Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lol this is kinda cute XD

Happy birthday to my 10 year old daughter, who is, incidentally, a Jaejoong fan.
My daughter fell in love with Jae after seeing him in the Mirotic music video.
She really liked Jaejoong's concept back in those days and whenever she watched the mv, she'd exclaim
'Mom! Jaejoong has beautiful skin, it's so clear and flawless'
'Why are Jaejoong's eyes so beautiful?'
'His muscles… they're amazing.'

She'd constantly comment on things like that.

She really likes manga and romance novels, so she probably pictures Jae as one of the male characters in those stories.

Last month, we went to watch A-nation together.

When Jaejoong appeared, she immediately shouted 'JAEJOONG!!!!'

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Congratulations To Jejung!

A lot of people have sent over information, and from the replies in the blog, I've come to know that "Sunao Ni Narenakute" has received an award from Nikkan Sports. Everyone that has congratulated me, thank you very much. Jejung, who is receiving the supporting actor award, congratulations!!!

Although I've already expressed how thankful I am... I didn't search for the article from Nikkan Sports, so it isn't fake right? It's not fake, so thank you so much. I can't help but say congratulations Jejung!

So thankful, I'm really unfamiliar with Nikkan Sports' Drama Grand Pix, but being congratulated by everyone makes me really happy (laughs). Everyone, thank you so much. I'm preparing to pass this onto Jejung. Alright, now I'm going to congratulate him.


Heaven's Postman Extension

Heaven's Postman's showing time was postponed again. The postponement was at Tokyo's Roppongi. Thank you.

Today, my husband finally saw Postman and said it was really good. There were two other men beside him, seemingly, they were desperately trying to wipe away their tears while making wuwuwu sounds.

My friend Mayumi, and also Kadokawa's new person-in-charge, Okada, both went, so thank you.

How do I say this, I have a feeling of wanting to say thank you to anyone who went to see. It's cute, and also, it has been extended again, so I want to go see it once more. Maybe it will be the last time seeing it in theaters.

The second part has started (currently still in my mind). But it hasn't descended to the bottom of the ocean floor, so I can't work... (referring to the previous journal)

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Postponement details for theaters

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The cast and crew of 'Musical-Goong' got together for their first rehearsal and made vows for the future of the show.

At the first rehearsal of 'Musical-Goong', which occurred on the 6th in a rehearsal room in Seoul, the cast and crew officially greeted each other for the first time followed by a four hour walk session and script run-through.

The cast who received the official script for the run-through had serious expressions on their faces like students holding tests in their hands. In the confrontational scene between Prince Lee Shin (U-Know Yunho) and Lee Yul (Lee Chang Hee), the two actors played their roles so realistically that the air crackled with tension.

On this day, fans who came to cheer for the musical's first rehearsal arrived with food and utilities for the cast and crew. They sent their warm support as they said, "The anticipation for 'Musical-Goong' is higher than ever. We are visiting to try to help the cast and crew in any way that we can."

U-Know Yunho and Run made sure that each cast and crew member received their food by handing out the boxes of food themselves, an act that was met by cheers from their fellow cast and staff members.

U-Know Yunho made a vow and said, "Since I'm a rookie in the musical industry, I will act and think like a rookie. I'm also the youngest of the male cast members. (laughter) This is the first time that the staff and cast of 'Musical-Goong' have all gotten together and I will concentrate and do my best for the musical."

When rehearsals were done, the cast and crew moved to Daehakro to hold a party to pray for the success of the musical.

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Actor Kim Ha Gyun appeared in front of cameras for an interview.

Actor Kim Ha Gyun held an interview at the 'Kim Ha Gyun Acting Academy' at 3pm KST on the 12th.


He was recently given a role in KBS 2TV's 'SungKyunKwan Scandal', which received great attention for casting TVXQ's Micky Yoochun and actor Song Joong Gi, and will appear in front of viewers once more in September.

He stated, "Micky Yoochun is like a sponge. His ability to pick up acting is so fast that I was amazed."

