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[PHOTOS] 100504 YooChun at Rosehill Dental Clinic

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[INFO] 100503 SungKyunKwan Scandal Will Start The Shooting This Week

Schedule from Song Joong-ki’s official site:


Drama “SungKyunKwan Scandal” is ready to shoot.

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[TRANS] Xiah Junsu - Intoxication Lyrics

Disclaimer: This lyrics may CONTAIN errors. We really tried our best to decipher Junsu's English but some of it are still hard to understand. Once, the lyrics from the single comes out we will fix any errors and will sub the video as well. Thank you.

Intoxication by Xiah Junsu

I make you shiver a little
By overlapping our skin, it's foreplay
What my fingertips have found is

deep inside deep inside deep inside crazy

Touch you baby Again and again

I'll squeeze you baby
Let me feel your madness
Stroke your light, girl
I'll go crazy oh~

Tell me what you want
Let me, do you want me?
You say baby now
I know that you want me oh no

I want to make you say it baby now

Kiss and touch me
Taste and touch me baby

Eat you apart make love

I can touch me
Killing touch me baby

That is intoxication
We start with our fingers, then even our bodies tangle
I keep looking for the secret syrup

Below the soft moonlight that's not turned off
I'm about to come because of your wavering voice


Tell me what you want
Tell me, do you want me
You say, baby now
I know that you want me

It's about to overflow baby now
Kiss and touch me
Taste and touch me baby

Like I want to make love
I can touch me
Killing touch me baby

That is intoxication
Kiss and touch me
Taste and touch me baby
Don't tease me making love

I can touch me
Killing touch me baby
You fall in intoxication

Using a way of communicating without words
You're making me go crazy
More, more until I get swallowed completely

Tell me what you want
Tell me, do you want me
Just say, baby now
I know that you want me

I want to make you say it baby now

Tell me what you want
Tell me do you want—

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[NEWS] Xiah Junsu to perform on stage on May 22!

Xiah JunSu will be doing his solo promotions, the first after Dong Bang Shin Ki’s activities discontinuation.

On various Japanese news sites on the 3rd of May, it has been reported that JunSu will be having his first solo stage on the 22nd of May. He will be appearing as a guest for ‘Girls Award 2010′ on that day in Tokyo Yoyogi, performing the song ‘Intoxication’ off his solo debut single ‘XIAH’ which is to be released on the 26th of May.

Junsu was quoted telling the Japanese media, “I’m feeling the stress from performing on such a big stage after so long. But I will work hard to bring a cool performance, to everyone’s satisfaction.”

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[AUDIO+VIDEO] Junsu and Seon Ah Singing at Min Young Gi's Wedding


Despite the fact that you can hear spoons and forks clanking against the plates and people's murmurs, you don't really notice it with Junsu's and Seona's angelic voices.
It's just so heart warming, don't you think?

Wish they could sing in my wedding too...someday. XD

Btw, I also loved how the emcee introduced Junchan :) So much energy. XD

Anyway, to those who are curious, the song is called
"To Know You, Is to Love You".
And Seona, the woman who sang with our Junchan, is constanze from mozart so it's kinda like a mozart reunion. XD
This song was also sung in the musical, Mozart. You know the part where they had that bed scene all Junsu bias fans dreaded. That's the one! XD

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[PHOTOS] 100503 JunSu at Wedding Part4

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[TRANS] 100503 Xiah Junsu Sings For Min Young Gi-Lee Hyun Gyung's Wedding

TVXQ's Xiah Junsu (real name Kim Junsu) sang a special song for actress Lee Hyun Gyung and musical actor Min Young Gi's wedding.

On May 3rd, near the end of the second part of the couple's wedding, Xiah Junsu appeared with musical actress Jung Seona.

Xiah Junsu, who had waiting for his turn in the waiting room, gave a short congratulatory greeting and said, "Hello. It's been a while. I will be singing a song for the couple as I was able to become close to the groom Min Young Gi during the musical 'Mozart'. The two look so beautiful today."

Xiah Junsu and Jung Seona sang 'The Impossible Dream' together and received great applause from all the fans and guests in the wedding hall.

Min Young Gi stated in the press conference before the wedding that, "Xiah Junsu told me he just got back from Japan. I did not reveal that he would be at our wedding until now because I wanted it to be a surprise," and "He will arrive at 6 p.m. for the wedding."


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[PHOTOS] 100503 JunSu at Wedding Part3

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[PHOTOS] 100503 JunSu at Wedding Part2

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[FANCAMS] Junsu at Junho's Showcase 100501

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[VIDEO] Intoxication - Junsu FULL PV 4mins and 42 secs

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