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[TRANS] 100509 U-Know Yunho's Surprise Outing For A Close Friend

TVXQ's U-Know Yunho recently displayed his loyalty for a close friend.

U-Know Yunho visited the SBS Open Hall on the 9th. He, who did not venture out often since the suspension of TVXQ's activities, was there to support rookie group J.Rich's performance and entered a broadcasting company's waiting room for the first timeAlign Center in a while. A rumor did circulate that U-Know Yunho would be featuring in the song but all he did was drop by the waiting room.

One representative said, "U-Know Yunho visited the waiting room of J.Rich because he wanted to see the debut stage of his close friend Woojoo, who he first met in high school and who will be debuted after six years of training. He told Woojoo not to be worried and to show off his talents."

U-Know Yunho appeared in the music video for J.Rich's debut song . Park Soo Jin, who costarred in the music video, was also there to support the group.

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[PHOTOS] 100508 Stalking YooChun Part3

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[TRANS] 100509 Kikuchi P's Blog - Junsu To Perform In "Music Fair"


Kobe Jyoshi☆san!
5/22 & 29,
is aired on 6pm Saturdays.
will have performances with other artists, covers and such,
performing four songs in two weeks!!!!


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[TRANS] 100508 Developments Concerning the First Public Trial Between SM Entertainment and TVXQ's Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu

  • First public trial between SM and TVXQ's three members ends
  • SM representative Kim Young Min expresses interest in offering a new contract to the three members
  • Court judge who is in-charge of TVXQ lawsuit advised, "Once the contract is changed, the five members can be active again"

The public trial regarding the exclusive contract that has brought about the dispute between SM Entertainment and Micky Yoochun, Xiah Junsu and Youngwoong Jaejoong has finally taken place. The legal representatives of SM and the TVXQ trio appeared at the Seoul Central District Court on the 7th of May at 5PM to proceed with the case held last month regarding the sequestration of the existence of the exclusive contract.

However, May 7th’s hearing between both parties failed to narrow differences as each party stood their grounds.

SM’s side stated, “Compared to the other domestic entertainment agencies, there is nothing unreasonable about TVXQ’s distribution of income,” and that the exclusive contract’s conditions regarding distribution of income should not cause any more major problems for the TVXQ trio. On the other hand, the three members of TVXQ felt that “the distribution of time and income in the contract between TVXQ and SM has reached an extent where it is seriously unreasonable.”

As of now, both SM and the three members have no actual intention of having a settlement. Sejong also maintained that “Because of this matter, there has been a breach of trust between the three members [and SM]” and that “The three members will never be able to work with SM again.”

SM’s representative stated that, “As business partners, we hope to restore trust with one another; in comparison to other domestic artistes who are on the similar level as TVXQ, while the remuneration received by TVXQ may be lesser, it is definitely not unfavourable to them.”

SM’s representative then claimed that “If we offer a new contract, we can cut down 2 years from the original 13 years, and increase the income distribution rate from 10% to 15%.”

From the Court:

The court asserted that both parties are “emphasizing on the causes of loss rather than the possibility of a settlement.”

In reference to the injunction held by the Seoul Central District Court to stop the effectiveness of the exclusive contract, Judge Choi Sung Joon, who had presided over the first round of the trial, has advised several times that “[O]nce the contract is changed, the five members can be active again.” Although the TVXQ’s trio’s legal representative has expressed strongly that “there is no possibility of [the three members] working with SM Entertainment company in the future,” it seems that the court hopes for both parties to take a step back in their stand towards each other, from the numerous advice given by Judge Choi.

Judge Choi also said that SM has been actively trying to reach for a settlement. At the same time, he advised for “SM to come up with a new form of contract; to shorten the contract from 13 years to 10 years is of no significance. Hopefully they will consider coming up with a new form of contract.” SM’s legal representative responded positively by stating that “they will hold an internal discussion” in regards to that. The three members’ legal representative has also expressed a form of compromise by stating that “if the new exclusive contract is sincere, we will confirm the opinions of the three members.”