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"You've waited a long time. Thank you very much"
SungKyunKwan Scandal's Acronym Poem State Examination Begins~!

We thank all the viewers who have waited so long for us. The biggest strengths to the actors and staff working hard on location are you and your love for SungKyunKwan Scandal. To repay you for your warm support, we have set up a special event to go with the opening of the official website. The SungKyunKwan Scandal Acronym Event! Participate now!

Event Duration: 2010. 7. 7 (Wed) ~ 2010. 7. 23 (Fri)
Winner Announcement: 2010. 7. 30 (Fri) 3 pm KST/ SungKyunKwan Scandal Homepage Notice
Prizes: First place: SungKyunKwan Scandal Press Conferece VIP Inivitation (1 person/ two tickets)
Second Place: SungKyunKwan Scandal Official T-shirt (2 people)
Third Place: SungKyunKwan Scandal Official Hat (3 people)
Fourth Place: SungKyunKwan Scandal Official Mug (5 people)
*To send prizes to winners, please make sure your location information is correct.

T/N: You have to make a poem in Korean where each line begins with the acronyms of SungKyunKwan Scandal (성균관 스캔들)

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This is the crew for Musical .

The second round of ticketing will open for Musical on July 13th, 2010 at 9pm KST.

The tickets will be available for reservations only on 'Interpark'. (Interpark 1544-1555)

Thank you.

Dates added
September 21 (8pm KST, Tue) Yunho/Kwak Seon Young as Chae Kyung/Jung Dong Hwa as Yul/Choi Soo Jin as Hyo Rin
September 23 (8pm KST, Thu) Yunho/Shin Eui Jung/Lee Chang Hee/Choi Soo Jin
September 26 (7pm KST, Sun) Yunho/Kwak Seon Young/Jung Dong Hwa/Choi Soo Jin
September 28 (8pm KST, Tue) Yunho/Shin Eui Jung/Lee Chang Hee/Choi Soo Jin
September 30 (8pm KST, Thu) Yunho/Kwak Seon Young/Jung Dong Hwa/Choi Soo Jin

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“Truly Miraculous”

Shin Young: TVXQ!

Shindong: You met?

Shin Young: On the way back to Korea. The plane back from Japan... At that time the surrounding was especially noisy, and the people who were passing by kept of saying "TVXQ... TVXQ", so while I was thinking if someone was coming, Jaejoong rushed towards me saying "nuna~", so I replied with "Oh~ yes, how have you been?" Just then, there were a couple of older women, who didn't have any interest in me before, starting to take photos in my direction...

Shindong: Ah, they probably thought you guys had a special relationship

Shin Young: Yeah... Jaejoong asked "is nuna going on the same flight as me?" and I replied "Oh, yeah..." so Jaejoong replied "then nuna let's go together~"

Male guest: Ah, so you and Jaejoong don't have a kin-relationship?

Shin Young: Yeah, a type of relationship where we only know about each other... Jaejoong kept on saying "nuna, let's go together," so I could only go "oh... oh... together..." Then Jaejoong asked "is nuna in the business class?" "oh... oh..." "then let's go together" I could only say "oh... oh... you can go first, nuna has something to do..." - because I was in the economy class...


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Currently performing in the musical "Cat On The Roof", musical actor Kim Dong Ho (25) has also been invited to participate in the musical "Goong". He can be considered quite charming in terms of his musical performances, and his stage acting is also very outstanding, so he can be counted as a senior with plenty of stage experience.

This time, he will be assuming the role of the lead character as Prince Shin along with the leader of idol group TVXQ, U-Know Yunho. He humbly expressed that he wanted to take U-Know Yunho, who was challenging musicals for the first time, as a normal person, or someone he could naturally interact with under ordinary circumstances.

The tickets for U-Know Yunho's appearances were sold out within 2 minutes, which has evoked a huge amount of popularity and attention towards Goong. In response to this, Kim Dong Ho expressed calmly that although he had thoughts of making Yunho a competitor, Yunho did ask of plenty of guidance in terms of his acting from all the actors, so he was really thankful because he himself had areas where he wasn't sufficient in.

