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Despite being on indefinite hiatus, the special album released by popular Korean group TVXQ garnered a great deal of attention.

Recent figures disclosed by the Oricon - the most widely recognized sales chart in Japan - revealed that the 'Complete A-side Collection' album released on June 30th sold 83,798 copies in just one week, and was ranked third on the weekly chart. Over the same time frame, 'Complete B-side Collection' sold 83,000 copies and was placed fourth.

The two albums released by TVXQ have sold nearly 170,000 copies in just one week, thus exhibiting their astounding popularity in Japan. It is also worth noting that the international version of TVXQ's debut track 'Hug' is included in the 'Complete A-side Collection'.

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Title: How skilled idols have to be to start in a musical?

Question: Are the last musicals with idols receiving the highest rating?
Won JungWon – Suncheon National Univ. Professor, Journalism Dep. – Musical Critic
The most succesfull example is Mozart with Xiah Junsu whose singing is very good but he also gives a great feeling looking at him on stage. If you received a lot of love, then on stage, you create/produce really mature/perfect things (performance).

Yu HuiSeong – Musicals “Mozart – Passing Rain – Midnight Sun” producers.
At least to some extent, (In the case of idols) all the acting, the dancing, the singing they do and what friends think, actually auditions are still a way to verify (the skills level).

Title: Idols didn’t not receive good praising for the acting. (cut?)

Casting an idol.
YHS: Casting idols group is the main reason of the great popularity and also due to this popularity among friends, I’m availabe to work much more (with them). It has a good effect/influence. I think we will pay (the idols) higher to take a role if it’s necessary. I think it’s no a big problem once they provide a such ticket selling power.

Question: How is the actual salary of idols?
YHS: SeungRi (Big Bang), TaeYeon (SNSD), JaeJin (FT Island) musical actors got almost the same. But I believe that only Xiah Junsu got a little higher than I thought.

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On July 10th the afternoon, the wedding of SKC president’s eldest son Jung Han (30) was held at Sheraton Walker Hill in Gwangjang Dong, Gwangjin Gu. U-Know Yunho attended as a wedding singer guest in the ceremony to give congratulations.

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“(Park) Yong Ha-hyung*, sorry we’re late.”

The TVXQ trio, Jaejoong, Junsu and Yoochun returned from America and immediately went to Park Yong Ha’s grave, paying their respects to the spirit of the deceased in tears.

Around 1pm on 12 July, Youngwoong Jaejoong, Xiah Junsu and Micky Yoochun visited the Memorial Hall Gyeonggi-do where Park Yong Ha is buried and offered flowers and prayed that his spirit would find happiness in the next world.

As they stood in front of the picture of the deceased and said, “Hyung, we’re really sorry we came so late”, they finally shed tears. This was especially so for Youngwoong Jaejoong, who received a great shock when he received word of his death, as he had made contact with Park Yong Ha while he was in the United States.

The trio finished recording their album the previous night, on the 11th, in LA and returned to the country through Incheon International Airport. Despite their fatigue from their late flight home, they left their houses early in the morning in order to visit the late Park Yong Ha’s grave. At 1pm, the trio arrived at the cemetery and witnesses who were gathered said that they wept silently.

The TVXQ trio had a very close relationship with the deceased. This was because of the bond that was formed between them when they were all active in Japan at the same time.

Youngwoong Jaejoong, who was especially close to Park Yong Ha, was said to have received a huge shock when he received the news suddenly while he was recording for their album in the United States. A close aide said, “Xiah Junsu, Youngwoong Jaejoong and Micky Yoochun were so shocked to receive the news of Park Yong Ha’s death that they were unable to speak.”

On the other hand, Xiah Junsu, Youngwoong Jaejoong and Micky Yoochun worked with well-known American rapper and producer Kanye West for their album and returned home on the 11th after concluding the recording.

With Asia as their primary target market, the TVXQ trio’s album will be distributed under a US record label which has a worldwide distribution network.