A public trial will be expected to continue at the end of this month.

Sources: NoCut News Korea, Asia Economic News Korea, Naver News, HEY!JJ 1, HEY!JJ 2, XiahSun, JoongAng Ilbo China
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[PHOTOS] 100508 Stalking YooChun Part2

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[TRANS] Letter #166 When You Come back with your 5th Album, Let's all just Cry together

At the showcase for your fifth album,
let's start off with 30 minutes of just crying as much as we want.

And at the awards for the fifth album,
let's all cry with joy from winning another grand slam. Not just Changmin oppa,
but our leader Yunho oppa, oldest hyung Jaejoong oppa, sexy but still childish Junsu oppa,
always crying Yoochun oppa, and our sturdy maknae oppa.

And, us, who have always been waiting. Let's all cry together with joy.

And at the fourth Asia tour,
you'll smile and greet us again,
but you'll cry watching the event we plan for you.

And seeing you cry,
we'll tell you not to cry and then cry with you, right?

We'll thank the heavens that our promise to be eternal wasn't a lie.
We'll be so grateful.. so grateful that we cry.

But, what's so bad about crying?
When we're crying because
we are together, and because our oppas are singing.

I want to cry.
So please, come back soon.

by. 이히힛갯힝

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[TRANS] Message from the Cassiopeia who wrote the hearing account

Oh no, I checked my PMs a little late;; I'm sorry about that.

This trial was a public trial; ordinary citizens were allowed to watch so that's why I went.

I was... quite surprised to find out that there is interest for this trial overseas.

And if I could say one more thing, there are no lies in this account.
Why would I ever want to trick other fans?
I am a fan who loves TVXQ, and a person who is very interested in law, so that was why I went.
I hope you can tell them that...

Anyway, if you have any thing else you would like to ask, please send me a message ^^

T/N: This is the reply I received from the Cassiopeia who wrote this account when I sent her a message asking her whether the trial was an open public trial or not as some international fans were questioning why she was there in the first place.

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[TRANS] 100509 TOHOSHINKISTAFF Twitter Updates

T/N: Please read the article from bottom to top.

Today Junsu-sensei is staying all day in the studio, at work with music. At last I was able to convey all of your comments for the PV to him, he is always singing, dancing, laughing, moving around, doesn’t sit in one place (lol). In daily life, his charisma mode is turned OFF, he is the Jun-chan that we all know. For the mixed reception of "his muscle matter", we are continuously discussing with Junsu (rofl)
(About 10 hours ago)

@xxxx Thank you for your comments!! I checked with the person responsible. They are going to handle them after the holidays, so please wait awhile. (T/N: not sure what he is talking about) When I let Junsu see them, he said "Wow-! Is this real~?" He was hilarious, eu kyang kyang. Where has his charisma gone?.
(About 11 hours ago)

There are additional tickets for the THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME. (other sentences omitted)
(5:28PM May 7th)

I could not take a vacation during the golden week (Japanese holiday week). During this chance, I'm trying my best to watch all the episodes of "Heading To The Ground", so now I am lacking sleep everyday. Since it is my job (really, I'm not lying!), this is a must look drama. The masculine Yunho, the comedian-like Yunho (lol).... you can watch many faces of Yunho, terrific! Of course the story line is worth seeing, too.
(4:59PM May 7th)

From Jaejoong "Thank you for your many feedbacks!! Your comments were so funny!" Please continue to support him.
(12:15 AM May 7th)

Today I could not watch Sunanare (T/N: Sunaoni Narenakute) because I still had some work to do (sob). But reading your feedbacks, I felt relieved. Jaejoong saw all of your comments for the previous episode. (Thank you for your cooperation in writing your comments in Hiragana!!) He was earnestly reading them, smiling~ well, you all are frankly speaking too much (lol)
(12:13 AM May 7th)

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[TRANS] 100508 PATi PATi Magazine - Interviewer's Blog + Intoxication Interview

XIAH Junsu
Junsu has kicked off his solo appearance activities! A shoot and interview different from before, catching people's attention!

