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The 4 main characters from “SungKyunKwan Scandal,” which describes love, friendship, dreams and passions of SungKyunKwan Confucianists in the Chosun era, were revealed publicly. On 15 July, 1.30 pm, at Hwaseong, Gyeonggi-do, the “SungKyunKwan Scandal” set was opened to the public, and also present were TVXQ’s Yoochun (Micky – Park Yoochun), Park Min Young, Yoo Ah-In and Song Joong Ki.

After breaking away from TVXQ and pausing all activities, this is the first time Yoochun has appeared in an official event, and he showed a bright side standing in front of the camera. Yoochun said, “I am happy that I am able to be part of “SungKyunKwan Scandal.” He is a calm person, it’s almost as if he won’t bleed even if you prick him, that’s the kind of character he is. However, he is a humane and charming character,” speaking about his take on the role.

When asked about what he did during the time when activities were suspended, Yoochun said, that “I led a normal life, working hard on music, writing songs, and also practicing my acting skills. I also watched the movies that I couldn’t watch because I was busy, and went out with my family, enjoying a normal life.”

Towards the challenge of acting, “When I was doing singing activities, the image of Micky Yoochun was always around. But if its acting, I can live many different lives through different roles. I want to try living other lives, ones that are not Micky Yoochun,” he said.

For his future plans, “I’ll probably still be pursuing singing activities, after “SungKyunKwan Scandal” is over. I want to challenge a variety of music genres,” he revealed. The story of their boisterous life at SungKyunKwan, and how they grow up, this romantic youth drama “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” is scheduled to air on 30 August on KBS 2

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For it’s summer special episode, E! Star Q10, aired on SBS the 14th, chose TVXQ as the Korean artists who captivated Japanese people’s hearts. This is related to the hallyu wave in Japan and the fact that idols are targeting the market. More than entering the market with music and now dramas, TVXQ had to improve their language skill in order to promote themselves on local TV/radio programs. You can see also Junsu able to do jokes. The whole Star Q10 show is praising TVXQ and also show to viewers the achievement of a Korean group in Japan.

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Today, at the “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” poster shoot and press conference, Park Min Young repeatedly exposed funny stories about Micky Yoochun, to such an extent that he tried to take the microphone away.

Picture 1: (Laughs) Please don’t say anymore.
Park Min Young jokes, “Micky Yoochun’s body…is ultra slim.” On the side, Yoochun is so embarrassed that he hides his face under the table.

Picture 2: Answering the question from reporters, “What were the most memorable lines you’ve had?”
His answer: “Strip.”* Yoochun hides his face with embarrassment.

Picture 3: The two cannot stop laughing, and cannot even control themselves, trying to snatch the microphone away from each other to speak first.

T/N: This should be from the scene from “Beautiful Love” where Yonsu throws Hinata on the bed and says “脱げ” (Strip.)

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TVXQ members Xiah Junsu, Hero Jaejoong and Micky Yoochun at Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) held at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium in Seoul, South Korea on November 21, 2009. [photographed by Chae Ki-won/10Asia]

The newly-established trio from TVXQ — namely Hero Jaejung, Micky Yuchun and Xiah Junsu — will be holding a fan meeting in Seoul in September.

According to an announcement posted on the event’s website (, the three singers will be meeting with fans in Seoul on September 4, as part of Lotte Duty Free-sponsored fan meeting tour.

The tour will be available in two versions — the “A Course” which runs from September 3 to 5 and “B Course” from September 3 to 6.

At the event, the pop idols will give mini-live performance of four songs, talk and play games with the fans and hand out souvenirs which have their autographs on them.

Hero, Micky and Xiah debuted in 2004 as part of five-member boy band TVXQ. The group became one of the most successful K-pop acts in the country and throughout Asia, selling numerous albums and setting the Guinness record for having the largest official fan club in the world.

Despite their phenomenal success, TVXQ announced that they will no longer be working as a group in Korea nor Japan and that the members will go their separate ways to pursue individual careers.

The break-up of the band started last July due to a legal dispute between three of its members — Xiah Junsu, Hero Jaejung and Micky Yuchun — and major talenthouse SM Entertainment over their 13-year exclusive contract.

The three have since formed a new unit under Japanese management agency Avex, through which they will be working in Japan, and gave their first concert as a group last month.

They are set to release a documentary DVD on July 28 and appear at music festival “a – nation’10″ to be held in Osaka and Tokyo starting August 7.

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4.Kim Hyun Joong(SS501)
6.Kyu Hyun(SJ)
7.Lee Hong Ki (F.TIsland)
9.Ye Sung(SJ)
10.Dae Sung(Big Bang)
11.Jong Hyun(SHINee)
12.Tae Yang(Big Bang)
13.Dong Hae(SJ)
15.G-Dragon(Big Bang)
16.Jay Kim(The Trax)
18.Sung Min(SJ)
19.Jo Kwon(2AM)

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Challenging acting for the first time, Micky Yoochun answered the reporters with regards to other TVXQ members and also talked about his recent situation.

