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'Because I drank a lot of water, I almost drowned'

Yunho talked about hardship he faced during filming for his series drama for the first time.
TVXQ's Jung Yunho attended 'No Limit~ HTTG' DVD release Premium Event which he cast as main lead in Tokyo International Forum Hall on 26th.
In the event, Yunho revealed 'My Best Scene TOP3' which were selected by him.
In the scene which he sank into the river, because he couldn't stand, so in reality he was in the water for 2 minutes, and almost drowned.
'I would have drank a lot more water if I gave up (at that time), thinking of this, hence, I want to film even harder.' When Yunho said this, all the audience in the venue bestowed him with loud applause.
In that series drama, Yunho portrayed a soccer player with unlimited potential, facing problems such as dissolution of team, the love story unfold as he grows and struggles.

DVDs 'No Limit ~ HTTG~ complete version DVD Box 1' and 'No Limit~ HTTG~ Complete version DVD Box 2' (released on 16/06), had sold for a total of 14,142 and 14,014 copies each, took 1st and 2nd place in the drama category on Oricon Weekly Chart (2nd and 3rd on overall chart)

In the middle of this event, they talked about topics of Japan and Korea qualify into knockout matches.
Yunho who will play soccer and plays as goalkeeper during his private time, encouraged both national teams by mentioned that,'I want to watch them before revealing of final 4.'
He stated that Honda Keisuke who scored free kick in the match vs Denmark is his favourite soccer player. He expressed his appreciation for his outstanding football skills.

Yunho who challenges drama series for the first time, mentioned during his shooting 'In order to carry out this character well, I need to consider even the way of walking, I want to be like a real soccer player.' Later on he said, 'I am not 100% satisfied with my first time challenge. Through acting this time, I have grown a lot.' 'I gained a lot of experiences through acting this time, I want to continue my efforts to reach my target.'
Besides that, he also looks forward his future activities with passion.

There were almost 5000 people attended this event.

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To commemorate the release of Tohoshinki’s “COMPLETE SET Limited Box TOHOSHINKI COMPLETE SINGLE A-SIDE COLLECTION + TOHOSHINKI B-SIDE COLLECTION,” the sale of official goods has been decided!!

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Starring Tohoshinki’s Yunho in his first acting role, Korean Drama “No Limit ~Heading to the Ground~” whose DVD topped the Oricon charts, will be releasing its OST on 25 August!

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“No Limit ~Heading to the Ground~” Original Soundtrack
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DVD (Actual and Making of Music Video)
01. Let’s Go! / Mic Pink (Drama Music Video)
02. Motion / SNSD (Making of Drama Music Video)
03. Clips from the 26 June (Tokyo) & 7 July (Kobe) Events

1) 8-Page Mini Photobook with Yunho’s hand-written message printed inside.

2) 1 lucky person will receive a Life Size panel of Yunho with his signature.

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T/N: The tracklist for this OST will be the same as the Korean OST.

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I love ur smile babe, my heart is melting!!!

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