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DBSK’s Changmin (22) on June 23rd, participated in “CHANEL 2010/2011 fall/winter pret-a-proter fashion collection show”. Since the announcement of group activity suspension in April, this is his first official public appearance.

Changmin appeared in a cheerful healthy figure wearing black pants, tight T-shirt, and gray gillet, such a stylish attire.

When the press asked him in Japanese, “What is the point of your fashion today?”, a little embarassed, he showed the shawl around his neck. Then he made some poses to camera, said “Thank you” with smile and bowed.

During the show, he had himself enjoying the show.


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31st of May, evening.

At the Japanese restaurant where my mother works, someone had booked a private dining room.
When the appointment time had reached, 2 men arrived.
The restaurant manager led them to the room they had booked.
One of them was a 40-year-old guy with mustache, and the other one was a Japanese? .... was talking to the manager.
The person who received orders and delivered apples and other cuisine on the menu to the private room where that 2 men were, was my mother.
Hence, entered my mother's eyes was a very fair, very beautiful and conspicuous youth with sharp nose. When my mother saw him, without second thought, she called him!

Mother: 'Jejung!'
Youth: 'I am not Jejung~' He said like that.
Youth: 'You have made a mistake~'
Mother: 'The one who have made a mistake... is not Jejung?'
Youth: 'Ah hahaha... I think you have mistaken me for him'
Mother: 'But it is so obvious that you and Jejung look alike'
Youth: 'Please just listen to me~'
Mother: 'Ah, really ^^'

So, since he denied, my mother thought it is better not to entangle in this issue with him and went away.
After a while, my mother delivered the well-prepared cuisine to the private room where that beautiful youth was.
They were discussing issues of concert in Kyocera Dome. At this time, my mother interrupted, 'Ah, with Yuchun right?' His facial expression was in shocked at that moment, but smiled right away.
When the fish cuisine was brought in, the youth who saw the fish's appearance said 'Ah, it is scary', so my mother immediately put the cuisine further away. (My mother later mentioned that he looked like a spoilt kid ^^)
When my mother brought the cuisine to the table, he put his elbows on the table and propped his chin on hands, smiled while looking at my mother.
After that, because other groups who made appointment had come, my mother became very busy.
When she finally finished serving other people, they already paid the bill.
The person who came along with him, collected AVEX's invoice. Then two of them went away in a car with Daiba's plate numbers.

Read till here, everyone already understood? Yes, the beautiful youth whom my mother encountered, was Jejung.

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(This encounter took place in Japan ^^)

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SBS E!TV's 'E!News Korea - StarQ10' is the nation's first in-depth analysis and investigation show that analyzes people currently in the spotlight. The episode in question was named 'Summer Special - Idol Sexy Bodies'.

Many new phrases have been created to illustrate the perfect S-Lines of female celebrities such as innocent glamor and hidden glamor. But there are some male idols who have bodies that are as sexy as those of their female counterparts.

The sexy body line craze has hit both the male and female population! This new craze focuses more on the areas that women go crazy for, such as wide shoulders, or a slightly revealed pubis, rather than just bulking up one's muscles. The part of the body that cannot be left out is the butt! Xiah Junsu, especially, is known for his firm butt line that is hard for most men to have and is said to have a 'Million Dollar Butt'.

The S-Line bodies of other Korean idols can be seen on the 'Summer Special - Idol Sexy Body' episode of 'E!News Korea - StarQ10' which will air on the 23rd at 8p.m. KST on SBS E!TV.

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The unit that has paused all activities so far, Korea’s Tohoshinki members Junsu (23) Jejung (24) and Yuchun (24) formed a new unit and performed a total of 4 concerts in Tokyo Dome and Osaka Dome, to an estimated total crowd of 200,000 people. Before the final encore, Jejung said, “ Finally,(today) I told myself that I wouldn’t cry.” as he resisted the tears. However, due to the overwhelming emotions, the three eventually cried on stage. As their next activity, they will be performing at “a-nation” this summer. Due to new songs performed at the Live concerts, a possible new CD is being considered.

The new unit’s Live was full of twist and turns. Representing the 3 members that couldn’t stop crying on the first day at Osaka Dome, Jejung said at the final talk, “No matter what pain and sadness we’ve been through, we’ve endured all the emotions and tears. But in front of everyone here (today) I thought that I shouldn’t cry… I want to smile properly. To see everyone enjoying themselves, I think it’s better if we show you the happy side of ourselves,” However, after the encore, they couldn’t stop the tears from falling, and all 3 members were crying as they left the stage.

The waiting fans speculate that the production of “THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME” cost about 1.2 Billion Yen for this “Thanksgiving Day. ” Looking at the 450-inch big screen, the 3 members revealed Yuchun’s lines from his first key drama role, saying “I like…you.” This caused the fans to swoon and cheer furiously. From the 3 members’ interactions and hugs, you could feel the deep bond between them.

During the live, 4 new songs from the trio were revealed, and fans are hoping for a CD release. A representative of their management company Avex revealed that “We are currently considering the release of a CD,” and the current plan is for live recordings to be done this summer. The last ballad performed, with the message of “ We will meet again,” in the lyrics, “W” received the greatest response.

