Monday, May 10, 2010

[SCANS] 100510 JunSu - ARENA37℃ Part3

Credits: chara + baidu
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[VIDEO] CassPh's 7G featured in Phils. biggest music channel, Myx!

Thankfully since Phils. is the 3rd biggest English speaking country in the world, the ones being interviewed here (the founders of CassPH) were speaking in English. So, there's no more need for any subtitles or translations.

Basically they were telling MYX about our boys and all the amazing things they've accomplished. :)

Congratulations once again CassPH!
Maybe after this feat you guys will finally be recognized as an official fanclub just as you hoped ;)

Credits: joizkirsten
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[SCANS] 100510 JunSu - ARENA37℃ Part2

Credits: posaruxya
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[PHOTOS] 100509 Stalking YooChun Part4

Credits: as tagged + baidu
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[SCANS] 100510 JunSu - ARENA37℃ Part1

Credits: as tagged+ baidu
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[PHOTOS] 100508 Stalking YooChun Part4

Credits: love5triangle
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