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I love the little dance at 2:37!

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★Junsu,Jaejoong, and Yoochun (Tohoshinki)
Concerts summary + Information
Tohoshinki’s Junsu, Jaejoong, Yoochun
2 cities, 4 stage Dome Concert.
Tokyo Dome and Kyo Cera Dome

from the set list ※ Depending on which day the song may be different.

- Always to you
· Shelter
- If youre here ~ beautiful Love ~
- Fate of Sadness
- For you
· Been so long
- Rainy Blue
- As long as you are here /As long as i have you
· My girlfriend
· Maze
· COLORS ~ Melody and Harmony ~
· Intoxication
· W

· The Greatest Love of All

Jaejoong-san sang MAZE on every stage(Lyrics: RYOJI SONODA)
Thank you very much.
The theme of this song was the scream of their soul
It has a message so that the people who listen will live strongly.
From the bottom of my heart i am hoping that the 5 can still perform together.

Forever Love


This time, I got messages from Tohoshinki-san’s fans.
Thank you very much.
Each song, Artists, Producers. Directors, Song writers, Lyric Writers, Editor, Engineer,
so many staffs, people who sales, I think it is a work that you can feel the heart warming thoughts.

The comments are pre-approved , but since this is an official blog
and I need it to get approved so I’m not sure if i can reply but if in the future you need to comment
Please try from the e-mail forum or message forum. I appreciate everyone’s fresh messages.

While reading the comments, with my inspiration I wrote a poem.
Each one is Positive so please let it connect to your heart quietly.
It gave me courage to work hard in the future.
Thank you very much


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Been writing songs for a Korean group DBSK (or better known as TVXQ in Japan)...They've been the best selling group in Asia basically crushing everyone's sales...They actually make up for 40% of all revenues made by Avex Japan...That's HUGE!!! Too bad my old group SOLID sold 4 times more than them tho...hahaha! But of course...different generation...^^ Anyways, this is sort of "top secret" but I guess what better place to talk about "top secret" projects than a public blog like this one? haha...Basically, DBSK used belong to SM Entertainment in Korea...For those of you who don't know what that is...It's basically one of the biggest entertainment companies in Korea...Anyways, 3 of the 5 members recently defaulted and sued SM Entertainment for "slavery" contracts (I can explain about that...but that will take 10 pages...). So 3 of them are releasing a new album under a their own company...and me (aka "yours truly") got involved...Basically, it's a huge collaboration project featuring the 3 guys from DBSK and the biggest A listers in the US...as of now...being Kanye West and Timbaland...To make the long story short...we're working on the album as I type...and will fly to Hawaii to record at Kanye's house...and then possibly go to LA or Miami to record with Timbaland...This is by far THE biggest budget project EVER in Asia...PERIOD! And the reason for the secrecy besides the obvious media frenzy it will cause...is because SM Entertainment is PISSED OFF about them leaving...and I don't wanna step on anyone's toes...but as usual...Oh well...It is what it is...

BTW...Here's a pic of DBSK...For all the Latin fam...No...It's not "Menudo"...! haha...

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2010/06/13 “Bokurano Ongaku” and others. I went to JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN THNAKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME

(few sentences omitted)

In the evening,
I went to the Tokyo dome.br>I was looking forward to the event very much!
I was also impressed by their tears in the last part.
I met Yoochun after the performance.
He was a little bit wild-looking (lol).
I haven’t seen him for a long while.
It was a long time since I’d seen Jaejoong singing, too.
I saw the 3 members in their relaxed fashion (lol).
I will look forward to the summer day,
when we can work together again!

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I will be meeting everyone again with a different style.
Please support me!

How was my first drama?
Please enjoy “heading to the ground”!

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As of June 14

Site Access ranking
2. Tohoshinki Official Website

DVD Ranking
3. Toki wo Tomete (Bigeast version CD single)

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.....And before you have a heart attack, you should probably know these are photoshopped ^^

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