Saturday, July 10, 2010

1. Taeyeon SNSD (9489 votes - 34%)
2. Onew Shinee (9331 votes - 33.4%)
3. Yoona SNSD (2221 votes - 8%)
4. Kibum Super Junior (1705 - 6.1%)
5. Sooyoung SNSD (908 votes - 3.3%)
6. Taecyeon 2pm (742 votes - 2.7%)
7. Jessica SNSD (663 votes - 2.4%)
8. Siwon Super Junior (483 - 1.7%)
9. Heechul Super Junior (375 - 1.3%)
10. Micky Yoochun TVXQ (285 votes - 1%)
11. Sungmin Super Junior (278 votes - 1%)
12. Yesung Super Junior (225 votes - 0.9%)
13. Kim Jaejoong TVXQ (186 votes - 0.7%)
14. Kim Hyun Joong SS501 (159 votes - 0.6%)
15. Lee Hongki FT Island (132 votes - 0.5%)
16. Jung Yonghwa CN Blue (111 votes - 0.4%)
17. TOP Big Bang (110 votes - 0.4%)
18. Choikang Changmin TVXQ (91 votes - 0.3%)
19. Uee After School (61 votes - 0.2%)
20. Daesung Big Bang (51 votes - 0.2%)

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Publishing House: GAM Publisher; Monthly Edition
Language: Japanese
Date of Release: 21 July 2010
Price: ¥ 980

[2nd Special Edition] THSK’s Non-Stop Solo Activities (16 pages)
- Schedule of the 5 members’ solo activities (Full analysis on their solo activities)
- JunSu’s “Musical Award Best Newcomer & Most Popular” Award Ceremony
- YunHo’s musical <> Production Press Confernce
- Television dramas <> & <> Location Revealed
- Others

T/N: Only parts relating to THSK are translated.

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The top Japan music in Tower Record’s mid-year chart is Kaela Kimura, followed by Tohoshinki.
The sales record of the top 20 over the first six months of 2010 was revealed by Tower Record on the 5th. Topping the charts was Kaela Kimura’s special edition [5 Years], followed by Tohoshinki’s (whose activities are currently on indefinite hiatus) special edition [BEST Selection 2010].

Tower Record calculated the sales from 1st January 2010 till 18 June 2010. Tohoshinki’s [BEST Selection 2010] (on sale since 17 February 2010) includes the hit songs [Share The World], [Dōshite Kimi o Suki ni Natte Shimattandarō?] along other songs.

Source: baiduTVXQ
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It’s interesting to see that the bright and lively Seo Hyo-rim (The World They Live In) will be joining the cast of Sungkyunkwan Scandal, because her name was one of the main contenders for the female lead role back in earlier casting days, before Jung Da-young signed on, then signed off, then was replaced by current actress Park Min-young.

Seo’s character “Ha Hyo-eun” is the daughter to a prominent government minister, and her marriage has been arranged with the young nobleman played by Micky Yoochun. I’m enjoying the description of her character, which notes that “nobody who meets her could forget her” due to the contrast between her “elegant appearance, her cheap way of speaking, and superficial intelligence.”

I’ve liked Seo Hyo-rim in everything I’ve seen her in; she had supporting roles in When Spring Comes and Insoon Is Pretty, then broke out playing a bubbly young actress in The World They Live In. She’s raised her profiles through numerous CFs and has a really wonderful, sprightly screen presence. When you talk about that “spark” that certain stars possess, she’s got that. (Of course, I hope this won’t be a case of me wishing she’d been cast for the main role instead.)

Seo is currently acting in the KBS daily drama Fine Windy Day (aka Good Day for the Wind to Blow) and is the host of the variety program Music Bank. This is her first sageuk attempt (although you can’t really call the historical rom-com a straight sageuk), and Sungkyunkwan Scandal will air in September.

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Waaa! Junchan! Why are you so busy? I hope you won't push yourself too much.
Hearing news of you being sick will make so many of us worry. :(

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Bright and beautiful voice, taps on the soul of the listeners

As the main singer of Tohoshinki, not only does Jejung have a bright voice that attracts countless fans, his beautiful appearance has been Tohoshinki’s “facade”, always being the center of attention. As an artist or as an idol, Jejung, who has always received the support of many, can be counted as a perfect celebrity. But, this Jejung also has a never-ending supply of commentary and a humorous side. With such a contrast, this has also become part of his charisma, tightly clasping onto the hearts of women and never leaving.

You Should Know?! Jejung Bible

Growth: A mischievous teen growing up in his family

As the youngest of a big family with 8 older sisters, Jejung has always been the “mischievous” child. In order to achieve his dream of being a singer while not being a burden on his family, he started working scattered jobs to obtain his living expenses at a young age. No matter how poor or hard his life was, he continued advancing towards a stage just for himself.

Personality: An innate child of humor and cordiality

With just one look, there will be a feeling of “this kid is really cool”, but actually, he will have a side that loves to talk and joke around.

Artistic: Continues working hard, with top-notch singer as target

A bright, high voice is Jejung’s charisma. When he was young, he was ridiculed as being tone-deaf by his friends, so he never stopped practicing until he finally became the lead vocal of Asia’s top group. Recently, he has continued with unabated composing and writing of lyrics.

Personal Life: Friends in Japan he can also have drinks with

Publicly known to be the best drinker in Tohoshinki, it has been said that Jejung frequently goes out for drink with friends after work ends. Although he is always in Japan, because of his handsome personality, he already has a lot of close acting and artist friends. The scene of him and his friends out for a casual drink has been witnessed several times.

