Friday, June 25, 2010

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I s2 when he wears this hair color *-*

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The Viennese musical ‘Mozart’ awarded in South Korea

Musical productions from Vienna are going around the world. This time, the musical ‘Mozart’ was awarded 4 times during the Musical Awards in South Korea. Since the world premiere in 1999, more than 1.3 million audiences worldwide have watched this musical.
The Mozart Show was nominated for 9 categories in South Korea. They won a total of 4 awards which were ‘Best Supporting Actress’, ‘Newcomer of the Year’ as well as 2 Audience Awards for the Korean popstar Kim Jun Soo, who plays the Leading Role, and for Jeong Seon Ah as Constanze (bellow the pic) The Korean popstar Kim Jun Soo as Mozart.

Ps: Kronen Zeitung is one of the most popular Austrian newspaper

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The rest of the episodes are in her channel^^
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How was Changmin’s photo-shoot?
Even though I came late to the shooting set and introduced myself as Sumimin to him, he especially stood up to bow to me even when he was in the middle of striking a pose… he really is a well-mannered, extraordinary boy~

ELLEGirl & ELLE JAPON appear at the same time
Editing Department – Changmin, came for the photo-shoot

Hello everyone~ I can finally say it. Changmin’s feature on ELLEGirl August Edition (release 7/21) has been confirmed. Today was the photo-shoot!!!
Nevertheless, here is a photo. It is the behind-the-scenes plunder from today’s photo-shoot, so everyone take a look ^^

Changmin is full of energy!! However, because of the countless days of watching the world cup, he didn’t get any sleep. The day before he arrived in Japan, the Korea game was on during the night, so Changmin boarded the plane without any sleep at all. That’s probably why he seemed a little inattentive while at the Chanel fashion show?

This time, many recent questions were asked in the interview to the very handsome Changmin. Because the magazine is being released on July 12, all the compositions and preparations need to be completed by the end of next week, so it really is a product that comes out right after it’s shot! Of course, there will definitely be special plans online ^^

Tohomobile should also be uploading Changmin’s photos in Japan one after the other! (Or are they already uploaded?)

Also!! ELLEGirl’s sister magazine, ELLE JAPON’s model on their monthly edition that is being released on July 28 will also be Changmin!!!! That way, Tohomobile should be releasing these as well right? July is the month for choosing Changmin!!!

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Sunao Ni Narenakute DVD Release
From first episode to final episode.
Release Date: September 22nd, 2010
Other Specs: 6 Dics-DVD
Price: ¥ 23,940 (tax included)
Availability: upon release date

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