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Since the beginning of the lawsuit, a flock of so-called fans have gathered at a website called 'Daum Television TVXQ Gallery'. These fans ally themselves with SM Entertainment, defaming the trio and causing hatred amongst fans. One of the most frequently raised issues revolves around a cosmetics company, and criticisms on the trio are translated into Japanese, English and Chinese, and posted onto various websites.

‘Daum Television TVXQ Gallery’ was one of the three websites involved in the initiation of the recent pro-SM fan petition (the other two being ‘savetvxq’ and ‘aftertvxq’). The petition requests a formal apology as well as the three members’ return to SM Entertainment.

The fans on these websites contend that the lawsuit filed by the three TVXQ members was ‘based off of momnetary temptation which began with the cosmetic company.’ They also viciously accuse Crebeau cosmetics of selling cheap, second-rate ‘made in china’ products, and publicly critisize the company for running a pyramid scheme.

The same allegations were made by SM in a press conference held last year.

The slander and defamation of SM and these so-called fans have caused Crebeau Cosmetics severe losses, and this triggered Crebeau CEO Kang Seok Won’s lawsuit against SM CEO Kim Young Min, in which the former claimed victory (NOTE: This is not true, the police finished investigation for the lawsuit and passed the documents on to the Seoul Central District Prosecutor's Office. Crebeau did NOT win the lawsuit).

Recently, having gathered sufficient evidence of slander against them over the internet, Crebeau pressed charges against a total of 15 netizens involved in the dissemination of defamatory rumours.

The individuals who have been pressed charges against have since posted letters of apology over various websites.

Below are apologies from three of the ‘Daum Television TVXQ Gallery’ members.


June 1st 2010

To all employees of Crebeau Cosmetics Company,

To all the employees of Crebeau whom I have harmed with the contents of my blog, please accept my sincere apologies.
All of this is the consequence of my thoughtlessness, my fallibility and what I thought to be my love for TVXQ.
In particular, I’d like to apologize to President Kang for the extensive losses and pain I have caused. Sorry.

When I wrote the piece about Crebeau, I was expressing my personal opinion and my perception of ‘the truth’, I did not consider the possibility that what I was writing could be completely false, I am truly sorry.
In my naivety, I only thought of myself and failed to consider the staff of Crebeau, I am very sorry.

I am writing this to convey my remorse for the damage I have caused to your company’s reputation. Because of my mistake, many people formed a negative impression of Crebeau.

I have finally come to realize that the things we wrote were the weapons contributing to Crebeau’s losses, I am very regretful.
Looking back at what I wrote, I was rude and disrespectful.
From a young age, my parents taught me the importance of courtesy, of respect, and at that moment, I threw all of it away. To date, everything I have written has been an expression of my own feelings.
I’d like to apologize once again for the things I have written.

I will delete all of the pieces in question and accept all of the charges issued against me.
I am sorry for the damage I have caused with my reckless behaviour, and I will not write anything related to Crebeau Cosmetics in the future. I will leave this website, and this letter of apology will also be the last that I post here.

Once again, I apologize for the harm I have inflicted on all members of staff.
Please take into consideration my young age and the fact that the problem lies with me immaturity. Forgive me.

Finally, I sincerely apologize for this event.

(2 other letters of apology omitted)

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The drama adaptation of the manga 'Goong', starring Joo Ji Hoon and Yoon Eun Hye will be undergoing yet another transformation and be performed as a musical production.

In the musical adaptation of Goong, TVXQ member Yunho will be playing the role of Prince Lee Shin.
Dozens of fans fled to the venue of the press conference in the hope of seeing Yunho, who has not made many public appearances as of late. U-know Yunho is receiving a huge amount of support from Korean, Japanese and Chinese fans etc who wish him success in his debut as a musical actor.
Will the musical 'Goong' be as successful as the hugely popular manga and drama series?

Over 300 members of the press (both local and international) attended the press conference, revealing the potency of the 'Goong' phenomenon.

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Nakaji (starred by Eita) heard from the news agency that his father (starred by Koji Kikkawa) intends to go to a war zone to gather sources for his photo shoot.
At the same time, Nakaji apologized to the editor of BEST MAGAZINE (starred by Eri Watanabe) for leaving in the midst of an important photo shoot which was recommended by her because of Linda.
On the other hand, Haru (starred by Ueno Juri) brought result of her enrollment test for qualification as a permanent private high school teacher, which she took few days ago, to the principal who recommended her. Just then, Doctor hopes that Haru can consider their marriage.

