filed a lawsuit against the three members demanding they pay a compensation fee of 2.2 billion won. Later on, on June 28th 2010, the trio sought 1 billion each from SM, making of a total of 3 billion won.

Park proposed three possible solutions:
1. Stop all individual acting activities of the trio and the two other members and allow the five to resume activities as a group.
2. Conflict between the two parties arose because of SM, thus SM should make compromises to solve the issue.
3. Allow the court to decide whether or not the contract between the two is an unfair slave contract.

Finally, there are many international fans who love and cherish TVXQ and hope to see the five of them on stage again as a group, we hope that SM will not forget and neglect their feelings of hope and anticipation.

t/n: Park Chan Chong is a lawyer and a former governor in South Korea.

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[INFO] SMTOWN Summer Album 2010 Track List

The current circulating info is SMTOWN LIVE will be held sometime in August and this SMTOWN SUMMER ALBUM will be released in July. Still waiting for official info from SM.


Happy Summer – SMTOWN
夏の时代 (Summer Generation/Summer Time) – SNSD
陆 上の考古学 – Super Junior
ワクワクずかずかと – f( x )
きらきら (Twinkle Twinkle) – SHINee
在りし日の思い 出 (Memories of Past Days) – Yunho, Changmin
ごとヘヌン夜 – TRAX
1つの夏の别れ(One Summer Farewell) – Super Junior K.R.Y
Musicgraphy – Black Beat
10年が経っても.. (Even after 10 Years Have Passed…) – BoA

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