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[PHOTO] ChangMin endorsement for Kint Korea

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[PHOTOS] Paradise Ranch Bed Sponsor

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[INFO] Junsu at Monthly MelodiX! on 100522

Junsu will be at a music program called 【Monthly MelodiX!】
Channel: TV TOKYO
Date: 5/22(Sat)
Time: 27:20 (around 3:20am)

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[TRANS] 100506 SM Vs TVXQ 3 Members' Lawsuit Begins, First Hearing On The 7th

The lawsuit between TVXQ members, YoungWoong Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun and Xiah Junsu, and SM Entertainment will begin on May 7th.

SM Entertainment took action against the three members of TVXQ and filed for an objection to the verdict on the contract suspension injunction as well as a verification of the continued existence of the exclusive contract. The first hearing for this lawsuit will be held at the Seoul District Courts on May 7th in the afternoon.

On this day, only the legal representatives of the two side will be attending the hearing. As this is a civil suit, the three members will not be participating in the trial.

The three members of TVXQ filed for a contract suspension injunction against SM Entertainment on July 31st, 2009 to the Seoul District Courts and were rewarded with a partial acceptance verdict on October 27th.

At the time, the Courts stated, "SM can no longer sign contracts regarding any TVXQ activities without notifying the members beforehand. SM must also not interfere with any individual activities the members of TVXQ wish to pursue."

Then, SM filed a lawsuit against the three members on April 12th, 2010 objecting the verdict to the contract suspension injunction and asking for a verification of the continued existence of the exclusive contract. SM also called for the three members to pay 2.2 billion Won in compensation.

SM's representative stated, "After the injunction, we have tried hard to continue TVXQ's existence so we have kept this lawsuit aside. However, as the three members did not give an official statement regarding future TVXQ activities and as TVXQ's Japanese activities were suspended, we have decided to go ahead with the lawsuit."

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[TRANS] 100505 Oricon Yearly Album Chart

*1 *,561,730 **1,032 PAST & FUTURE / Namie Amuro 09/12/16

*2 *,535,705 **3,435 BEST SELECTION 2010 / Tohoshinki 10/02/17

*3 *,516,593 **3,180 Hajimari no Uta / Ikimonogakari 09/12/23

*4 *,505,445 *10,306 Funky Monkey Babys BEST / FUNKY MONKEY BABYS 10/02/10

*5 *,435,593 **2,930 5years / Kaela Kimura 10/02/03

*6 *,372,947 **1,525 Aisubeki Mirai e / EXILE 09/12/02 total 1,270,042

*7 *,359,715 **1,642 BEST~third universe~ & 8th AL "UNIVERSE" / Koda Kumi 10/02/03

*8 *,347,092 *10,551 Kamikyokutachi / AKB48 10/04/07

*9 *,285,151 ***,*** Ano・・・konnan dekimashita kedo。 / Yusuke 09/12/16

10 *,272,394 *21,650 Rock'n'Roll Circus / Ayumi Hamasaki 10/04/14

11 *,244,983 **6,742 All the BEST! 1999-2009 / Arashi 09/08/19 total 1,677,764

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[FANACC] 100506 Location Place for "Sunanare"

An article from a Japanese blog

(few sentences omitted)

The name of the bar is "BAR KEYSTONE".


The bar is located about a 5 minutes' walk from the Hiroo Station of the subway (T/N: Tokyo Metro) Hibiya line.

Since it will be opened from 18:00, we were not able to go inside. So sad.
It is a brick building, and the bar is located on the basement floor.

You can see that it is a very fashionable and cool place, just looking at its entrance.
Going down the stairs, should the interior be the same as that of the drama?
Next time, I will go at night, and check them!
Oh, the exterior of the whole building was really lovely, too.


(other sentences omitted)

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[FANACC] 100505 Xiah JunSu Spotted Playing Soccer with SS501's Kim HyunJoong

Kim JunSu came to Gae-PO DONG yesterday.
He came here to relax and play soccer with Kim Hyun Joong.
I saw them on my way home after the test in Spring.
Laughing happily and playing football happily. Haha

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[PHOTOS] 100503 JunSu at Wedding Part5

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[PHOTOS] 100502 Stalking YooChun

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[VIDEO] 090803 THSK Lawsuit News [English Subbed]


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{VIDEO] 100504 ystar - 준수 Junsu at Min YoungGi's wedding

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[NEWS] THSK's Best Selection is Number One in Philippines' Top Selling Albums!

Another round of applause for the Filipino Cassies for landing TOHOSHINKI's "BEST SELECTION 2010" on the NUMBER ONE spot in ASTROVISION & ASTROPLUS's Overall & International Album Chart (April 26 to May 2, 2010) after only 2 days of release in the market !

TOHOSHINKI's "BEST SELECTION 2010" even outsold albums by Justin Bieber. Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift & Glee Soundtrack.This is Tohoshinki/TVXQ's first NUMBER ONE album in the country.