A Surprising Side: The Hercules amongst the members

Jejung, with his androgynous look, his “favorite emoticons when texting”, his “shyness that makes him cover his mouth with his hand”, and his “specialty in cooking”, etc., it appears as if he has lost a little bit of his masculinity. However, he has the most strength in his wrists and arms amongst the members. The beautiful face that can crush an apple with his hands… hard to imagine?!

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Tohoshinki members Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu have formed a new unit and commenced their activities as a group. In order to truly grasp the power of their charisma and their mindset on stage, we will begin by interviewing some of the crew who have worked with the three of them in the past.

Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu, who are hugely popular in Japan, have an average age of around 25 years old. How do the people around them perceive the three members behind the scenes? We interviewed two of their former stylists to find out.

Masah-san said 'They were already superstars in Korea and all over Asia when I first started working with them, but they had only just debuted in Japan. Originally, I thought they'd be proud and overconfident, but as it turned out, they were shockingly humble and polite. This could be due to the customs and traditions of Korea, which command respect towards seniors. They were both refreshing and charismatic. They have tall figures and toned bodies, and their perfect figures are best displayed when dressed in suits; all in all, no matter what they are dressed in, the clothes fit as though they were especially tailored for them. In any case, as their stylist, I frequently get a 'ah, they give those clothes value' kind of feeling. Also, the relationship between the members is almost like that of a family, and that was something we witnessed regularly through their interaction. Now that I think back, my mind is suddenly flooded with memories of the glorious past.

Similarly, another stylist commented that 'They have not changed at all since the day of their debut, despite their popularity in Japan, their attitudes toward the people around them have remained the same, but in terms of their work, they've become increasingly aggressive. Back when we were preparing for the concerts in Osaka and Tokyo, Jaejoong spent much of his time discussing matters regarding wardrobe with me, he even followed me home at times to talk about it, and it was all to satisfy their fans.' The three of them really like fashion, particularly Yoochun and Jaejoong, they have a deep interest in Japanese fashion. As their stylist, I feel a lot of joy.'

Even off camera and behind the scenes, they are warm, polite and humble towards all members of staff. Even men find their charm difficult to resist.


Dressed in a brown leather coat and denim jeans, I could feel a mix and match kind of vibe, and this was enhanced by the studded belt he was wearing. Yoochun, who spent some time living in the US, is really suited for this kind of casual look.

Junsu, who recently began his solo activities under the name Xiah Junsu wore a military inspired top which also had a casual, simplistic feel. The knit shirt and the edgy jeans are apparently a combination Junsu himself wanted to experiment with.

Working diligently since the age of 15 in pursuit of his dream, Jaejoong wore a black coat and a black knit top. In terms of accessories, he wore a simple silver pendant. As a whole, whilst his look seemed effortless, Jaejoong managed to exude an aura of grace and elegance.

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Yunho's fan meeting had ended
I am back!
Today I attended both sessions in Kobe.
Today's Yunho gave us this kind of impression
He looks great~  
Where was yesterday's Yunho? (T/N: She means Yunho did not look as fatigue as yesterday)
MC was petite Shiru-san
She was talking in cheerful mood.
Introducing Yunho and Ara
She did exactly the same in first and second session... haighz...
But, that was the routine....
In the part where Yunho read aloud the letter, everyone cried as expected.
We cried, because we were touched, that we could hear Yunho's voice again, and could listen to him talking about the past.
Can see the smile on Yunho's face, is the greatest wealth and enjoyment for me. 
I am pleased because I felt it is still the same like last year, as if nothing significant has changed.

When the event ended, my friend told me,
'Yunho still remains the same Yunho he was'
I think this is a matter of course.
All have been mentioned in these words.

At last, Yunho left us these,
'We shall meet again!'
Oh Yeah! Yunho!
Oh! Our Yunho!
Please do not break your promise~
Do you know that, there's no reason (for you to break the promise).
Because of this Yunho, I fall deeply in love again.
Yunho ah~~~ Thank you!

T/N: The following part was written by this Japanese fan to her friend
Chin gu ah~~~ 
Your love has been sent
Now can cry emotionally and wholeheartedly

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The Shinjuku branch of Tower Records is placing the spotlight on Korean Singers with “Tower’s Biggest K-POP Festival in History!”

The most popular group in Japan, Tohoshinki! The ceiling is decorated with Tohoshinki posters, and can be seen at a glance. There are 2 special corners that have been set up for Tohoshinki.

(Irrelevant details omitted)

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TVXQ's Xiah Junsu was chosen as the top rated idol star in musical by the critics.

In KBS's Joy entertainment programme 'Entertainment Magazine' which was broadcasted on the 9th afternoon, the critic who appeared on show indicated Xiah Junsu is the best idol star in musical.

According to the production team, the critics unanimously recognised Xiah Junsu's potential as musical actor through his performance in 'Mozart'.

The production team expressed that, 'Apart from music critics, actors and audiences have raised their attention to idol participation in musical due to Xiah Junsu.'

In addition, Xiah Junsu won the Best Male Newcomer in 4th Musical Awards.

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Promotional Period : 10 July 2010 to 2 September 2010
Available at: Main Store, World Store, Incheon Airport Store, AK COEX Store, AK Gimpo Airport Store

Customers that spend $200USD and above at the Lotte Duty Free Store will get a “Making Version” of the CM DVD Video as a present.

*Purchases do not include brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Tiffany etc.
*Image on actual item may differ
*In the event that a purchase is cancelled, the premium will have to be returned as well.
*Cannot be redeemed together with other presents.