On the afternoon of 15 July, Micky Yoochun attended the press conference for the KBS drama “SungKyunKwang Scandal”, at Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Do.

During the press conference, when asked if he had been badly affected by the relationship between the members of TVXQ, Micky Yoochun replied honestly, “During the time of the lawsuit, Yunho was busy with his drama, and Changmin was at Jeju Island. Actually, we don’t contact each other as often as people think, because we have all been busy. However, even though we don’t have much contact, but there really doesn’t seem to be much of a difference between our relationship now and previously, and we get along well. As time passes, it feels like there really isn’t much that has changed.”

Aside from this, Yoochun also cheerfully talked about his recent situation, “ After the lawsuit, I had a normal life. Learning music, practicing and writing quite a few songs, and also underwent training for acting. Actually, I was like a normal person, watching movies, eating, and because I didn’t have much time for my parents when I was busy, I have been spending more time with them now.

About his first time acting, Yoochun expressed that. “After I debuted as a singer, everyone knew me as TVXQ’s Micky Yoochun, but as an actor, you get to challenge various characters, and this attracts me. I have always envied actors, so I am really happy that I can challenge this.” When asked by the reporters about the bed scene with female lead Park Min Young, Micky Yoochun was very embarrassed and answered wittily, “Well, for the bed scene with Park Min Young, if its aired on TV, won’t they just show a bed?”

The now-actor Micky Yoochun also addressed his fans who have not seen him for a long time, “I haven’t seen all of you on such a occasion for a long time, so I was rather nervous yet anticipating it. I, too have my own ambitions, but instead of just saying that I will work hard on acting, I want to show everyone physically. Now that I have an opportunity to show a different side of me, I am very happy.”

Adapted from the novel “The Lives of Sungkyunkwan Confucian Scholars,” SungKyunKwang Scandal is a Chosun era campus youth period drama, which talks about how Kim Yeonhee pretends to be a man, attending school on her sickly brother’s behalf. After entering Sungkyunkwan, she meets Lee Seon Joon, Moon Jae Shin & Yu Yong Ha, and this kicks off a story of friendship and love between these passionate youths of the Chosun era. Appearing in this drama are Park Yoochun, Park Min Young, Yu Ah-in, Song Joong Ki, Lim Jung Eun, Seo Hyo-rim etc, and is scheduled to start airing on 30 August.

TVXQ’s three members Micky Yoochun, Youngwoong Jaejoong and Xiah Junsu appealed to the Korean Courts in July last year, against their management company SM Entertainment for unfair contract, and requested for an injunction of the contract as well as compensation. The courts ruled that, before the verdict in October this year, they are not to interfere with the TVXQ trio’s activities. Recently, the TVXQ trio also held the “JUNSU JEJUNG YUCHUN THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME” concerts in Osaka, and officially kicked off their solo activities.

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The latest Korean flower boy rankings for 2010 are as follows:

2. SS501: Kim Hyun Joong
3. Lee Junki
4. Super Junior: Kim Heechul

(all details omitted)

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So, what do you think guys? How did they do?

To those wondering, they also performed Big Bang's Lies and Super Junior's Sorry Sorry.


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Micky Yoochun, member of the group TVXQ, said, "With U-know Yunho and Choikang Changmin, nothing has changed and we still get along like we used to in the past."

On 15 July, at the press conference held at Hwaseong, Gyeonggi-do, the filming location for KBS2's drama [SungKyunKwan Scandal], Micky Yoochun said, "They were both busy (Yunho and Changmin) so we didn't contact each other as much as expected" and "But after that (the lawsuit), our relationship didn't change much."

Since the lawsuit for an injunction against their exclusive contracts with SM Entertainment was filed last year, this is the first time that Micky Yoochun made a solo public appearance.

When asked how he passed his time then, Micky Yoochun said, "I spent it peacefully, learning music, composing, practicing acting and also went to watch movies." Also, "As we were very busy, I never had the time to visit my parents so I made the decision to spend time with them."

Micky Yoochun, who made his acting debut in a mobile drama in June this year in Japan, will also greet Korean audience this autumn, not as a singer, but as an actor.

Taking over [My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox], [SungKyunKwan Scandal] is set to air in September this year. Micky Yoochun will be playing Lee Seon Joon, who excels in all aspects - intelligence, wealth, looks - and is the only son of a rich family. A character who was born with a golden spoon in his mouth, Lee Seon Joon develops a taboo love relationship with Kim Yeonhee, who cross-dresses in the drama, which makes it very difficult yet makes the drama interesting.

