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well, I think it isn't some kind of photoshop made by fans right?
if it's wrong just warn me please!^^~

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Though these shots are basically the same as the previous post, I just wanted to share this to all of you since these are larger and more high quality photos. In case you guys wanna save it and all ;)

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BIGLOBE MUSIC News Article Access Ranking (Survey Period 100101-100630):

#6. Tohoshinki Junsu/Jejung/Yuchun's rush of viewers to live feed!
#7. Tohoshinki's Jejunuiku! (Jejung Week)

BIGLOBE MUSIC Keyword Search Ranking (Survey Period 100101-100630):

#1. Tohoshinki

During the first half of the year, the main center of interest was Honey L Days (television drama effects) and Tohoshinki. At BIGLOBE MUSIC, the rankings for the first half of 2010 were released.

Not only did the theme song for the television drama "Sunao Ni Narenakute" earn second place, it made it to three other positions. On the other hand, the ranking for the keyword search shows that the visitors of BIGLOBE MUSIC chose Tohohshinki as first.

The selling of the Best Selection Album during February and people who wanted to see their Lives have appeared on BIGLOBE MUSIC many times before, in addition to news relating to their suspension of activities. Recently, with Jejung being involved with his television drama, the amount of searches for Tohoshinki have dramatically increased.

(unrelated materials omitted)

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*1 112,724 Nishino Kana

*2 *86,840 Bank Band



*5 *55,919 the HIATUS

*6  *51,533 Girls Dead Monster

*7 *30,140 Acid Black Cherry

*8  *28,600 Hara Yuko

*9 *24,901 Shibasaki Kou

*10 *21,695 Makihara Noriyuki

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There is a saying that all popular Korean actors are “good singers”. In Korea, Yoon Sang-Hyun is also one of those stars, with his daily TV drama [My Wife Is Superwoman], that made a big hit, breaking records of over 30% viewership ratings.

Hailed as the “Kimura Takuya of Korea” because of his looks, Yoon Sang-Hyun, who was also an aspiring singer from the start, sang the song [Never Ending Story] in the same drama, charming viewers with his impressive vocal talent. On the day it was released in Korea, it became the number one topic on various music charts.

Following that, in March this year, he made his long-desired debut as a singer in Japan with the cover of Yasushi Nakanishi’s song [最後の雨] (t/n: Saigo no Ame/LAST RAIN). He also released his second single [誓い] (t/n: Chikai/Oath) recently, gaining further momentum as a singer. Besides Sang-Hyun, a lot of actors sing OSTs for dramas, sing songs that they are proud of to the fans that attend fansign events in Japan, and it seems like being good at singing is becoming one of the prerequisites to become a popular actor.

Also, as opposed to “actors who are good at singing” like Sang-Hyun, the Korean entertainment industry is growing such that there is an increase in “singers who can act”. Recently, KPOP artists have been advancing in Japan in succession and there have been many singers who pursue their acting careers concurrently with their singing careers. Tohoshinki’s Jejung acted in the Japanese drama 「素直になれなくて」 (t/n: Sunao ni narenakute/Hard to say I love you) (Fuji TV) and the drama [No Limit~地面にヘディング~] (t/n: No Limit~Jimen ni hedingu~/No Limit~Heading to the ground), in which Yunho starred as the lead actor, achieved #1 on the Oricon DVD Ranking for dramas.

BIGBANG’s T.O.P was also selected as the main cast for the drama [IRIS] (TBS) and the movie [Into the fire], which is currently airing. Also, from FTIsland, who made their major debut in Japan in May, Lee Hongki’s [You're Beautiful], SS501′s Kim Hyunjoong’s [花より男子~Boys Over Flowers] (t/n: Hana yori dango); from SNSD, who will make their Japanese debut in August, Yoona’s [You're My Destiny] and [Cinderella Man]; all of these became hits.

They can sing, dance and even act. The advancement of such talented Korean stars is unstoppable. [Try Works]

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[Tohoshinki Sings The Theme Song]

With activities currently suspended, Tohoshinki’s latest song “With All My Heart ~Kimi Ga Odoru, Natsu” will be the theme song of the movie “Kimi Ga Odoru, Natsu”, and will open nation-wide (in Japan) on 11 September.

Based on a true story about youthful hope, fresh actors like Junpei Mizobata, Kinami Haruka, Shunji Igarashi, Ayane Oomori and DAIGO have been casted as well as talented actors like Tatsuya Fujiwara, Takashima Masahiro, Miyagiki Yoshiko and Reiko Takashima, to create a deeply emotional piece of work.