Digest videos from the 4 Dome performances were uploaded online and streamed for free on the internet, from the 16th and lasted for 5 days. On 28 July, the members’ documentary interviews taken this spring, at places like Korea and Canada will be released in the DVD “3HREE VOICES”

The next stage for the new unit will be at the outdoor event “a-nation”. They will perform this summer on 21 & 22 August in Osaka, and 28 & 29 August in Tokyo.

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Japanese site WOW! KOREA News’ weekly Arts and News ranking.

Yunho’s news has been ranked TOP #1, #2 and #4, 3 times on the chart!

The Japanese fans attention on Yunho’s news is very strong!

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VMC (V Music Channel) Special plan featuring big artists from various genre including TOHOSHINKI.
The special 3-hours program that condense their charm!

*Tohoshinki will not appear in the program, VMC Special will make a 3 hours slot to describe about TOHOSHINKI on July 2nd, 2010.


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Keita, the imitation king, and his new piece of work… that’s ‘JeJung-san!’

“We always hang out together, so I'm quite proud (of it)”, he replied while imitating JeJung during the interview.

Be it the pronunciation or the voice, it was exactly the same!
In order not to lose out to Keita, Ryohei and Ryuichi took up the challenge too.
It was supposedly an interview of the 3 members of w-inds.
Not sure how it turned into an ‘imitate JeJung’ interview (laughs~).

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Schedule of Release: Magazines Featuring (Members of) THSK

- [AneCan] July Issue (JunSu)
- [BLENDA] YuChun’s introduction report included
- [Lee] (YunHo)
- [TV Life] [Weekly TV] (YuChun)
- [TV Station] (YunHo)
- [Hanako] June Issue (YunHo)
- Offprint [All About ~ Tohoshinki Last Support’s Notes]
- [美人百花] (YunHo)
- [TV Japan] (YuChun)
- [KEJ (Korean Entertainment Journal)] July Issue JunSu [Girls Award 2010] 5P & YuChun [Music Palace]

21 June 2010, Monday
[KBOOM] Special Issue August Issue (Tohoshinki Special 24P limit edition)

22 June 2010, Tuesday
[“韩国TVドラマガイド(29)] (YunHo)

23 June 2010, Wednesday
[Ray] August Issue (JunSu)

24 June 2010, Thursday
[TV Taro] [TV Fan] (YuChun)

26 June 2010, Saturday
[Sunao ni Narenakute (Offprint)]

29 June 2010, Tuesday
[SIA –Shia] (JunSu/JeJung/YuChun)

01 July 2010, Thursday
[Grazia] (YunHo) Special Page 4P

07 July 2010, Wednesday
[Steady] (YuChun)

20 July 2010, Friday
[WITCH] (YunHo)

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His first leading role as an actor, Tohoshinki’s Jung Yunho’s drama “No Limit ~Heading to the Ground~ Complete DVD Box I” and “DVD BOX II” (released on the 16th) has sold over 14,000 copies within the first week, taking the 1st and 2nd placing on the drama category of the Oricon Weekly chart. (2nd and 3rd on the overall chart.) From the same group, Junsu, Jejung & Yuchun have formed a new unit, and Yunho himself will be starring in the Korean Musical “Goong,” doing other activities aside from singing, proving that their popularity has not waned.

For Korean dramas, the last “One-two” finish had occurred on 26 March 2007, for the making of Bae Yong Joon’s “The Legend”, titled “The Legend Preview DVD Gold Edition” and “Silver Edition” It has been 3 years and 3 months since then.

This drama was produced by Korea’s MBC, and is currently airing on Korean entertainment channel KNTV, in Japan. It is a youth love comedy drama. Yunho plays the role of a soccer player with unknown potential, whose team disbands and the story unfolds as he struggles, grows and love blossoms between himself and those around him.

The DVD comes in a set of 5 discs, 4 of which contain the main story. The final disc is a special containing cast interviews, the making films. Other premiums such as a special photobook are also included.

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Watch in Youtube
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It's an old performance on Music Fair [9.2.2009]. It's such a cute and angelic performance. As usual you can watch youtube link that I provided before deciding to download it.

Popular Korean group TVXQ's leader Yunho, is going to Japan for PREMIUM EVENT in conjunction with the release of DVD 'Heading to the Ground', the drama series which he starred as main lead.

To commemorate the release of Heading To The Ground DVD, Yunho is going to attend 'Yunho in Heading To The Ground PREMIUM EVENT 2010' in Tokyo International Forum Hall 26th this month.

In this event, Yunho is going to release “My Best Scenes Top 3” which are selected by him. At the same time, there will be a talk show, quiz, present corner and the other programs, to convey the charm of this drama to everyone. Besides that, Ara is going to attend this event as a special guest.

Tokyo and Shibuya’s TSUTAYA, in conjunction with the release of DVD, are going to exhibit soccer uniform which was worn by Yunho in the series movie. Apart from that, souvenirs which are specially produced will be sold on that day.

'Heading To The Ground' which describes dreams and love of a soccer Player Cha Bong Goon, is Yunho’s first challenge in acting, and has become a hot topic in Japan. It was broadcast by KNTV through Korean Special channel in January this year.

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the second part is in her account. =))

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On the Sunday of next next week
6pm on the 3rd of July
「2010 First Half Year Song Selection」
Best Ten!
Thank you for waiting~
Uemura Kana's
"Toire No Kamisama"
with its full chorus, and on top of that
is Junsu
with a 5 minute unreleased talk!!


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