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[PHOTOS] 100607 Junsu - 4th Musical Awards

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[TRANS] 100607 LEE Magazine July Issue – YunHo

“Even if anything were to happen, I want to be at the front protecting everyone.”

A man who is quietly passionate…

With their outstanding vocals and dance skills, THSK has not only set new records in South Korea, Japan, but all over Asia in the field of music. As their leader, YunHo made his debut as an actor in a South Korean television drama! He plays the role of a soccer player, and due to the upcoming World Cup, he has received more attention through his character. While we did touch on the topic of acting, he also shared some personal issues, his ideal marriage and his family!

I am very happy to be able to experience a normal lifestyle through a television drama…

Being the only Asian artiste chosen to partake in Michael Jackson’s (MJ) memorial concert event, along with his volunteer work and donations towards the victims who suffered from an earthquake in Haiti et cetera, YunHo has been receiving much more attention recently. Although he is only 24 years old, there is an unexpected sense of maturity. He is usually serious, and with his elegant facial expressions, he has showed many unseen sides of himself to the audience through this television drama!

“In music, you have to think of how to show everyone your best in three minutes. As an actor, however, you need a long time of interaction; you continue to act as you understand the surrounding atmosphere. I feel very happy as this is my first time experiencing [acting], and I feel [the character] is very similar to who I am. Even though I have never done this in my own life, but I am still as happy to be able to experience it through the television drama. Do I want a vacation? No, but it would be good if I have some free time, Bong Gun and I are those types who would constantly want to do something.”

The character he is playing, Cha Bong Gun, is a soccer player who once thought of giving up on his dream, but through an unexpected opportunity, he was given the chance to turn professional. What was shocking was that in every scene where Bong Gun had to display certain spectacular soccer skills, YunHo did everything by himself, without a stand-in.

“Not just in the scenes relating to soccer, but even in those dangerous scenes, I did everything personally. The people around me tried to persuade me out of it, but I feel this is something basic I have to do as a newcomer. My acting skills have improved a bit too, following the increase of Bong Gun’s life experiences, I also matured in my attitude. Initially, Bong Gun felt that he was unlucky in life and would give up on himself, but he eventually overcame any obstacle that he met. I feel true success is made up of 10% luck, and 90% effort. I also told my friends frequently that there will always be a higher mountain that the existing one [you may be facing]. If you can’t learn to overcome this [mountain], you will never be able to climb the next one.”

YunHo took some time to think through before he answered very politely and slowly in Japanese. That gentle voice really let one feels very comfortable with him. This is a big change from Bong Gun, who is constantly very harsh in his speech.

“I am usually like how I am right now too, I don’t speak harshly. But I do speak dialect sometimes when I am with my friends.”

The manager added, “In Japan’s terms, that situation would be akin to coming from Kyushu and speaking its dialect.” Has YunHo, who speaks dialect, suddenly formed an image of a Kyushu man? When asked if he was the “male chauvinistic type”, he laughed and denied as he waved his hands.

“Even though it is not to such an extreme degree…(laughs), but a man should always be louder in actions than in words, and he should always put responsibility as top priority. No matter what happens, he should always be in the front, protecting everyone while observing the surrounding situation. When I see my father, whom I respect a lot, I would have such a strong thought. My father has always been the leader amongst his friends, and he has been friends with my mother since they were students so he’s also quite a romantic. I really feel he is very amazing, to have found both friendship and love [in my mother].”

While flipping LEE, he looked directly ahead as he said, “My ideal family is one where I would feel happy just being together.”

“I want to marry at 30 years old. Although it is not a bad idea to marry earlier, but I would want to only do so after I have achieved my goals. While I do not have time to get into a relationship now, there will come a time when I will be in one. Having been a leader for so long, my personality is quite domineering. But when the both of us are alone, frankly speaking, I hope to be led [by her]. Yet again, when there are people around, I also want to be the focus of attention…(laughs). My ideal girl would be someone who can give me suggestions and guidance. I would want to wear the exact same outfit together with my [wife and] child, then travel around to different places together as a whole family.”

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[TRANS] 100607 Beautiful Love Ep. 2 Preview

Episode 2: The Prince Finally Arrives In Japan

On his father’s orders, Youngsu/Yonsu arrives in Japan to take over a hotel. He seemingly changes his proud attitude during a conference with the reporters but explodes suddenly, talking about his complex feelings towards the Japanese. On the other hand, Hinata confirms how she truly feels about her boyfriend, but is unable to say it frankly. Youngsu/Yonsu discovers that there is someone following him on the second day, and starts to hide his whereabouts. This thus leads to the second meeting between Hinata and Youngsu/Yonsu.

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[PHOTOS] 100605 JYJ - Thanksgiving Live at Kyocera Dome Day 1 Part 14

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[TRANS] 100607 Xiah Junsu Wins Male Rookie Award + Acceptance Speech

Xiah Junsu has won the Male Rookie Award at the 4th The Musical Awards!
There are no articles about it yet but here is his speech :)

“I’m happy to be able to come up here, not as a singer but a musical actor, and I will work harder to live up to this once in a lifetime rookie award that I’ve received.
I give my thanks to God for letting me meet Mozart, I thank our EMK family, and I will work harder to become a true actor.”

