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On the Sunday of next next week
6pm on the 3rd of July
「2010 First Half Year Song Selection」
Best Ten!
Thank you for waiting~
Uemura Kana's
"Toire No Kamisama"
with its full chorus, and on top of that
is Junsu
with a 5 minute unreleased talk!!


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T/N: These are excerpts from a conversational interview with composers Jo Young Soo and Ahn Young Min.

We met with the ‘Power People’ of Kpop. Composers Jo Young Soo (34) and Ahn Young Min (31) were ranked first and third respectively on the Korean Music Copyright Association’s Copyright Fees rankings.


(Ahn) Then there must be singers you want to work with?

(Jo) I want to work with Kim Gun Mo, who I’ve liked since high school. I’ve never worked with him before and I haven’t even met him before. And Naul, the best singer of soul music. And of course, Girls Generation, any man’s dream coworker. Hahaha.

(Ahn) For me, it’s TVXQ. I’ve never seen people who can dance so well, and on top of that, sing so well. That’s what makes this situation more unfortunate. And Toy. I’ve been a big fan of them since I was young.


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Kanashimi no Yukue

Kimi Ga Ireba 1

Kimi Ga Ireba 2

I am James Bond!!

Asuwa Kuru Kara (audio)

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ELLEGirl will start pre-orders at 2PM for the 2010 August edition
Release: July 2010
Price: 380 Yen (tax inclusive) (approx. 4 USD)

HOT BOY Special edition
【Special project】 Tohoshinki Changmin – the second edition
4 pictures will be chosen to feature in the production of the 2011 calendar

t/n: this information came from CD Japan. The official EG website doesn’t have the specifics on the pictures or if Changmin will have a photo shoot in Japan, so updates will follow once the official news have been announced. Thank you for your patience!

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The trio from TVXQ, who recently formed a new unit, held a performance in Japan. This tour, with performances on the 5th and 6th at Kyocera Dome and on the 12th and 13th at Tokyo Dome, brought in a total of 200,000 audience members. The members could not contain their emotions and ended up shedding tears on stage. Sankei Sports stated, "During the performance, member YoungWoong Jaejoong said he wanted to keep singing in front of the fans and wailed. The other members would stop singing constantly to wipe away tears."

And there was someone else amongst the cheering Japanese fans who cried with them. It was none other than Manager Baek, who is busy getting the trio and their return up and running. Mr. Baek, who was the former manager of Kwon Sang Woo, was involved in an exclusive contract problem between the celebrity and his agency which led to stress and a temporary leave from his work. He met the trio through someone he knew and has been working hard ever since to create the groundwork for the trio to stand upon and receive love from their fans once more.

But a rumor circulated that Manager Baek had ties with gangs that greatly hurt the trio's image. However, it has been confirmed that Mr. Baek had a normal school and military service life with no relations to gangs whatsoever, and began working diligently in the entertainment industry after he was discharged from the military. The many celebrities and others around him remember him as a quiet and hard working youth and stressed that he had no connections to any gangs.

The Tokyo Dome concert proved that the fans still had faith in TVXQ regardless of all the controversies and rumors. Their challenge, which seemed impossible at first, moved the Japanese fans' hearts and gave them hope for new possibilities.

The three members of TVXQ are currently working on more projects with their manager, Mr. Baek. They are planning to release a documentary DVD in July and will participate in the A-nation performances on August 7th with the other singers from AVEX.

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T/N: Fun fact of the Day: This reporters the one who actually blew the whole 'gang' thing out of proportion because he was the first reporter to write an article on said rumors. Is this a poor attempt at an apology, Mister?
The idol wind is blowing on the musical industry. Idols are knocking on the musical industry's door with stars like SES' Bada (Choi Sung Hee) and Ok Joo Hyun, both already recognized as talented musical actresses, Big Bang's Daesung, TVXQ's Xiah Junsu and U-Know Yunho, Girls Generation's Taeyeon, Super Junior's Sungmin and Yesung, and After School's Jung Ah being cast as lead roles in productions. One should consider carefully, however, of whether or not the entrance of idols in musicals is necessarily a positive change.

□The Power of Idols, a String of Sold Out Performances

The biggest strength that idol stars bring to the musical industry is their ticket power. Most of the time, the mere fact that an idol star is appearing in a musical will bring a string of sold out performances.

'Mozart!', which cast Xiah Junsu as its lead, experienced this when they grabbed everyone's attention with their online ticket reservation site crashing the first day ticket sales began due to a sudden influx of people; this continued on to every single show being sold out. Recently, 'The Sun's Song' experienced the same effect from Taeyeon.