Interviewer's Blog

We have interviewed "XIAH", Junsu's name as a soloist, who has started his individual activities. The outcome of his photos clearly highlights his manly charisma and sex appeal, bringing forth a style completely different from before. As an editor as well, for me, it can be categorized as a batch of mind-numbing photos!

His interview is also greatly focused on. I felt abnormally nervous interviewing Junsu for the first time... But, after knowing him, his usual healthy laugh came out.
I can sense that a great amount of what he said was directed towards his fans. Personally, Junsu's masculine image must be acknowledged!

Although it wasn't an interview for all 5 of them and it felt a little lonely, because it was a one-on-one, the interview could go more deeply.
As music critics would say, continuing on and persevering through with your music is a meaningful existence as an entertainer.
If Junsu's sincere attitude about "I want to sing" carries through, this magazine will surely support him to the end!


(Below is the real interview)

It is a different feeling from before (laugh)

—— How does it feel to be a solo artist, "XIAH Junsu"?
Both nervous and expectant (laughs). But all in all, I have to do my best! This type of feeling is the strongest. Also, releasing a new single and starting my favorite singing activities makes me the most happy.

—— Up until now, you've always had the gentle, yet cold and mysterious impression...
Mysterious?! What happened there? I'm a little embarrassed now (laughs).

—— A feeling of an extremely distant person (laugh). But this time, "Intoxication" is glamorous and sexy, and "Kanashimi No Yukue" is a silent sorrow, full of manliness. So is Junsu's image suddenly changed again?
"Intoxication" was composed by myself. As a solo, I would rather lean towards singing styles I preferred before, like African-American R&B music. The lyrics were written under the influence of the world's view, as suggested by the lyricist (embarrassed). It is a rather sexy route (laughs).

—— I am overawed by the adult atmosphere! Female fans must also be heavily enticed.
The feeling is different from the previous Junsu right? (laughs). The dancing is also very suited to the atmosphere of the song, so I hope everyone can quickly see it. When I dance, I already imagine myself performing it live onstage. Perhaps I've completed a dance with a lot of masculinity. Maybe this can be said as mysterious? (laughs). It is my proud creation! I've finished a great piece of work.

—— It's been so long since we've seen you, and you have a lot of masculinity indeed. You're qualities have changed right?
Really? I've always been like this...

—— No, just like this (laugh).
Are you joking? (laughs).

—— I'm kidding (laugh). You've changed to become a mature man! This feeling has been clearly expressed.
When you say it like that, I'm very happy. You mean I've grown a lot right?

—— What is the type of "masculinity" that you think about?
(Immediately answers) I think it should be "caring". The biggest difference between males and females is males' point of view on caring. If they can't do it, then they are unworthy of being a man. Most people will probably think that masculinity equals power and strength, but I don't believe so. A real man's strength lies in his ability to be concerned over people.

—— It doesn't matter whether it's to either men or women right?
Yes. Regardless of gender, and if a man can do it to anyone, I think they are the best type of people.

—— Since when did you start thinking like this?
I've always believed this before, but I deeply experienced this 2-3 years ago. Seeing the people around me caring for others, I'll always think "this is a real man!" I think the valiance the eyes see cannot be the standard for what real masculinity is. Compared to this, what's most important is a heart of compassion. This is a huge factor that contributes to my becoming of an ideal man.

—— So this could be considered an internal strength?
Yes. Because you're strong on the inside, you can care for others. If you can't even take care of yourself, how could you have the strength to take care of others?

