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TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho showed off his chic and classic charm in a photoshoot in global fashion magazine ‘Marie Claire’.

U-Know Yunho visited Hong Kong in mid-May in order to partake in the photshoot. It was carried out as an unofficial activity due to safety reasons, but countless numbers of fans showed up wherever he went. It is said that this was the reason why he and the team had to be out at 3 o’clock in the morning to complete their work.

The photos that were taken were released in the July issue of Marie Claire Korea on the 19th. But because of his popularity in Asia, the photos will also be released in the August issue of Marie Claire in Hong Kong, Thailand and other Asian countries. The decision to have U-Know Yunho be the cover model of Thailand’s August issue is also drawing great attention.

In the photoshoot, U-Know Yunho can be seen showing off his chic and classic charm in clean-cut suits. Clothes such as a black suit that reveals the inner part of his collar bone and a two tone, black and gray suit all fit him very well.

On the other hand, U-Know Yunho will transform into a musical actor for the lead role of Prince Lee Shin in the musical ‘Goong’ this September.

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This was retweeted by Chiba Ryuhei (Avex VP).
If you want to leave a congratulatory message for Jaejoong on his drama, etc., see below:

Messages for Jaejoong

Dear foreigns fans of Jaejung!

I am receiving supporters' messages for Jaejung from fans who live
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If you are interested in sending a message or want to send it, please use
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After receiving your messages, I will print them out with Japanese postal
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Please write in English,Korean or Japanese in order to read him.
The deadline is on June 30th.

Thank you for your reading and I am looking forward to receiving your

with love,

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Congratulations Junchan! ^_^

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Now on BeeTV his first drama !

Cellphone broadcast drama “BeeTV” is airing Yoochun’s first drama. He plays the role of a conglomerate son that falls in love with a girl who dreams of becoming a writer. He confessed his view on love,behind the scene stories and secret stories. 10 questions you can only ask here, is going to expose Yoochun!? Also introducing the upcoming stories of the drama!

10 things we want to ask Yoochu

01) Why did you challenge “Beautiful Love ~if you’re here~?
-The story was really good, and I thought “lets challenge a lot of things right now!” so I accepted it.

02) What is the character you played, Yoong-Su’s personality?
-He has everything but he doesn’t have anything he really wants. He’s actually a sad and lonely person. He is full with human-ness and is attractive.

03) How does Yoong-su change after meeting Hinata?
-Yoong-su is really clumsy and never showed the true him to anyone, but after meeting Hinata he tries to live being honest to himself.

04) What was hard during the filming?
-It was hard to act because I didn’t know the nuance to the lines since it was in Japanese~! Even if it’s the same word in Korean and Japanese how to express it is different. I asked the director and tried it.

05) What was the line in Japanese that was difficult?
- For example, “car accident”, “You don’t know embarrassment”, “you don’t get hurt”. I kept repeating it and practiced so that I don’t stutter. And I don’t know why but I couldn’t memorize the word “nigaoe” (portrait) *laughs*

06) How do you relax during filming?
- sitz bath and listen to music. My manager recommended to put in peppermint oil and to sitz bath. Then I fell asleep while bathing *laughs*.

07) Is there a difference between Japan and Korea’s relationship? (Love)
- Korean guys will tell their feelings with “words” and on anniversaries we would surprise them. But Japanese guys are shy so they don’t really do stuff like that.

08) What kind of girls do you like?
- Someone who is natural. I don’t like people who change their attitude depending on that person.

09) What is your next goal?
- After being in the drama, I thought acting was fun since you get to act out a lot of different lives. Some day I want to be someone who can act and sing!

10) A message to the TVJapan readers!
- It will make me happy if I was able to show the excitement I got from filming this. Also please take care of Junsu’s song that makes the drama even better *laughs*. Junsu came to the set to support me!

3rd episode (6/16): Yoong-su feels tired of having to live as the son of a conglomerate and to get freedom he runs away from the hotel. But the credit card he had with him doesn’t work and….

4th episode (6/23): Hinata who hasn’t been doing well with her boyfriend Akira. She brings Yoong-su back to her and Akira’s apartment to make Akira jealous.

5th episode (6/30): Yoong-su gets kicked out of the apartment for making Hinata mad. Hinata finds out Yoong-su is the child of a conglomerate and gets some kind of job.

6th episode (7/7): The media started to notice that Yoong-su hasn’t been around. Yoong-su goes back to Hinata and Akira’s apartment but…

7th episode (7/14): Hinata was depressed for not passing the 2nd stage for a contest for new authors. To cheer her up Yoong-su confesses that his dream is to be an artist.