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[Ticket sales timing for smfanclub members]

Date: 13 July 2010
Time: 8:00-9:00
Each member may only purchase a maximum of 2 tickets

[Ticket sales timing for non-members]

Date: 15 July 2010
Time: 8PM onwards


Date: 21 August 2010
Time: 5PM
Venue: Seoul Olympic Stadium

*VAT included


Club K.I.T. - 4
Jumping BoA - 4/
Cassiopeia - 2
E.L.F. - 2
S♡NE - 1
SHINee World - 1

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I wish that the LA concert would cost only 75USD (88,000 won) but I'm pretty sure the price would be very expensive T___T
Rivals since their debut as ‘TVXQ’ and ‘SS501′, members Park Yoochun and Kim Hyunjoong from the respective groups will also meet head-on for their TV dramas.

Yoochun is set to play the lead “Lee Seon Joon” for the KBS drama [SungKyunKwan Scandal], which airs in September*.

Kim Hyunjoong, who recently signed on with the same company as Bae Yong Joon, has been casted as the lead for the TV drama “Mischievous Kiss”, which is set to air after the drama “Road NO 1″ in September. A related personnel said, “The airing date is more or less confirmed for that period.”

[SungKyunKwan Scandal] is based on Jung Eun Gweol’s novel [The Lives of Sungkyunkwan Confucian Scholars]. The story revolves around Kim Yoohui, who cross-dresses as a man to enter SungKyunKwan on behalf of her sickly brother, and encounters Lee Seon Joon, Moon Jae Shin and Yu Yong Ha. It is a story about friendship and love that takes place in a school setting during the Joseon Dynasty.

Aside from Micky Yoochun, other young stars acting in the drama include Song Joong Gi, Yoo Ah-In, Park Min Young and Han Yeon.

“Mischievous Kiss” is adapted from the Japanese manga of the same name and this drama has been dubbed the “second Boys Over Flowers”. Besides Kim Hyunjoong, other stars have recently been casted.

In this acting battle between the greatest idol stars, everyone is waiting to see what kind of work they will produce.

*There’s some discrepancy in the media reports about the airing date. Some reports state August while some say September.

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Tickets scheduled for the sessions of the musical ‘Goong’ from 8th of September till the 19th began sales at 9PM on the 8th of July. However, within two minutes, tickets for the sessions starring Uknow Yunho were completely sold out. The remaining sessions also received an overwhelming response, and the overall sales figures for that day received top spot on the sales chart.

Under the circumstance where performances in the domestic sector are not doing well, the musical ‘Goong’, however, has been very well received, increasing the awareness of those related to the industry. The production company expressed that, “Besides local fans, fans from Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other countries who have not pre-ordered their tickets have been calling in for enquiries. The musical ‘Goong’ has received the attention of the masses, and has the potential to allow countries from out of South Korea to understand more about the Korean musicals.”

The musical ‘Goong’ is an original musical production created based on the manga, which sold more than 1.4 million copies, and the television drama ‘Goong’, which has been exported to 23 countries all around the world. Playing the character of the royal prince Lee Shin are Uknow Yunho, Kim Dong Ho and Run. Playing the character of high school student Chae Kyung are Kwak Seon Young and Shin Eh Jung. Prince Lee Yul, who dreams to become the royal prince, is played by Lee Chang Hee and Jung Dong Hwa. The royal prince’s ex-girlfriend Min Hyo Rin is played by Choi Soo Jin and Seo Hyeon Jin, who were chosen based on public voting. The production of this musical and its elegant stage display has been the focus of all aspects within the industry. The musical ‘Goong’ will start its debut session on 8th September 2010 at the National Museum of Long Theatre, and begin its first step to being a legend in South Korea’s local musical scene.

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Tohoshinki’s Yunho has completed his debut TV drama [No Limit~Heading to the Ground~]. The activities to commemorate the DVD release of this project started off on 26 June, in Tokyo. After such a long break, Yunho once again showed his energetic self to the fans and accepted many media interviews.

This work revolves around the talent, yet unlucky, soccer player Cha Bong Gun; a youthful romance-comedy about his continuous growth. As a member of Tohoshinki, up until now, Yunho, who has driven girls around Asia crazy with their many songs and performances, gave his all to this project from summer last year. Yunho acted as the passionate lead, Cha Bong Gun.

Yunho, who is both a singer and actor, felt the differences greatly. “The singer Yunho, gives off a powerful image on stage. As for the actor Yunho, he had an image that was gentle and warm. I was very happy that I could show a new side of myself.”

“A singer, an actor, my true self; although those personas are different they all follow the same belief – Believing in yourself is the most important. The singer Yunho only has precious 3 minutes in which to capture the audience with stage charisma. The actor Yunho has to place emphasis on communicating. I have to ‘breathe’ with my co-stars to ensure smooth communication flow so that we can work together well. As for Yunho, my true self, I am the kind of person that will fight hard even if there are hurdles to overcome, and from there, attain good results.”

Apparently, Yunho’s principle for handling things is “If you’ve done it, then don’t have any regrets.” “Even though the chosen road may not be the best, but since you’ve made your choice, don’t change your mind. That is life.” He also repeated, “If you do your best, you might very well get good results.”

He said, “There are similarities between Bong Gun and myself, but as I’m the leader, I’m extremely strict with myself. I’m the kind that looks out for things around me even as I work but Bong Gun is the kind that only believes in himself and works his hardest. Bong Gun doesn’t believe in giving up and keeps persisting single-mindedly. To me, that is Bong Gun’s charm and I want to be like Bong Gun and continue working hard.”

Going into the Han River, filming the fire scene, Yunho told himself, “Because I’m a new actor, I had to challenge myself by carrying the thought – ‘this is different from the singer Yunho, I’m a newbie’ – and often asked myself ‘If it was Bong Gun, what would he do?”

