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[PHOTOS] Stalking Yunho and Changmin

*Playing Basketball?

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[PHOTOS] 100627 Yunho - Gimpo Airport part 4

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[INFO] 100628 Mu-mo Shop’s Weekly Goods Ranking Top 25 (TVXQ Chart)

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[INFO] 100628 Mnet Japan “Fashion Leader Ikemen” + “Sexiest Ikemen Star with Abs” Rankings No.1

(T/N: "Ikemen" is the Japanese term for "pretty boy" or "good-looking boy")
Last week’s poll “Fashion Leader Ikemen” No. 1 Jejung!

This week’s poll “Sexiest Ikemen Star with Abs” No. 1 Jejung!

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[TRANS] 100628 Yunho’s Letter to Fans in HTTG Fan Meeting

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T/N: Yunho read this letter to the fans in the first part of the fan meeting (on June 26), all in Japanese. A fan took the notes, so she is stating that this may not be 100% correct. But I myself have heard Yunho’s message in the same fan meeting, and find it just about the same as what I’ve heard.

I am happy that I can stand in front of all of you.
The offer for this drama came in the first days of last year.
At first, I was worried whether or not I can measure up to your expectations.
But all of your beliefs and long looks, for me making new challenges, have given me power.
I was conscious to be Bong Gun and act like him, so that I can get into the character.
When the shooting started, it was a very tough shot.
During the filming of the river, I drank so much water that it was painful, and it was also very cold.
I was able to see the surroundings by discussing and arguing together with the staffs, I could not have achieved just only with my own power.
How did you all feel, watching Bong Gun?
Since it was my first challenge, I am not 100% satisfied.
But through the role of Bong Gun, I think I was able to grow up.
As Bong Gun and Yunho, I have done my best, so I have no regrets.

Not only as an artist and actor, I would like to extend my activities so that I would be able to meet all of you many times.
I may be through many trials and tribulations in the future, and I may sometimes become depressed.
But, through this drama “Heading To The Ground”, and taking the advantage of my experiences, I would do my best, with strong and positive feelings.

The current Yunho is because of all of your supports.
Even during sad, happy, or difficult days, I think I will be able to do my best even more, thinking about all of your supports.
I am very grateful.
Please continue to support me in the future.

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[TRANS] 100628 TVXQ Trio File Lawsuit For Exclusive Contract

Three members of 'TVXQ' have filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment following their exclusive contract injunction.

According to the Seoul District Courts, Xiah Junsu (Kim Junsu), Micky Yoochun (Park Yoochun) and YoungWoong Jaejoong (Kim Jaejoong) filed an exclusive contract validity suspension lawsuit on the 25th.

Sejong, the law firm in charge of the trio's legal actions, stated, "The exclusive contract period is thirteen years from the date they debuted, however, if military service is taken into consideration, the length of the contract is in fact fifteen years," and "This violates Clause 103 of the civil code." Clause 103 of the civil code states that any legal acts that violate good customs or public order will become invalid. Sejong also stated, "If the contract is canceled, the members must pay an extravagant compensation fee that is three times the amount of total investments and twice the amount of what the group would have earned in the remaining period of the contract."

The trio submitted an exclusive contract suspension injunction last July which was partially granted in October. SM Entertainment also filed an objection to the partial acceptance verdict and a lawsuit to confirm the continued validity of the exclusive contract in April.

SM, I hate you with a burning passion of a thousand fiery suns...

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[SCANS] [100627] Orisuta July 2010 Edition No.5 - JYJ Thanksgiving Live

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[TRANS] U-Know Yunho: "It's Been A While...I'm Happy"

[Newsen Reporter Kim Hyung Woo]

DBSK’s Uknow Yunho stood before the Japanese fans after some time. Uknow Yunho appeared on the 26th at the Tokyo International Forum for a premium fan event to celebrate the realease of ‘HTTG’ DVD.

