Tuesday, May 18, 2010

[TRANS] 100509 Yoochun - Cyworld Update

Direct Korean Translation:

Nevertheless, I'm happy...
how would (I) explain everything...
In the end, it's scary
expressing yourself, if expressing it made you laugh
for me as well, this path
of revising (my) life
is not something that can easily be chosen
for whatever reason...

Hello We Are...
This was...
Thank you...

Miss this more than anyone.

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[AUDIO] 17.05.10 Xiah Junsu Intoxication live in Music Japan

Credit: celesdbsk@youtube & poplez
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Japanese fans were going wild and infected with this "toxic" xD

[PHOTOS] 100517 Yunho - Hongkong Photoshoot

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[TRANS] 100510 Shirota Yu, Yamapi, Jaejoong Went Eating at Restaurant Together

According to the restaurant waitress’ blog:

昨日は、うちの店に、山Pと城田優君とジェジュン(東方神起)が食べに来たよ~!!!やっぱり、これまた生で見ちゃうと全然興味なかったのに、とき めいちゃうよね~笑

Yesterday to my restaurant,Yama-P, Shirota Yu, and Jaejoong (Tohoshinki) came to eat~!!Even though I had no interest on them, yet if I see them in real life you’ll be excited~ *laughs*

someone asked her if she could tell more about the incident and she replied~

Yamashita-kun and Shirota Yu-kun came to our restaurant just before closing,
Jaejoong came and joined them later☆
They seemed not much hungry,
I got order just some appetizers from them, but that was many good appetizers…(laugh)
All of them were so handsome and cute!!

source: kyont
trans: Rieko@sharingyoochun
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[TRANS] 100518 Tohomobile Staff Blog

He had an interview ♪

He had an interview for MUSIC JAPAN!

A picture with Sekine Mari-san!!

She was advertising for XIAH (^o^)

We’re very grateful of you. Please help us to send a message to Tsuton-sama* too ♪

*Tsuton: the Korean name that Sekine Tsutomu made for himself.

source: Tohomobile + linhkawaii
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[TRANS] 100517 Tohomobile Staff Blog Updates

Xiah, who performed Intoxication after the photo shoot for the interview…!
Xiah, you’re really handsome!

Angel Jun-chan
Acceded to the requests of everyone and delivered the image of Angel Jun-chan~
Mr Junsu is someone who is full of different facial expressions~

The Thanksgiving Concert at the Dome is currently in the midst of production.

source: Tohomobile + baiduTVXQ
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[PHOTOS+TRANS] 100515 Beautiful Love Mobile Update part 2

Eating Nabe(pot) together!?
YongSoo visited Hinata’s apartment which she lives with her boyfriend, Akira(Nobuo Kyo) Why is this happening!?

They come home together!?
Hinata goes back her home with YongSoo
Hinata hates him and called him”nasty guy”..but what is the reason
that she takes Yong Soo home…?

He is sexy when he looks down.
Yongsoo looks good in white shirts!

credit: cafede-yuchun
trans by: sharingyoochun.net
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[TRANS] 100517 The 4th Musical Awards Nominees for “Best Newcomer” – Xiah Junsu

Termed as the ‘new blood’, the nominees for ‘Best Newcomer’ in the “4th The Musical Awards” have caused a new flurry of activity within the Arts scene.

In one of Korea’s most prestigious musical theatre event “The Musical Awards”, even the newcomers have attracted a whole lot of attention.
From the appearances of idol star Xiah Junsu, senior ballet dancer Kim Ju Yeon and ex-Miss Korea Lee Ha-nui, one can see that the scope of the musical scene has indeed widened. They are also facing strong competition from other musical actors for an award that comes along only once in a musical actor’s entire career. Because of this, after the list of nominees in the respective categories were being released on the 12th in the event jointly sponsored by BC Loun.G, there was a huge focus placed upon the category of “Best Newcomer”.

Let’s review on some of the nominees who have brought about a whole new direction and possibility to Korea’s musical scene.

[Best Newcomer – Male Actor]
Possessing great courage amidst an excellent vocal ability – Xiah Junsu.

On the 26th of January, the Sejong Center Theater was completely packed.
That was the debut of DBSK’s Xiah Junsu (real name Kim Junsu; 24 years of age) in the musical “Mozart!”.
For the 15 sessions that he acted in, all 45,000 tickets were completely sold out in a short time span of three hours.

In a situation where people were worried about his status as an idol, Xiah Junsu won them over with his singing abilities.
Thanks to long hours of trainings and his numerous experiences on being on stage, it was almost impossible to detect the anxiety within him.

The key is in the acting.
Being a greenhorn in acting, he once said that “I do not want to play Mozart, I want to become Mozart”, then he stood on stage as Mozart himself.
And because of that, the other actors who star in the musical evaluated him as an actor with “natural acting abilities”.

source: DNBN + POP + baidu1, 2
translation: kimuchi3005 @ OneTVXQ.com
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[FANACC] 100516 Yunho In Hongkong Updates


Update 2:

20100517 early morning Yunho was working on photo shooting at old quarter in HK. Fans estimated Yunho has at least 10 different outfits. His hair was kind of messy but handsome, the theme is ‘ragged style’. He often had eye contact with fans who were watching him. …Omit …. According to fans, the shooting venue is kind of old and shabby, very suit the theme

Update 3:

On Monday 17th, fans who were at the shooting venue observed many things about Yunho. We all know how wonderful Yunho is, but to witness yourself is so real and touching.

- Incident 1:

We all saw the pic where Yunho grabbed the hand of the fangirl in front of traffic light to prevent her from hitting by car before. Yunho always shows his concern and care to his fans. And tonight, we experienced it. The cars on the road are few but very fast. Yunho was walking with his manager and when they were about to cross the road he turned back to check the fans who were following him. He didn’t say anything but we know he tried to remind us to be careful don’t just look at him but watch out for the incoming cars.

(p/s: if you were there, will you not be in tears???)

- Incident 2:

There was a part where Yunho was required to pose with a cigarette, toward the end shooting Yunho passed the cigarette to his manager,and his manager without hesitation smoke the remaining cigarette and threw the cigarette bud on the floor. Yunho point to the floor and hinted his manager to throw the cigarette bud properly.

Yunho In Hongkong Updates (Continue…)

Update 4:


One moment Yunho is all charismatic the next moment become dorky & playful and he keep switching between these 2 characters. The fangirls at site were so amused seeing him like that. So to know what happen, read below incident.

- Incident 3:

The photo shooting continue until sunrise, theweather was good. People started morning walk with their dogs. Yunho spotted a big dog (with owner), this must have reminded him of his ‘son’ – Typhoon, suddenly he became playful, he ran to the dog and benddown his body and made funny sound (like chit chit) to entice the doggy. His facial expression was extremely funny.

After a while another dog came by, this time was a small white dog. It barked at the fangirls. Yunho tried to play with him, but the dog kept barking at him too.This little white dog just don’t buy Yunho’s charisma.

Lastly, came a small yellow dog, this one is verygentle and obedient. The staff were helping Yunho with his clothes and fixinghis hair. And this dog just went and licked the ladies and Yunho, he can’t be bothered with his hair and clothes and started playing with the dog AGAIN!!!.

Credit: 将爱 MyYunho.com+uknowbaidu
Translated by: goose@AF
Sharing by: Thasaranaki@Jung Yunho Thread + yoyo_yoyo@soompi +SYC