Yunho was Bong Gun and Bong Gun was Yunho. Now, Yunho will be making his debut appearance as a musical actor in the musical “Goong”, which begins in September this year.

Yunho’s eyes filled with determination as he said, “I want to work hard in order to show a new side of myself.”

Yunho’s first TV drama [No Limit~Heading to the Ground~DVD BOX I & II] is now on sale and the OST will hit the stands on 25 August.

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Friday, July 9, 2010

According to statistics released by the National Tax Service on 7 July, TV actors, singers, models and other entertainers, have an average annual income of KRW$28.5 million. This is KRW$10 million less than the average annual income of office workers (KRW$38.2 million).

The National Tax Service used the value-added tax exempted incomes of practitioners in 2008 as a basis and conducted a statistical analysis of annual incomes for freelance practitioners and service providers. The results showed that among entertainers, TV actors have a higher income than singers and models. In 2008, a total of 12,029 TV actors filed to be exempted from value-add taxes with a combined income of almost KRW$463.7 billion, with an average income of KRW$38 million a year.

In contrast, out of 3,152 singers, their average annual income was only KRW$26 million, which is only two thirds of the average office worker's income. Out of the 6,238 models, their average annual income was only KRW$11 million, making barely KRW$1 million a month*. This figure is equivalent to legal minimum wage levels.

An official of the National Tax Service expressed, "The reported revenues, aside from personal incomes, also include all other expenses. With that, it can be said that at present, a large majority of entertainers are having difficulty making ends meet."

* KRW$1 million = USD$836 (approx)

t/n: I know it doesn't specifically mention TVXQ members, but I think it's food for thought.

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So in USD the average is about 25k a year? I really don't think DBSK members should get that LOW.
The musical "Goong", which stars U-know Yunho as one of the main leads, achieved the record of selling out in 2 minutes, from the time sales started.

"Goong", the musical, received a lot of notice because of the server downtime for the ticketing service, which was a result of the crazy demand for tickets. Yesterday, on the 8th, the official website started the sale tickets at 9pm (KST). The tickets sold were for performances from 9 - 18 September.

For performances that Yunho will be starring in, tickets were sold out within 2 minutes of the start of sales. Also, the other performers received a warm response as well!

The organizers said, "Even excluding Korea, we have also received a flurry of overseas calls from people who couldn't get tickets, from Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The musical "Goong" have stirred the interest of overseas audiences towards Korean musicals and it is a chance and our hope that it will be an opportunity for us to showcase our ability in Korean musicals."

On the other hand, the musical "Goong" revolves around the princes Yunho and Kim Dong Ho and their love story with a high-school girl.

The second sale will begin on 13 July, 9PM (KST).

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Through their users voting, Recochoku did a survey to find out the "Summer Song Ranking". The voting period was from 22 June - 7 July. The total number of votes was 4,252.

■BEST☆Summer Song Ranking
1 - 「SUMMER SONG」YUI (2008)
2 - 「ポニーテールとシュシュ」AKB48 (2010)
3 - 「睡蓮花」湘南乃風 (2007)
4 - 「夏色」ゆず (1998)
6 - 「シャカビーチ~Laka Laka La~」UVERworld (2007)
7 - 「夏祭り」Whiteberry (2000)
8 - 「Summer Dream」東方神起 (2007)
9 - 「TSUNAMI」サザンオールスターズ (2000)
10 - 「夏の思い出」ケツメイシ (2003)

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“SM, 2.2 billions won of compensation from 3 people of TVXQ”

Reporter 1: Next news, TVXQ on trial.
Reporter 2: DBSK 3 members Hero Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun and Xiah Junsu of Dong Bang Shin Ki have been sued for 2.2 billion won by SME. SM director is claiming 2.2b won compensation for damages incured by the cosmetics business and the cancellation of a concert in Shenzhen. The exact amount of damages will increase this potential amount once the charges will be determined.
Reporter 1: It’s seems like they couldn’t get over it.
Reporter 2: Indeed. Last year, on the 31st July, TVXQ three members filed a disposition application against SME to terminate exclusive contract effect at the Seoul Central District Court. Last October, the Court issued an initial decision in favor of the three TVXQ members by allowing them to keep doing entertainment activities. Since then Micky Yoochun and the others members started their own activities. SM breaks down the possibility of dialogue and concluded to this lawsuit.
Reporter 1: The eventual disbandment of TVXQ and the activities cessation became a serious topic. I think that the lawsuit became concrete.
Reporter 2: TVXQ local activities were suspended but continued in Japan. But despite the album released earlier this year, the 5 members didn’t work at the same time. Japanese agency announced activities suspension that leads to a disband at the end, now that both sides’ position are so far. It was said that the 3 members would give a response as expected. Civil lawsuit takes usually more than 3 years to be established. Unless a dramatic reconciliation of TVXQ, it will be hard to see the 5 of them on stage.

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(KOCCA) The Korea Creative Content Agency has released their selected presentations for the “2010 Global Frontier Project”

The Culture and Tourism Department (Minister Yu In Chon) and KOCCA (Director Lee Jae Ung) released their selected presentations for professional volunteering field careers on July 8, 2010.

Movie: The Invincible
Musical: Overspeed Scandal
Game: TERA
Drama: SungKyunkwan Scandal
Cartoon: Oregon (GON), The Nut Job, Koreanosaurus 2: Spotted, Scan Contribution, Kaenimeol

The “Global Frontier Project” gathers dramas, games, and cartoons together, focusing on uncovering excellent work with the strategic objectives aimed towards the US and China markets. The US and China will progress into a five-step evaluation process, including an at-the-site screening. In the next 5 years, there is a sales estimate of 1 trillion Won that is expected to come with the selected works, becoming products that have a high level of international competitiveness.

