Saturday, May 29, 2010

[INFO] 100529 “Share The World” Wins MTV Award

On the 29th, at Yoyogi Stadium in Tokyo, the “MTV WORLD STAGE VMAJ 2010″ music awards was running. All award winners are as follows:

Best Male Video:
Shimizu Shota 「Utsukushii Hibi Yo」

Best Female Video:
Namie Amuro 「FAST CAR」

Best Group Video:
Tohohshinki 「Share The World」

Best New Artist Video:
BIGBANG 「Gara Gara GO!!」

Best Video of the Year:
EXILE 「Futatsu no Kuchibiru」

Best Rock Video:
Superfly 「Dancing On The Fire」

Best Pop Video:
BIGBANG 「Koe wo Kikasete」

Best R&B Video:
Kato Miliya 「Aitai」

Best Hip Hop Video:
KREVA 「Shunkan speechless」

Best Reggae Video:

Best Dance Video:
LADY GAGA 「Poker Face」

Best Video from a Film:
JUJU with JAY’ED 「Ashita ga kuru nara」 from 「April Bride」

Best Collaboration Video:
w-inds. × G-DRAGON(BIGBANG) 「Rain Is Fallin’」

Best Album of the Year:
EXILE 「Ai subeki Mirai e」

Best Karaokee! Song:
Kato Miliyah×Shimizu Shota 「Love Forever」

<Special Awards>
※Through various achievements from their music, they are artists which will be an icon affecting Asia’s entertainment scene from now on

Best Director:
Kodama Yuichi
※Awarding the best music-video director

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[TRANS] 100529 Bigeast Email – JYJ concert goods

Information about the official goods.

Hello everyone in Bigeast!


The official goods has been decided to sale so we are here to inform you.

■ Official Goods Line-Up

For more information please check the site.
(PC only)

On mu-mo shop it will start selling from 2010.6.14(mon) 16:00

■ Sale time at the event
6/5(sat) and 6/6(sun)

Time: 9:00am

6/12(sat) 9:00am
6/13(sun) 10:00am

[Warning when buying goods at the event]

-For Kyo Cera Dome in Osaka, it will be sold outside only.

-For Tokyo Dome, other than the outside sale, after 16:00 it will be sold inside. Please use this time too.

-Tour logo,title, member signed message and etc. there will be no receipts for that.

-No credit cards.

-For only outside sales, even if you do not have a ticket you may purchase the goods.

Bigeast office

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[NEWS] 100529 Despite The Peak Popularity, TVXQ is Absent from MTV Music Awards Japan, The Bitterness of Japanese Fans

Fans won’t get the chance to see the five members of TVXQ once more.

On May 29th, 18:00 at Tokyo Yoyogi National Gymnasium TVXQ is nominated for an award in ‘MTV World Stage Video Music Awards Japan (WS VMAJ)’. However, the boys are expected not to attend the award ceremony on the d-day.

An official reported, “The plan for the 5 members to attend and get on stage as a group is not easy considering the current situation between TVXQ label in Japan, AVEX and their agency in South Korea, SM Entertainment. In fact, currently TVXQ activities as five members group has been in temporary suspension in Japan.”

In the other side, Big Bang is climbing their high popularity as becoming one of the nominees from South Korea in Best Young Artist Video Award and Best Pop Video Award.

The fellow label group 2NE1 also attended the ceremony, as seen on red carpet with Big Bang, they will perform on the opening ceremony stage.


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[TRANS] 100529 Singer Lee Yong: Hero Jaejoong’s Remake of “Forgotten Season” was Well-Sung

Singer Lee Yong praised TVXQ’s Hero Jaejoong on the remake of his song.

During his appearance on YTN’s “NEWS & ISSUES” on the 28th of May, remembered his musical life as a 29-year old.

When asked this, “How do you feel when you hear the young people’s REMAKE of your song?” kind of question, Lee Yong replied, “The song “Forgotten Season” has been sung by more than 50 singers.” Lee Yong said, “Even many of my senior singers have sung this song.”

Lee Yong added, “Among all my junior singers who sang this song, TVXQ’s Hero Jaejoong’s REMAKE is the best, the changes sung the best.”

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Lee Yong also said, “Kim Bum Soo also sang well, and there are also female singers who sang not too badly, but maybe it’s because I’m old already so I can’t remember their names…”

In addition, in the program, Lee Yong disclosed for the first time his daughter and his wife.

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[TRANS] Friendship That is More Than a Knot: Boy and Girl Idol ‘Best Pal’ Who and Who?

These days, the music industry has been dominated by idol boy and girl group. Some of them had been joining as trainees in their company since childhood thus spent a lot of times together and became an inspiration to each other.

Before becoming idols, these boys and girls had become best friends at least for 3 years and many of them even had been maintaining a long time friendship as long as 8 years. They are so close together in a state that they look like a love couple.


The friendship status between TVXQ’s Jaejoong and singer BoA has spread widely even among their respective fans. Jaejoong said, “When we meet, we’ll tell each other’s troubles, we’re so close that we even consult about our love life.”

BoA too, when being asked by Jaejoong, “What am I to you?” She replied, “I can not explain! I cherish you a lot.” giving an answer that shows warm feeling to her old friend.


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[PHOTOS] 100528 Junsu - Excite Music

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[TRANS] 100529 TOHOSHINKISTAFF Twitter Updates

Within today, the main promotion finished, but XIAH said that he will do his best bracing up. Thank you for all of your supports today!!

MS finished, and we had a little evaluation meeting. I read your tweets, and we had a serious talk. He said that for this XIAH project, all of your fans’ supports and cheers truly helped him, and is very grateful.

This is a request from Junsu, who read all of your encouraging messages→ “Today I will sing enjoying myself, so everyone, please enjoy my performance, too♪” The program will start in a few minutes!!

Junsu’s run-through rehearsal. When the program starts, he has to do his best by himself. Tamori-san (T/N: MC of MS) came and talked to Junsu, who seemed to feel a little bit lonely. Greatly impressed (sobs). Do your best, Junsu♪

Today is clear and sunny! Again, today’s weather is like Jun-chan, full of fight with spirit. Now he is during the rehearsal for MS (lol)

Please read from bottom to top.

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[TRANS] 100528 Sunao Ni Narenakute Episode 8 Synopsis

Haru, who found out about Peach staying overnight at Nakaji's place, was shocked.

Nakaji, went to visit his father Ryosuke's house, bring along the magazine that featured pictures he took. There, he meets Haru's mother, Shouko, who was worried about Ryosuke's condition.

Doctor goes on a date with Haru to watch a movie. On the way back, Doctor sends Haru home, but she tells him that she wants to know more about herself, and invites him in.

On the other hand, Linda and Chief Editor, Okuda, calls Nakaji to the Editorial Department, and tells him about him having a job from a certain publisher. During then, something unexpected happens, and Nakaji gets a bit suspicious about Linda and Okuda's relationship...

Then, Peach calls Nakaji. Peach, is crying over her affair who she split with. Nakaji, says that he'll listen to her, but...

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[TRANS] 100528 Junsu's Message After Music Station

It was very fun today.
Thank you very much.
XIAH junsu

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