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Three top stars of the same age will be battling it out in our living rooms.

Singer Lee Seung Gi, SS501’s Kim Hyunjoong (Leader) and Tohoshinki’s Yoochun will be starring in dramas during the August – September periods. Lee Seung Gi was born in early ’87, and Hyunjoong and Yoochun were born in ’86 are of the same age. They will be competing on the acting stage to see who comes out tops.

Firstly, Lee Seung Gi. His comeback midweek drama “My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox” is scheduled to start airing on 11 August on SBS. He plays a man who lives with a nine-tailed fox spirit (Shin Min Ah) whose seal is broken after 500 years.

So far, Lee Seung Gi’s star quality in acting has been recognized via his dramas “Famous Princesses” and “Shining Inheritance.” “My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox” will probably serve to establish his position as an actor further.

Next, Hyunjooong, whose acting debut was the role of Yoon Ji Hoo (Hanazawa Rui) from F4 in “Boys over Flowers.” He will be touching girls’ hearts again in MBC’s new midweek drama “Mischievous Kiss.” This drama, like “Boys over Flowers”, is adapted from a popular Japanese comic, and Hyunjoong’s character is expected to shine, just like the actual comic character.

“Mischievous Kiss” will be directed by Hwang In Roe, who also directed “Goong” and is expected to air in August after “Road Number One”.

Finally, Yoochun will be officially kicking off his acting activities in September with the KBS drama “SungKyunKwan Scandal.” Unlike Lee Seung Gi and Kim Hyunjoong, he will not be competing at the same time slots, but the pressure for his debut is still great. Together with Park Min Young, Soong Joon Gi & Yoo Ah-In, Yoochun will be part of “Chosun Dynasty’s F4,” helping to alleviate his burden.

“SungKyunKwang Scandal” has received much interest both locally and internationally, and distribution rights were sold to Japan even before production began.

After Lee Seung Gi, Kim Hyunjoong and Park Yoochun’s drama are over, Super Junior’s Choi Siwon and Tohoshinki’s Changmin will be taking over. Choi Siwon will be featured in SBS’s “Athena : Goddess of War” and Changmin will be acting in “Paradise Ranch.”

(T/N: Midweek dramas are actually called “Wednesday-Thursday” dramas, referring to the days that they are being aired on. “My Girlfriend is a Nine-tailed fox” and “Mischievous Kiss” will be showing at the above day slots, while “SungKyunKwan Scandal” will be aired on Monday & Tuesday.)

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Certification: Gold
Artist: 東方神起
Release Date: 30th of June 2010
Manufacturer: Avex Marketing

Source: Recording Industry Association of Japan
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Individual solo performances by each members were included in this 3 hours of special broadcast. This broadcast is to commemorate the release of their ‘Complete Set’.

Channel: V-Music Channel
Date: 19/07/2010 (Monday)
Time: 1700 ~ 2000

■ 01. 東方神起 / HUG
■ 02. 東方神起 / Stay With Me Tonight
■ 03. 東方神起 / Somebody To Love
■ 04. 東方神起 / My Destiny
■ 05. 東方神起 / 明日は来るから
■ 06. 東方神起 / Rising Sun
■ 07. 東方神起 / Begin
■ 08. 東方神起 / Sky
■ 09. 東方神起 / miss you
■ 10. 東方神起 / “O”-正・反・合
■ 11. 東方神起 / Step by Step
■ 12. 東方神起 / Choosey Lover
■ 13. 東方神起 / Lovin’ you
■ 14. 東方神起 / Summer Dream
■ 15. 東方神起 / SHINE
■ 16. 倖田來未 / LAST ANGEL feat.東方神起
■ 17. 東方神起 / Forever Love
■ 18. 東方神起 / Together
■ 19. 東方神起 / Purple Line
■ 20. CHANGMIN from 東方神起 / WILD SOUL (Live Ver.)
■ 21. YUCHUN from 東方神起 / My Girlfriend (Live Ver.)
■ 22. JUNSU from 東方神起 / Rainy Night (Live Ver.)
■ 23. YUNHO from 東方神起 / Crazy Life (Live Ver.)
■ 24. JEJUNG from 東方神起 / Maze (Live Ver.)
■ 25. 東方神起 / Beautiful you
■ 26. 東方神起 / 千年恋歌 (Movie Ver.)
■ 27. 東方神起 / どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? (ドラマ Ver.)
■ 28. 東方神起 / 呪文~MIROTIC~
■ 29. 東方神起 / Bolero
■ 30. 東方神起 / Survivor
■ 31. 東方神起 / Kiss The Baby Sky
■ 32. 東方神起 / Share The World
■ 33. 東方神起 / Stand by U (ドラマ Ver.)
■ 34. JEJUNG & YUCHUN (from 東方神起) / COLORS~Melody and Harmony~
■ 35. 東方神起 / BREAK OUT!
■ 36. 東方神起 / 時ヲ止メテ
■ 37. 東方神起 / Purple Line from DVD「3rd Live Tour 2008~T~」

