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In the July issue of magazine “Bijin Hyakka”, Tohoshinki’s leader Yunho had his first appearance. In the interview, he talked about his thoughts on love.

With a strong personality, so far it has been Yunho being the lead in relationships mostly. “This time it would be nice if someone could lead me. When there are friends and staff around, she can support me, and when it’s just the two of us, she can control me, that would be the ideal girl.” Right now, he’s kind of looking for a girlfriend.

On top of that, the girl he likes will have the fashion of “jeans with a t-shirt and sneakers, having a casual look. But on the reverse too, businesswomen wearing a suit fitting them perfectly is something that I like”.

Other than this interview, precious talk about his dream confession situation, his auditioning for the main lead in Korean drama “No Limit ~Heading to the Ground~” and such will be included in the magazine.

Yunho himself said “since the 5 years of my debut, this is the first time that I’ve laughed this much from a photoshoot”, seeing Yunho like never before, and his surprising smiles, “Bijin Hyakka”, July issue is a must get for fans.

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Yunnie Bear is his number 1 fan. kekekek^__^

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Going out for Sunao ni Narenakute as extras
11.06.2010 15:27:46

Yesterday went to Sunao ni Narenakute as extras
The shooting included Jejung, Juri Ueno and Eita
The details of shooting are confidential
The staff also wanted me to keep it as secret.
According to their lines seems like a very important scene.
Yesterday extras gathered at 8am!
It was stated (we should) gathered at 8am, but the shooting only started at around 9.30? Why?
By the way the location of shooting was situated in Tokyo ビッグサイト west hall.
At the beginning was the scene of Jejung and Juri Ueno.
After that was Eita's solo.
Followed by the scene of 3 of them together.
Was shooting in this order.
Although during Jejung and Juri Ueno's scene they were sitting on the chairs
But after shooting, the place where Jejung sat was sticky. (lol)

The following only known by extras.
Eita is a very easy going person! (lol)
When waiting alone for his turn, he always loitering around.
Without following by staff, he smoked while walking by himself, sat with extras. (lol)
Therefore (we were)surprised when suddenly found him at the back or beside.
Does he has the consciousness as an actor? Totally doesn't mind us the extras (oridinary people), really broad-minded!

The following is about Jejung
Working earnestly to the shooting for his drama series.
When the staff was explaining to us, well of course, compared to the staff, our eyes were more fixed on Jejung, who was standing in front.(lol)
Then the staff ridiculed himself by saying 'Look at me~!!' Raised his hands to pull back the extras' attention.
After that Jejung turn towards us showing his broad smile. (´Д‘*)

Finished I am finished

Looking at Jejung's smile in the short distance

I am going crazy (lol)

Whoa~ Such smiling face really healed everything

The final shooting with three of them was long.
Because shooting from different angles, had to CUT for several times, Jejung them had to repeat the same lines again for many times, really suffering.
Extras also needed to repeat the same action, however can look at beloved Jejung, that's not a problem at all. (lol)

During the shooting Jejung and Eita went to smoking area together. (・∀・*)
But Jejung didn't go for a few times, looking from my side he only went there once at most at the later part of shooting. (during the first part of shooting I'm not sure)
Eita really can smoke
Will go to smoking area whenever he got time
Is a very heavy smoker!

While Jejung was waiting for the others, he was chatting happily with Juri Ueno on the chairs.
As if the topics never ended!
Jejung can befriended with co-stars, relieved (with the mother-like feelings~ w)

During the shooting, Jejung only NG once
He said 'I am really sorry!' Very adorable (・∀・*)
Followed by his continuous laughing 'Ah hahaha...', very cute

In the middle of shooting, Jejung as if his belly was itching or what, he reached his hand into his clothes and scratched.

Saw Jejung's ab

Very Very very CUTEEE!!

Thanks for the hospitality~

There were too many adorable points, always feel like forget to write some parts...
Overall is like that.

Estimated to end at 1pm, in fact it only finished at 4.
Exceeded more than 3 hours
Jejung, Juri Ueno and Eita worked too hard!!!
In the end (of shooting) Jejung bowed to the extras for almost 5 times before went back.
Even taking into account the extras~ (´;ω;‘)
Indeed, extras were only outsiders.
You were bending too low Jejung~ (´;ω;‘)
Love him even more

At last it ended after gifting extras the Sunao's recycling bags.
The scene that shot on that day is going to broadcast only the next week.
Is it going to be shown?
However this kind of filming that takes a long time, which can be used in actual drama only a few minutes.