A production representative of 'Mozart!' stated that the casting of an idol star is one that cannot be denied because it breathes life into the industry and presents a great opportunity to promote the musical.

But the charm of casting an idol with ticket power goes both ways in such a situation as for a star, a musical is a brilliant opportunity. As musicals require multiple talents such as singing, dancing, and acting, they can become stepping stones for stars who wish to broaden their horizons.

□The 'Hallyu Wave' has reached the Musical Industry

Just because a musical is done in Korean, doesn't mean that the audience will be Korean too. With the appearance of idols on the musical stage came Japanese and Chinese fans flocking to Korea to watch. Production teams began to turn their attention to 'Hallyu marketing' in the Asian market by creating leaflets in different languages or showing promotional clips overseas.

'Hong Gil Dong', which featured Yesung and Sungmin from 'Star of Asia' Super Junior, was held at the Woori Finance Art Hall between February and April and attracted over 800 people from Asia.

Following this, the production team Seoul Symphony Orchestra uploaded promotional videos in Japanese on Japanese websites and went knocking on the doors of overseas markets.

'The Brothers were Brave', SHINee's Onew's debut musical, created leaflets specially for Japanese fans in their native language. An average of fifteen Japanese tourists watched every performance since the show began in April. Promotional information, such as a description of the performance and photos, have been distributed to them.

□An audience who wants a High Quality Performance

Even fans don't want their idol singers to appear on stage if they haven't prepared enough or lack the necessary skills. The reason that production companies cannot go over the top when casting idol stars is because if idols forcefully appear frequently in musicals, the quality of the performance may drop. There is also the stereotype embedded within the minds of the public that a performance with a celebrity cast can't be a high quality show.

However, it is a reality that idol stars cannot completely focus on musical rehearsals as they have their own busy schedules to complete.

There are quite a few examples of musicals that failed to attract a large crowds because an idol star could not practice or participate in rehearsals due to their busy schedule which resulted in a drop in quality of the overall show along with criticism of the idol star for their unstable singing and lacking acting skills.

One musical representative stated, "It is true that there are many cases where the stars practice so little that they constantly worry whether or not they will make a mistake on stage," and "It's frustrating at times because we cannot demand that they focus completely on the musical because we know how packed their schedules are."

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"Thinking of the love by everyone is the reason for me to persist."

'About self' 'Love' 'Music'...... Sincere Words from a 23-year-old!

From Now Onwards * Xiah Junsu
Special Interview

25 Q & As with Xiah Junsu!

1. What's the qualification for a good guy?
I think... is understanding and caring.

2. If want to compare yourself to an animal, then what kind of animal is that?
I want to become a tiger. (shy)

3. Your nickname when you were young?
A chick (chicken). Because I tended to swing my head when I talk. (lol)

4. The things that you don't need the most?

5. The place where you want to go now?
Bora Bora Island.

6. Which part of your body do you think is sexy?
My arched butt. It is called duck butt if saying in Korean language.

7. What kind of hairstyle do you want to try next?
Although my hair is not thick enough, (but I want to try) Reggae hairstyle.

8. What will you do before sleeping?
Since I don't drink liquor, I drink water.

9. What do you wear normally to bed?
only shorts.

10. What's your favourite Japanese words?
Move forward!

11. Where do you pay attention to during your first meeting with a girl?
General feelings, and the way she expresses herself.

12. Use one kind of flower to describe the type of girl you like?
Rose. Of course, it's in red color!

13. What lines you will say when you confess to the girl you like?
Have not decided yet... 'Can I be your boyfriend?'

14. When do you want to get married?
30 years old, but thinking of getting married earlier too.

15. If you could be reborn, would you like to be a male or female?

16. If reborn as a girl, what kind of girl you would like to be?
Since it is a rare opportunity... I would like to become a super gorgeous girl.

17. If want to go for a date in summer, where will you go? Mountain or sea?

18. What character are you in a relationship? 'S' or 'M'?
I am 'S'.

19. What would you like to do with your girlfriend?
I would like to travel, or cook together with her. But the most I want is still a simple and normal date.

20. What do you think if your girlfriend wears revealing clothing for a date?
It is still acceptable if it is not too expose. Korean guys do not like girls in revealing clothes.

21. What kind of action do you find attractive in a girl?
The girl who gently presses her chest when she takes a bow

22. Do you prefer to be led or to lead in a relationship?
Usually I want to try to be led... but sometimes I want to lead (lol)

23. The song that you often repeated in iPod?
オペラ座の怪人 since it appears in a musical.

24. Things that you can't afford to lose?
I still think it's music!

25. What kind of artist you want to be?
An artist that can sing forever.

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