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Korean men who are gentle, determined, and in their twenties
Jejung and Junsu, who are receiving high popularity in Japan, are 25 years old in average. However, what’s their behaviour like when they are alone? We are here to interview MASAH-san and Yousuke-san who have been their stylists before.

MASAH-san said, “When they debuted in Japan, I thought they were going to be proud and overly confident. Surprisingly, they were very humble and polite. Maybe it was because of Korea’s culture; they were more respectful towards their seniors. They looked pleasantly different and handsome, too. By wearing suits, they showed off their perfect body shape. They are tall and well-built. In conclusion, no matter what they wear, they will still look perfect wearing tailor-made apparel. Being their stylist, I always think, ‘Ah, it was really worth it having this set of clothes worn by them.’ Also, their relationship with each other is extremely good, just like a family. Right now, when I think of it, it brings back good memories. Everyone was so blissful that time.”

Similarly, stylist Yousuke also said, “From their debut until now, nothing has really changed – despite gaining a lot of popularity in Japan, their attitude towards the others remains the same. Yet, they did get better and better in their music. Previously, when we were preparing for a concert in Osaka, not only did Jejung came to me regarding their clothing, he even went to my house to discuss about them. He did that just so the fans will be pleased. Also, the three of them love clothes, especially Yuchun and Jejung. They have a deep interest in Japanese fashion. Being their stylist, I felt very happy.”

Jejung, Yuchun, and Junsu are humble and gentle, and they work with a passion. The stylists felt that the three are very handsome, even though they were men too. Their charms are just irresistible.

Junsu (born in 1987), Jejung (born in 1986), and Yuchun (born in 1986) formed a new trio.
28th of July “3HREE VOICES” DVD Official Release

With the combination of a brown leather jacket and jeans, you’re told a little about his fashion style. The belt with the metal studs enhances the overall feeling. Yuchun, who stayed in the US before he debuted, suits this style very well.

Junsu, who started his solo activities as ‘XIAH junsu,’ wore cashmere and a military-style coat over a knit shirt and rigid jeans, giving it a very simple look. He even said that he wanted to try this style in private.

Jejung, who came to Seoul at the young age of 15 for his dreams, working and practicing at the same time, wore a black jacket and a shirt, combined with a pair of jeans with dark stripes; for accessories, there was only a silver necklace. Still, he wore the clothing with a very regal air.

Source: POPEYE Magazine August Issue + TVXQBaidu
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On the 8th of July, the web address for the highly anticipated drama 'Sungkyunkwan Scandal' was released.

The official page was launched on the morning of the 12th and immediately attracted a lot of viewers. The server crashed at one point and from this we could see the fervor of the netizens.

The webpage for 'Sungkyunkwan Scandal' is as follows:

The page features the latest news and newly released photos on members of the cast.

Supporters of the drama can participate in various activities and get in touch with the cast through the website.

'Sungkyunkwan Scandal's first broadcast is scheduled for the 23rd, for more details on activities and events related to the drama, please visit the official site.