The 3 members, who have filed a lawsuit regarding their exclusive contract with their former company, SM Entertainment, have shown that they are a force to be reckoned with, going back to work after a short break. Also, Micky Yoochun will be making his TV debut with the drama “SungKyunKwan Scandal”, which is set to air in September.

t/n: *hyung = older brother in Korean. I left it as “hyung” since it would have been odd with “brother”.

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Upon hearing news of Park Yong Ha’s death, JYJ (JaeChunSu) were put into a complete state of shock instantly shedding tears over their lost friend.

On the 12th, all three members visited Park Yong Ha's grave in Gyeonggi-do at the local cemetery to place flowers and pay their respects.

Jaejoong was particularly shocked to hear the passing of Park Yong Ha while in the United States where he reported to have been in a huge state of shock that lasted for quite some time and they would have come to the funeral if not for their busy schedules which prevented them from doing so.

The boys finished recording their new album on the 11th in Los Angeles, and made their way back to Korea. All of the members are very fatigued and are said to be in a weak condition, so they will be resting for awhile.

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Left - This time it wasn't used as a poster
Such a masterpiece was hidden in other places!!

Right - The Changmin who had a great amount of concentration in the dressing room
During the resting periods his expression was really relaxed, but once the shooting started, he immediately started becoming enthusiastic!

Top - During the interview, because he answered questions after seriously thinking about it, saying to the staff, "I should say things a little bit more interestingly."

Right - Personally picking the candidate who will receive the autographed polaroid! Later on it will be announced online

Left - The individual scene during shooting

This time he also gave us 3 newly signed polaroid pictures!

Tohohshinki's Changmin - Second appearance on ELLEGirl!

Continuing on with June's highly favored "Dream Date", this time will be Changmin's second project. How were the reactions of the people around regarding the cute Changmin? The president of the company said "very refreshing, it was cool."

"This is the first time I've acted cutely so I feel really embarrassed," was what Changmin said to us. When we told him about the crazy responses for his signed photos and fans' excitement through the blog and twitter, he said "honestly, I still don't feel the reality of the Japanese fans' longing towards my activities, even until now, but when these all become evidence and are presented to me, I'll bit by bit feel "happy" and smile."

Changmin came to Japan this time as a model to shoot for a fashion magazine. In all fairness, it feels as if he has become even more perfect than the last time!

"I've also been asked by others if I practiced being a model at home, but I've really never practiced before (laugh). In a lot of photoshoots, the styles suit my habits. I think that a lot of clothes started fitting me really well after I lost weight. Maybe it's because of the way my face has visibly become smaller."

With the online section, "Beyonce or Lady Gaga, who would you date?" etc., there are a lot of extreme questions prepared for Changmin to answer. Please don't miss out on it.

ELLEGirl Editor Blog

Facing Ellegirl's photographer TUSI's nonsensical questions, Changmin still answers them nicely. His expression looks really attentive!!

TUSI's recommendation for Changmin's photoshoot theme was: A night out on a date (meaning he wanted Changmin to express seduction!) When they were shooting, although Changmin was facing a male photographer, he transformed perfectly.

Girls that are buying ELLE, you'll be able to see that expression of Changmin!!

Changmin really is the man!!! You'll understand when you see the magazine!!

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To smile... And show gratitude to their fans through their voices


Thanksgiving Live in Dome
2010.6.3. Tokyo Dome

Even though it's said that in concerts that there are many songs repeated, but because it's been such a long time since hearing the voices of the three, their huge presence gives us a heartfelt feeling that's hard to express in words. Like the last song in the concert , the lyrics like "hitotsu hitotsu nobotteikuyo" (climbing step by step) resound through and show their deep hope for the future.

Jejung Junsu Yuchun
The three's Thanksgiving Live in Dome successfully finished on the 13th of June in Tokyo Dome. There was a total of 4 performances held at the Osaka Kyocera Dome, and Tokyo Dome. Accordingly, the concert broke audience number records for the Kyocera Dome, and it attracted approximately 54,000 viewers to the Tokyo Dome. Both the three of them and the fans were waiting for this day of being back on the stage. When the concert started, a video of the three with their personal messages to the fans was shown and triggered many emotions. In this heated atmosphere, the three appeared on different parts of the stage and regrouped back in the center. Ah, it really feels like a drama....