—— Exactly! So in order for you to preserve your force, how do you maintain your frame of mind?
Normally, when I'm sad or exhausted, I have to remain optimistic. If I'm happy, joyful things are multiplied 2 or 3 times. In contrast, I bury the negative feelings in my heart, not letting anyone feel it... Sometimes there will be incidents where I completely burst. "Wu-ahh~!", that's how I relieve the stress (laughs). However, on the outside it may look pretty simple, but it is actually difficult. I hope that I can handle it better in the future.

—— Speaking of sad things, the song "Kanashimi No Yukue" expressed deep helplessness. What were you thinking when singing this?
I was feeling the melody and lyrics, and used really honest feelings to sing this. I don't chase after unreasonable power. For men, "power" is a very normal impression, doesn't everyone think this? However, I feel that love is neither power nor weakness. This song contains a weak side, but also the frank side of men. Men like to act cool, but truthfully we are also have weak moments right?... I don't usually show my weak side, but I can when I sing, which makes me more honest to myself.

—— Weakness?
Sometimes, there will be times when I do show my weak side. This is also a part of the "man" I want to be. Although power and weakness are totally opposite each other, in actuality, they are a part of each other.

—— Since you think this way, your shadow can be felt in this single.
Yes. That's why "XIAH" was chosen as the name. It is my stage name, so I just made it to be the name of this single. Now that I've started my solo activities, I will express my feelings more openly to everyone in terms of music. I feel that's the most important, so I won't be able to lie about it.

—— Music makes you more straightforward right?
Yeah, you can say it's the only thing that can (laughs).

—— After listening to XIAH Junsu's music, I feel I am more close to you.
If the people that listen to my music and feel that, I will very happy. From now on, I will use XIAH Junsu to perform, to talk, to do things that I may not know now. But what I do know is that standing on the stage and singing, is the real me. If I can convey that feeling to everyone, I will be truly happy


(t/n: some contents omitted due to unrelated and repeated material)

Junsu will go as XIAH Junsu to officially start his solo activities, and will release his new single on May 26.
Please continue to support his solo activities!

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[TRANS] 100508 Tohostaff Twitter – Where Did Junsu’s Charisma Go?

Today’s Junsu is immersed in his composing in the recording studio, finally seeing everyone’s thoughts on his PV
After that, he danced and sang and smiled, doing one, then switching to another, making it really hard for him to calm down (laugh)
Even if he he lost his usual charisma, he is still Jun-chan (laugh)
With regards to the conflicting praises and opposing views on the “muscle problem”, we are now discussing and studying the matter repeatedly (explosion of laughter)
Junsu’s CD is sold out everywhere
Although I wanted to preorder, it was really hard to make a reservation, so it’s making many fans frustrated
I hope it will be resolved as quickly as possible, because there’s a lot of people who want it
Please everyone~

Thank you for you guys’ opinion!!
The person-in-charge has been contacted, and they have replied saying that after the holidays, Junsu’s promotional ativities will probably start
We are really apologetic, so please wait a while longer!
If Junsu saw this, he’ll definitely say “wah! This, is it true?”, quacking and being extremely noisy… Where is his charisma?~♪

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[NEWS] KPOP Album Dominates RP Charts

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[PHOTOS] 100508 Stalking Yoochun

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[TRANS+PHOTOS] 100501 Yoochun - Tohomobile

After Yongsoo came to Japan, he’s been always riled.

What is he looking at?
by seeing his face, we could feel his tension.

Unbelievable reunion?

Hinata brings back painful memories from Korea.
seems like Yongsoo doesn’t remember it?

Why is Yongsoo so angry?

he’s been a bad mood since he has arrived in Japan.

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[TRANS+PHOTOS] 100505 Yoochun - Tohomobile

At the press conference...

Yongsoo came to Japan as the representative of Taido group to take over a major and well-established hotel. How the story goes on?

Yongsoo is in a bad mood again!?

Seems like he has something to say.
what is the word that he’s saying after this….!?

Seems like Yongsoo is lonely…
What is he worried about…?

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