A VIP ticket for the press conference of 'Sungkyunkwan Scandal' will be given to one lucky winner, and there will thirst, caps and cups presented to other visitors.

A sufficient amount of gifts has been prepared and winners will be announced on the 30th on the official site.

Hundreds of messages have been posted since the launch of the webpage, and competition for the prizes is getting fierce.

The producers created this webpage to provide a platform for communication between members of the cast, the production team and viewers of the drama.
The site was created with as much effort and passion as was put into the production of the drama.

We hope that we will be able to convey our feelings of gratitude and love for all viewers and supporters.

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Despite being on indefinite hiatus, the special album released by popular Korean group TVXQ garnered a great deal of attention.

Recent figures disclosed by the Oricon - the most widely recognized sales chart in Japan - revealed that the 'Complete A-side Collection' album released on June 30th sold 83,798 copies in just one week, and was ranked third on the weekly chart. Over the same time frame, 'Complete B-side Collection' sold 83,000 copies and was placed fourth.

The two albums released by TVXQ have sold nearly 170,000 copies in just one week, thus exhibiting their astounding popularity in Japan. It is also worth noting that the international version of TVXQ's debut track 'Hug' is included in the 'Complete A-side Collection'.

Credits: TVXQBaidu
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Brief translation - please note that this video has many cuts

Title: How skilled idols have to be to start in a musical?

Question: Are the last musicals with idols receiving the highest rating?
Won JungWon – Suncheon National Univ. Professor, Journalism Dep. – Musical Critic
The most succesfull example is Mozart with Xiah Junsu whose singing is very good but he also gives a great feeling looking at him on stage. If you received a lot of love, then on stage, you create/produce really mature/perfect things (performance).

Yu HuiSeong – Musicals “Mozart – Passing Rain – Midnight Sun” producers.
At least to some extent, (In the case of idols) all the acting, the dancing, the singing they do and what friends think, actually auditions are still a way to verify (the skills level).

Title: Idols didn’t not receive good praising for the acting. (cut?)

Casting an idol.
YHS: Casting idols group is the main reason of the great popularity and also due to this popularity among friends, I’m availabe to work much more (with them). It has a good effect/influence. I think we will pay (the idols) higher to take a role if it’s necessary. I think it’s no a big problem once they provide a such ticket selling power.

Question: How is the actual salary of idols?
YHS: SeungRi (Big Bang), TaeYeon (SNSD), JaeJin (FT Island) musical actors got almost the same. But I believe that only Xiah Junsu got a little higher than I thought.

Source: DBxTOHO6 @ YouTube
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On July 10th the afternoon, the wedding of SKC president’s eldest son Jung Han (30) was held at Sheraton Walker Hill in Gwangjang Dong, Gwangjin Gu. U-Know Yunho attended as a wedding singer guest in the ceremony to give congratulations.

Source: Yonhap News
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“(Park) Yong Ha-hyung*, sorry we’re late.”

The TVXQ trio, Jaejoong, Junsu and Yoochun returned from America and immediately went to Park Yong Ha’s grave, paying their respects to the spirit of the deceased in tears.

Around 1pm on 12 July, Youngwoong Jaejoong, Xiah Junsu and Micky Yoochun visited the Memorial Hall Gyeonggi-do where Park Yong Ha is buried and offered flowers and prayed that his spirit would find happiness in the next world.

As they stood in front of the picture of the deceased and said, “Hyung, we’re really sorry we came so late”, they finally shed tears. This was especially so for Youngwoong Jaejoong, who received a great shock when he received word of his death, as he had made contact with Park Yong Ha while he was in the United States.

The trio finished recording their album the previous night, on the 11th, in LA and returned to the country through Incheon International Airport. Despite their fatigue from their late flight home, they left their houses early in the morning in order to visit the late Park Yong Ha’s grave. At 1pm, the trio arrived at the cemetery and witnesses who were gathered said that they wept silently.

The TVXQ trio had a very close relationship with the deceased. This was because of the bond that was formed between them when they were all active in Japan at the same time.

