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2010-06-27 21:10:32

There is a reason for being popular

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Yesterday, there was the event and joint coverage for the certain Yunho.

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I have written in this blog for a few times, but my profession is not to make interviews.

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But, I am participating in more than 100 interviews every year.
I am meeting many persons, watching many events, and seeing a lot of audiences.
And, once in a while, I participate in the interviews.
But, I mostly do not ask the questions myself.
I just think of the questions, and ask a person fluent in Korean for the actual interview.
Most of the time, my understanding during the interviews are less than 50%, lol.
This is because all of the interviews are in the Korean language.

But for the person I interviewed today, all the interview was in Japanese, so I could fully understand the contents.
This is really the first time, maybe yes, maybe no.
OMG~~ just from this one fact, I thought "Great!"
This day, I was sitting right next to the interviewer, the interviewer was a different person.
To tell the truth, I have only watched episode 1 & 2 of HTTG, so I thought that it would be bad manners if I myself made the interview.
Usually, I watch the episodes as much as possible before making the interview.
So, I asked my colleague, who had watched all the episodes to be the interviewer.

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The person answered the questions looking directly into the eyes of the person asking the questions.
We have been hearing about his honest personality, but he was beyond those talks… the scales fell from my eyes.
Of course this was my first time that I met directly with him, beforehand, I was watching him from far away, 2 to 3 songs each time. (when the events were hosted from the Korean management side)
If the events were hosted by the Japanese management side, we, the Korean related media, cannot cover the events.

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The person I met was truly a good guy, I was so surprised. Though young, he was his own man.

Among the Tohoshinki fans around me, Yunho is the most popular. (lol)
Watching Yunho fans daily, I think that the artist and fans are similar in character,
or, in other words, have the same faith.
When I met the actual person, I found that my anticipation was correct. (lol)
He was very manlike, and conscious that he was the leader.
Inside the passionate personality, he holds objectivity, and also has the strength to stand on his beliefs.
And he does not screw someone over.
There are not many that made me feel such.
It was rare that I could feel strongly about the perfect personality, even though it was the first time we met.

The person I met was a young man who spoke with humility about his drama, in which he took the leading role for the first time.
But, he held pride in his achievements as an artist.
He was a dependable young man, who was thinking in a positive way about what he would like to do in the future, and many others.
I sincerely wished that he would overcome the next challenges, and be active in many fields.
Those who shine as artists are standing firm in their own convictions by their hard efforts.
I also thought that there is a reason for being popular.

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Congratulations boys! Even in these times, you still break records and make all of your fans proud! ;)

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Singer and actor Park Yong-ha was found dead at his home on the 30th this morning. A cellphone cord around his neck was suspected to be one which stopped his breath, it’s presumed that the actor was committing suicide. Many fellow artists were reported not be able to hide their sadness during the funeral. The members of group TVXQ who have been enjoying much popularity in Japan along with Park Yong-ha himself, sent a wreath to the funeral service place and wished him a rest in peace.

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(As of June 29, 2010)


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Love Song (Written By Ryoji Sonoda)
(T/N: Original lyrics below)

The distant memories
Taken from the heart
Continue with your dreams
Let’s add to their colors

Nobody knows yet,
How bright the future is

It seems like it’s sparkling
Try to trust me.

It blooms sweetly
With beautiful grace,
The soul connects so that
it protects you eternally

This pure heart
So that I do not hurt it,
Where it leads me to is,
a gentle smiling face.

We see the same sky,
We pass the same seasons
In the miracle of a meeting,
You are being loved.

It blooms spectacularly,
To release your loneliness
So that you will not be separated,
because you are held tight.

It blooms sweetly
With beautiful grace,
The soul connects so that
it protects you eternally



僕に ほら 委(ゆだ)ねてごらん






To: Tohoshinki, and all of Tohoshinki’s Fans. These are words to everyone in “Cassiopeia” and “Bigeast”

I thought of such lyrics as I sang, and I wrote it down. I tried to describe a sweet and gentle romance.

Even in the future, for the 5 members’ activities, together with everyone, I will be supporting them with my heart.

So that everyone will be very happy from now on.

Thank you.

・Jumon -MIROTIC-
・Purple Line
・Forever Love
・Love in the Ice
・Take Your Hands
・Beautiful Life(Japanese Lyrics)

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The article said TVXQ members but I'm not sure right now.. I can only recognize the name 'Youngwoong Jaejoong' I'll try to confirm soon.

The flowers are from Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu who could not attend.

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On the morning of the 30th, TVXQ member, Yunho, paid a visit to Park Yong Ha's altar at the funeral hall at Kangnam St. Mary's Hospital, Seocho-gu, Seoul.

On this day, from So Ji Sub to Park Hyo Shin, Kim Hyun Joo, Park Hee Soon to SS501's Hyunjoong, many paid their condolence visit and shed tears of grief.

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