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[NEWS] 100519 Netizens Reactions Regarding The Rumored Relationship of TVXQ Jaejoong and Yano Mikiko

The recent rumored relationship between TVXQ Jaejoong and Yano Mikiko has been attracting many responses from netizens.

Earlier Japanese magazine ‘Women Weekly’ released a press report about the special relationship between TVXQ Hero Jaejoong (24, real name Kim Jaejoong) and a devoted famous model Yano Mikiko, creating a buzz in internet. It’s said that last week Hero Jaejoong and Yano Mikiko were witnessed enjoying a dating scene at Shibuya near the 109 cross walk, both of them wore masks and while were waiting for the traffic light, their arms were linked to each other.

TVXQ Hero Jaejoong recently is cast in a drama and broaden his activities area. After the press release about his relationship was revealed, there have been numerous different reactions from netizens.

The Korea netizens commented, “If the relationship is true, they seem to make a good couple.” While Japanese netizens said, “Japan weekly magazine often reported wrong issues, so we’ll be just watching about it carefully.” stating their position.

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[PHOTOS] 100519 YunHo - HIGH CUT Magazine

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[PHOTOS] 100519 ChangMin - Elle Girl Photoshoot

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[NEWS] 100518 Yunho, Changmin finally appear in public, emphasized they are members of TVXQ

On the 14th of this month, Samsung Electronics held a 3D-related press conference for production crew, SM Entertainment, and Samsung Electronics. The most attention getting part of the event is Yunho and Changmin finally appeared in public even though the conflict with between other three members SM Entertainment had caused a pause in all TVXQ group activities.

Last summer, the other three members of TVXQ brought a lawsuit against their management company regarding their contract, after this, Yunho and Changmin who stood on SM’s side never appeared in public.

TVXQ leader Yunho expressed: “3D can bring a whole new way of feeling, we will continue to work harder.” Also introduced himself as “TVXQ’s Yunho”, Changmin also emphasized he was “TVXQ’s Changmin”.

Since there is still no settlement between the other three members and SM Entertainment regarding the contract, Yunho and Changmin’s actions were praised by Korean media, because it showed the 6 years of strong love in TVXQ.

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[TRANS] 100518 Tohoshinki Staff Update


We were very surprised to see that gossip magazine today. Why do they write articles like that... We're also very sorry to the other person. I couldn't keep myself from tweeting.
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皆さんのコメント、本当に嬉しいです!ありがとうございます(泣)安心してお休み下さいそれとっ!MJでシア様に声援を下さった皆さん、ありがとうございました!! 舞台袖で新人アシスタントのソンスが皆さんと一緒に叫んでました(笑)

All of your comments made me very happy! Thank you (cries) Please relax and take a break J And also! Thank you to everyone that cheered for Xiah at Music Japan! His new assistant Sonsu was screaming along with all of you from the side of the stage (laughs)
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[VIDEO] 100518 Xiah Junsu - Making of Intoxication

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[TRANS] 100518 Jaejoong Representative said “Hero Jaejoong and Japanese Model? A made up stuff”

TVXQ Hero Jaejoong representative exposed denial regarding the rumored relationship with Japanese model.

Recently Josei 7 Weekly magazine reported the sightings of TVXQ Hero Jaejoong and Yano Mikiko enjoyed a date at Shibuya 109 cross walk.

The weekly magazine said, “While waiting for the traffic light, Hero Jaejoong and Yano Mikiko who wore mask in disguise shared a loving look to each other with linking arms.

Hero Jaejoong official representative had a phonecall with Newsen to clarify the issue, “They met to have some meal together with their managers, but they’re not lovers at all.”

Priorly in November last year Jaejoong was also ever rumored to date Japanese actress Abiru Yuu.

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[FANACC] 100518 Junsu in NHK Music Japan Recording

Charsmatic Junsu from my eyes
2010-05018 08:46

(few sentences omitted)

To be honest, during all the time Junsu was on stage,
I was trying to stand for dear life.
The impact that I felt with my whole body was beyond my imagination,
I was about to lose my senses many times.
I cannot express this feeling in correct words,
but it seems as though I was sent off to another world.
I thought, this is, the true Intoxication……
I thought that my words “charisma” that I’ve said many times up to this date
hasn’t included the true meaningsΣ( ̄∇ ̄|||
Junsu today was not an angel, he was a god descending to earth.

We arrived at the NHK Hall about 6:30pm.
There were many girls looking for tickets, requesting to be accompanied. (T/N: the admission postcard was for 2 persons per postcard.)

A very long queue.
I carefully and gently held my postcard in my hand, and gave it to the person in charge.
We were given the seat card in exchange.

Though it was scheduled to start on 7:30pm, there was a written announcement that the program will start from 7:20pm, according to the schedule of the performers.

We went into the NHK hall, but we could not go to our seats.
The rehearsal was still going on, faint sounds could be heard.
I could not make out whose song…what music… those were.

The program started on time, 7:20pm, there was the shooting for the opening (and ending, though the shooting just started) .
For the other performers, I will write afterwards.

I was beginning to get nervous after 9pm.

Just after 9:10pm, 15 out of 16 performers have finished their performance.
The hall was filled with excitement.
The call “Junsu! Junsu!” occurred from nowhere.
The MC came out from the left side of the stage, and then, Junsu appeared.
On that moment, I think that the NHK Hall was swaying and swinging.
The program stopped for a moment.
I could not hear anything, the hall was filled with screaming cheers.

Looking from my seat, I saw the swaying red penlights.
There were many green Bigeast towels, and the pink Jun-chan towels, too.

Junsu’s face and standing position during the talks…….
When I thought that Junsu was looking at this red ocean…
I was in tears.

I could not hear one word of the talks.
I saw the talking Junsu for sure.
But I could not… hear anything.
The cheers were that great.
I think I faintly heard the word XIAH Junsu.
I would like to look forward to the onair on TV.

The black costume was similar to that of the PV.
(Should it be the same costume?)

Junsu walked to the center of the stage, where 4 dancers were in the standby.
Junsu, sharing high fives (shaking hands) with the dancers
gave me an impression in a blink that Junsu is really loved by the dancers.
I felt that the dancers were cheering Junsu.

Finally, the music started.
I thought that it was a little bit different from the PV version.
Maybe the introduction was shorter?

Writing down the actual song and dance should be a spoiler,
and, I could not express enough by my weak style (this should be the main reason),
so I will not describe in details.

Just a short one (Lol)
There was a true spiritual fierce in his song and dance.
Touched…..? Moved…..?
Those are not the correct words.
It is beyond my vocabulary, my expressions.

You can say that the stage was as though you “felt” with your body,
rather than hearing with your ears.
Yes, I felt the stage. The word ecstasy may be the right word.

The great vocal, cool dancing,
and Junsu, emanating aura
made me forget that I was sitting on the 3rd floor.

After the song finished and Junsu walked away from the stage,
there were applauses, cheers, and screams.

Junsu’s song, dance, passion, and charismatic charms, everything reached us.
Did our passionate feelings reach you, Junsu?

Jaejoong seemed to come to support Junsu.
In his white tank top (lol)

Before the stage, we were saying that one song is not enough.
Of course, for us fans, we want to hear ten or twenty songs.
We want to hear more and more…this is my real feelings.
But the tremendous impact of today’s one song gave us the feeling of satisfaction much more than hearing just one common song.

Junsu should show to us many of his styles in the future.
I thought from the bottom of my heart that Junsu would always, always shine on stage.

Jun-chan, Saranghae~~~~♪

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