Saturday, May 15, 2010

[VIDEO] Yunho and ChangMin @ Samsung Press Conference

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[VIDEO] Yoochun - Bee TV Beautiful You Preview

The preview looks very promising xD

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[VIDEO] 100513 Jaejoong - Sunao Ni Narenakute Ep. 5

Full raw episode of Sunao in the same channel :)

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[TRANS] 100514 Sunao Ni Narenakute Trailer EP 6

Thanks to Linda (Tamayama Tetsuji) Nakaji (Eita) was able to get a job at where Okuda (Watanabe Eri) is the editor of the magazine “IT”. He accepted the job and Nakaji decides to give Kiriko (Igawa Haruka) a present. On the other hand, Haru (Ueno Juri) was physically and mentally devastated from getting attacked by Matsushima’s group but doesn’t want her mother *Shoko (Fubuki Jun) to worry so she continues to go to work. Doctor (Jaejoong) helped Haru, she was moved by his kindness and decides to date him.

One day, while Nakaji was at work he visits Peach’s (Seki Megumi) store. But right then Haru contacts Nakaji. Nakji notices that Haru seems weird and runs to where she is but….

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[TRANS] 100514 WHAT’s IN? WEB Editor’s blog – Inside story with Junsu

And the behind the scene story continues…
Below is the behind the scene story from the web site~

Okay, so continuing with the magazine “WHAT’s IN?” behind the scene story *laugh*
This time we were interviewing at the photo shoot setting, during the interview it seemed that there was something that attracted Junsu. He was seriously talking about music but all of the sudden he said “what?” and asked me “that person is….?” while looking at the camera-man who was getting ready for the photo shoot. I said “oh yeah, the cameraman! I’ll introduce you later” then with his eyes shining he said “oh~!” *laugh*. Because this time for the photo shoot we had an foreigner Jeff Johnson. After the interview, Junsu went to go change and came back. Very brightly he runs towards Jeff-san saying “Nice to meet you! How are you?”. After shaking hands passionately, he started his photo shoot! Jeff-san asked him “oh, are you okay with English?” he answered “oh~! NO! NO! I can’t speak at all~! that was just all my strength~,hahaha”. Its been awhile since I saw Junsu but Junsu is Junsu *laugh*. During the photo shoot he said “we are both foreigners but it’s weird that we are talking in Japanese~”. that is true! Different from the peaceful atmosphere we were able to take very handsome pictures. Please check it out!

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[TRANS] 100514 Kikuchi P’s Blog Update

2010/05/14 “Bokurano Ongaku”, “MUSIC FAIR”, others

Must viewing!
Tomorrow (T/N: May 15) 18:00pm
On the next week’s episode,
we will show you a glimpse of Junsu’s new song, the collaboration song,
and his gags. (Lol)

(few sentences omitted)

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[PHOTOS] 100514 Stalking YooChun Part1

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