Shinpei was part of the Yokosai team [Ichimujin] (which means to do your best in the Tosa dialect). Although he had a lover, the company of friends and loving parents, for the sake of his dream to become a professional cameraman, he decided to leave his home town.

He spends his days aiming to become a professional cameraman. However, while being worked to death, Shinpei gradually loses his confidence. One day, his mother contacts him to say that she has been hospitalized, causing him to make his way back home for the first time in 5 years…

[Official homepage for the movie "The Summer You Danced"]

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

[TRANS] 100706 SM-Congressman Jo Moon Hwan Vow To ‘Protect Celebrities’ Rights And Interests’

Entertainment agency SM Entertainment and Congressman Jo Moon Hwan of the Grand National Party have joined hands to protect celebrities’ rights and interests.

On the 6th at 9am KST, a ‘Proclamation Ceremony for the Establishment of a Developing Contract Relationship in the Entertainment Industry’ was held in Room 128 in the National Assembly Congressional Hall. This ceremony was attended by Congressman Jo Moon Hwan (State Affairs Committee), SM CEO Kim Young Min, and Girls Generation in order to protect the rights and interests of celebrities as well as to ensure that a mutual trust exists between entertainment agencies and celebrities.

This proclamation ceremony was attended by Congressman Jo Moon Hwan, SM Entertainment and Girls Generation in the hopes of creating a sound environment to create and maintain an expanding contract relationship in the entertainment industry.

Congressman Jo Moon Hwan has been criticizing the contract relationships between celebrities and entertainment agencies since the last parliamentary inspection of the administration till now, and through rigorous inspections of small and large entertainment agencies, demanded that unlawful clauses, such as those which violate personal privacy, be removed.

SM stated, “Over the past months, SM has been holding numerous discussions with Congressman Jo Moon Hwan to protect the rights and interests of celebrities as well as aid in the development of the entertainment industry,” and “A conclusion was made that SM has developed a contract that reflects the reality of the entertainment industry and focuses on the protection of the celebrities’ rights and interest, and this contract has been implemented with SM’s celebrities and trainees.”

SM and Congressman Jo Moon Hwan will continue to converse on the matters of contract relationships between celebrities and entertainment agencies in the future.

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More trans/news under the cut

[TRANS] 100706 SM CEO Kim Young Min States, “We Will Become The Forerunners In Solving Contract Issues”

Kim Young Min, CEO of SM Entertainment, stated, “It’s unfortunate that because of a certain chain of events and several reports, the relationship between agencies and celebrities is becoming distorted,” and “We will become the forerunners in solving contract issues.”

CEO Kim stated this when he attended the ‘Proclamation Ceremony for the Establishment of a Developing Contract Relationship in the Entertainment Industry’ that was held on the 6th.

CEO Kim stated, “All entertainment agencies will have celebrities who rise to fame or die out. All of them tried to make their dreams come true and it was and is the entertainment agency who provides the celebrities an environment to do so.”

He continued to say, “We are stuck in a frame that forces us to choose between personal interests and business, human rights and the economy,” and “In order to achieve a dream, a promise is made between agencies and celebrities in the form of a contract. We should not have to choose between personal rights and business. We are participating in this project in order to find ways to help the Hallyu Wave, and create an economy that protects the rights of celebrities as much as possible.“

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[TRANS] 100706 Kim Tae Hyung “Seven Years For Celebrity Contracts Is Too Short”

Former singer Kim Tae Hyung, director of the Korean Entertainment Production Committee, criticized that a seven year limit on celebrity contracts is not realistic.

Director Kim Tae Hyung attended the ‘The Results and Measures to Develop the Celebrity Standard Contract After One Year of Implementation’ meeting as part of the panel and stated, “It is not realistic to set a limit of seven years on celebrity contracts.”

He stated, “If the standard contract is followed, a trainee has to pay back the investment made to them by the entertainment agency in 2~3 years,” and “But this is impossible. Putting overseas expansion into consideration, the limited number of years for a contract should be lengthened.”

He also explained that, “Of course, the Fair Trade Committee has stated that a renewal of a contract is possible after seven years but this too is unrealistic,” and “When seven years pass, celebrities do not think about the past or their beginning, they only think about the present. That is why the worth that they demand for their work increases dramatically.”

He continued to say, “Not all singers can produce hit songs, so will all celebrities really be able to repay their agencies for all the investments put into them?”

Director Kim then continued to criticize each and every ambiguous expression in the standard contract.

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My reaction.... YEAH RIGHT.
"If they have signed a contract, celebrities must keep that promise"

Singer Kangta has stressed that celebrities, not only entertainment agencies, must be held responsible for problems in contract relationships in the entertainment industry.

