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It was revealed on 6 July that the Korean popular group Tohoshinki's "dream song" will be released in DVD. The song [With All My Heart~君が踊る、夏~], which is the theme song for the movie [君が踊る、夏~] (t/n: The Summer You Danced) (airing 11 September, directed by Katsuki Hideyuki), will be included in the video digest, a dream project that comes along with advance sales of tickets to the movie.

The DVD, that comes with advance tickets, [The Summer You Danced, Special Digest~Tohoshinki Full Song Included~], will start selling from 10AM on 15 July at Lawson's multimedia terminal [Loopi]. The DVD with tickets cost ¥2,000 and the DVD alone costs ¥1,000.

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As part of the 10th year anniversary of their establishment in the club group, label avex・rhythm zone have teamed up with DJ- KAYA. With the J-DANCE(J-POP×DANCE) genre as their core, the project [JAPANATION] was formed to pursue new possibilities in Japanese music. On 7 July, the day that the project was launched, a compilation CD was also released.

Included in the CD are tracks from the dawn of Japan’s dance music by the likes of [TRF] and [globe], to new hit songs from popular artists like [EXILE], {Ayumi Hamasaki] [KODA KUMI], [Tohoshinki] and [m-flo].


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The making scene for the drama [SungKyunKwan Scandal] has been revealed for the first time!

On the 8th, the PR agency in charge of the drama released a photo from the making scenes of the drama, which shows Tohoshinki's Yuchun (real name: Park Yoochun), Park Min Young, Yu Ah In and Song Joong Gi.

In this photo, Yuchun plays the smart Lee Seon Joon, who is a man of principle. There's also Park Min Young, who has big eyes, and has the bright and intelligent image, and Kim Yoon Hui, who cross-dresses as a man to enter SungKyunKwan.

Song Joong Gi, who acts as Yu Yong Ha, was dressed in a brilliant costume, depicting a playboy during the Joseon Dynasty. Yu Ah In plays the sharp-eyed and wild Moon Jae Shin and including Kim Yoon Hui, these 3 good-looking scholars maintain a delicate balance.

[SungKyunKwan Scandal], which is a love comedy that depicts the noisy and boisterous lives of these scholars, is scheduled to start airing in August.

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Official poster for musical "Goong" [Group 8]

The musical adaptation of hit TV series "Goong" will show overseas next year, according to the musical's producer Group 8 on Wednesday.

Park Rae-hyun, a PR official from Group 8 told 10Asia over the phone that producers will take the show to countries outside of Asia, starting with Japan, in January 2010.

He added that the company has yet to decide on the official dates and locations for its overseas run -- details for its showing throughout South Korea will be set first.

In Seoul, the musical will run at the National Museum of Korea from September 8 to October 24 and continue on into other provinces in the country until the end of the year.

U-Know Yunho, Kim Dong-ho and RUN will play the lead crown prince role of Lee Shin and actresses Gwak Sun-young and Shin Eui-jung will take over the role of the tomboyish Chae-kyeong.

"Goong," originally based on the best selling comic series of the same name, is about an average high-school girl marrying a royal prince in 21st century Korea, which is in fiction a monarchical country.

It was adapted for the small screen in 2006 and was a huge hit in the country recording viewership ratings in the high 30 percent mark and turning the two leads, Yoon Eun-hye and Joo Ji-hoon, into household names.

The drama was sold to 23 countries including China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan and the United States, creating a Hallyu craze among the fans, particularly in Asia.

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Only Asia? I hope they go to US too.. I'll go!!

Please always keep your YunJae love.
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"Dong Bang Shin Ki"
Start activities again!!!


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Yunho's words (starting around 0:06)

みんな 浮気はダメだよっ!
Minna uwakiwa dame dayotsu !
Everyone, please be faithful! (support me always)


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Is it just me or does Yoochun loves to lie down in this drama
*bricked by Chunnie* kekekek ^___^

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