At the event which had approximately 10,000 people, Uknow Yunho appeared in front of the Japanese fans for the first time since DBSK’s activities were suspended.

According to the local press reports, Uknow Yunho smiled brightly and stated, “I’m happy that I can meet you (fans) after a long time. Thank you for coming.” Yunho also stated, “At first, I was worried about what I would do if I couldn’t meet the fans’ expectations since I was facing a different situation but due to the fans’ belief in my challenge, I was able to draw strength and I think I was able to grow a little even though this was my first drama. From the experience I got from appearing in the drama, I will try to live with a positive attitude.”

Furthermore, when Uknow Yunho was asked about Japan’s activities in the World Cup, he stated, “Japan is doing well. It looks like they will get good results. Keisuke Honda’s free kick is amazing.”

Meanwhile, MBC drama ‘HTTG’ DVD that Uknow Yunho starred in has reached #1 on Oricon’s weekly DVD chart.

According to Oricon on the 28th, ‘HTTG’ drama DVD (box) 1 and 2 starring DBSK’s Uknow Yunho each ranked #1 and 2 on the weekly rankings.

It’s been 3 years and 3 months after March 26, 2007 drama ‘Legend’ starring Bae Yong Joon that a Korean drama has reached #1 on Oricon’s weekly chart.

‘HTTG’ recorded somewhat lower ratings in Korea but it has received a great response in Japan due to Uknow Yunho.

It is attritubed to DBSK member Uknow Yunho being recognized as a top idol star even in Japan and it is reflected in the fans’ huge interest and popularity.

Uknow Yunho’s acting debut in ‘HTTG’ is a drama about a player from a second rate K League and a female agent’s dreams and love.

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[SCANS] Yunho in Magazine part 2

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[SCANS] Yunho in Magazine

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[FANACCOUNT] 100618 Junsu at Zepp Tokyo

18th of June, Rainy

After school, in order to pass time, my friend and I hopped on a train of Yamanote Line for 1 and a half round before arrived in Daiba. On my way, I saw many fans in Junsu's T-shirt. Actually I wanted to wear Jejung's shirt initially= =. The Japanese fans were really adorable, some of them in Kimono, and some even in their cosplay costume. Were they trying to attract Junsu's attention? When I waited outside to get in the venue, I accidentally dropped my ticket on the floor, although is was raining and the floor was wet, but since the floor was very clean, I was not worried. Therefore I squatted down slowly to pick it up. At this moment, I heard two ladies beside me said, 'ah, that's bad, what to do~~~'. When they saw my ticket without any defect, they relieved and said, 'That's wonderful'. They were really enthusiastic. ^^

Finally, I managed to enter at 7 o'clock after waiting for a long time. I was very lucky this time, no.100, it was really close to the stage~. This event was held in Zepp Tokyo, if I am not mistaken, this is the same venue where five of them had their solo last time. Hence I was thinking, if only I could turn back time, if only the event I attended now was that, how good will that be.... TT_TT
This venue only consists of single floor and without any seat. On that day, the venue was filled with 2400 fans who were standing. There were few Korean fans, one or two fans from Hong Kong, and fans from China either only my friend and I, or they preferred to keep a low profile like us.

After the opening footstage, MC came out. According to him, they received 70 thousand applications for this event. So I was stunned, how can I be so lucky?... = =
This was the first time I was so concentrating in Junsu's singing... even though I saw him many times either in airport or concert, but my attention always distracted by Jejung. In the midst of fans screaming, Junsu went on stage. His first song was main theme from Yuchun's drama. Junsu conveyed all his emotions through this song. When he was hitting the high notes, I could see buldging blood vessels on his neck... Junsu's vocal really touched everyone's heart. All of us were captivated by his singing, listened attentively and quietly.

