Friday, May 28, 2010

Minisute (Introduction, Junsu was in nearly end of the clip)

Junsu cuts (with performance)

Talk part (with english sub: Watch HERE (can't embedded)

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Personally I think I'm a little bit shocked when the MC asked how other members feel about his solo songs. He paused a little bit but able to answer it safely.

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Sunanare Love degree check
-Love that already started, love that might start..we predicted the love with a percentage. Don’t know how it’s going to end yet! -

Haru & Nakaji
Right now its more of a friend.
They do have things in common so it may turn into love!?

Haru & Doctor
They started dating and are lovey dovey.
But they still have a distance and there are more to worry.

Nakaji & Linda
Linda’s one way love. Nakaji doesn’t even know as of right now.

Nakaji & Kiriko
They both have feelings for each other. But it seems to be difficult for them to become a couple again.

Nakaji & Peach
Nakaji comforted Peach and they became closer.
It may turn in to love!?

Peach & Linda
Lina did listen to her problems but its only like a good brother?

Linda & Okuda Mariko
They have slept together but the percentage of them turning into a relationship is close to zero.

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Then, about yesterday's talk.
After YUI-chan, we discussed with Junsu at TV Asahi.

About the solo, we talked clearly about it.

What was surprising, was his calm in speaking Japanese.
Every time there's a miss, he would just confirm with the staff... and just fix it mostly.

His level of Japanese, has passed the test.

Whats left... is to wait for his performance on Music Station, and it's really happy to hear that... everyone must be looking forward to it.

Please, everyone watch it!

Well then, adieu (YUI-chan taught us> laughs)!

- Yamamoto Kazuhito(24:46)

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I can't wait for this Music Station. The other artist that will attend this show are such as Arashi and AKB48

Good afternoon, Bigeast members!

It has been decided that JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN will be participating in the summer festival "a-nation'10 powered by Weider in Jelly"!

For further information on the tickets, please visit a-nation's official website.

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Junsu first debuted on the Japanese stage in 2005 as a member of Tohoshinki.
Today was his SOLO debut stage.

Today, Junsu’s 3-track SOLO album “XIAH” was released!

Tonight we will release “Intoxication”, a song from “XIAH”!

“XIAH” which is released tonight has 2 versions; CD + DVD version and the CD version!

The song track “Love Letters From 5 Years Later“ will be the CD’s theme.
[The song] is about a “sad fate” and if you want to listen it please purchase the CD version.

Junsu plans to be together with Jejung and Yuchun after this.

6/5 (Saturday) 6/6 (Sunday) Osaka Tokyo Dome
6/12 (Saturday) 6/13 (Sunday) Tokyo Dome

Other than this, many back-to-back events have been confirmed.

For more news regarding Xiah Junsu, please check out Tohoshinki’s official website.

To the famous “Xiah Junsu” who was this evening’s guest, thanks!

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This is a new video judging from the Suju boys' haircuts and well Young Street is the new radio station Heechul is DJ-ing. One of my favorite and I think the best friendship in the Kpop industry is the HyukSu because of the length and the love for each other, I'm so so happy that they are still in contact despite the SM crap ><

PS. Thanks YooSu for showing me this!

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