Youngwoong Jaejoong, who was especially close to Park Yong Ha, was said to have received a huge shock when he received the news suddenly while he was recording for their album in the United States. A close aide said, “Xiah Junsu, Youngwoong Jaejoong and Micky Yoochun were so shocked to receive the news of Park Yong Ha’s death that they were unable to speak.”

On the other hand, Xiah Junsu, Youngwoong Jaejoong and Micky Yoochun worked with well-known American rapper and producer Kanye West for their album and returned home on the 11th after concluding the recording.

With Asia as their primary target market, the TVXQ trio’s album will be distributed under a US record label which has a worldwide distribution network.

The 3 members, who have filed a lawsuit regarding their exclusive contract with their former company, SM Entertainment, have shown that they are a force to be reckoned with, going back to work after a short break. Also, Micky Yoochun will be making his TV debut with the drama “SungKyunKwan Scandal”, which is set to air in September.

t/n: *hyung = older brother in Korean. I left it as “hyung” since it would have been odd with “brother”.

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Upon hearing news of Park Yong Ha’s death, JYJ (JaeChunSu) were put into a complete state of shock instantly shedding tears over their lost friend.

On the 12th, all three members visited Park Yong Ha's grave in Gyeonggi-do at the local cemetery to place flowers and pay their respects.

Jaejoong was particularly shocked to hear the passing of Park Yong Ha while in the United States where he reported to have been in a huge state of shock that lasted for quite some time and they would have come to the funeral if not for their busy schedules which prevented them from doing so.

The boys finished recording their new album on the 11th in Los Angeles, and made their way back to Korea. All of the members are very fatigued and are said to be in a weak condition, so they will be resting for awhile.

Credits: allkpop

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Left - This time it wasn't used as a poster
Such a masterpiece was hidden in other places!!

Right - The Changmin who had a great amount of concentration in the dressing room
During the resting periods his expression was really relaxed, but once the shooting started, he immediately started becoming enthusiastic!

Top - During the interview, because he answered questions after seriously thinking about it, saying to the staff, "I should say things a little bit more interestingly."

Right - Personally picking the candidate who will receive the autographed polaroid! Later on it will be announced online

Left - The individual scene during shooting

This time he also gave us 3 newly signed polaroid pictures!

Tohohshinki's Changmin - Second appearance on ELLEGirl!

Continuing on with June's highly favored "Dream Date", this time will be Changmin's second project. How were the reactions of the people around regarding the cute Changmin? The president of the company said "very refreshing, it was cool."

"This is the first time I've acted cutely so I feel really embarrassed," was what Changmin said to us. When we told him about the crazy responses for his signed photos and fans' excitement through the blog and twitter, he said "honestly, I still don't feel the reality of the Japanese fans' longing towards my activities, even until now, but when these all become evidence and are presented to me, I'll bit by bit feel "happy" and smile."

Changmin came to Japan this time as a model to shoot for a fashion magazine. In all fairness, it feels as if he has become even more perfect than the last time!

"I've also been asked by others if I practiced being a model at home, but I've really never practiced before (laugh). In a lot of photoshoots, the styles suit my habits. I think that a lot of clothes started fitting me really well after I lost weight. Maybe it's because of the way my face has visibly become smaller."

With the online section, "Beyonce or Lady Gaga, who would you date?" etc., there are a lot of extreme questions prepared for Changmin to answer. Please don't miss out on it.

ELLEGirl Editor Blog

Facing Ellegirl's photographer TUSI's nonsensical questions, Changmin still answers them nicely. His expression looks really attentive!!

TUSI's recommendation for Changmin's photoshoot theme was: A night out on a date (meaning he wanted Changmin to express seduction!) When they were shooting, although Changmin was facing a male photographer, he transformed perfectly.

Girls that are buying ELLE, you'll be able to see that expression of Changmin!!

Changmin really is the man!!! You'll understand when you see the magazine!!

Source: [baidutvxq + 2]
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Source: [Sports Donga]
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