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[TRANS] 100607 TVXQ’s Xiah Junsu to Attend “The Musical Awards”

DBSK’s Xiah Junsu is expected to win “Best Male Newcomer” for the “4th The Musical Awards”.

A spokesperson of Junsu expressed on the 7th that Xiah Junsu will participate in the award ceremony held at the Sejong Cultural Center Theater in Seoul at 7PM tonight. Due to the lawsuit with management company SM regarding the exclusive contract, Xiah Junsu normally refrains from appearing at public events. The spokesperson kept avoiding the question when asked if Xiah Junsu’s appearance had any relation with the possibility of winning the award. For Xiah Junsu to be able to attend this award ceremony despite the circumstances, it can therefore be deduced that he is expected to win the newcomer award.

Tonight, Xiah Junsu will be competing for the best newcomer award alongside Enoch from “Romeo and Juliet”, Kwon Dong Shik and Choi Chu Hyung from “Notre Dame De Paris” and Choi Won from “Spring Awakening”.

In addition, the award ceremony, which will be hosted by actors Woo Man Shik, Park Gun Hyung and Lee Ha-nui, will be broadcast through QTV at 10PM.

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[TRANS] 100607 TVXQ Trio, “Very painful, reaching the point where we wanted to give up everything”

On the 5th ~ 6th of this month, at the fanmeet which was held in Osaka, Japan, the TVXQ trio Xiah Junsu, Hero Jaejoong and Micky Yoochun said, “The year of 2009 was a painful one, reaching the point where we wanted to give up everything.” It’s the first time that they mentioned about their feelings on the dispute with SM Entertainment about their contract.

Micky Yoochun, who was at Osaka’s Kyocera Dome to meet with the Japanese fans, said, “In 2009 I was always bored at home, not keeping in contact with anyone. Really felt like wanting to give up everything.” “It is all thanks to the encouragement from the members and the fans support that I can once again challenge myself. I will work harder in the future.”

Hero Jaejoong also said, in Japanese, “Even though we would really like to personally convey the truth and our thoughts to the fans, but we cannot do that, and it makes us feel very painful.” “I feel very happy to be able to see the fans once again. Please take more care in the future, everyone.” After all of them poured out their hurt and their innermost feelings, the 3 members sang “I Have Nothing”, “For You” and other songs, and they were also tearing up.

That day’s fanmeet is the TVXQ trio’s first official stage as a new unit. Although the individual activities of the 3 members have been official, however, the court dispute with SM is still ongoing, both sides unwilling to give in.

After the Osaka fanmeet, the TVXQ trio will hold another fanmeet at the Tokyo Dome on the 12th ~ 13th of June.

Central Daily News (中央日报)
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[PHOTOS] 100607 Yunho - Goong Musical

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[NEWS] 100607 - U-Know Yunho Takes the Lead in Goong Musical

Now THIS I can see!: Dong Bang Shin Ki’s leader U-Know Yunho has been cast in the lead role of Prince Shin in the musical adaptation of the phenomenally popular drama series Goong, playing the role originated by Joo Ji-hoon in the drama version.

Too bad this couldn’t have been Yunho’s acting debut, rather than the ill-fated and flaw-ridden soccer drama Heading to the Ground. As the leader of a hugely popular idol band, Yunho has already proven his dancing and singing skills, and making the transition from the pop stage to the musical stage seems more suited to him (and more forgiving a jump should he falter). Taking the lead role in a drama series as his acting debut was, unfortunately, biting off more than he could chew, but I’d actually really love to see him in the musical.

The musical version of Goong is produced by Group Eight and will open at the Seoul National Museum’s theater on September 8.

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[VIDEOS] 100605-6 JYJ - Thanksgiving Live at Kyocera Dome Day 1-2 Part 11

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[PHOTO] 100607 Yunho (still confirming)

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[TRANS] 100606 Yunho spotted in Lee Seung Chul’s concert

어쩌다가 가게된 컨썰트~
이승철 완전 대박노래잘부르공
유진,고아라,유노윤 호,정준호 연예인바땅 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
자리도 완전 앞이라서 연옌이랑 같이 놀고
I somehow was able to attend this concert~
Lee Seung-chul was totally the best, singing all his hit songs
I saw celebs like Eugene, Go Ara, U-know Yunho, and Jung Joon-ho
My seats were in the very front too, with celebrities.

ses 유진이랑 눈인사도 해따 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
언니너무 이뻐요 하니까 고맙다고 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
정준호는 완전 바로 뒤에 앉아있어가꼬 완전 떨려따 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
I even greeted SES Eugene with my eyes kekekekekeke
When I told her that she was too pretty, she thanked me kekeke
Jung Joon-ho was sitting right behind me and I was so nervous kekekeke

난 아직도 10댄가바 연옌보고 너무 좋아해버려따 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
I guess I’m still a teen, getting so nervous seeing a celebrity and all kekekeke

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[PHOTOS] 100605 Stalking Yunho Part 4

Is it just me or he's been going out bowling a lot these past few days?