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Awww :} So adorable. Thanks boy! For showing us how you fully support and love Tohoshinki ;)

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I wish my signature looked as awesome as his...-_-

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Shooting for Sunao ni Narenakute has finally finished~♪♪


This is Jejung who is using megaphone to express his gratitude and appreciation to Extras. (lol)
From early morning till night time, although facing the densely packed filming schedule, the figure who is still working hard left a deep impression on me! Jejung, thanks for the hard work!!
The final episode will be broadcast on this coming Thursday! What's going to be the ending for DOCTOR and HARU!? Everyone, must watch it on time♪

T/N: this is from みんこぶ(min-kob), one of the Sunao's staff

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From leader of TVXQ to actor Jung Yunho, Uknow Yunho who is gradually getting used to stand alone, now standing in front of Hong Kong's Marie Claire. Although dislike naive idealists, this youth who chose an extraordinary path, still keep on moving forward optimistically without feeling tired.

Even though we can see with our eyes and listen with our ears how popular local artists aboard, but want to experience it practically is still difficult. Although we know the love for TVXQ, as well as Uknow YunHo from Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan and other countries, we cannot estimate to what extent the passionate feelings of fans towards them. Hence, Uknow Yunho who came to Hong Kong for Marie Claire's photoshoot, mobbed by fans since his arrival in airport, that kind of packed scene was beyond imagination.

Thinking of this, I still remember there is an article about their Japanese fans who donated a large sum of money under the name of Uknow Yunho few months ago. There is no harm to take him as a role model who pushed fans culture to positive way.

Of course Uknow Yunho's image is accumulated from TVXQ. At the moment I thought it was not a bad idea to grow old and move along with an idol group, they faced suspension of their activities, as if the plot which appeared in drama series. Whether it is a temporary parting or a pitiful disbandment, undoubtedly it is a blow to fans.

Besides that, Uknow Yunho began his solo activities through series drama 'Heading to the Ground'. He did not choose the kind drama series that will be popular with his original popularity, in fact he chose to play the role as Cha Bong Goon who is cheerful and simple minded. Therefore I have been very curious of, not Uknow Yunho who can made dancing to look as easy as open the mouth, or Uknow Yunho who shows his charisma on stage, but his charm as human being Jung Yunho. Although nobody knows what Uknow Yunho wants to be in the end, whether is an actor, a singer or a star, and facing the problem whether the name of Uknow Yunho who comes out from TVXQ is still effective, the abilities that demonstrated by this youth is the primitive and outstanding abilities which possessed by human being Jung Yunho.

1. Although you come here because of work, and cannot really enjoy as a tourist, but how's your shooting in Hong Kong?
It has been a long time since I have been here. Starting from airport, I was suprised to see many fans, so during my stay in Hong Kong I feel calm and warm-hearted. Although there was once I needed to have my photoshoot done in the empty street at 3 in the morning, due to too many fans gathered around. But because of that, I can walk on Hong Kong's street at 3am, which is a special and interesting experience for me. The night view in Hong Kong is really beautiful, you will have better mood by just looking at it.

2.To experience the numbers of overseas fans for real, how do you feel?
(I feel)surprise and miraculous. Because of the photoshoot this time, I can feel it once again. I am very grateful, that even we are unable to visit here, but the fans still support us with passion. Thank you very much. I have been missing them.

3.Do you like traveling? I am very curious that the ordinary Jung Yunho, but not singer or actor Uknow Yunho is kind of person who likes to travel?
I like to travel in casual wear. Mainly is going to see ocean, but it is not bad also to go travel with friends without advance preparation after chitchatting with them. Even though not travel to a very far place, but if can go with good friends, it will be filled with joy.

4.Ah, before this do you have ideas that you are an ordinary people same as the person with your age? Do you feel distanced from them now?
It has been a long time since debut, I have the feelings that I have already been walking for so long. However if take a look at the people who walk along with me, then you will have the wrong impression that I am not an artist but an ordinary youth. I meet my childhood playmates frequently and talk about our childhood dreams or future prospects. I also have close friends who are older than me, and often chat with them too.

5.What kind of person do you like? As a man, what kind of men do you consider handsome?
Whether as a man or a person, the type of person that I like is the same, which is the person who is consistent in his words and actions, the one who is responsible for his words. I do not want to be friends with those who like to defend themselves, or always twisted their mistakes into the reasonable one. In my opinion, the person who do not let go of their dreams even though they are aged is very handsome. But due to my character that only looking and running forward, I cannot think of any other, and cannot stop and rest. Although it is a pity, but since my character is formed like this there is no other way.

