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TVXQ’s “HALLYU EXPO in ASIA Closing Ceremony 3/8/2007 featuring TVXQ”
Sale starts on 2010.07.30
Japanese subtitles

1. You’re my miracle (世の中にただ一つだけの心)
2. I Wanna Hold You
3. The Way U Are
4. Rising Sun
5. O正.反.合
6. Balloons

The images of activities during the closing ceremony which are also included!
• Handprint ceremony
• Guess the Character of the Member
• Greetings to fans
(Included content may be subjected to change)

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Not sure if it’s important to tell you all but our friends are at Tokyo Dome right now and ChunJaeSu are currently having a rehearsal right now (10 pm Japan time)

What my friends have heard so far is
-Been so long and Rainy Blue
-The 3 of them are singing The Greatest Love of All

We are gonna force her to write us a fanaccount tonight. ^__^

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Three members of TVXQ (Xiah Junsu, YoungWoong Jaejoong and Micky Yoochun) will join hands with an American musician to produce a worldwide album.

It has been found that the three members will create this album with influential people of pop culture such as famous U.S. producer Timbaland and Korean composer Kim Hyung Suk.

A representative who is participating in the album production said, "A famous American music distribution company will be participating in this record project," and "It is a worldwide album but the main target will be Asia. There is a high possibility that the three members will fly to the United States sometime this month to record."

The three members' side stated, "Although it is true that they are preparing an album with Kim Hyung Suk, we will not reveal any specific plans for the moment."

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Lee Yoonji is very proud of her brother-sister relationship with Yunho.

Last 1st of June, actress Lee Yoonji was interviewed on OBS Gyeongjin TV’s “Unique Literary News.” Her acting has been recognized in a variety of shows (she was also seen on “Heading to the Ground”). She’s also gaining more attention as an MC.

Last year, in MBC’s “Heading to the Ground,” Lee Yoonji who worked with U-Know Yunho said, “In real life, he’s like a younger brother to me. At the same time, I’m also his fan. I think he treats me as his older sister.”

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Omasa Aya and Yoochun will act as lovers! Below is the live interview~

Omasa Aya and Yoochun, who possesses mega popularity in Asia, will both star in BeeTV’s new television drama. Omasa Aya acts as a paranoid 22 year old reporter, Hinata, who dreams of becoming a novelist.

A: This is my first time acting as a woman of profession, so the clothes are different from before and my hair is dyed to a more bright color. Before the drunk scene, I had to ask the director for direction on how to do it! (laughs)

In a tight-packed schedule, the filming in the various locations in Kanto had a very amiable atmosphere. But this is still Yoochun’s first time acting in Japanese!

Y: I feel a lot of pressure, so on the first day I couldn’t really eat anything.

A: And you also couldn’t sleep?

Y: Yes, and I was still very nervous once I arrived on-set. But once I became familiarized with everyone, I became a little bit more relaxed and worked hard.

A: Whether it’s Yoochun’s Japanese or acting skills, they have both improved tremendously! I only know a little bit of Korean, so I have to study hard too. Instead of sleeping every night, furiously memorizing the lines is really impressive.

Joking in Japanese and Korean to loosen the filming set

How was it when the two of you first met?

Y: Although I’ve seen pictures, meeting her in real life with her dyed black hair made her look more mature.

A: At that time, I received a CD from Yoochun.

Y: After greeting each other, I couldn't say anything else… it was kind of awkward… it must have been hard on you! (laughs)

A: Please don’t go back to that! (laughs) I was also really nervous at first. This is my first time acting with a music artist. But this time, whether it’s the staff or the other actors, it was easier to become familiarized with each other.

Y: The atmosphere is also really good! It is one that never hears an end to laughter.

A: But sometimes there will be weird conversations. It feels like a deliberate way of draining time?

Y: Ah! Bum pen, ball point pen! (t/n: the beginning syllable of his joke matched with the last syllable of her sentence)… Japan’s gags.