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[VIDEOS] 100605 JYJ - Thanksgiving Live at Kyocera Dome Day 1 Part 10

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[TRANS] 100606 Junsu/Jejung/Yuchun Dome Concert CD2 Promotion Activity Confirmed!

2010.6.4 Confirmed

■ The starting times of selling inside the venue

<Kyocera Dome, Osaka Concert>
6/5 (Saturday), 6/6 (Sunday)
9AM start sales

<Tokyo Dome, Tokyo Concert>
6/12 (Saturday) – 9AM start sales
6/13 (Sunday) – 10AM start sales

★ First stage of promotion

For customers who bought「XIAH」’XIAH junsu’ on May 26 at the venue, they will be given limited edition, original picture postcards as presents
*Postcards are given on a first come first serve basis (Once they run out, the activity will end)
For every concert promotion, we will distribute the presents separately so as to avoid having no presents to deliver on the first day of the concert

Objected product of the promotion: May 26 release of「XIAH」’XIAH junsu’
1,890 Japanese Yen (approx. 20.50 USD) (tax inclusive) RZCD-46562/B
1,050 Japanese Yen (approx. 11.40 USD) (tax inclusive) RZCD-46563

★ Second stage of promotion

Directly at the venue, send people who have pre-ordered「3HREE VOICES」JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN DVD that’s scheduled to be released on July 28 an original mouse pad
*Mouse pads are given on a first come first serve basis (Once they run out, the activity will end)
For every concert promotion, we will distribute the presents separately so as to avoid having no presents to deliver on the first day of the concert

Objected product of the promotion:「3HREE VOICES」JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN that is scheduled for released on July 28
12,600 Japanese Yen (approx 137 USD) (tax inclusive) RZBD-46600~3

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[VIDEOS] 100605-6 JYJ - Thanksgiving Live at Kyocera Dome Day 1 Part 9

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[TRANS] 100606 Lisa’s Blog Update – Both The Members And Fans Are Warmhearted

Lisa’s Basic Introduction:

Elizabeth Sakura Narita (エリザベス・サクラ・成田,) (born October 26, 1974 in Tokyo, Japan) is a Japanese-Colombian singer and producer better known as just LISA. In 1999 she formed the Japanese urban contemporary group M-Flo with Verbal and Taku Takahashi.

Lisa’s blog update:

What rehearsal?

Well then! Ah ah! (laugh)

Although this has RHYTHM ZONE’s manufacturing label printed all over, (meaning the concert was organized by Avex)
this is still the 3 members Jejung, Junsu, and Yuchun’s Kyocera Dome thanksgiving concert!!
Ah, I sang a song during the M-flo period, 《Binsorongu, ビーンソーロング》as a present for them,
setting off the concert to a climax.

The huge and perfect venue stunned me!
Not seeing the 3 members’ extreme exhaustion from these days of rehearsing,
the 3 welcomed me warmly like true gentleman.

When Jejung was introducing the allocation of lyrics for the song we were going to collaborate on, Yuchun suddenly burst out laughing. (laugh)
His smile resembled a mischievious teenager, it really did!
Although I didn’t work with Junsu, he was very bright and open-hearted!
All 3 of them were very polite, I was so touched!

On the day of the concert, other than rehearsing, they also practiced their MC parts
“Lisa! Please take care of us! (Douzo yoroshiku onegaishimasu)“
Sweet Korean-styled voice tones, and Yuchun’s smile!
They personally checked over the actions on the stage, which made me very relieved!

Actually, I was the one who was the most nervous!
I kept of waiting for my program.
Before it started, Jejung’s voice shouted outside the resting room “LISA! LISA!”…
After I came out, the 3 of them shouted: “Let’s take a picture together to put into your blog!”
Very gentle!
I think they are very outstanding!

When they stand on the stage, screams filled the air!
Everyone’s voices can pierce through the roof! (laugh)
I started getting goosebumps. (laugh)
Ah, it’s nearly my part, nervous…

Upon arriving onstage, Yuchun introduced me onstage: “Welcome LISA!”
I started singing 《Binsorongu, ビーンソーロング》, and screams once again echoed throughout!
The stage was super huge! Jejung and Yuchun were really far away from me!
After feeling the warm reception of the fans, a big part of my nervousness went away. (laugh)

Because they are warm people, their fans are equally as warmhearted!

I was really touched. (tears)
Waving our arms together, singing together, I felt so honored!
Feeling everyone’s love!
Thank you so much!

Really! I felt a little frazzled while walking quickly on a stage that purifies one’s heart! (laugh)
I sincerely thanked them and their fans for bringing so much joy and happiness! (tears)
Jejung, Yuchun, Junsu, and all their fans, once again, thank you all!

Ah, the last thing I want to say is; Junsu, don’t sing so playfully!
The concert was really spectacular!
Everything that must be said has been said! (laugh)

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[VIDEO+AUD] 100605 Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu - W (Eng Sub)

If you want to copy the trans, it's here : W

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[PHOTOS] 100605 JYJ - Thanksgiving Live at Kyocera Dome Day 1 Part 13

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