Director Lee Jae Ung of KOCCA expresses: “The main emphasis with regards to the selection of these products is that they are compatible with this time’s market strategy that promises absolute success.”

(unrelated material omitted)

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Songwriter Kim HyungSuk expressed his satisfaction of working with JYJ (Xiah Junsu, Hero Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun) on their American album.

Kim HyungSuk recently posted on his Cyworld mini homepage, “Currently in America working with Kanye West and Rodney Jerkins. The results look good.”

Kim HyungSuk has decided to participate as the project producer for the DBSK trio’s album, targeting the Asian market. With the help of Kim HyungSuk, the three members will be working with Kanye West and Rodney Jerkins, among many other US hip-hop artists.

JYJ’s advancement will be helped greatly by Rodney Jerkins, just as he has worked with Se7en entering the US market in the past.

It has become known that Kim HyungSuk has worked with Rodney Jerkins in the past. As Jerkins has much interest in capable Asian artists, along with his relationship with Kim, he decided to join this project. Kim HyungSuk is currently in LA, working with JYJ on their album.

Meanwhile, Kim HyungSuk has been informing fans of the shocking cultural differences while working with people from a foreign country.

Kim HyungSuk stated, “It feels like we’re heading for a utopia, as we don’t have a demo or any base. These people (Kanye West and others) think of themselves as artists, so all my hard work was like playing to them.” He continued, “These singers that don’t listen to a word I say get on stage and give a great performance, so it’s awkward trying to scold them. Any bad feelings seemed to have melted like snow, and I feel like I should toss them up and compliment them… I’m still a long way away.”

According to a spokesperson from JYJ’s side, they are currently working on the album, aiming for an August release. Overseas album sales will be handled by a well-known album distributor.

JYJ still has their debacle with SM Entertainment to handle this coming 25th.

Source: Yang Seung Jun
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On the "Thanks to" portion of D-NA's "Awake" mini-album, one of the members, Karam, wrote:

D-NA’s first mini album..
Because it’s an album that’s full of hard-work
Please give us much love
To someone who’s making me walk this way [as a singer]
I respect senior Jung Yunho
I’m a little boy for my father and mother
But I will work harder to be a great kid
Please stay tuned. I love you

This is probably the third time Karam spoke about leader-shi. And yes, there are a lot who dislike them because they keep mentioning our boys and would seem like a strategy to get the attention of the K-pop world. But, honestly...I really think these kids are just simply fanboys of TVXQ. The way they talk about them is more like our boys are their inspiration and role models. So, please, no bashing.

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It’s a known fact that Kim Hyun Joong and Keyeast have been in constant consultations for the leading man role in Playful Kiss with the production company, Group Eight recently. And while there’s still the formality of signing a contract, it’s verbally confirmed/decided and an official statement will be issued soon.

The drama which will be based on the popular manga series, Itazura na Kiss with some changes has already been adapted as dramas in Japan and Taiwan.

Hyun Joong had faced compeition from the likes of CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa and TVXQ’s Changmin but the former got the nod in the end.

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Group SS501's Kim Hyun Joong has been chosen as the final lead for 'It started with a kiss' / 'Mischievous kiss'.

Kim Hyun Joong's side Keyeast has revealed that they successfully finished discussions with the drama's production company Group Eight recently. However, although Kim Hyun Joong has not had signed the papers with Group Eight, they have finished and confirmed his partake in the drama. In awhile more, Group Eight will be releasing official notice of this.
To Kim Hyun Joong's participation in this drama, he has been on a fiery go with many other strong rivals right until the end, with considered nominees like CN Blue's Jung Yong Hwa and DBSG's ChangMin. Though ChangMin was the final consideration along side Kim Hyun Joong right until the final decision, and that his agency SM Entertainment did meet up with Group Eight with quite a keen stand, MBC's production company has finally taken a firm stand with Kim Hyun Joong as the choice for male protagonist.

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Why didn't Changmin get it? Who wouldn't want to see his usual snarky Min!
But congrats to Hyun Joong for getting it... *bitter*
So finally I am able to calm down enough to write this fan account of running to JYJ (and staff) at a restaurant yesterday (July 7th, around 3pm in the afternoon) in Korea Town here in Los Angeles. I don’t know about all of you, but prior to running into them I’ve had this nagging worry in the back of my head ever since the news of Park Yong-ha’s suicide and Junsu’s visit to the ER, and seeing them with my own eyes brought such tremendous relief, even though I still feel both the grief and joy watching them grow and mature in the past year, but I digress: I am going to keep this fan account strictly to what I observed yesterday and I am going to post another article that’s specifically for detailing the emotional journey inspired by witnessing the amazing talents of these five, especially with the turmoils since last year. If you are interested to view this article named “Even Cassies Have Had to Grow Up, Too”, I will include a link to a page at the end of this fan account (It is not going to be a blog by itself. it’s just something that I will set up to post this one article only. It’s kind of long so I am not sure if it’s going to be shared here at this site, by the way. Thanks for all the hard work for keeping us in touch! Please feel free to let me know if you want to post both or just this fan account. It’s cool either way.)