Astrovision/Astroplus is one of the country's biggest audio & video retail chains with more than 30 stores nationwide.

Universal Records Philippines Facebook Page

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[TRANS] 100503 The Television Weekly No.18

Pure love becomes complicated!
5/13 (thr) a sudden change!!!
“Sunao Ni Narenakute”
Love that’s Pure but complicated.

Haru to Nakaji:
Wants to be with him even as a friend

Nakaji to Haru:
I have someone important…

Peach to Nakaji:
You don’t understand girl feelings!

Linda to Nakaji:
Are you okay? Lets all meet again

Peach to Linda:
I’m afraid to be alone..

Linda to Peach:
If there’s anything I can do let me know

Haru (Ueno Juri):
She was shocked to find out how deep Kiriko and Nakaji’s relationship was. But her feelings towards Nakaji keeps getting bigger. Even after receiving Doctors love her feelings won’t change.

Nakaji (Eita):
He met his ex-girlfriend Kiriko (igawa haruka) as if destined. He can’t stop having an affair with her and his feelings won’t change towards Kiriko. But he can’t leave Haru alone.

Peach (Seki Megumi):
She decided to have her affairs baby. She supports her best friend Haru’s love but as she feels Nakaji’s kindness she gets
attracted to him little by little.

Linda (Tamayama Tetsuji):
A leader-like for the 5. He’s getting sexually harassed by his boss at work Okuda (Watanabe Eri) but can’t reject her.In his private life he has a secret feeling for Nakaji.

Sunao Ni Narenakute 5/13 10:00-10:54 fuji tv

5 young people who met though “twitter” to find someone they can talk about anything. A young generation love story “Sunao Ni Narenakute”. To make their bond stronger the 5 met. Sunao ni narenakute = sunanare club was made but Haru (Ueno Juri) falls for the kind hearted Nakaji (Eita),Doctor (Jaejoong) starts liking Haru, Peach (seki megumi) and Linda(Tamayama Testuji) gets attracted to Nakaji too. But Nakaji has a destined women Kiriko (Igawa Haruka)…their red thread gets tangled.

From now shocking incidents happen and the situation becomes more dirty and complicated.

On the 5th episode (airs on 5/13) the awkward position Haru and Nakaji was in gets better. But Kiriko who saw the 2 walking friendly together gets jealous and Haru who doesn’t know lives peacefully. But one day at the school she works at, a student calls her to come out. That student was the person who was giving illegal drugs to her little brother.

Haru to Doctor:
Doctor your so nice

Doctor to Haru:
I love Haru!

The producer confesses honestly!
Secret of the future pure but complicated story!
The sudden change of love,friendship,and jealousy…
We asked the producer about the future story!
We will show the key scenes with quotes!

The love triangle comes to a sudden change!
Nakaji who says stuff like “tell me when you need help” so smoothly. “He’s nice to everyone. But his feelings to Haru is special. The love triangle with Doctor gets deeper”- Producer

Key man is Kiriko, escalation of her jealousy!?
Kiriko who starts to go crazy being jealous tries to separate Nakaji and Haru by lying. Producer says “She is the key man to mix Nakaji and Haru’s relationship. But it won’t be drawn abusively”.

Students with darkness, Haru is in danger!
Haru who is living purely is disturbed by her students.
“In the 1st episode Nakaji saved her from the young boys but in episode 5… from this incident the 5′s relationship changes” -producer

The love scene?
Nakaji and Haru, Linda and Peach, many pairs appeared. “Episode 5 is where Doctors feelings is told to Haru and you are able to see many love scenes. In the episode depressing incident happens to Peach, the scene in episode 1 the ‘blood scene’ is shown. But someone out of the 5 commiting suicide is something I want to avoid. Its going to be a surprising change” -producer

Each of their one-way love starts to show…
Sunanare club which has each of their love. “Right now each of them wants to hold in who likes who but they’re more in pain to go to the Sunanare club. Also each of their love is starting to show so it gets even harder to go. But its the 5′s young love drama, so you can’t cut their bond”.

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[Trans] Magazines Vogue Nippon 2010 July issue Contents

*oooh. i see MUSCLES. food for the eyes. kekeek ^___^*

Magazines Vogue Nippon 2010 July issue Contents
5 / 28 (Fri) VOGUE-released

TVXQ “Yunho” photoshoots, exclusive interview, and opportunity for gifts!

Yunho will talk about taking a new step forward to be an actor after his group activities suspension, the exclusive photo pages are packed with new attraction of Yunho as a mature actor.

There will also be conducted a special program for one winner to get a signed pocket handkerchief that is worn in the photoshoot by only sending a postcard to the magazine.

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[VIDEO] World Expo 2010 Video Promotion in Shanghai, China

Full Fancam 3D Movie:

Part 1:

Part 2:

the little girl is so kawaii!!! awww~~~


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