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For all those poor souls, like me, who missed the live-streaming and can't wait for the next viewing time. It's LQ to MQ, but better than nothing =)

A word of caution: grab a pillow, a box of Kleenex, and your favorite plushie TT^TT


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As usual, our leader shi looks very handsome and "princely" (is there such a word? XD)

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The members of TVXQ are running full speed ahead with their solo activities. They, who are caught in a legal dispute regarding their exclusive contract, are currently focusing on their solo activities. They are going back and forth Korea and Japan to partake in musicals and dramas.

#U-Know Yunho=Challenges the Musical Industry as a 'Prince'

U-Know Yunho was recently chosen to play the lead role of Lee Shin in the musical version of 'Goong'. This will be the first time he appears in a musical. With a fantasy background of 'Korea is still a monarchy', the musical depicts the various happenings that occur inside the Palace of Korea as Prince Lee Shin and ordinary high-school student Shin Chae Kyung are wed in a marriage of convenience. With the addition of U-Know Yunho came a flood of inquires for tickets from Japanese fans. The show will begin on September 8th at the theater inside the Korean National Museum.

#Choikang Changmin=Lead Role in Drama and "Off to Jeju"

Choikang Changmin will be appearing in his first drama. He has been filming for the drama as the lead role. This drama depicts the love and life of youth with Jeju Island as the background. Lead characters Choikang Changmin and Lee Yeon Hee appear as a married couple who defy their parents' objections to their union.

#Xiah Junsu=Single ranks 2nd, Wins Best Male Newcomer Award at The Musical Awards

Xiah Junsu is charging ahead with his solo activities. His solo single ranked 2nd on the Oricon daily Charts last month. The single garnered great attention for raking in 160,000 pre-oders even before its release. He has also been recognized as a musical actor. At , which was held on the 7th, he received the 'Best Male Newcomer Award' and 'Popularity Award' for his role in .

#YoungWoong Jaejoong=Takes on both the Screen and Braun tube

YoungWoong Jaejoong is currently work hard as an actor. His first movie debut was released all across Japan on the 29th of last month. This movie was also released domestically last November. He is also shooting the Fuji TV drama which began in April. He is increasing his public awareness by appearing on both the screen and TV at the same time.

#Micky Yoochun=Morphs into 'Handsome Scholar'

Micky Yoochun is knocking on the drama industry's door. He is currently filming for the Joseon dynasty youth drama as the lead role. He appears as the Joseon Dynasty version of F4 with Song Joong Gi and Yu Ah In. This drama will air later this year and began filming on May 27th.

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I'll support them no matter what.

Dong Bang Shin Ki's Uknow Yunho (real name Jung YunHo) who was chosen to cast in 'Goong' musical has become a topic, produced in 2010 with highest expectation in musical industry, "Goong - Musical' press conference was held at 2pm on 16th June in Imperial Palace Hotel, Nonhyeon-dong Seoul.

Uknow Yunho was chosen as the lead role in Goong Musical which will begin in September. Uknow Yunho who debuted last year as an actor through the series drama 'Heading to The Ground', is going to transform into musical cast in "Goong'.

The person in charged of 'Goong' revealed that, 'Uknow Yunho's skills in dancing and singing which have been proven through concert and his ability to control the stage, plus his handsome royal-like appearance made him the right person, and has been captivated by his talent and enthusiasm in musical performance.'

Beside Uknow Yunho, Kim Dong Ho and RUN were both chosen to take the role of Lee Shin, the role of hot tempered secondary school teenage Shin Chae Kyung was played by Shin Wee Jung.

Apart from that, Prince Lee Yul was played by Lee Chang Hee and Jung Donghwa, Min Hyo Rin was portrayed by So Nyeo Shi Dae's member Soo Young's sister Choi Soo Jin as well as Seo Hyun Jin who debuted as singer group MILK.

With unique fantasy plot set in '2010 Republic of Korea is a constitutional monarchy country', is going to revive as a brand new 2010 musical, bringing uncertainty whether it can succeed the great success of the original comic and drama series.

'Goong' musical which attracts lots of attention will begin from 8th of September 2010 to 24th October at 'Yong' Theater in Seoul's National Museum.

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Both #1 and #2!

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More than 4,000 viewers tuned in to USTREAM today to see a special preview of "JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN Thanksgiving Live in Dome". If you were not among those 4,000, here are some screencaps for you, courtesy of the DBSKnights!

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