Anyhow, lets get down to business. So yesterday afternoon around 2:30pm I was close to K-town and wanted to grab a quick bite from a trip to the supermarket deli, yet as I drove there (I was already in the parking lot), I all of sudden changed my mind and decided to go to another restaurant down the street. Instead of picking up food, I thought I deserved an actual sit-down meal, even if just a short one, to cheer myself up since I woke up feeling really sad. Due to this sad mood, when I walked into the restaurant, I was rather absent-minded. I did notice, however, that the waitress that usually was very friendly and quick to point me to a seat seemed rather distracted, and kept speaking to me in Korean without letting me know where to sit. I was slightly confused since I didn’t speak Korean. As she was speaking to me from behind the counter, out of my peripheral vision, I knew right next to me near the entrance was this big group of patrons who occupied two tables, but I didn’t pay any attention to them. I just wanted to find a seat that was on the corner of the restaurant so that I could sit down with my book to hide and console myself with a good meal. I stood pretty close to that big group of patrons, and as I was trying to get a hint from the older Korean waitress a sense of where to go (very nice ajumma by the way: I’ve always liked her) I moved several times, each time just a couple of steps since I was unsure of where to go, around that big group of people (I think around 8-10), trying to gauge where I wanted to sit. That took a couple of minutes. In hindsight, I realized that I was probably less than one feet away from all three of them at one point, but I didn’t realize that at the time, and again I am jumping ahead of myself. (BUT HOW CAN YOU NOT BE EXCITED, HUH? I AM STILL IN SHOCK!)

Anyhow, I quickly spotted this table at the corner of the restaurant. The restaurant wasn’t very big, and all the tables were aligned in one direction, except for the one that I picked for myself. I hadn’t even noticed that table before from my previous trips to the restaurant: it was strangely positioned in a way that it had the whole view of the place (meaning that instead of being part of the rows of tables, it was not included in those rows and stood separately on its own at the corner, hence offering a great view of the entire place without me having to turn my head if I sat with my back to the wall.) I picked that table because, ironically enough, I wanted some space from everyone and I did choose to sit with my back against the wall since I didn’t want anyone behind me. I sat down, let out a breath, and thought to myself “oh thank God” since I was feeling so very antisocial and tired from my day already, and that was when I heard a voice that I thought really familiar to me so I looked up: when I looked up, I thought I saw the profile of someone who looked incredibly like Yoochun. At that instant, all the blood must have gone to my face as I felt this tremendous heat rush EXPLODED in my body and I almost fell of the chair. I quickly looked down because I didn’t want to look like I was crazy and I wanted to take a deep breath to compose myself (HOLY SHIT, AM I HALLUCINATING?) but I quickly looked up again (HOW CAN YOU NOT?) and did a double take: WAH WAH WAH WAH WAH IT WAS YOOCHUN BECAUSE, BECAUSE RIGHT NEXT TO HIM WAS SOMEONE WHO LOOKED LIKE JUNSU! HOLY JESUS SWEET MOTHER OF GOD!! THERE CAN’T POSSIBLY TWO LOOK ALIKES ALL AT THE SAME TIME?! RIGHT?! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I still want to scream!!! IT’S JYJ RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY EYES!!!)