Able to cast as extras is enough (・∀・*)
The later part was shooting alongside with Jejung, felt really blessed

Today Jejung need to continue his shooting until night time too.

To the Tokyo Dome which will begin tomorrow FIGHTING!

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Youngwoong Jaejoong & SarangJoong fanclub has donated money towards surgery fee's for a girl with Leukemia.

Youngwoong Jaejoong & SarangJoong is a member of Korea's Heart Disease Foundation because they want to go further than Korea to bring support to places in Asia like Japan and China.

Helping people who still dream when they are trapped, this is part of a project to support Jaejoong having activities outside of Korea. Selling fan-made DVD's, t-shirts and such, this fanclub project has brought in a total of 6,000,000 Won, and donated it to Korea's Heart Disease Foundation. The Foundation will fund this money to Park*Ki (14 years old), to assist her with her operation.

Park*Ki has received her younger brother's bone marrow in a operation on the 19th of May, and is now in the process of healing. On the 3rd of June, SarangJoong's management went to visit Park*Ki when she was healing in an isolation ward to send her presents. Because it was an isolation ward, they couldn't talk directly to her, and Park*Ki conveyed her thanks through the glass window. The management too hopes for her full recovery.

SarangJoong will gather all the members love, and work hard to continue to donate to charities. As like Youngwoong Jaejoong's songs and techniques give them their biggest comfort and joy, Youngwoong Jaejoong & SarangJoong's members want to share the love with people in need.

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Hey everyone♥
Thank you for the birthday messages filled with love
On my birthday every year, it's being celebrated by everyone~!

Is it ok to love all of you?

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This is a transcript of what is shown during the talks of JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME Digest, which you can watch on Myspace here. I've decided to translate the talks so that you'll have an easier time follow the stream (:

JJ = JeJung
YC = YuChun
JS = JunSu

JS: It's been a long time since we stood in front of the audience, so of course we're feeling nervous. But… ah… we carry the mix of joy, pressure, worries, and various feelings… We will do our best with our positive feelings so that you will be able to enjoy the stage that we offer. After all, when I stand on the stage and sing… for me, I feel that if I sing, I can keep on living. That is how important the stage is to me. Well, if I can convey something to the fans through our songs, I'll be very happy. Perhaps, for me, well… I think I will be singing until the day I die. If there are people who want to listen to our songs, no matter what condition I am in, I will thrive my very best.

JJ: When it was decided that we would be doing this live, that we would be able to see you all, I was very happy. Regarding to the live this time… well, I want to make it a live not only for the music, but also to exchange our feelings with each other. When the audience be together with us, become one with us, sing with us, laugh with us, cry with us… that moment is really tremendous. [The fans] are not always with us physically, but I feel like they're the ones who are closest to us, the ones who always understand us, who worry the most about us, who support us the most. They have that kind of existence. To me, they are the ones whom I can't live without. That's why, they are precious to me.

YC: If it wasn't for our fans, I wouldn't have loved music this much. It is the uttermost the reason for me to sing. Well, a lot of painful things happened… but thanks to the support of the fans, I received the strength and courage and made it here. Really… (T/N: can't really hear what he says here T_T). The fans… how do I put it… it's hard to put in words how great their love and their big hearts they possess. More and more, I want to try harder at our activities. I want to know, to receive, and to understand the heart and the feeling of everyone. Thank you for waiting for us.

JJ: Started in Osaka, today is the last day of our live. From the beginning, we've had a lot of worries, but thanks to all of you, our worries have gone away. From the deepest of our heart, we are very thankful that a lot of you have come to our live.

YC: *Fans cheering* Yesssssss. Eh, thank you very much. Last year... last year when I stood here at Tokyo Dome, I really, really wanted to stand here at Tokyo Dome again to the point that I became worried *Fans cheering* Yes, thank you. But really, thanks to everyone, I'm able to stand here again. Thank you very much. From now on, we'll do our best with various activities so please keep supporting us.

JS: Yes *Fans cheering* That's right. Really, when we decided on our Dome tour, I was very worried. We have 4 lives in Osasa and Tokyo, but to have you all come to to see us at Dome like this, each time still feels like a dream for me. We'll be doing our best not to lose to the love you have for us. *Fans cheering* I'm very happy, thank you.