Then they performed a new song (Always for You), and the three's voices that expressed their feelings deeply moved the audience. Jejung and Yuchun brought a lot of emotion with their love song , and Junsu sang the theme song for Yuchun's drama. After that, Junsu suddenly changed the topic to Yuchun's kiss scene and brought a lot of laughter to the audience.

On top of the songs , , and which were composed especially for the concert, Yuchun and Jejung performed which the whole audience sang along to.

Junsu followed on with his hot dance track which was released under the name "XIAH Junsu". His sensual dance moves and manly charisma took many's attention. Jejung and Yuchun also surprisingly joined in for a part of the performance, and was only available during this concert, something like a present for the fans.

After that was Yuchun's solo , and he chose a lucky fan from the audience. The fan, after arriving on the stage was quite confused, but with Yuchun serenading her and having his eyes on her, the rest of the audience was in a frenzy.

Under the criss-crossings of spotlights, Jejung performed intense rock song and held the same sexy charisma. The three that have these qualities awed the audience.

With special guest Lisa, they performed m-flo's and again rose the tension of the venue.

After all of those performances, the one with the most attention was their encore song that was sung with a deeply sorrowful voice that stunned the audience. Voices like these will always be treasured no matter what time it is. They expressed their honest and pure thoughts, as well as their gratefulness of being able to stand on the stage to the fans after the performance.

"I was worried if we could perform in the Dome once again, but the reason we're performing here is because of everyone's support", was Yuchun's emotion filled comment.

Junsu also said: "It's like the rope binding me tightly has been broken and I'm really happy, thank you everyone", and showed a face of emotion that was unforgettable.

Jejung commented: "I cried in front of everyone at the Osaka stage, and I think I shouldn't of done that. Compared to that, isn't singing my heart out and presenting a joyous stage more meaningful?"

The three's honest words stirred up a lot of emotion, and also tears. The three also were leaving the stage with red eyes from their emotions.

(concert song list omitted)

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On 11 July, Tohoshinki's trio Kim Jaejoong, Kim Junsu and Park Yoochun ended the recording for their new album in America, and returned to Korea from LA. This trio, often referred to as "JYJ" will be releasing an album for the first time after the lawsuit with SM Entertainment, and this is getting a lot of attention from the Asian entertainment Industry.

The trio's current agency, Avex, managed to invite famous American producer Kanye Omari West and Timbaland to participate in the production of the new album, and there has been internal information that says "Both men are major hit producers, and this album is arguably the most expensive Asian album ever to be produced." The proceedings of the recording were also considered as "Top Secret", with the trio flying to Hawaii to work with Kanye, then to LA and Miami for discussions with Timbaland.

However, the trip to America has been plagued with issues. The announcement about Park Yong Ha's suicide on 30 June was a big hit to the trio, who were close to him. Kim Junsu had a sudden bout of fever that went over 40 degrees, attributed to overwork and grief about the loss of a good friend. Kim Jaejoong and Park Yoochun then took a short break from the recording, and concentrated on recuperating with Junsu before returning to the studio.

One point to note is that the passing of Park Yong Ha has had a great effect on Jaejoong, and insiders say that "It might take a while to get over the sorrow," revealing a close friendship between the two. When Dong Bang Shin Ki debuted, Park Yong Ha had already gained popylarity for his role in "Winter Sonata."

"To Dong Bang Shin Ki, Park Yong Ha was a role model." Even though that had exchanged a few words at a program recording previously, but it was only 4 years ago, through a mutual friend, that brought their relationship closer. This was especially so between Jaejoong and Park Yong Ha, and the two often share phonecalls and meals together. "They were both Korean artists trying to establish themselves in Japan, and this situation made them close friends." When the trio got involved in the lawsuit against SME, Park Yong Ha called Jaejoong to show his concern, and even on the day before his suicide, Park Yong Ha made a long distance call to Jaejoong and invited Jaejoong to watch his Live performance, and made arrangements to meet up for a meal when Jaejoong returned. What Jaejoong didn't realise at that time was, that it would be the last conversation between the two.

