Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fresh feelings ♪

ChangMin who is back in Japan after a long time!
He had a photoshoot in a Japanese wooden house ☆

ChangMin said, “Something Japanese-styled like this feels very fresh, doesn’t it!”
ChangMin matched the Japanes-styled atmosphere more than what we expected, and it was very good ♪



Unlike usual, ChangMin also went with this style!??

For a fashion magazine’s photoshoot, he got to wear clothes that he couldn’t normally wear and said that he was very happy (^o^)


After the photoshoot…

ChangMin was signing autographs on the polaroid pictures, and each of them is a picture of a different outfit ♪

After this, we was going to have an interview!



He still had more and more photoshoots!
Next is the photoshoot for “SPUR” magazine which will be published on 8/23!

He was checking the pictures of himself!
ChangMin looked very very happy~ (LOL)!!


Doing my best~!

We immediately approached ChangMin when he had his break time~!

“Everyone, long time no see~^^
How’s everyone doing? I’m doing my best at the photoshoots~!
by ChangMin”


I’m eating no~w ♪

ChangMin was having sushi and grapes-!
Changmin got overly excited saying, “Wahhh! This is amazinggg!!” (LOL).

He ate them immediatel~y ♪

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We were supposed to talk about their new single but when we noticed we
were doing Keita-kun’s imitation column!?

Keita-kun who is good at mocking, from Moriyama Naotrarou-san to Bobby Orogon..during the interview he showed us a new one! That was…”Jaejoong-kun”. “Im with him often so im really good!” he answered imitating Jaejoong-kun’s voice. Even the way he talks and sounds is just like him and we were so surprised~! Ryouhei-kun & Ryuichi-kun challenged it too. It was supposed to be w-inds.’s interview but it became the 3′s fake Jaejoong-kun interview *laugh*. It is fun but I can’t tell who’s comment is whos~!

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He was the first to end filming and few hours later the 2 (Eita and Ueno Jrui ended).

Jaejoong “I feel like I won at something. It was really fun. Goodbye everyone hahaha”

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So, because of copyright issues by AVEX entertainment, Youtube has disabled the audio. But if you really wanna hear what's been said in this video, you check it out HERE.
Btw, the girl says: "Xiah Junsu's 'Intoxication' has stolen the first place on ETC TV Video Music Chart"

Congratulations to the loyal fans in Chile who made this happen. ;)

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