JJ: Yes. *Fans cheering* Uhm, perhaps, from the time we decided on this live, we thought that, instead of telling about you our sorrows and pains, we came here with the hope to see your smiles. From Osaka to here, there are only 3 of us, but… The things that we couldn't tell you, for example, the pains and the things we suffered up until now, the tears that we've been holding in, we wanted to at least be honest in front of you, really, we want to honestly show you our emotions. But if we do that then you will cry, and when we see your crying faces, we get hurt really much. So we told ourselves so many times not to cry. We told ourselves that, just at this place, we should smile properly and sing and dance with everyone; that if we show you our happy faces, then you will also be happy.

Honestly, this live only lasts 3 hours but we have a lot of things to say. This short amount of time is nothing compared to the time that you've been waiting for us. Although it is short and we can't express much to you, we believe that just by mutual understanding each other and being able to see your smiles, there's a meaning to this live.

Today was very fun. Just like the pure and bright emotions that you have brought here, we also want continue singing together with everyone while carrying along the pure emotions we've been bringing with us since our debut. From now on, and always, please keep supporting us forever. Thank you very much.

This is going to be our last song, and it's a song that contains our feelings. Please listen to it, "W".

Other videos of the stream can be found here.

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Embraced by a large number of passionate fans in both Korea and Japan, that is the highly popular group that paused all group activities in April, Tohoshinki. Recently, a new unit consisting of Junsu, Jejung and Yuchun performed at Tokyo Dome and Osaka’s Kyocera Dome, with a total of 4 performancing attracting 200,000 people, showing their immense popularity. Moreover, local television, handphone sites, and DVDs are featuring the members as actors, and this is attracting a lot of attention.

Jejung is currently starring in the Fuji Television Drama “Sunao Ni Narenakute”, which was written by Eriko Kitagawa. Coming to Japan from Korea with his sister, and being a struggling salesman, he passionately plays the role of “Doctor” who desires to be with Ueno Juri’s “Haru.” He is gentle, and a little unreliable, “Doctor’s” seemingly fruitless struggle is keeping fans at the edge of their seats. Prior to this drama, Jejung was also involved in the Japan-Korea collaboration project “Telecinema 7”, which featured a Japanese scriptwriters’ stories and Directors as well as actors from Korea. His movie, “Heaven’s Postman” (Screened in May) was also written by Eriko Kitagawa, and this was his first starring role in a movie. We look forward to his active performance in both movies and dramas in the future!

For Yuchun, he took on his first key role in the currently-airing BeeTv drama “Beautiful Love ~Kimi ga Ireba~” The story is about Yuchun’s character Yonsu, who is the heir of a Korean Conglomerate, and Aya Oomasa’s Hinata, who is a journalist who dreams of being a writer. Initially, they fail to get along, but they gradually learn to understand each other and a Cinderella-like love story unfolds. On 4 June, the airing of the first episode on BeeTV, download numbers reached a record high of 250,000 downloads. Prior to the drama release, the screening of “Making of~Beautiful Love~” was the clip with the highest views for 4 days running, which was a new record, showing its immense popularity. This overwhelming performance was different from his previous charm exhibited as a singer, and Yuchun’s natural acting has been a hot topic. Incidentally, the drama’s theme song “Kimi Ga Ireba ~Beautiful You~” and interlude “Intoxication” was performed by his close friend Junsu. These 2 songs are recorded under the name XIAH junsu, in his solo debut single “XIAH”, which sold over 200,000 copies.

Also, a hot topic in both Japan and Korea last year, Yunho’s debut drama “No Limit ~Heading to the ground~”has been released early! DVD Box set sales started on 16 June for Yunho’s drama, in which he acted as a soccer player who aims to be the best in the world. Although talented, his team is plagued by problems and troublemakers and eventually breaks up. Amidst his desperate struggle, and this story unfolds to become a romantic comedy depicting how a youth struggles with both love and football.

Jejung, Yuchun & Yunho, are 3 different people participating in different ways. They are working their way into establishing a firm position as actors in the Japanese entertainment industry. Although it is a pity not to be able to see the 5 of them on stage together, they have continued to charge forward into various media such as TV, movies, DVDs and handphone dramas.

“Sunao Ni Narenakute” airs on Fuji TV every Thursday at 22:00 JST
“Beautiful Love ~Kimi ga Ireba~” is released every Wednesday (Total of 12 episodes)
“No Limit~Heading to the Ground~” DVD box set is on sale from 16 June.

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