Junsu was singing his song while going on stage. When he opened his eyes and looked at the audience, his facial experssion turn weird. My friend told me that Junsu was going to cry^^^ In fact she was wrong, I really thought that he wanted to laugh. As expected, during the chat session after this song, Junsu repeated for several times that the fans were too near to the stage. Since he didn't perform like this for a long time, he was very nervous and shy. For this he was struggled, and didn't even dare to look at the fans, always showed his sideway to fans. Due to this, the MC had to repeat for many times, 'Junsu don't look at me, you have to look at everyone.' But Junsu still very shy.

After that was 'MESSAGE from him' session, they showed VCR from Yuchun. I heard that Jejung's VCR was showed in the morning session.
In the VCR, Yuchun said, 'It is 4 o'clock in the morning, and I am still filming.' 'To Junsu who is more handsome than any other time previously, Gambatte! The stage without me, can you complete it? I am worried~', 'It is so troublesome that I still need to record this, but since I like Junsu, because I like Junsu so it doesn't matter if I have to do anything for him.' He said this in cute way. Junsu who didn't expect the VCR from Yuchun, was suprised and very happy.

Later on, Junsu sang 'Kanashimi no Yukue' affectionately, since it is a sad ballad, he sang with sobbing tone.

After this song, was Q & A session with Junsu. In this session, 2 words which shouted by fans the most and attracted Junsu's attention the most were 'Yuchun' and 'butt'.
Junsu even complained, why we (the fans) only shouted for Yuchun, but not Jejung, he felt pity towards Jejung.

Some of the questions were:

'What does Junsu always dreams about?'
The fans shouted 'Yuchun'. Junsu answered he always dreams about traveling or playing.
What a pitiful child~~.

'If you are going to an uninhabited island, what will you bring if can only bring 1 thing?'
The fans still shouted Yuchun, Junsu answered he will bring along the girl he likes.

‘Which is the most adorable part in Micky?'
Junsu's anwer was 'double eyelids.'

'Which part of your body are you most satisfied with?'
The fans all shouted 'butt'. Due to this, the MC still doubted that why we were saying this. Junsu's answer was 'eyes'.

'Which part of your body you want to have a makeover?'
This time nobody shouted 'butt', but Junsu answered he wanted to made his butt smaller... saying that he always notices it when he was watching video of his own performances or DVD. = =

'When is your first love?'
Junsu's answer was his classmate during 2nd year of junior high. He confessed to her, but didn't receive any reply.
It was quite funny when Junsu answered this question. On the screen appeared the question '初恋は何歳?'. Maybe because the question was short, so the MC didn't repeat it and only waited for Junsu's answer. However, Junsu only stared blankly at the screen for a long time, and it turned out that he couldn't recognize the words... = =

'What kind of animal would you be if you can reincarnate?'

'Where do you want to go on your first date?'
Amusement Park, ride on Ferris wheel with her.

'What kind of facility you will definitely play when you are in amusement park?'
Haunted House.
Junsu said Yuchun was extremely terrified of this. When five of them went to US last time, they went to Haunted House in the amusement park. At that time Junsu was walking in front, followed by Jejung, and Yuchun was the last. From entrance till the exit, can hear Yuchun's screaming all the way. = =

'Where do you want to go during vacation?' (I can't remember this question clearly, sorry)
Bora-bora Island

After this session, Junsu performed his last song 'Intoxication'. Previously when I watched MV or live of this song, my eyes only fixed on Junsu who overflows with sexiness. But this time under my friend's reminder, I paid attention to the backup dancers. Oh my Gosh! I won't know if I didn't pay attention to it. I was shocked! Their facial expressions, movements, I don't know how to describe it except using the word 'obscene'. It caused me psychological trauma for a long time. = =

The event came to an end after this song. After Junsu went down stage, the fans still lingered around and shouted for encore even though nobody appeared on stage. They only left reluctantly when the staff repeated several times by using megaphone that the event already finished and asked everyone to go home.

That's all I can remember. Thank you everyone~

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