Kangta attended the meeting held at 10 am KST at Room 128 in the National Assembly Congressional Hall. The meeting, named 'The Results and Measures to Develop the Celebrity Standard Contract After One Year of Implementation', was held to talk of the use and problems of the stand celebrity contract as well as ways to improve the situation in the entertainment industry.

Kangta stated his opinions on the development of the standard contract based on his own experiences as a celebrity.

Kangta stated, "Because the mentality of 'A celebrity who has broken a promise once, will probably do it again.' exists, I hope that people reflect deeply on the consequences before they sign a contract. And when they do sign a contract, they must keep that promise."

Regarding the relationship between celebrities and entertainment agencies, Kangta stated, "I don't think that celebrities and agencies are in an employer-employee relationship or a 'master an servant' relationship. I personally think that from the moment a contract is signed, the two become partners who complement each other."

He also said, "No matter how many clauses are in a contract, if there is no trust as partners between the two sides, that contract will not benefit either side," and "I hope that agencies lead celebrities to the right path, not only as celebrities but as a partner in business. And when these celebrities fall for temptation is goes astray, I urge agencies to become advisers and lead celebrities back to the right path."

Kangta stated, "Contracts should be signed and created based on each individual's situation and plans," and pointed out that contracts need to become more detailed to match each person.

He also said, "It is not sensible to choose a set contract period and ignore each person's situation. It would be better for all if each individual was given a contract that fitted their individual circumstances and situations."

Kangta first entered the entertainment industry as a member of HOT in 1996 and has since worked with SM Entertainment without changing entertainment agencies for the past 15 years.

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According to Interpark, Goong tickets for September 9 (8:00 p.m.), September 10 (8:00 p.m.) and September 19(7 p.m.) are already SOLD OUT! You can imagine Korean fans' reactions at not even having a chance to buy Yunho's opening night tickets for September 9. (tickets probably went to the Japanese tour package)

It seems Goong tickets will be sold in segments starting July 8 at 9:00 p.m.

According to Goong homepage:

VIP seats = 100,000 won
OP seats = 90,000 won
R seats = 80,000 won
S seats = 60,000 won (according to Interpark, students with proper ID can get 30% discount for S seats only)

Goong Running Time is 120 minutes which includes intermission

Show Times: Monday, No Shows
Tues-Fri, 8:00 p.m.
Sat., Sun, 3:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.

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Wow! Japan fans are so quick!....hope that some Korean fans will still be able to find tickets.
World Wide Flashmob in Japan - Tokyo

And in Nagoya ~

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*Well, since I read some comments asking about the flashmob, I'd like to explain that these are the videos from TVXQ World Wide Flashmob , that happened on July 4th at 12:26 all around the world.


well... since someone commented XD Yes it's the same group and the same me leading ^^~we made it 2 times, so this is the second time! =]

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Prince Yunho... *melts*

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OMG. Yunjae....i so miss them.

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heart skips a beat while uploading ~~~only yunho can do that. kekekke^__^

that natural model. awww!

i'm DEAD! xD

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Musical ‘Goong’, a musical work about unique fantasy setting of 2010 Republic of Korea constitutional monarchy system, unveiled its official poster teaser today on the 5th before the first opening ticket sale is opened on July 8th.

When U-Know Yunho arrived at the studio on the photographing day before the shooting started, he politely greeted every single staffs, also throughout the filming he was so concentrated and sincere as he often checked the photographing results. Only with his presence, he made his surroundings warm. “There are many medals making the Crown Prince outfit heavy. I would like to give all these medals to the staffs who have been having a hard time.” he said in his prince-like wit, lead the whole set in pleasant atmosphere.

In the last press conference of Musical ‘Goong’, more than 300 local and foreign reporters attended, giving a heated coverage and wide enough spotlight on the musical work. The musical’s teaser website which was also opened since last month, attracted so many local and foreign netizens that made the website server temporarily down. On the 5th the official website ( is officially opened while the ticket reservation is scheduled to open on the 8th through Interpark at 21:00.

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Heading To The Ground Buyer Event held in Tokyo and Kobe had ended successfully!!
Yunho seems to be very happy to be able to meet his fans after a long time ♪
In Kobe, the kissing scene story became a great climax (laughs)
Thank you so much for your huge enthusiasm!

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More summaries from first and second events besides the "Yunho was really great, cool, cute, nice", etc.

Event was about 90 minutes but fans thought it was way too short and time passed by too fast.

Yunho did three short dances-moonwalk, some step from MJ concert and finally a short dance part from smooth criminal. He was going to do only one but the fans started going crazy so he did the second dance then they went even more crazy so he did a little part from smooth criminal to which fans went beserk.

