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1.New Song


3.Beautiful Love~Kimi ga Ireba~ [JunSu]

4.Kanashimi No Yukue [JunSu]

5.For You (in Korean) [JeJung]


7.Been So Long [JeJung feat.Lisa]


9.君がいるだけで (米米CLUB)

10.Greatest Love Of All

11.My Girlfriend [YuChun]

12.Maze [JeJung]

13.XIAHTIC [JunSu]

14.COLORS [JeJung & YuChun]

15.New Song(Get~)

16.New Song[アンコール]

17.Intoxication [JunSu]

18.New Song [仆たちの思いです]

Concert Duration → 18:8~21:13

Performance Time→18:8~21:13

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I’m looking forward to it!
Today is “THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME” in Osaka Kyocera Dome!
“It’s been a while since we stood on the stage, so I’m looking forward to it! I’ll do my best!by JunSu”

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Idol group leaders U-Know Yunho of TVXQ and Kim Hyun Joong of SS501 garnered the attention of fans when they both appeared at the same event.

U-Know Yunho and Kim Hyun Joong attended the ‘Cartier LOVE Collection Charity Exhibition’ that was held at the Cartier Maison Boutique in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on June 3rd.

U-Know Yunho and Kim Hyun Joong’s groups have been rivals since 2005, but as the members are around the same age, they are all known to be close friends and meet often.

The two reflected their maturity as men in their 20s, no longer young teens, in their fashion.

U-Know Yunho wore a gray, mannish jacket with the sleeves fashionably rolled up and navy pants to give off a chic appearance. With this, he wore a black and white, abstract t-shirt, Boeing sunglasses and a silver metal watch to show off a great utilization of accessories.

U-Know Yuno completed this edgy look with caramel colored loafers, a must-have for fashionistas. At the photo wall, he waved and smiled with an air of confidence.


The charity exhibition of Cartier’s LOVE collection holds photos of celebrities wearing the brand’s Love Summer Bracelets and will be held from June 4th till June 13th.

This exhibition will include pictures of 11 celebrities: Rain (Jung Ji Hoon), Ji Jin Hee, Kim Hyun Joong (SS501), U-Know Yunho (TVXQ), Kim Hee Sun, Son Yae Jin, Yoona (Girls Generation), Yoon Eun Hye, Ha Ji Won, Kang Ji Hwan and Lee Minho.
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The three had their rehearsal until 3:00 in the morning…
Kyocera Dome Inside Kyocera Dome

- White suits for “Shelter.”
- Jaejoong and Yoochun cried at the first song.
- “been so long” was performed.
- “Rainy Blue,” the boys were wearing black suits.

* After Jaejoong and Yoochun’s “Shelter,” Jaejoong sang Im Jaebum’s “너를위해 (Noreulwihae).” It’s a Korean song that’s very hard to sing.

- They played ‘The Dome,’ ‘The Making’ and Yoochun picked a fan to go onstage.
- The lucky fan was a 15-year-old junior high school student.
- Junsu was wearing jeans and a white shirt~
- Everyone sang happy birthday to Yoochun, and they’re throwing balls too!
- Junsu performed “XIAHTIC,” followed by Jaejoong’s “Maze.” All three seems to have cried from the beginning.
- Fans were instructed to show the ‘Saranghaeyo sign’ and shout ‘I love you’ at the signal for Chun’s birthday event.

* They say that security was so tight that there were guards at every ten seats or something. (Not sure how accurate this is)

The Red Ocean
- In the end, everyone was crying. The three dedicated the last song “to friend.”
- During the ment, they were talking about the ‘current situation.’
- Jaejoong, who was crying, had difficulty expressing his pain from feeling apologetic to the fans who were hurt due to the decision made by the trio ):
- “TOKYO LOVELIGHT” was performed!

Junsu’s gag today: Haru likes Nakaji, but I like ‘balance.’ (PS: Nakaji and Balance (Kuroji)’s pronunications sounded similar =.=)

Yoochun said: Since the incident happened last year, I didn’t contact the members (Changmin and Yunho, I guess) because I thought of quitting/stopping. Then Junsu stopped him from saying that. (via @ReihhFujiwara and @DBSKnights)

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(read bottom first)

From Manda@Tohosomnia Twitter:

- First song Jae cried & su teary eyed. All 3 cried during encore, especially junsu & jaejoong. Junsu even broke off from singing.

- The last song was dedicated to their "friends" who will "always be their pride". An original song. Pls wait for fanacct

- Concert is over. Almost 3 hours long!! It was awesome. Encore was super touching. People were all crying T___T


SMS update from Kelly

9: 35pm

“This is a painful concert….*cries*”

9:24 pm (Japan time)
“I cried baby, everyone around me cried…….. “ (omitted)

9:20pm (Japan time)

“Baby the concert ended and it ended in tears. From what Manda can understand, the end Ment referred to their problems and the song they sang was dedicated to friends”


Kelly will share the proper fanaccount later ^^
Now we will follow Manda (Tohosomnia)’s twitter

Kelly mobile update

18:10 (Japan time)

“Sam-san is here”

[I asked her when the concert starts and ends]

“The concert starts at 6pm (Japan time) but no indication what time it will end. When we heard BEEN SO LONG last night we didn’t know how long they’ve been rehearsing already”

“there’ll be a surprise event for YC’s b-day in the 2nd half of the concert, they’ll flash a signal & all of us will make the heart sign over the heads”

“It’s a centerfield stage with 3 arms. Notices are now done in Japanese/Korean/English. Finally ads for Beautiful love & Sunanare were played”

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(the last info i heard was that Jaejoong is performing Maze right now)

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