But at the same, I took another deep breath as I realized that these are some super sharp sensitive people because it was like they had eyes on the back of their heads: I mean Junsu and Yoochun. As shocked/excited as I was, I am pretty positive that all that I let out was a sharp intake of breath and a few seconds of intense staring just to verify what my eyes were seeing (you know that sensation that you couldn’t believe your own eyes, like the brain was just not capable of registering what was happening....I mean, I LOVE these boys! I watch them every morning on my laptop before I go to work! I watch them when I get home after work! I know the details of all of their TV shows like the back of my hand and listen to their music in the car! But, but......what was I seeing? THEM!!!!! WAAAAAH THE WORLD HAD STOP TO MAKE SENSE IN THE MOST CRAZY AND WONDERFUL WAY.) Yet as intense as I was feeling, I am usually also pretty good at keeping things internal when I need to so I was surprised how quickly Yoochun and Junsu turned to survey the corner where I was sitting like they picked up something. They eyes simply surveyed the corner and didn’t linger more than a second which didn’t surprise me: of course I feel like I’ve known them forever and to them I am just a complete stranger, and in a way I was glad to see how alert they were. It was less than a second that they glanced towards my direction before they focused back on their meal (yet enough to scare the crap out of me because I didn’t want to make them feel uncomfortable. I mean, I can completely understand why fangirls chase them down and want a piece of them, and at the same time my heart aches a little for the lack of privacy they suffer and it pleases me so to know that they could enough a meal without people gawking at them, so I really tried to refrain myself.)
At that point, it was obvious that Yoochun was really comfortable with the waitress apparently, since he tilted his head to ask for the waitress to bring him something in Korean. (The waitress at this point had completely forgotten my existence. I had to wait for a long time and finally rang the bell before she came to get my order, but really, I seriously don’t have any complaints.) The way he asked for her attention was very young-ish, like an adorable child (but of course he’s a young man now) and at that instant I could really FEEL how and why he was so popular and captured the hearts of so many, despite how casually dressed he was at that moment (Here’s another funny thing. Just yesterday morning before I left for work I was watching this video clip of the boys being interviewed by Mnet, and they were being asked who was the most poorly dressed offscreen and the boys said: “Yoochun” and proceeded to describe how, when offscreen, Yoochun usually dressed in sweats and Yoochun, in his defense, replied that was because he wanted to be able to practice anywhere when he wanted to. And lord and behold: what did I see him wear when I ran into them? A simply gray T-shirt and black sports shorts/knee length and, ding ding ding, SANDALS! LOL! Those you hardcore fans know what I am talking about: true to his word, this was the guy who tried and pushed the limit and wore his sandals into the winter season in Japan. Guess it worked out well for him that it was warm in LA right now. :) Of the three, he definitely was the most casually dressed, with his hair pulled back into a very cute teeny tiny short ponytail (lots of bobby pins involved) and no makeup, but to those of you who are Yoochun biased: no, that doesn’t take away his star quality WHATSOEVER. It seemed to me that Yoochun, out of the three, perhaps felt the need to withdraw the most when faced with the things or people that he didn’t know or feel comfortable with. His facial expressions changed subtly yet informed varying degrees of pulling back quite well: I felt like I could sense the so very sensitive soul that really needed a sense of needed protection underneath this occasional aloofness. Since they were constantly in the public eye, and for any sensitive person that meant a tremendous amount of incoming energy on a daily basis, I can only imagine his need for some space. I don’t want to digress too much but allow me to say that I felt like I observed this tendency in all three of them: this brilliant and shining opening of their being when faced towards one another (you could really feel the love oh it’s SO REAL) that just takes your breath away (some serious charm), and the need to distance and protect oneself from the endless spotlight that did not turn off even as they stopped performing on stage, so of course they needed to shield themselves somewhat. From that perspective, I could really appreciate every part of Yoochun even as he appeared a little more aloof than the rest (in my opinion) and put his back up a bit more than the other two. (I would never forget how he cried for his brother and himself on YSMM. Beautiful. Certainly showed a very sensitive and caring soul that needs privacy and space in order to feel safe and blossom, and boy did he show us his talents during these years.)
But Junsu, ah Junsu was entirely another story (but as I said, I observed that tendency in all three of them: just perhaps least in Junsu, and as a matter of fact I think it’s something all celebrities must learn in order to cope with their fame, but let me shut up about this already, sorry ladies. I know you are dying to hear more about the actual details so here it comes.) Since I felt self-conscious to keep staring, I did look down at my book and I tried to act normal so that they could continue to enjoy their meal without interruption. There were very few patrons in the restaurant as it was already 3pm in the afternoon, and the few tables that knew who they were kept their distance as well, but friendly. I did, however, OPENED UP MY EARS SO BIG so I could feel into what was going on at the other table. And truth be told, there was no way to miss Junsu’s raspy voice anywhere you went. Kya kya kya kya kya it brought me up joy to hear his exuberant voice and occasional laughter. (OH THANK GOD HE SEEMS RECOVERED). Even though I didn’t know what they were saying exactly, but the intonation felt very cheerful, with some fatigue mixed in perhaps, but overall it really felt so very sweet. They were relatively quiet, but I recognized all of their voices (I was the one who had trouble breathing) and it was SO NICE to feel their energy: peaceful, familiar, with a true feeling of family thrown in there because of the natural intimacy that you could pick up from being around them. It was really amazing. I was SO HAPPY to see Junsu looking so well (the boy was well dressed! He had on some kind of informal gray suit jacket and I don’t remember what else he was wearing....sorry ladies....his face was so adorable that I couldn’t focus on anything else. I think he had some makeup on and his hair was styled....ah Charisma Junsu-san. Yep, you sure can intoxicate as many as you want now......)
BUT! BUT! YOU HAVE TO UNDERSTAND! I AM COMPLETELY, TOTALLY, 100% JAEJOONG BIASED! (Although I really, truly, sincerely love ALL FIVE and I pay great attention to them all. NOTHING is going to stop me from going to SM TOWN Live this Sep, not even my hatred for SM: I LOVE HOMIN and that’s what counts. I will support them any way I can.) So, I was anxious to find Jaejoong (Yoochun and Junsu sat with their profile towards my direction so I could see them VERY WELL and CLEAR every time I looked up, but I didn’t see Jaejoong right away.) Turned out that he was sitting across from from Junsu at the opposite end of the table and the person sitting next to Yoochun was blocking my view and I had to maneuver a bit to get a glimpse of Jaejoong and MY GOD HE WAS BEAUTIFUL. He is truly blessed with exceptional beauty. From the distance you see great his skin was and how delicate his facial features were.....aaaah I could faint. I didn’t want to look too intently so I tried to find him without being too obvious, yet just like the other two, he was really, really, very sensitive and knew what was going on around him quite well, although you could tell that he was probably used to people gawking at him (which, again, hurts my heart a little although I am really happy that he finally got what he wanted when he was younger: I’d never forget his honest admission of wanting popularity on X-man during “Of Course” with Changmin.....Ah I miss my soul fighters....T_T). So, I tried to look away quickly whenever I looked up for a glance of him (I think at one point he looked at my direction again like he sensed something and we had one second of eye contact like I did with the other two, although they certainly weren’t looking at me but merely surveying the environment......BUT SURE YOU KNOW HOW SHOCKING THAT WAS TO MY SYSTEM.....oh bless my heart it’s still beating so fast.) However, at another point, (WAHWAHWAH I FEEL SO LUCKY) the staff people sat next to Yoochun got up and went to the bathroom so it was WIDE OPEN between Jaejoong and I, meaning that it was a CLEAR VIEW (since he was sitting at the opposite end of the table, that meant I wasn’t seeing his profile. I was looking at him DIRECTLY.) Jaejoong looked sad, I won’t lie, but occasionally he would smile this most tender, genuine smile that just melted your heart when the two or staff spoke to him. I swear, I would never forget that moment when his face went from this somewhat forlorn expression to this beautiful blossoming of a smile. It was one of the most beautiful sights I’ve seen, (and yes, I know, he’s just a human being as well but so am I, so projection really is inevitable here, hee hee.) This continued for a while, my looking down and looking back up and looking down and looking back up and keeping my ears wide open to capture everything (meanwhile my food was served yet I kid you not, my hand was shaking a little and I felt so stupid and tried to hold it steady.) Eventually, they got up to leave. I had told myself that I would look up fast enough when Jaejoong stood up to see his whole person, yet I tell you! That boy FLEW OR SOMETHING!!! As I heard the chairs rustling I looked up and Jaejoong was already out of the door (WHAT? WHAT? NOOOOOOOOOOO!), while Junsu and Yoochun lingered at the table for a long time. I was sad, but, guess what? The restaurant had glass walls so, YEP LADIES, I could still see Jaejoong through the glass wall......and, if you don’t think this is the longest, most boringest fanaccount in the world so far......I do have more to tell you. Ah God have mercy, they stood outside the restaurant for a while to chat before they got in their vans, and you know what it also meant?
It meant that I WAS FREE TO GAWK NOW THAT THEY WERE OUTSIDE!!! WAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Lord have mercy indeed!!!
So, I will be back, with Part 2 tomorrow, and as promised, the link to the article, “Even Cassies Have Had to Grow Up, Too, “ and I hope you like it. Bless our boys. They seemed well, at least for the moment, and I know that soothed my heart, as I continue to appreciate all the joy that they’ve brought into my life. Who knew such inspiration could come from following a boy band? I wouldn’t have believed you if not for DBSK!!! So, ATKF, ladies....see you tomorrow!

