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[PHOTOS] Yunho photos in Cartier Maison Boutique

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[PHOTO] Complete Set Limited Box in Hong Kong

So I was roaming around the streets of Hong Kong today, and I saw this for sale, even though the release date is tomorrow.
I stood outside the store and marveled at it for a full 30 minutes ;--;
If only I had the money...

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[INFO] The meaning of JaeChunSu gesture at Lotte ad

Are you ever curious about the meaning of this gesture by JaeChunSu at Lotte ad?

They covered half of their eyes.

We found out the meaning of this gesture through Lotte Duty Free report from Song Seung Hoon’s filming of his Lotte ad where he was also ordered to have a pose of covering half of his eyes with one hand.

Then.. what does the gesture mean?
In Korean there’s a saying “don’t sell half your eye”. This means “don’t look at others” (believe in yourself).

source: jp.lotte
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[TRANS] 100629 Daewoo Says SM Possesses At Least 50 Billion Won In Cash.. The Lawsuit Is Not A Problem

Daewoo Securities Co. Ltd. stated on the 29th that although SM's stocks (041510) (12,950 Won, -3.00%) are plummeting due to the TVXQ lawsuit issue, the dip is nothing to greatly worry about.

Kim Chang Won of Daewoo Securities Co. Ltd. Research Center stated, "The current situation is a good opportunity to buy," and "SM has at least 50 billion Won in cash reserves, so they will be able to easily cover a 3 billion Won compensation lawsuit."

"Their second quarter sales will exceed the ballpark figure," and "In the third quarter, SHINee and BoA's domestic activities, Girls Generation's Japanese activities and Super Junior M's Chinese activities will reap great rewards."

Source: [edaily+Yuaerubi]
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[TRANS] Co-star Joong Gi Talks About Yoochun

Song Joong Gi Brags About His Perfect Brotherly Sync With Micky Yoochun

Actor Song Joong Gi (25) has given a thumbs up to Micky Yoochun, who is taking on acting for the first time, and his passion for acting.

The two people will appear on 'SungKyunKwan Scandal' together, a drama which is said to air in September.
Micky Yoochun, who has no experience in acting, is said to show the initiative to succeed by calling Song Joong Gi often and asking, "Hyung! How would I express myself in this scene?" And Song Joong Gi answers Micky Yoochun's questions by saying "What do I know?" But in the end, Song Joong Gi gives the singer-turned-actor a lot of advice about acting.

Song Joong Gi stated, "It is true that I had a lot of stereotypes about singer-turned-actors till now. However, I've had to rethink a lot of them from watching Yoochun." He also added, "I learned that the success he has achieved as a singer didn't come in one day; it took him a lot of hard work from his trainee days. His passion is amazing. It motivates me greatly."

Source: [sportsseoul+Yuaerubi]
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[TRANS] 100629 Tohoshinki Trio In America For Recording

3 members of Tohoshinki – Junsu, Jejung & Yuchun flew to America for a recording. An official confirmed on the 28th that the three are currently staying in America and are working on their new album.

They also said that “The three members are planning to release this album in August, so they are currently preparing for that. With Asia as their target, this album will be released under a well-known international recording label. ”

Songwriter Kim Hyun-Suk is the producer for this project, and popular American hip-hop singers Kanye West, Timbaland and others will also be involved.

Source: [Chosun Online]
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[FANACCOUNT] 100626 - JYJ at LAX airport

So I got there at around 11. They didn’t come out at 11:30, where there flight was supposed to land, we waited about two hours and cassies from the corner saw them from their angle. There were many screams of “JAEJOONG!” and “JUNSU!”; only Jaesu came out. Jaejoong bowed his head a little and I supposedly saw Junsu smile –even behind the mask.(not sure tho, but he looked surprised.. i guess o-o) I hurriedly took two pictures as they came out and ran to the other side where I could get them at a good angle. There were NO bodyguards. About 15 fans were there standing RIGHT next to them, but not invading their space and showing respect for them. The fans had a slight brush of their touch. (: I was in a complete daze and couldn’t even think. My body just moved to randomly take whoever was in front of me (mostly Jaejoong). As he walked I stayed right behind him (a foot probably), trailing around, (also smelling him.. he smelled good :Q) and taking pictures ^__^, but I was stupid; I should’ve recorded it. Jaejoong was wearing a black suit and pants. His hair seemed to be in perfect shape, and I saw his beautiful eyes .. and also his piercings. He looked cold.. I think he just felt bad maybe because he was sick? Or there were fans going crazy :|. Junsu was around but I couldn’t really get near him.
Soon, I saw Yoochun, as we walked outside. He had his beanie, shorts, headphones, and a tshirt. I was close to all of them except for chunnie. but it was about three feet away. I just had enough of the GLIMPSE of him talking and hearing his voice was heaven. He looked nice and happy. Then Junsu for some reason, no fans were up to him, he was just standing ALONE.(for about 20 seconds lol) So I walked up to him, took out my iPod and sharpie, and asked for him to sign my just holding it out. I was hesitating and I thought he was ignoring me .. or he just didn’t see it.. ):, so I gave up on him signing it. He was really close and I was the first one there standing next to him. Jaesu already crossed the street and we followed them of course ^^. Then Yoochun crossed the street. And once again, I was in too much of a daze that I just kept staring at their face and not their whole body. While we walked, I tried getting pictures… Then.. I was walking trying to catch up to the other members; someone bumped into me, I thought it was a fan, but IT WAS JAEJOONG! It was okay because HE bumped ME, instead of the other way, so I didn't feel bad ^o^. Yeah, I was all excited and my mind was a blur. ; o; The three went up the stairs but we didn’t follow them, since we had to go already. )=. Some cassies went up the elevator and some went up the stairs, but we stopped right there.

P.S. This is MY point of view. Please don't take anything seriously. o__o

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[PHOTOS] 100626 -JYJ at LAX part 5

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[PHOTOS] 100626 - JYJ at LAX part 4

The infamous tag of JunsuXD

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[TRANS] Lotte Duty Free Filming

Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu join CM for Lotte Duty Free.

The CM track was filmed in a studio in Seoul where filming for the movie could take place alongside the photoshoot. This took place back in April, amidst the members' packed schedules.

The Lotte Duty Free advertisement required props such s balloons, flowers and VIP cards from the store. Such advertisements are usually filmed during the day, from 11pm to 6pm, but due to the 3 members' tight schedules, filming had to begin at 5pm and lasted all the way till 3 in the morning.

Members of the filming crew said that 'Filming late at night was very difficult, but the three of them did not show any signs of annoyance and were extremely enthusiastic.'

Source: TVXQBaidu + xiahking
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
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[TRANS] 100628 Trio's Lawyer States, "10 Billion Won Is A False Report"


On the 28th, Lawyer Lim Sang Hyuk of Sejong stated, "We have asked that SM Entertainment pay each member one billion Won first. The amount we file for compensation will increase but ten billion Won, which is the amount reported in some news articles, is a false report. We have not yet decided upon a final compensation amount."

(₩1,000,000,000 ≈ $830,000 USD ≈ ¥74,151,000)

Source: [isplus joins+Yuaerubi]
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[INFO] 100628 Jaejoong - "Heaven's Postman" Telecinema DVD

Very expensive... $185
I hope they just sell Heaven's Postman DVD because that's the only telecinema.. I want xD
Buy it in HMV Japan : here

Thanks for the reader who gave me the link!

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[PHOTOS] 100626JYJ at LAX part 3

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