A: Haha!

Y: Just like this type of feeling… most of the time.

A: After that, we’ll always whistle.

Y: Actually, there is some singing as well, but maybe next time. (laughs)

On the day of this interview, let's welcome Yoochun, who has finished filming first

Y: Upon receiving the script with my Japanese name on it, it was pretty tough reading over it and practicing, but that's what left a deep impression on me. Even though it's an obvious love story, please take notice of my acting too.

A: There are sad scenes, but there's also cheerful interactions with Yongsu. (Yoochun)

Although it may seem like Hinata and Yongsu's first encounter was at the most terrible time, there are such situations that actually do exist

A: There should be...
Y: For me... Aya was my first encounter. Just kidding! It's been hard on you. (laughs)

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Airing in September, Micky Yoochun’s Korean historical drama “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” will join in on the “if you want to have high drama ratings, find an idol group” concept.

Recently, high television ratings have all had the same point. Many flower boys have entered into the scene, burning young females’ hearts with their handsome looks and warm, caring personalities. The start of this current trend no doubt began with F4 from “Boys Over Flowers”. The actors of F4 – Lee Minho, Kim Bum, SS501′s Kim Hyun Joong, and T-Max’s Kim Joon – were all beginners in terms of acting, but received many invites to film for advertisements after the drama became a big hit.

After that came “You’re Beautiful”, earning an immense amount of favor from the creation of the group A.N.JELL inside the drama. The groups’ members, including FT-Island’s Lee Hongki and C.N.Blue’s Jung Yonghwa, both gained a lot of attention. Especially since rookie Jung Yonghwa participated in the SBS Music Awards and other shows like We Got Married, he has become a dynamic new star.

Now, everyone’s attention is focused on Asia’s mega popular group, DBSK’s member Micky Yoochun, who will play the character of Lee Sun Joon in “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” that is about to be released in September. Will Micky Yoochun’s performance once again guarantee the concept “idol star=high ratings”?

Fans are eagerly awaiting whether or not this drama will once again start up the flower boy current – and there is a great chance that it will.

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SM idols, including U-Know Yunho, Girls’ Generation’s Sunny and Yoona, Super Junior’s Heechul, Kyuhyun and SHINee’s Onew and Jong Hyun, all voted.


On the other hand, U-Know Yunho visited the Seoul Apgoojung branch, Super Junior’s Heechul visited the Seoul Jayang branch and Kyuhyun the Wolgae branch to vote in the afternoon.

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XIAH junsu selects the songs this week. Theme for selection: “Songs that XIAH junsu really likes.”

I thought this song was cool after I watched a live performance of it over the internet.

I liked this song after I watched 8mile. Just listening to the intro gives me goosebumps!

I think everyone knows this song, it is a tune with a groovy feeling.

This was the very last song I picked to practice with before my debut.

When I was listening to this song a while back, and it is a happy song that makes you want to dance once you hear the intro.

I like the lyrics to this song. I like R&B, and this is the most representative song for me, among them all.

A groovy song , Usher’s signature song I think. I like the melody, and also the arrangement.

In general, “black music” displays strength in the field of R&B, but I think this is even better than most of them. It’s also great that Alicia Key plays the piano herself.

This is a song with had a lot of impact on me, like “there’s actually such music!”

10. XIAH junsu/ Intoxication
This is a song that I produced myself, and I wanted to try doing a R&B dance song with a sexy image for the music video.

11. XIAH junsu/ Kanashimi no Yukue (Drama Ver.)
This is the theme song for the BeeTV drama “Love letter from 5 years later”, and it has a PV that make you feel like you could cry every time you see it.

12. XIAH junsu/ Kimi ga Ireba ~Beautiful Love~ (Drama Short Ver.)
This is the theme song for the BeeTV drama “Beautiful Love ~kimi ga ireba~” which Yoochun is starring in, and this song is perfect for the drama.

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