With regards to why he expanded his activities to include acting, Micky Yoochun said, "I've always been interested in acting" and "compared to anything else, the reason why I really want to do it is because ever since I debuted as a singer, I've only had one image - Micky Yoochun - but as an actor, there are many other charms that I can show to the audience."

Youngwoong Jaejoong had continuously given his support to Micky Yoochun before he made his acting debut.

Micky Yoochun laughed as he said, "Jaejoong-hyung told me this before the filming - 'You should die once too' and other things that encouraged me." Jaejoong has already made his acting debut ahead of Micky Yoochun.

Finally, Micky Yoochun said, "After such a long time, I'm really excited and moved to sit here and greet all of you. I will try hard. I want to show my best to everyone. I would really like it if through this drama, I can get an opportunity to show everyone a new side of me."

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ELLEgirl August Issue, Backstage Secret Talk 【Changmin version】
By Culture correspondent Miyacco

Everyone. Sorry for the long wait! In the ELLEgirl August issue on sale now, there’s round 2 of Project Changmin in it! At the same time, backstage and other projects will continued to be uploaded online yo!

There’s something regretful I have to tell you this time…… Like in the issue last time, everyone must be waiting for the video interview, but in fact something bad happened, and there’s no video (tears). Right till the day before the shoot, we we’re hyped up for the video, and even prepared two teams! And even though we had such a great standby like that……! However, we have many photos and backstage interviews, so please wait for those.

Well moving on, about the magazine’s interview, there’s quite a bit we want to supplement.

First is visual.

This time we could only use two cuts, so it was really hard to select them~. We were worrying right until the end about one picture that we didn’t include, but we included it in the making page even though it was small, and yet there’s also these other precious shots!

The arm’s muscles somehow look manly and cool! That was what we thought, but because it covered the face, sadly it didn’t get chosen. Such a casual pose too, just doing it without being requested to is really amazing!

Next is the interview.

First is “the things fans ask for don’t feel real”. This, is of course not because you “totally can’t feel it”, I gathered some statistics that would create a great reaction(online PV viewership numbers, data like that) and told him, and he was surprised by it, having a nuance and said “I didn’t realise that it was that good”. Then, because he was such a modest character, he spoke humbly like “no no, I’m not that good……”.

For example, when there’s clothes that fit him well and everyone praises him, he would go “no no, not at all”, and says things like, he saw his own looks already and has no confidence.

By the way, we told Justin Bieber that “you’re really popular now”, and he smilingly said “Thank you!” without a hint of modesty (laughs). As expected of an American. This might be a culture difference!

Anyway, about how passionate Changmin’s fans are, I told him clearly already, so please don’t say saddening things like “Why didn’t you tell him!!” anymore~.

Then, about the talk of him receiving energy from his family and lover, many related that to him having a girlfriend right now. From Changmin himself, he said “Although I don’t have a girlfriend” purposely before answering that question, and thought of it only as a ‘maybe’ situation! A gentleman that thinks of his lover over his friends. Japanese men might not have this idea! Different from what we’re talking about just then, Korean men are more like Westerns, I think they have a deep culture of treasuring women~. Lovely☆

Written in the making page of the magazine there’s the online project of “The Ultimate Choice”, and in the following week, there will be around four entries made. Look forward to each time, and please choose to have this or that! Even though there were near 20 questions, we thought he’ll just answer them however, but he took the time to think through each one of them to answer us…… he’s so serious! -That was what the manager said (laughs).

Without further ado, at the pace of a week, we’ll continue through with Project Changmin, don’t miss it!

By the way, we collected questions for Changmin in the blog before, we totally forgot to tell you that it’s already finished, and there’s still a lot of questions that we’re thankful for being given in…… Anyway, we’ve ended the collection of questions, and so, thank you very much! If you have anything to say, please leave a comment!

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‘TOHOSHINKI THE LIVE a-nation 2006 – 2009’ will be shown on big screens!

Cinema will become the live stage, the exclusive broadcast had gotten it's approval!

The ‘TOHOSHINKI THE LIVE a-nation 2006 – 2009’ which was shown last year had received a very good responds. In order to respond back all Tohoshinki’s fans request, the limited broadcast of live performance in cinema had gotten the approval.

Therefore everyone please wave your lightstick and towel passionately, to laugh and sing along during the showing!

TOHO Shinemazu
Venue: Roppongi Hills
Date: 17th July 2010 (Thursday), 16th July 2010 (Friday)
Time: 1900

TOHO Shinemazu
Venue: Namba (Osaka)
Date: 15th July 2010 (Thursday)
Time: 1900

Fees: 2300Yen (Tickets can be purchase through cellphone or at the entrance of cinemas)

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Aw Junsu look like a little boy xD

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