People close to Jaejoong also revealed that he was shattered after hearing about Park Yong Ha's demise, and said "I really cannot believe that he left us this way. But I was really worried for him recently," saying that Park Yong Ha was indeed acting strangely. During their last conversation, Park Yong Ha was especially high, and talked a lot more than usual. "Did you drink? Are you really okay?" were questions that Jaejoong had asked him during then.

Appearing at the airport on 11 July, dressed in a white singlet,and one could see part of his sexy back tattoo, but many people also pointed out that he had slimmed down visibly, worried that he was still grieving over the loss of his good friend. After returning to Korea, Yoochun will be concentrating on the filming of "SungKyunKwan Scandal" while Jaejoong and Junsu are expected to head over to Japan for more activities.

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The voting result of Spring drama season 'Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix' which is held by Nikkan Sports had been released.
In April's Spring Drama season, Jejung won best supporting actor!!!
The next voting will be the annual Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix which is held in March next year.

(T/N: out of 10932 votes, Jejung won 7018 votes)

[TRANS] Jejung won absolute majority of votes for his best supporting actor

2010 14th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix Spring Drama Season
Tohoshinki's Jejung who plays male supporting role in Sunao ni Narenakute for the first time, wins with the absolute majority of votes.
In the voting which started from 29/06 - 08/07 (total valid votes:15814), Jejung obtained more than half of the total votes, Sunao ni Narenakute also ranked no.1 in Best Drama section.
There will be an annual voting in March next year for the first 5 nominees in every section.

(T/N: These news are taken from 2 different newspapers, so the total votes are different. ^^!!!)
Overseas fans cannot take part in this poll.

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Heaven's Postman, the showing time has been prolonged again. (omitted) 

Today, my husband finally went to watch Heaven's Postman. He said it is great. 
There were men who sat beside my husband, he noticed that they were sobbing and wiping their tears. 

My friend Mayumi also been there, thank you. 

How to put them in words? I feel like want to convey all my gratitude to those who went to watch it. 
It is cute, and the showing time has been prolonged again. I am thinking of watching it again. 
Maybe it is the last time I can watch it in cinema. 

Starting to consider part 2 (now still in my mind) 

The photo was taken with Park-chan who was doing subtitles with me in front of 'angel in us' when she visited here. 
She is the one in the middle. 

There were cups which were signed by Jejung and HyoJoo in that cafe. 
But the staff said Jejung's cup had been stolen. 

The scene which Jejung gradually vanished in this cafe, I really like it. 
Lee Hyeong-min is great. (ah, he is the director of this film) 
'Angel in us' seems like a South Korea's chain cafe. 

(T/N: It was originally scheduled to broadcast for only 2 weeks, but because of the tremendous response, it was extended twice. If I am not mistaken, this is the third time.) 

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[Fashion Leader]
Jejung no.1!

[Celebrities with sexiest Abs]
Jejung no.1!

[Beautiful Male Celebrities (Handsome celebrities) with baby like skin]
Jejung no.1!

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1 Shim Changmin :)
2 Park Geonil (Supernova)
3 Lee Jung Shin (CNBLUE)
4 Kang Dong-won
5 Mir (MBLAQ)
6 Nichkhun (2PM)
7 Lim Juhwan
8 Choi Min-Ho (Shinee)
9 Im Seulong (2AM)
10 Hyeon-woo Ji

Of course! Who else! My man right here! and that delicious looking abs:)
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I really need to order this.... but I'm saving for SMTown!
Someone save me T_T
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(admin: if you guys were doubting the yunjae sig that Jae's sister gave.. this is the proof that she really did say it and sign the yunjae pic! HERE

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