There were male fans in the audience and Yunho must have seen/heard them so he asked if there were male fans. Male fans shouted out yes and Yunho was really happy. A male fan account said that he was in 11th row and could see Yunho really well. Haha he was fanboying and he said he couldn't calm down from the excitement even though event was over. He said at the end, Yunho told the audience "Don't cheat (on me)" and made a peace sign. (I'm impressed that male fans were willing to spend so much money buying the DVD box set and also go to the fanmeet where majority would be women and they would stick out like a sore thumb. My hats off to them :))

Another fan reported that at the end, the fans looked so sad Yunho said "Don't go back!!" and got closer to them so he could look at them and told them not to worry because they will see each other again. He waved to the fans and gave his final farwells until the very last moment when he disappeared behind the stage.

It was also reported that when they were doing to quiz for the posters, the question was how many successful shots did BG shoot. The choices were #1-3 times, #2-7 times, or #3-24 times. Fans choose the answer by clapping. The audience was divided between choice #1 and 2. This fan chose #1. Yunho was nice enough to to tell them he thought it was #2 to which all the fans weren't completely convinced including this fans so Yunho said "Believe me!" and the audience eventually decided on #2 as the correct answer. Well, when they showed the video, Yunho was right, it was #2-7 times. Hehehe the fan who didn't believe him said he was sorry and said that from now on he will always beieve him no matter what.

When they were showing the kissing scene, Yunho got embarrassed and couldn't look at the video straight and told Ara to talk about it. Ara didn't (hehe she's so cute and smart) and passed it back to Yunho. Yunho said originally, the director told him to start kissing Ara from the lower lip and so on and the audience were like "what?!" A fan said she got so jealous at Yunho's and Ara's interaction starting from Ara calling Yunho "oppa" and Yunho calling her Ara that her eyes were shooting fire and probably made the people around her hot.

When it was time to draw names, Yunho was really worried because he said in the event at Tokyo, he kept drawing people from the first floor and he felt really bad so this time he thought maybe he should draw the names with his right hand instead. Sure enough he picked lots of people from other levels besides the first level. He was so happy. However, when he picked names with his left hand, he picked names from first level. He started talking to his hands, praising his right hand and scolding his left hand. The fans got such a kick out of this and thought he was super cute.

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With the other girl

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With the news of Junchan being rushed to the hospital spreading like wild fire, fans immediately show their concern by posting "get well soon" messages in various sites. However, one certain was quick to make a short yet very heartwarming video for our Junchan.

So, here it is:

Junchan, we hope you'll get well soon. We're all praying for you as well as leader shi.
We want to see all of your smiling faces again soon. ;)

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'Goong', the comic book which gained great popularity when it was recreated into a drama in 2006, is being reborn as a musical. Garnering great attention for casting TVXQ's U-Know Yunho as its lead role, 'Musical Goong' has released its poster a couple of days before ticketing begins on the 8th.

The contrasting image in the poster that was released forewarns the ordeals that are to come for troublesome high schooler Shin Chae Kyung and 'flower boy' prince Lee Shin. U-Know Yunho, Kim Dong Ho and Run, who were all cast as Prince Lee Shin, looked charismatic in suits, while Shin Ui Jeong and Gwak Sun Young, who will play Shin Chae Kyung, wear fusion hanbok with big smiles.

When the photos for the posters were taken, U-Know Yunho showed how well mannered and polite he was when he greeted every single staff member on location. During the photoshoot, he was said to have a sincere and concentrated attitude as he continuously check the drafts for the posters. Also, he livened up the atmosphere with his prince-like wit and relaxed composure as he said, "The costume is heavy because of all the medals. I want to give these medals to our staff, who are working so hard."


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Goong tickets will be open for advance ticket sales to the public on July 8 starting at 8:00 p.m. Tickets can be purchased from National Museum Theater, Interpark, Auction Ticket, and Ticket Link.

When they opened a teaser homepage/website last month, there were so many interests from domestic and foreign netizens that it temporarily paralyzed the site.

The official homepage is

Here’s a translation of a portion of the article that pertains to Yunho:

On the day when Uknow Yunho arrived at the studio(for official poster shooting), he politely greets all the staff without leaving anyone out before the shooting. He made the atmosphere warm for the others being deligent and attentive often taking the time to check the shooting. Furthermore, he stated, “There are many medals making the crown prince outfit heavy. For the sake of the staff who’s having a hard time, I’d like to give a medal to all of them,” being princely with his ease and wit making the set pleasant.

The best of luck to those who want to buy tickets. ;)

Source: Newsen
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