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The defamation and obstruction of work charges made by cosmetic company We# Plus against SM Entertainment’s Kim Young Min (40) have been dismissed.

According to JipyungJisung, the legal representatives of SM Entertainment, the prosecution dismissed the charges made by We# Plus against Kim Young Min as unnecessary to institute public action on the 31st. TVXQ’s Micky Yoochun (24), YoungWoong Jaejoong (24) and Xiah Junsu (23) have invested in this company.

Last year, SM stated that the legal dispute over TVXQ’s exclusive contract was “Not a happening that occurred due to an unlawful slave contract that violated human rights,” but rater “A lawsuit based off of monetary temptation which began with the cosmetic company.”

In retaliation, We# Plus sued Kim Young Min in two phases in August and November, stating that, “Although the three members have filed the injunction due to an unlawful contract, SM keeps pointing our company out as the cause of the situation,” and “They were trying to distort the facts and hide the real reason for this lawsuit, and our reputation was ruined in the process.”

JipyungJisung stated, “It looks like it was decided that the three members and their families are deeply tied to the business of this company as they violated TVXQ’s portrait rights to promote it.” They added that, “The prosecution has viewed the cosmetic company as one of the main reasons why this exclusive contract legal dispute began.”

The legal representatives also added, “We know that SM is currently examining legal content to make We# Plus take legal responsibility for tarnishing the reputation of Kim Young Min and others within the entertainment agency.”

The three members from TVXQ filed an exclusive contract suspension injunction on July 31st, 2009 against SM Entertainment because they “Wanted to escape from the shackles of an unfair contract”. U-Know Yunho (24) and Choikang Changmin (24) did not join in. The Seoul District Courts partially accepted the injunction on October 27th of last year. This meant that the Courts admitted that the contract between SM and the members of TVXQ was an unlawful one. However, they drew the line when it came to income division as it was decided that the topic would be discussed in the actual lawsuit.

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In BeeTV drama【Beautiful_Love~君がいれば~】, Yuchun challenges his acting in Japanese TV drama for the first time.

'Since I do not have any experience, moreover is in Japanese language, so (I feel) a bit worried and nervous. Whether it is going to say in such way, it was really painful. It was truly difficult as a newcomer on the first day of shooting , yet (I was) having a great time.
Although I was tired, my mood was good! It was like that. However the scenes that filmed on the first day, now really want to remake it.(lol)
I am going to act more perfectly if it is now~! Speaking about embarrassing moments, that was when resting in the middle of filming on the beach, when was about to sit down, because the legs of the chair were buried in the sand so it was slanted, (I) wasn't aware of it so fall down. Besides that still got a lot of embarrassing moments, but (I am) not going to tell you, it is a secret!'

Yonsu that you portrayed is aggressive towards women, what do you think of Yonsu?

'Overall I'm not so sure (lol), but I will be the same as Yonsu, if I like someone I am going to confess!
However if the person is same as Yonsu who likes to fool around with girls, that kind of person please do not hesitate to leave him, in my opinion should get into a relationship naturally with good intention.
For me, girl is like an angel who can charm away (worries). I am going to work hard too, to present that kind of feelings to fans. From now on whether it is singing or acting, (I am) going to face whatever challenge~!'

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SM Entertainment must pay an additional 10% of the ticket price as compensation for indefinitely postponing its concert from last year.

On the 17th, Chairman Kim Hak Geun of the Consumer Dispute Arbitration Committee stated, "The verdict of paying an additional 10% of the ticket price, along with a full refund, as compensation for the indefinite postponement of the 'SM TOWN LIVE '09 Concert' has been given its final approval."

Therefore, the 792 consumers who filed this complaint can now receive an additional 10% of the ticket price as compensation from SM Entertainment and Dream Maker Entercom. The money will be distributed by Dream Maker from the 21st.

The Consumer Dispute Arbitration Committee is also allowing consumers who could not participate in the legal dispute to receive compensation as well and they may do so by submitting a Compensation report to the companies in question.

When a verdict from the committee receives its final approval, it holds equal validity as a judicial decision. If the set verdict is not carried out by the defendant, the Seoul District Courts have the power to force the action to occur.

The full ticket price of the 'SM TOWN LIVE '09 Concert' has already been refunded to all ticket buyers by SM Entertainment and Dream Maker Entercom.

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I hope he could win♪everyone, let’s cheer him up! RT @misa2305:Ayu!!! Jaejoong will be on food prejudice king today〜@ayu_19980408 about 14 hours ago via Echofon

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