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I don't know how to credit this because I just saw it at adorechun@tumblr so I'll just put it as tagged and credit to the tumblr owner :)

Because my own phone needs 240*400 I made these myself and I want to share it with you guys with the same phone format as me :)


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(2010.7.8) JJY Official Update

To celebrate the chosen of Junsu / Jejung / Yuchun as Lotte Duty Free Shop Model,

“Junsu/Jejung/Yuchun 2010 LOTTE premier event 2010 IN Seoul” has been decided!

The information below will give information regarding our tour guidance.

“Junsu/Jejung/Yuchun 2010 LOTTE premier event 2010 IN Seoul”

Application: July 09 (Fri) 18:00 start (scheduled)
For more information, please check the details on our following tour websites

☆ Tour Details:

A course: 9/3(Fri) ~ 9/5(Sun) // B course: 9/3(Fri) ~ 9/6(Mon)

*Tour Points*
1. Mini Concert consisting of 4 songs!
2. A fun talkshow & games by Junsu, Jejung, and Yuchun!
3. Plus! they will hand you an autographed gift! *you can’t choose the member
4. 10,000 yen LOTTE DUTY FREE! vouchers!

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

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It was revealed on 6 July that the Korean popular group Tohoshinki's "dream song" will be released in DVD. The song [With All My Heart~君が踊る、夏~], which is the theme song for the movie [君が踊る、夏~] (t/n: The Summer You Danced) (airing 11 September, directed by Katsuki Hideyuki), will be included in the video digest, a dream project that comes along with advance sales of tickets to the movie.

The DVD, that comes with advance tickets, [The Summer You Danced, Special Digest~Tohoshinki Full Song Included~], will start selling from 10AM on 15 July at Lawson's multimedia terminal [Loopi]. The DVD with tickets cost ¥2,000 and the DVD alone costs ¥1,000.

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As part of the 10th year anniversary of their establishment in the club group, label avex・rhythm zone have teamed up with DJ- KAYA. With the J-DANCE(J-POP×DANCE) genre as their core, the project [JAPANATION] was formed to pursue new possibilities in Japanese music. On 7 July, the day that the project was launched, a compilation CD was also released.

Included in the CD are tracks from the dawn of Japan’s dance music by the likes of [TRF] and [globe], to new hit songs from popular artists like [EXILE], {Ayumi Hamasaki] [KODA KUMI], [Tohoshinki] and [m-flo].


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The making scene for the drama [SungKyunKwan Scandal] has been revealed for the first time!

On the 8th, the PR agency in charge of the drama released a photo from the making scenes of the drama, which shows Tohoshinki's Yuchun (real name: Park Yoochun), Park Min Young, Yu Ah In and Song Joong Gi.

In this photo, Yuchun plays the smart Lee Seon Joon, who is a man of principle. There's also Park Min Young, who has big eyes, and has the bright and intelligent image, and Kim Yoon Hui, who cross-dresses as a man to enter SungKyunKwan.

Song Joong Gi, who acts as Yu Yong Ha, was dressed in a brilliant costume, depicting a playboy during the Joseon Dynasty. Yu Ah In plays the sharp-eyed and wild Moon Jae Shin and including Kim Yoon Hui, these 3 good-looking scholars maintain a delicate balance.

[SungKyunKwan Scandal], which is a love comedy that depicts the noisy and boisterous lives of these scholars, is scheduled to start airing in August.

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Official poster for musical "Goong" [Group 8]

The musical adaptation of hit TV series "Goong" will show overseas next year, according to the musical's producer Group 8 on Wednesday.

Park Rae-hyun, a PR official from Group 8 told 10Asia over the phone that producers will take the show to countries outside of Asia, starting with Japan, in January 2010.

He added that the company has yet to decide on the official dates and locations for its overseas run -- details for its showing throughout South Korea will be set first.

In Seoul, the musical will run at the National Museum of Korea from September 8 to October 24 and continue on into other provinces in the country until the end of the year.

U-Know Yunho, Kim Dong-ho and RUN will play the lead crown prince role of Lee Shin and actresses Gwak Sun-young and Shin Eui-jung will take over the role of the tomboyish Chae-kyeong.

"Goong," originally based on the best selling comic series of the same name, is about an average high-school girl marrying a royal prince in 21st century Korea, which is in fiction a monarchical country.

It was adapted for the small screen in 2006 and was a huge hit in the country recording viewership ratings in the high 30 percent mark and turning the two leads, Yoon Eun-hye and Joo Ji-hoon, into household names.

The drama was sold to 23 countries including China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan and the United States, creating a Hallyu craze among the fans, particularly in Asia.

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Only Asia? I hope they go to US too.. I'll go!!

Please always keep your YunJae love.
YunJae are really thankful to you

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