6. Apart from working, what do you like to do the most?
It depends, they are different every time. But I like traveling and sports. Sometimes I have absurd ideas to ride on bicycle to where my mind brings me to. I also ever walked along the railways for a whole day.

7. I maybe startled if came upon Uknow Yunho on street. What do you like to do when you are alone?
Either reading books or watching movies. The book depends on which book I took. Novels, comics, or books about economic, even books about general knowledge. (lol) I have no bias towards genres of film, I like all of them. It is the same for music, from pop music to old pop, I am the one who listen to them according to my mood. And to think deeply, I always seems to have plans for traveling even though I have never been there.

8. What is the most you do recently?
Since I have work that being planned ahead, so I want to work hard on it. I had participated in video clips which demonstrated in Korean pavilion at Shanghai EXPO. It is the same when I come to Hong Kong for photoshoot this time. Everything is new and nice for me.

9. Should I call you Uknow Yunho now? Or Jung YunHo? How should I address you?
Isn't that Uknow Yunho is Jung YunHo? In my opinion, those 2 are the same, I am still me, so it doesn't matter.

10.First time challenge in acting, do you found it difficult? Is it the same feelings as you standing on stage?
Obviously I felt unfamiliar and difficult, but I think I fully enjoyed it. Compared to acting skills that needed time to refine, it was a time when I learn the meaning of life from a senior who has far more experience than me.

11. As an actor, what target do you aim for?
I want to be an actor like Johnny Depp. He has strong personality and continues to show his new side to us. For me, he is an actor with real talent.

12. How do you feel to be separated from TVXQ members, and working alone with people that you are not familiar with? For sure you will be scared and feeling lonely.
It is a lie if I tell you I do not feel that way. But I am not going to panic or hesitate because of that. No matter it is a new thing, or new people, if you do not treat them sincerely, then you have no chance to approach it, and unable to become friends. Because of this, I have been working hard on it (to treat everything and everyone sincerely). In this case, not only things can be done, but made friends at the same time.

13. Before this, Yunho on screen had left honest impression on everyone.
However artist is not a job that can always maintain honesty. It is difficult to be honest all the time. That is because it might cause misunderstanding which is irrelevant to the truth(at any time). I hate regret, therefore I want to work hard so that there is consistency between words and deeds.

14.Is there any difference between Uknow Yunho on screen and Jung Yunho in real life? In other words, what kind of wrong impression do you think people have on you?
I am very grateful that people can think I am manly, charismatic and with leadership quality. Although I do have these, but in reality when I am in front of people whom I am close to, I like to play around. Although my eyes got teary during work, and often push myself hard and strive hard to achieve perfectness, but the usual me is active and naughty.

15.Including the activities overseas, either it is drama series, movie or music, do you have any future plan for it?
I am the one who can easily get excited on stage if compared to the others, so I will continue my music regardless its form. Apart from this, there are still a lot of plans. Several possibilities had been developed, but still in the midst of adjusting which activities to be carried out first. Should be showing everyone a new image of me. I hope that everyone who constantly paying close attention to me still can enjoy and look forward to it.

16. Right now, do you have the feelings of keep moving forward? And do you still persist in things that you want initially?
Of course, now I have the feelings of keep moving forward too. I am the kind of person who always have dreams, and will constantly outline the future in my mind. Well, this can motivate me to move forward continuously. If you climbed up a hill, you will see the mountain. Although one may out of breath or lack of strength during climbing, but once you get through it, you will become stronger. If you climb higher, you will see the higher mountain, and have the wider view of world. You will not regret it later if keep moving towards the direction you pictured now,

17. Do you satisfied with your age now, or hope that the time can fly faster?
Although I like the moment now, sometimes I do hope that time can fly faster. Because once I started a thing, I am very curious of how much I have achieved compared to my promise and target I set initially. Therefore, I would like to faster see myself at that time.

18. I would like to know is there anything that you missed a lot.
My hometown is in Gwangju, because I became a trainee in Seoul since high school, I missed my family, especially my sister. In my memory, I only have the impression of her in elementary school, and when she is grown up. Apparently I am her brother, in fact I am the one who receive strength and comfort from her more. I feel very sorry for her. I want to see my sister more often, buy her delicious food, and bring her to places which is fun.

19.Do you have a thought of what kind of person you want to be or things that you want to possess?
I want to become a good father. The person whom I respect most is my father, I want to become a father that same like my father. To become a father of a harmonious family is my dream, but I think that is the most difficult. And to become the person who brings hope to people in their hardship, is also my dream from childhood. This idea has not changed till now. Whether it is in singing, acting or the other stuff I have mentioned above, the things that I have said are those I can carry out well.

20. I feel that recently you become more mature suddenly.
Compared to the past, I want to listen and think more before I act. After I decided to go towards one direction, as if there is no other alternative way but believe in myself .

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Calling all talented artists/designers out there! This is it! It's time for you to show and share to the world your blessings! For more information on how you can join and submit your entries, click HERE.

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Are you missing the YunJae love?

But is excited to see Yunho in Goong?

Well, if you are, here's a fanmade video that will help you quench your thirst for some YunJae action. ^^,

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8-year-old Joon Seo played the character of Kim Nam Joo’s daughter in <<>> in 2009, and in that same year, she also played the role of Yunho’s younger sister in Heading to the Ground

In 2010, she played the role of Chae Rim’s daughter, Kim Min Ji, in Oh my lady!
and will also have a part to play in Paradise Ranch

During the filming of HTTG, she was interviewed, and in it, Joon Seo shared that, “When my friends heard that I was going to act alongside Jung Yunho (oppa), they were all very envious of me.”

She also openly shared that, “Compared to other days of filming, if I had a scene with Yunho (oppa) that day, I would be in an especially good mood, and no matter how long it took, I would never feel tired.”

Thereafter, Bang Joon Seo also expressed that, “Yunho (oppa) made a promise with me, that when Dong Bang Shin Ki holds a concert, he will invite me to come; it is such a blessing to have a brother like him; if only we can have filming every day, it would be great.”

Source: baiduTVXQ
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A few months ago, Jaejoong and Yoochun were revealing their Always Keep The Faith tattoos to everyone.
A picture was still bringing a lot of question among the fans, a picture of Jaejoong back with what it seemed like a non finished lettering tattoo (at his lower back)

Well today the suspense is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jaejoong lettering tattoo in the LOWER back!

Well today the suspense is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jaejoong lettering tattoo in the LOWER back!

The column on the right, read as roman numerals, are "0126" or January 26th - Jaejoong's given birthday. The column on the right reads "0204" or February 4th - Jae's real biological birthday.

Here is Ricky Yoohwan (Yoochun's younger brother) with an eagle and new "AKTF" tat

And… TVXQ backup dancer SeungHyeon!

"Always keep the faith"
"Quam fortissimus" (Latin for "as great/brave as possible)

(syc: thanks rachui for the tips)
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Flowers and Jaejae = BEAUTIFUL *smacked by jaejae* xDDD

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JaeChunSu, created a stage which filled with appreciation

A Performance that endued with new meanings

The central stage with passages that stretched out to 4 different directions. In dim light, the venue was immersed in red ocean created by fans. On the big screen appeared messages from three of them, from there the concert began.

Junsu 'I can't live if I don't sing'.
Jejung 'It couldn't be better if all of us can become one through music.'
Yuchun 'Due to support from everyone, I have made it here.'

Three of them who made their appearance on the passages, walked slowly to the central stage in the cheering of fans. Started with singing 'Just because I had met you', from their new song 《いつだって君に》.

During their first MC, 'I miss you guys so much! Let's get high together!' This lifted fans' spirit to the max.
Jejung and Yuchun's duet 'shelter' and Junsu's solo 'Kanashimi no Yukue' showing off their delicate vocal through these soothing ballads. During the MC, Jejung even acted the scene from 'Sunao ni Narenakute', the series drama which he participated and hugged Junsu. This funny TALK heated up the atmosphere in the Dome. However the dancers went on stage shortly after that, bringing the enthusiastic performance of 'TOKYO LOVELIGHT feat.YUCHUN'. This followed by 'been so long', which demonstrated blending of vocal from special guest Lisa, soulful rap from Yuchun and high pitched vocal from Jejung harmoniously.

With full of gratitude, Created a touching stage with fans
After Kome Kome CLUB's '君がいるだけで' and other songs which showed off their harmonious chorus, the performance entered member's solo part. Yuchun brought a girl on stage from the audience and sang the lovely 'My Girlfriend' to her, causing continuous screaming from fans. 'Maze' that performed by Jejung is a song in rock genre, while Junsu performed his sexy dance song 'XIAHTIC'.
In order to get closer to fans, they wandered around the stage passages and audience seats unexpectedly, sometimes they would enter the stage gorgeously and had varies performances. Riding on carts, they going around the Dome while performing their last 2 new songs.
During the song 'Get Ready', the fans followed the members' hand movements while enjoying it. The members threw colorful balls to fans while singing '歩くよ、前に' from the song 'LONG WAY'.

To response to fans' cheering for encore, the members who went on stage again expressed their true feelings.

With gratitude, Yuchun said 'Although I was worried, but because of everyone, we are able to perform today.'
Junsu said with determination, 'For not disappointing the love that all of you have for us, I must work harder on stage.'
Jejung too, promised that,'I want to continue singing with the same pure heart that persists from the day of debut.'

After the speech, they performed their new song 'W'. With lyrics '君を待ってる' and 'いつか逢える', they conveyed all their sincere feelings to everyone in Dome.
After the LIVE ended with a total of 18 songs, three of them kept on repeating 'Thank you' to the fans. By the moment they stepped down the stage, the fans who witnessed their tears bestowed them with thunderous applause.

Credits: TVXQBaidu + 驻足
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For all those who missed YUNJAE..

i won't mind if this will be the Goong Musical pair..LOL.
i loveee it!

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The 15th Song "Get Ready"

Get Ready

Hey everybody get ready tonight alright
Hey everybody get ready tonight alright
Hey everybody get ready tonight alright

危ない don't red trickling
Abunai don't red trickling
Dangerours, don't red trickling

待ち続けた you and me 逢いたくてcome here
Machi tsuduke ta you and me aitakute come here
Waiting for a long time, you and me, wanted to see you, come here

Ready come music そうとっても sexy
Ready come music sou tottemo sexy
Ready come music, very sexy

Atarashiku hajimaru sekaiye
To the new world

君となら be a be 夢に向かって
Kimi tonara be a be yumeni mukatte
With you, be a be, to the dream

楽しむ準備 OK?
Tanoshimu junbi OK ?
Ready for the fun, OK?

ともに盛り上がる準備 OK?
Tomoni moriagaru junbi OK ?
Ready to pick up stream together, OK?

Baby my girl friend, baby lasting friend
Baby my girl friend, baby lasting friend
Baby my girl friend, baby lasting friend

Atsui kotowo shiyou
Let’s do some hot stuff

愛を抱きしめて笑って OK!
Aiwo dakishimete waratte OK!
Embracing love and smiling, OK!

Tsutaeru shiawaseni natte
Be happy to convey

もう駆けるよ  どこまで一緒に行こう right now
Mou kakeruyo dokomade isshoni ikou right now
I will run, let’s go together all the way, right now


Hey everybody lets grow up tonight alright
Hey everybody lets grow up tonight alright
Hey everybody lets grow up tonight alright

誘えない yeah two to in
Sasoenai yeah two to in
Can’t propose you, yeah, two to in

見つめていて oh my love その先は
Mitsumeteite oh my love sono sakiwa
Please watch, oh my love, what lies ahead

You can't stop dancing 目がつく my darling
You can't stop dancing mega tsuku my darling
You can't stop dancing, you're cool, my darling

Tomaranai jikanwa korekara
The never ending time starts here

期待していいんじゃない 最高に向かって
Kitaishite iinjanai saikouni mukatte
Let’s hold up the hope, to the best

Be you mine いつでも準備 OK?
Be you mine itsudemo junbi OK ?
Be you mine, are you ready, OK?

もっと愛しあう準備 OK?
Motto aishiau junbi OK ?
Ready to love more, OK?

Baby my girl friend, baby last love
Baby my girl friend, baby last love
Baby my girl friend, baby last love

動き出した tonight
Ugokidashita tonight
Starting to move tonight

いまは気持ちこめて two shot
Imawa kimochi komete two shot
Feeling deep, two shot

君に伝えたいよ thank you
Kimini tsutae taiyo thank you
Want to say thank you, to you

大切にいつまでも一緒に行こう right now
Taisetsuni itsumademo isshoni ikou right now
Let’s go on together forever, starting right now

みんな楽しむ準備 OK?
Minna tanoshimu junbi OK ?
Ready for the fun, OK?

もっと盛り上がる準備 OK?
Motto moriagaru junbi OK ?
Ready to pick up more stream, OK?

Baby clap your hands  baby let's stand up
Baby clap your hands baby let's stand up
Baby clap your hands bay let's stand up

Atsuikotowo shiyouyo
Let's do some hot stuff

Source: dirahdbsk1@youtube
Translation: smiley @
Special thanks: Lexy & ミ♥ Lovedust @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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U-Kiss' Press Conference in Malaysia

U-Kiss' Press Conference in Malaysia:
When asked what they think about ever replacing TVXQ, Alexander humbly answered, "We really adore TVXQ, they are our sunbaes (seniors). They're still the strongest group in Asia, and we set them as our target. They can never be replaced because they're just too good."

Source: SinChew Daily (Malaysia local newspaper)
Translation: Jae_Nee @ Twitter
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Credit: Naver + TVXQbaidu
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